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Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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Human Wiz 8

K:Planes & K:NAture 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (10) + 17 = 271d20 + 17 ⇒ (19) + 17 = 36

Justin looks at the insectoid, gulps, and elbows Ekuur.

"That, is one big insect. It LOOKS like a Formian Ant, but I've never heard of one getting that big." He whispers.

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Actually that roll was good enough to deduce an interesting fact about Vlrc


Vlrc is a Formian ant, but a rare type. She is a queen, but a 'virgin' queen, unfertilized by a consort. Justin has read descriptions of the Formian lifestyle, biology, and culture. A virgin queen should not exist for more than a few weeks from hatching. Her presence here is amazing, like seeing an albino Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Vlrc turns to Karrin

"A portal? I'm not sure I grasp your meaning, Lady Kind"

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Oh right! The letter. We were supposed to show you this first I guess" Karrin says as the group produces the letter, "Course if you still don't know what we're talking about after reading that it's gonna cut this adventure real short . . ."

Bribes always welcome

Vlrc takes the proffered letter in one of her long-fingered hands. She holds it up to her smooth black eyes and hums

"Dear Veridis. Certainly I can show you my little knothole to Yggdrasil. "

Vlrc turns and walks out of the counter area. Despite her size she moves with an insectile grace, delicately maneuvering towards a narrow wooden display case. She stops at it and touches it for a moment. A green portal shimmers to life, narrow enough for only one to pass through at a time

"I am afraid this portal is one way. You'll have to find another way back once you visit Crux. Give my best regards to Veridis and invite him to call upon me next time he should visit Sigil."


Human Wiz 8

Justin watches Vlrc as the giant ant takes the letter from Karrin. His mind clicking almost audibly as he remembers a few facts that he read, and then a few more. His eyes widen slightly.

Justin starts to open his mouth, then snaps it shut. He nods affably at Vlrc as the ant shows them the portal.

"We shall do that, of course. As soon as we see him again. Our pleasure.' Justin says cheerfully.

The wizard seems, excited. As if he would really like to ask Vlrc a question or three. But it seems that Justin has picked up a smidgen of self-control somewhere.

Who knew?

The wizard approaches the small portal.
"Huh. Knothole is right. Good thing I haven't gained any weight lately." He says with a smile at Vlrc to show he is joking.

"Ladies first?" he asks innocently, gesturing for Karrin to precede him,...

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Right," Karrin says as she pulls Ferissirion loose from her back, "Let's see what's on the other side."

Karrin quickly moves through the portal, axe at the ready.

Bribes always welcome

Again through the rabbit hole...

The party enters single file, and are transported back to Yggdrasil, where they had left only a few weeks ago*

I know in the strange time-compression that is online PbP it has been literally three days since you were in Crux, but I'm going to assume you took a bit of time to relax, look about and enjoy life after the temple incident

They emerge on a fairly large side branch, the portal popping shut as the last party member emerges. It us early morning Big Bark time, and the sourceless sunlight has a golden quality, lighting up the bluish leaves far above. The scream of a hunting eagle is all that can be heard in the stillness.

A path worn smooth in the branch's bark winds its way downwards towards the distant looming main trunk of Yggdrasil

Bribes always welcome

For a refresher (four years back):

Entering Crux

Female catfolk sorceror 9

"Well here again."

Human Wiz 8

Thanks for link down memory lane monkey! :)

Justin stumbles a bit as he exits the portal, the transition from one plane to another always seems to mess with his equilibrium a bit.

"You can say that again Merle." He says shaking his head.

"On the other hand, please don't." He adds wryly, taking another look around and synching what he sees with his memory.

Bribes always welcome
Justin Case wrote:
Thanks for link down memory lane monkey! :)

no problemo. If anyone is interested in our previous scenarios I have about half a dozen classics linkied under the campaign info tab. They make fun reading

Male Human (Athasian) Cleric 9

knowledge planes 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Ekuur raises an eyebrow at Justin's elbowing, and whispers back, What is a formian ant?"

Upon emerging once again from the portal onto the World Tree, Ekuur still remains awestruck by the sheer size of the thing. However, unlike before, he feels much more comfortable, almost familiar with the place. He silently wonders how much of an effect carrying Lauralia has had on him ...

