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DM Sully's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Max Hellspont

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Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Sorry to butt in, just wanted to let DM Max know that Alex is back so Ambroze is welcome to come back into DM Alexander Kilcoynes Serpents Skull PbP- Chapter 1, Souls for the Smugglers Shiv. We're up and running again.

Male Human Paladin: 2

DM Max? You there, sir?

Hi Hiram! Yes I'm here, if somewhat sporadically. Been sick the past several days and still recovering. I swear, I've been sick more this winter/spring than I've been since my wife stopped teaching middle-school. Of course, it probably doesn't help that my oldest child is in first grade this year, so we're getting exposed to everything that goes through the school system again...

Male Human Paladin: 2

No worries. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Best wishes in health for your household.

Male Human Paladin: 2

Just a heads up, I will be out of town, camping, Friday July 1 through July 4.

I will be out of internet connectivity also. Sad panda.

Male Human Cleric 2

Yeah, I won't be around this weekend either, really. Next week I am travelling to Atlanta for work, as well - so my posting will happen mostly in the evenings.

Male Human Paladin: 2

Hey Howdy!

No post tonight, I will be traveling today and tomorrow...and I should be able to post through my next 10 days worth of vacation to the Northwest of the USA.

I will see you tomorrow for a more pertinent post.

Are we fading away in this game? Is it just a summer lull? The momentum seems to be fading away. I know I'm partially guilty here as well, there just hasn't really been anything for Eseldra to respond to lately.

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

Took a quick look, Max is still active on his PCs (in past 24-hours). Maybe DM burn-out?


Shadow Lodge

I suspect it is a case very much like mine the Council of Thieves...

Making a quick post or two as player is a lot easier than making a meaningful post as a DM. That being said, I will try to be better about posting in my own game. Sorry folks.

*Bows* No worries from this quarter.

Still watching and ready to post as/when needed.

Male Human Paladin: 2

I am still here as well, and now that my vacation is over, I can be more attentive.

Have no fear Max, you are doing great, and we support you. I will be, wish there was a way to say that so it sounded less stalker-ish!

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

Did you know?

This Kingmaker PbP is #30 on post count of active PbPs on Paizo?

PbPs sorted by post count!

Male Human Cleric 2

Honestly, I have picked up so many games that if this one started really going quickly again, my head might explode. For my part, I rather enjoy the sporadic nature of this game, the pacing is fine by me.

If it did pick up, though, that'd be OK, too, humor aside.

You guys are all great to play with, some of the best on the boards.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle 2

I'm still around, too, and happy to continue if the game does!

Hey All! Sorry for the prolonged absence.

You've all hit the nail on the head - a combination of burn-out as Euron suggested, getting involved as a player in (probably too many!) PbPs, the fact that it's easier to make a quick post or two as a player rather than put together meaningful DM posts as Tal said, plus a crazy-busy summer in general. I'm just so thankful that you all are so patient and understanding and willing to put up with the sporadic pace of this PbP. You all really are the best players on these boards!

Now with that said, patience such as yours should be rewarded. If you don't mind I'm going to fast forward the IC thread by a day or so tomorrow to get you all back to Oleg's - get ready to level up!

Thanks again, folks!

Male Human Paladin: 2

Hello there,

It is with a heavy heart that I must tender my resignation from this game.

I have had a death in the family recently, and I have to take some significant time to deal with the outcome of this both emotionally, and with its impact on my life.

Thank you all for such a great game, and I wish you all a great game.

Thank you once again,


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Berwick. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

And please know that you ALWAYS have a spot in this game whenever you wish to return.

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

We'll definitely miss you Hiram/Berwick.. hope you return again some day.

Figured I'd start the level train chugging... changes reflected on sheet. Spell selection still TBD.

Level 3 Changes:

Euron Level 3

Druid 3
HP: +7 ( +5 +1 Con +1 Fav Class)
Feat: Augment Summoning
BAB +1
Reflex +1
Trackless Step
Spells: +1 2nd (+1 Bonus for Wisdom)
Skills: +5 (+4 +1 Human)
.. +1 Perception, +1 Survival +2 Ride +1 Handle Animal

Niko - Animal Companion 3
+2 Natural AC
+1 Str +1 Dex
+1 Bonus Trick

Sovereign Court


Can you switch me from active player to non-active player or something in the players tab DM, thanks.

