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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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Male Cat

Seph switches to cat form and clambers onto Karrin's shoulder

Bribes always welcome

The 'day' is still bright, and there is a bustle of activity outside the King's Table. Merchants, drovers, lumberjacks, and sundry other folks walk among the ornately-carved building of Crux

Attempting to stay current. Is Issac/James still about?

female elan Psion (Kineticist) 9

Nari enjoyed watching the scenery. She still tried to hide behind her colleagues when possible, but her new form stood out even more than her old one had and she couldn't hide or fade into the background as easily as before. Still, she waited for her teammates to take the initiative and lead the way.

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

Karrin leads her team up to the site of the disaperances and looks for a place people might gather, a bar, a church, maybe even a market.

"Hello there," Karrin says to the first group she spies, "I'm Karrin Kind and these are my associates, and I don't know if you've heard but there's a rumor about folks going missing around here, and the council has asked us to look into it. Have you seen or heard anything? Any little thing might help, might not seem important to you, but we're looking at all leads at the moment."

Human Wiz 8

"Subtlety, thy name is Kind." Justin murmurs sagely. As Karrin introduces herself, he whispers minor words of power and enhances his senses to be able to detect active and lingering magics.

Looking at the notes the captain gave them, he slowly turns and scans the area.

Per check with Detect magic running: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13

I haven't seen Isaac recently. Am presuming that he was slammed by holidays like the rest of us? :)

Female catfolk sorceror 9

Merle's group head's to a diffrent disapearence sight from Karin's group to look around.

Hope no one minds me jumping our group ahead like this?

Human Wiz 8

No problemo here. :)

Bribes always welcome
Karrin Kind wrote:

Karrin leads her team up to the site of the disaperances and looks for a place people might gather, a bar, a church, maybe even a market.

"Hello there," Karrin says to the first group she spies, "I'm Karrin Kind and these are my associates, and I don't know if you've heard but there's a rumor about folks going missing around here, and the council has asked us to look into it. Have you seen or heard anything? Any little thing might help, might not seem important to you, but we're looking at all leads at the moment."

1d100 ⇒ 38

There is an open air market clustered around a large burl wood growth that has been carved into various stalls and small cubbyhole shops. One gentleman Karrin talks to nods at her

"Aye, I remember you lot helping at the Woodcarver's Guild with that bad situation with the mind monster. As a matter of fact I saw something up tree by the Twelve Eagles' Roost"

Assuming you ask more

"It's an odd place. Its an old knothole, worn smooth. There are twelve old statues of Eagles there. No one quite knows who made 'em. Some folk like to camp there, it's about 20' deep, and there's usually a bit of water collected there. Me I've always found it spooky.

A few days back I was looking for some game, and I passed by it. I could have sworn I saw something circling the area. It looked like a big patch of mist. I didn't get a real good feeling about it at all"

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Hmmm," Karrin says, "We'll totally check that out. Thanks for the tip. Anyone else heard or seen anything? Might be we're dealing with more then one mystery here."

Bribes always welcome

One lady selling fruit pipes up

"Me nephew Joven were uptrunk an' he went missing. Me sister ain't heered a word from him five days now"

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Do you know where he was going?" Karrin asks, "That's a big area and if we had some idea as to his path we might have better chances of tracking him down and bringing him home"

Bribes always welcome

The woman nods

"He were headed up trunk to Bugbore for the mushroom harvest."

Knowledge (local) DC 15

Bugbore was further up the trunk, a bout two days journey from Crux.

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Thank you, you've all been very helpful," Karrin says, "We'll be asking around for a couple of hours so if you know of anyone else who might have heard or seen something, or anyone that might have a bit of information, doesn't matter how mundane it might seem to you, well we'd like to hear it."

Bribes always welcome

The woman nods and goes back to hawking her vegetables

Meanwhile Merle's group heads out of Crux along the large smooth track in Yggdrasil's bark that marks the road uptrunk. Merle recalls this is the way they went to get to that portal to the undead world Ranaïs.

Out this far the buildings become more organic, often set up aganst smaller side branches of Yggdrasil. The seams of the huge tree's bark iare packed with dark soil and crops of various sorts are being grown. They pass a few farm wagons, and they see an occasional beetle-driven plow and farmer.


Female catfolk sorceror 9

Merle begins asking about for info about the disaperances


1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

Bribes always welcome

Merle and company ask a few of the farm folk. One chubby halfling stops his weeding and chats with them

"Aye, there's a lot of talk about these parts. Now, kennit, living on the Big Bark ain't for the faint of heart. We get travelers from all around the Wheel. But, lately a fair bunch of folks have just gone... Missing"

He takes a dipper of water from a nearby bucket and offers it about

"Folks hereabout think we got a demon set up kip hereabouts. We been asking Crux to send for some trig coves to go take a look. Is that you lot?"