Bribes always welcome

Ekuur feels a welcoming presence. Not as active as his attachment to the Eternal Flame, but more peaceful and slow. Like a favorite grandmother's hug

Everyone will get a +2 to all saving throws while on Yggdrasil. Ekuur, your spells will be automatically maximized

Human Wiz 8

Sorry guys, My mother in law died unexpectedly early yesterday. Funeral is tomorrow. Will catch up soon as I can next week.

Bribes always welcome
Justin Case wrote:
Sorry guys, My mother in law died unexpectedly early yesterday. Funeral is tomorrow. Will catch up soon as I can next week.

My condolences Rags. Take your time, I doubt we'll get too far

The path brings them downwards towards the main trunk of Yggdrasil. The day is warm and the feeling of peace keeps a spring in their step as they pass along the deeply-ridged bark. They discover a signpost carved in the bark pointing the way to Crux.

A few hours of walking bring them within sight of the wooden town tucked in the crutch of a large branch and Yggdrasil. Orchards of smaller trees and giant fan fungus line the road as they near the town's outskirts

Any actions please post. I will try to update if no other actions

Female catfolk sorceror 9

Give it a look over to see if anything seems diffrent


1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

Bribes always welcome

At first glance, the town looks normal. Various folk walk back and forth, tending to the chores townsfolk anywhere might do. There seems to be more activity than there was last time they were here, as if trade has picked up. Piles of sawn wood line the outside of the large mill that sits along a river flowing within a wide fissure in Yggdrasil's bark.

Female catfolk sorceror 9

"Seems about the same....if a bit busier."

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Well it could be that the people were afraid last time we were here, maybe now they feel safe to come out of their houses? I mean there was that nasty possessing spirit and stuff, but now he's gone so people feel safe again . . . but maybe not really safe because of the letter? So now we're back and we'll soon discover what's up. Course that doesn't mean that we can't speculate what's up. I'm going to guess something to do with that wand."

Bribes always welcome

As the party walks into town, they spot Veridis talking to the captain of the guards, Capt F'Moil. They both look up and they smile widely to see the party

"Greetings!" Veridis says, stepping towards them "I am very glad to see you all again!"

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Hello Veridis," Karrin says, "Gang's all mostly here, you want to go somewhere private to discuss business?"

Bribes always welcome

Veridis nods

"That would be excellent, Lady Kind. Why don't we head to the King's Table and I will stand you all for a meal and a drink? We can discuss what's been going on. "

He looks at the party

"Thank you all for coming. I really appreciate it"

Veridis and Capt F'Moil escort them to the inn they visited previously. They head to a private function room where they are treated to whatever food and drink they want. Veridis makes small talk while they eat, and when everyone is settled he speaks

"You folks were amazing dealing with our problems before. Your handling of those evil spirit things has improved our lives greatly. But,"

He frowns

"I am saddened to say that despite all your efforts I fear that these creatures are returning from wherever they originate. Not to the extent as before, but worry some enough I felt it was wise to contact you ."

He tosses a large leather pouch on the table

"This is a retainer fee, and also a proper thank you for your efforts last time. Our trade has quadrupled since you left, and Crux is grateful "

A few large gemstones peek from the bag's mouth

"The gems are yours with our thanks, even if you are not interested in helping"

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

Food? Whatever food and drink they want? Sadly someone else will need to do the talking here. Karrin is occupied.

female elan Psion (Kineticist) 9

"Of course we'll help," she blurted out and then blushed as she realized how forward that was. "Ummm....right?" she asked uncertainly, looking around at the other members of the group.

Female catfolk sorceror 9

"Of course." Merle trying to look like she's not eying the gems.

Human Wiz 8

Yeah. Crazy week. I'll be back to what passes for normal soon. I hope. :)

Justin smiles at Nari. Mostly to prevent him from staring at the bag in a mirror image of Merle.

"Of course we will. Or to be specific, we will be most happy to try." Justin says with a grin and a salute of his mug.

Justin doesn't say what he's furiously thinking. That the LAST time they dealt with the spirit-things, they did so only with a good deal of creative-magical-engineering, and a greater amount of luck. Which was all well and good. But he refused to rely too much on luck. It never failed to desert you at the worst possible time.