Done, Alex.

But if you ever want to jump back in, you're always welcome!

Male Kellid Human Barbarian 2 / Rogue (Scout) 2

Level 3 Changes:

2nd Level Rogue (It was a tough choice, but I think this will work better in the near term)

HP:1d8 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8


+8 Skill Points (8 - 1 INT Modifier + 1 Human)
+1 Acrobatics
+1 Climb
+1 Intimidate
+1 Perception
+1 Stealth
+1 Survival
+1 Disable Device
+1 Knowledge (Local)

Gain: Evasion and Rogue Talent - Combat Trick (Cleave)

Shadow Lodge

Hey Max,

Are we officially calling this one dead?

Hey Tal!

Sorry I haven't responded sooner. The thread didn't dot for me and I didn't see that you had posted. Weird.

As usual, you all have my sincere apologies for letting this slide yet again. October through December were absolutely crazy work-wise, as I gather they were for most of you as well. Things seem to be returning to a more managebable pace (although still busy), and I'd really like to pick this back up and at least get you all through the end of Kingmaker 1. However, I would totally understand if you all would prefer to just call it here. I'll leave it to you all, and I'll be happy with whatever you decide.


Shadow Lodge

I'm still game if anyone else is. (This game was my first PbP, so I kinda have a soft spot for it.)

Eseldra's tail lashes with impatience to be on the road again.

Not really...just ready and willing to get going again.

Howdy All!

As I stated in the PMs I sent earlier today, I'm finally in a position to revive our Kingmaker PbP (again!). I'd like to have a group of at least four together before we pick back up. So far I've received positive responses from Talomyr (Karthas), Wakedown (Euron), and Sunset (Tyr), although Sunset will be bringing in a new character as Tyr is playing in a differenct Kingmaker campaign now. Nazard (Eseldra) is bowing out due to other commitments, and I haven't heard back from Navior (Cinders) yet. Berwick (Hiram) still appears to be incommunicado from the Paizo boards, and Jeremiziah (Jamison) doesn't appear to be reachable by PM so I'm going to send him an e-mail.

So the question for Talomyr, Wakedown, and Sunset is this: If none of the others are available to return, do you all want to continue on? We'd need to recruit at least one or two more players. If you can think of anyone in particular that you would like to invite, that would be great!

Looking forward to getting our game back in gear. Best regards!
-DM Max

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

Looks like I need to put this thread back into my RSS reader!

Let's see Nazard passed and Berwick is MIA.

I'm good with giving Navior and Jeremiziah some more time to respond. I just peeked at both their aliases and they are active in other PbPs.

Five is a good sized party. Strangely balanced, too.

UPDATE: Just received word that Navior is bowing out as well. Haven't heard back from Jeremiziah yet.

Sunset is putting together a crossbow-specialist Fighter.

I'm up for recruiting 1 or 2 more players. Feel free to invite anyone you think would be a good fit.

More to come later!

Okay, it's Saturday and I still haven't heard back from Jer. I'm going to open up recruitment for two more players.

Island Elf(link)

Just addin' the dot fer when we get the ball a rollin' agin. (^_^)

Plus, as a way of helpin' m'self at finding n'self, when it comes down to it. (^_~)

Sovereign Court


Pretty certain Jer has disabled private messaging on his account purely to stop us hassling him. Hes also not responding to e-mails. Think hes gone for good PbP wise.

Berwick cited grave family circumstances and pretty much dropped off the PbP forums, don't expect a response there.

Island Elf(link)

Awe, sad to hear. My best wishes go out to both of them and to every one else who's playing. :)

Thanks, Alex!

Okay, I've opened up recruitment in this thread.

Sunset will be switching out Tyr for Suny, an elf barbarian/magus (titan mauler/kensai). Tal and Wakedown, since we're sort of hitting the re-set button with new folks coming in, if there's modifcations you would like to make to Karthas and Euron to take advantage of any race/class features from the APG, UM, or UC please feel free to do so now.