Female catfolk sorceror 9

"It is." Merle says with a nod "Can you think of any place around here that could be used to hide in maybe an abandoned home? a cave or somesuch?"

Bribes always welcome

The small farmer ponders a moment

"Aye. Up trunk there's the Boreholes. A lot of the wood there was tunneled by giant beetles. If I were a demon that's where I'd hide"

Female catfolk sorceror 9

"Okay thanks for your time." Merle turns to face the others "Think we should give these boreholes a try?"

female elan Psion (Kineticist) 9

Nari considered this suggestion carefully. "Yes, that's probably a good idea," she agreed, "but we should make sure to let the others know where we're going. It's no good if we investigate the Boreholes and find something, but end up being overwhelmed and they don't even know where to go looking for us."

Female catfolk sorceror 9

"Fair point."

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

Good thing Karrin has seph

Female catfolk sorceror 9

Merle will try use Seph to update the others on the situation.

Human Wiz 8

Presuming with that lame roll above (Detect Magic=13) that I didn't spot anything too unusual. ;P

Justin jumps in eagerly at first, cheerfully following Karrin's example and asking those in the area if they had seen or heard anything unusual regarding the disappearances. But after a few rounds of getting the same none-to-vague answers, he quickly becomes frustrated.

"Yeah, Looks like they know nothing, but they've all been sharing the same rumors and gossip." He grumbles lightly.

"We can always come back later and see if maybe a different crowd is in the area later in the day. Meanwhile, we should check out that area that all the rumors seem to be about. You know, that 12 eagles roost, knothole,... place. With the mist?"

"I know it isn't much. And mist on the World Tree can't be all that weird. But a mist that circles an area that old codger thinks of as spooky? THAT sounds like maybe something I'd like to see."

"Um,... what's the matter Seph? You got a headache?" The wizard asks the cat, still perched on Karrin's shoulder, who is holding a paw to his fuzzy forehead.

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Hmm, maybe Merle and company have discovered something?" Karrin says, "It's not like we're gonna do much better, I mean we don't have any eye witnesses, people would be all a chatter about that. So let's see what the other found and I guess then see where we go from there. You lead the way Seph"

Male Cat

Seph nods and points in the genral direction Merle and co are in.

Bribes always welcome

The groups track each other down and meet up near the Boreholes

Sorry, trying to hurry this along..

They walk on together, filling each other in on what they found. Issac is chatting with Karrin when a large bird swoops down onto his shoulder.

"RAAWK! You are Issac of Ashford? Your family needs you! Please hurry!"

Issac looks stricken

"That's one of the headman's talking falcons! He must have divined I was on the Big Bark!"

He looks abashedly at the group

"I'm sorry guys, but I have to go check this out. I'll return as soon as I can. Sorry."

He lopes off the trail, speeding up

I know it's quick, but best to get it over

Somewhat less chatty, the remainder of the group heads to the Boreholes.

The Boreholes are just as they are named: A large field of bark riddled with large holes. Some as small as a copper coin, some as large as a small village. The holes stretch out to the end of vision. Beetles are everywhere, big and small.


Human Wiz 8

"Wait! But what about,... nevermind. Good luck?" Justin mumbles to Issac's swiftly retreating back.

The wizard joins the rest in curious contemplation of this sudden turn of events as they move a little slower towards their destination.

Justin shakes off his darker thoughts as they arrive. He looks around at the holes, and their makers, with a detached, clinical observation. He slyly glances sideways, halfway expecting Merle, or at least Seph, to playfully pounce upon the skittering beetles nearby in kitten-esqe glee.

He interlaces his fingers and stretches his arms until his fingers pop.

"Ah well. Back to work. Does that make you in charge until we get this figured out again?" the wizard asks Karrin as he starts the simple charm for detecting magical energies.

Detect Magic
Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

Karrin blinks, not quite anticipating Isaac's sudden departure and where that places her in the hierarchy.

"I'm . . . not sure."

Was there someone else Karrin felt comfortable pawning leadership off on?

Also who gets the gem? The god seed we got in the last mission?

Female catfolk sorceror 9

Was it not Ekurr?

Human Wiz 8

Yeah, Issac was holding it cuz we all pretty much agreed it MIGHT be a bit too much temptation for Ekuur or Justin. ;P

I guess it would go to Karrin by default? She does seem the less likely to go off the deep end and willfully misuse it. Although there might be things she's hiding the rest of the PC's haven't seen yet. :)

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