Justin smiled inwardly. He DID know a couple of new tricks. At least this time they weren't walking completely blind.

Justin turns to face Veridis, mostly to prevent him from trying to figure out where exactly all of the food is transported to once Karrin puts it into her mouth.

"Well Veridis, Why don't you give us what details you have? What's been happening, exactly? And why do you think it is the same spirits returning?" Justin asks, snagging what looks like a chicken leg before Karrin finishes off that particular platter.

Bribes always welcome

Veridis nods to all who talk, smiling as he watches Karrin scooping up a third plate

"The sense that something is awry isn't as bad as it was. We don't have folks going barmy, but.."

He pauses

"Some folks have gone missing. Some of them had no reason to disappear. They left no trace, it might be a coincidence, but after what we went through"

He shudders

"If feel better if some trig bloods checked it out for us"

Human Wiz 8

Justin nods.

"Missing? I can see how that might worry you, especially considering what you just recently went through. Lucky for you We happen to have one of the best trackers in the Planes with us." He grins, tilting his head towards Isaac.

"Can you show us where the missing people lived? And were last seen? No offense, but Isaac might be able to pick up on something that you might of missed." Justin says apologetically.

"And Merle and I can try to find any mystical traces. As a general rule, folks don't just 'vanish'. And if they do, they usually have help. Magical or otherwise." Justin offers.

Sorry, slammed with end of semester performance stuff. (It is ALWAYS something!) :P

female elan Psion (Kineticist) 9

"We should also check to see if there was any connection between the missing people and if there is a noticeable pattern to where they were taken from," she nearly whispered she spoke so softly. "It might help us predict who is at risk of disappearing next so we can stop it."

Human Wiz 8

Justin blinked. He had been so concerned with finding clues to what had happened, (and how he could deal with 'it' if 'it' turned out to be another spook of some kind) that he hadn't even considered trying to prevent another disappearance in the future.

"Good idea Nari." He says to the still-shy mentalist, nodding in obvious approval.

Male Human (Athasian) Cleric 9

Ekuur polishes off a chunk of roasted beef with a slug of ale from a mug, and listens to the conversation.

"A good idea, yes. But might I also suggest we learn not only where they were missing from, but also when? All missing at the same time or at different points, same or different time of day, that sort of thing. Veridis, is this something you could even tell us now, or know who could?"

female Tiefling 9th level Duskblade

"Sometimes there's patterns where you don't expect," Karrin says as she licks off her fifth plate, "And an outside eye can help. My associates are real smart and stuff. I'm sure if there's any pattern to be found they'll see it."

Karrin discreetly begins cleaning off whatever remained on any of the serving dishes (just to make room of course) onto her now clean plate. She piles the platters to one side and then she acts surprised when her dish is now mysteriously full again. She sighs and goes to cleaning the plate one more time. Work work, it never ends.

Bribes always welcome

Veridis nods

"The disappearances seem concentrated along the branches upwards from Crux. The only thing I can think of is the large portal to Ranais there, but that portal has been warded against undead using it, plus it is further warded on the other side by the Pelorian Church's menhirs."

Veridis frowns

"I worry that whatever force it is, might not be undead after all. Perhaps it has found a way to circumvent the wards and emerge from that accursed place to harrow us."

Human Wiz 8

"Well the portal certainly leads to Undead Central. But that doesn't mean that other creatures might not be comfortable there as well. We didn't stop to sight-see." Justin observes wryly.

"Well, before we start inventing bogeymen that might not exist, we should check out the areas where the people vanished. Isaac has eyes that a hawk would envy. It might just be something local-ish causing trouble. Some migrating predator from another branch or something. Just because something is dangerous doesn't mean that it's extra-dimensional." Justin says hopefully.

But the wizard's mind whirls as he starts cataloging possible creatures that COULD have come from an unwelcome portal and bypass undead wards.
And the worried wizard's mind starts by listing them alphabetically,...

Bribes always welcome

Veridis finishes his mushroom salad and rises

"You all have rooms reserved here at the Kings Table. Take a bit to settle in, and feel free to contact me should you need anything. I fear I have business to attend to, but I trust you all will be diligent in your efforts. Good hunting"

he lays four inn keys on the table and makes his way out of the inn


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