Also, the new incoming characters will be equipped with 3,000 gp-worth of gear. By my notes Euron currently has about 1,000 gp-worth of gear, and Karthas has about 3,400 gp-worth (including the new masterwork greatsword, although the majority of Karthas' wealth is taken up by the Boots of Elvenkind [2,500 gp purchase value]). Euron, please feel free to purchase an additional 2,000 gp-worth of gear to have the equivalent of the new characters. Karthas, if you would like to trade out the Boots of Elvenkind for something else, feel free to do so as well.

Any questions, just ask!

Island Elf(link)

Okies! Got some stuff on th' page fer perusal. Still gettin' all'a little details squared away.

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

The easiest upgrade I can think of for 2,000gp is to simply pick up a +1 enchantment on Euron's masterwork ranseur.

Would that be OK, Max?

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

I was thinking about what our three most needed.

With two melee barbarians and a melee druid, I'd think we're in most need of an arcanist (ala Cinders or Eseldra).

After that, a ranged character/archer - which could be a ranged paladin, inquisitor, ranger, bard, etc.

Obviously, I'd throw all these preferences away to grab awesome character concepts with dedicated players. :)

Island Elf(link)

Well...I plan on kind of being a 'skirmishy' type of melee person. With some magic to boost my combaty-ness. (^_^)

So, slightly magical big @rsed-sword swinger/dancer type of character.

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

Yar, I took a peek.

The three of us are skirmishing melee types.

If we were to pick up another front line sort, someone with armor and/or a shield, or Trapfinding would be dandy.

Island Elf(link)


It was just the idea I had at the time.....

Nut then, Tyr was pretty much a combat grunt any way....>_>

Ah well...much cheers to you and yours. Well see what others create/bring in. :)

I like Suny's concept. Has a 2E Bladesinger feel to it - plus rage!

I do agree that we need a dedicated arcanist. That's what I'm hoping at least one of the two new folks will bring to the table.

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

Oh no, I'm all good with Suny.

I'm looking forward to seeing how barbarian and magus mesh!

Island Elf(link)

Meh...don't be getting too excited about any 'Rage' coming from the character. it doesn't have the stats to add that into the mix. :P

The Kenasi will be doing most of the work.

Much cheers to you and yours.

Euron Kelredis wrote:

The easiest upgrade I can think of for 2,000gp is to simply pick up a +1 enchantment on Euron's masterwork ranseur.

Would that be OK, Max?

That works for me.

Female Dwarf Paladin (Stonelord) 2 -- HP 22 : AC 19 CMD 15 TAC 11 FAC 19 : longhammer+4; 3d6+4 : PAlonghammer+3; 3d6+7 : F+6 R+0 W+4 : INIT+1 Perc+7 CMB+5

Hey everyone! Checking in. I will finish up my eidolon section later today.

Cool! Glad to have you aboard!

Female Dwarf Paladin (Stonelord) 2 -- HP 22 : AC 19 CMD 15 TAC 11 FAC 19 : longhammer+4; 3d6+4 : PAlonghammer+3; 3d6+7 : F+6 R+0 W+4 : INIT+1 Perc+7 CMB+5

What is the rule for HP? Straight rolling?

1d8 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 7

Male Kellid Human Barbarian 2 / Rogue (Scout) 2
DM Max wrote:
Karthas, if you would like to trade out the Boots of Elvenkind for something else, feel free to do so as well.

Think I'll leave Karthas as is. Thought about switching out the boots for a +1 Greatsword, but then remembered he had made good use of the boots to the tune of a 30+ Acrobatics check to jump and kill an eidolon earlier in the game.

Male Kellid Human Barbarian 2 / Rogue (Scout) 2
Yelena Shukhov wrote:

What is the rule for HP? Straight rolling?


Maximum at 1st level, followed by 1/2 die + 1 OR roll the dice and live with what it gives you.

Female Dwarf Paladin (Stonelord) 2 -- HP 22 : AC 19 CMD 15 TAC 11 FAC 19 : longhammer+4; 3d6+4 : PAlonghammer+3; 3d6+7 : F+6 R+0 W+4 : INIT+1 Perc+7 CMB+5

I think I will live with what the dice has given me. :)

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