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Full Name

Hamar of the Hyena Tribe


Shadow's Status | Human


Scout 6/Barbarian 1/Dervish 3 | HP=56/99 | AC=21 (Variable) | Init. +5 | F +8 | Ref +14 | Will +7 | Per +17 (Darkvision)








Chaotic Good




Common, Gnoll, Draconic, Celestial, Abyssal

Strength 16
Dexterity 19
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Hamar of the Hyena Tribe

Human Scout 6 (Favored Class)/Barbarian 1/Dervish 3

Initiative +5
Hit Points: 99
Perception: +17
Move: 55

CMB +11 CMD 25

BAB +8/+3
Scimitar +1 Keen, Planar +12/+7 – 1d6+4 – 15-20x2
Scimitar +3 Vorpal - +13/+8 – 1d6+6 – 15-20x2
Longbow +11/6 – 1d8+2

Armor Class 21 (Leather Armor+2 - Deathless, Dexterity Bonus, Ring of Protection +2, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, +1 AC Dervish) (+1 AC Bonus in Round where I move at least 10’)(+1 Dodge to Assigned Opponent)
Flat-footed 18
Touch 16

Fortitude +8
Reflexes +14
Will +7

Class Features:
Fast Movement
Skirmish (+2d6, +1 AC)
Battle Fortitude +1
Uncanny Dodge
Fast Movement
Trackless Step
Flawless Stride
Dervish Dance 2x Day (+2 Attack and Damage Rolls)
Movement Mastery
Slashing Blades
Fast Movement
Spring Attack

Dodge (1st)
Mobility (Human Bonus)
Weapon Focus (Scimitar) 3rd
Combat Expertise (Scout Bonus Feat)
Two Weapon Fighting (5th)
Improved Two Weapon Fighting (7th)
Wind Stance (9th) [If Hamar moves at least 10' in a round he gains 20% concealment against all ranged attacks for 1 Round]

Skills: 1st 11 (Scout 1), 2 7 (Barbarian 1), 3 11 (Scout 2), 4 12 (Scout 3), 5 12 Scout 4), 6 12 (Scout 5), 7 12 (Scour 6), 8 8 (Dervish 1), 9 8 (Dervish 2) +9 As Human per level. 10 (Dervish 3) 4+4+1+1.

Acrobatics +15 (+23 to Move through Threatened Squares)
Appraise +
Bluff +11
Climb +10
Diplomacy +10
Disable Device +17
Disguise +
Escape Artist +5
Handle Animal +6
Intimidate +11
Knowledge (Dungeon) +
Knowledge (Local) +8
Knowledge (Nature) +12
Linguistics +
Perception +17
Perform (Dance) +14
Ride +10
Sense Motive +10
Sleight of Hand +12
Survival +6
Stealth +16
Swim + 8


belt pouch
flint and steel
hempen rope (50 ft.)
water skin
Cager Cloak

GP – 86 GP

Magic items: Belt of Tumbling,
Assisting Gloves,
Ioun Stones (Protection from Negative Energy 10),
Ring (Darkvision increased stealth in shadows - +2 Strength & Dexterity),
Cloak (Cager) of Resistance +2,
Shirt Unfettered [Free Movement 10 Minutes per Day],
Boots of Speed [Haste 10 Rounds per Day]

Appearance & Personality: Hamar is a tall Human, standing 6’5’ but think and wiry weighing only 165 lbs. He is lightning quick on his feet and thinks just as quickly. He is quick to anger and slow to understand life lessons as his mouth often leads him into trouble. The right and left side of his head is shaved leaving a long mane of hair that flows down his back similar to the hair on a Hyenas back. His eyes burn with a light brown intensity to match his skin. From the numerous battles has has fought, his body is a criss-cross of wounds and scars.


Hamar was born on the Shaar in DR 1340, the great expanse of prairie that crosses from the Lake of Steam to Luiren land of the halflings. As a member of the Hyena tribe, Hamar was born to strike and run at his opponents. Growing up on the land made Hamar hardy and warlike. His role was that of a warrior and he was bred to be a scout as a teen by his father who wielded two weapons of great power he had won in raids against caravans and cities at the edge of the Shaar.
Tragically, when he was 14, his father was struck down by enemies who melted back into the shadows of the Sharawood forest. The exact identity of those assailants was unknown, at the time, his fathers’ fabulous swords lost. His mother was a great shaman of the tribe. After his fathers’ death her relationship with the Chieftain of a rival tribe, the Lion, was too comfortable for Hamar’s taste. He left the tribe looking for someone who would provide him answers regarding his fathers’ death.
He found those answers from a Barbarian Berserker known as Barouk of the Elephant tribe. Barouk recognized Hamar as the son of a warrior whom he tried to save at the battle of the Sharawood. Barouk turned Hamar’s fathers’ swords over to him as his birthright. Barouk also told Hamar a secret it seemed his mother withheld from him, the assailants of the Sharawood were undead, creatures whose bodies swarmed with small green worms.
Barouk recommended that Hamar seek advice at the Council Hill moot which would begin soon. Hamar journeyed with the Elephant tribe to the Moot. By the end of the first day, representatives of the Utherian Empire arrived at the Moot. As the former scourge of the Shaar, the tribes were ready to take up arms against the invaders. To the surprise of the Barbarians and outsiders who visited the Moot for trade, the Untherians came to meet and create a Challenge seeking Champions to fight in their arenas.
Interested in the test, Hamar signed up and was partnered with several other applicants some of whom were from the cities of the south. It was the first time that Hamar had met with any “civilized” men without trading blows. His group performed quite well and ended in a “tie” with another team.
The Untherian who hosted the Champions Games, Loris Raknian suggested a non-lethal combat to declare a winner. Hamar and his allies entered the makeshift arena against Auric and his Warband. The Warband summarily bested the group to the disgrace of Hamar.
However, an employer saw the groups’ performance and decided that he could use them for a mission. The employer, a Knight in the Realm of the Ready sword, a border Kingdom ruled by the sword, sought to annex territory to his west. He wanted the group to find a reason for him to invade or crate a casus belli justifying such an invasion. The amount of gold offered was more than Hamar or his new companions had ever seen in one place. Hamar in the excitement of the Moot did not gather further information about his father’s death nor did he meet with his mother whom he knew to be in attendance.
Hamar and his allies set out west across the Shaar, using his abilities to avoid danger and arrive in the City known as Diamond Lake. The group almost immediately gets into a tussle with a Half-Orc Kellen and his master Balabar Smenk. Before the tussle can be resolved, another member of the group finds an abandoned Cairn which the group explores in depth. The location, known as the Whispering Cairn was more ancient than anyone locally had realized, as ancient artifacts are uncovered from the location by the group.
Upon their return, to Diamond Lake, one of Hamar’s allies was kidnapped by Smenk and KUllen’s gang. As they attempt to rescue their ally, they fight to a stand-still with the rival group. Smenk offers a truce and makes the group and offer. If they will investigate the mine operations of one of his rivals and find proof to put him out of business, Smenk will not only free their ally but pay them handsomely.
The group enters the mines and finds much more than it bargained for! Beneath the mine is a series of interconnected Temples dedicated to the Dark Three Gods, Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul. As the group infiltrates each Temple the fights become more and more vicious. To Hamar’s shock, the Priestess of the Temple of Bhaal is commanded by his sister! She perishes in the combat but not before hinting that the death of their father was no accident…
In the finale of the fight, a minor demon is summoned and the Priest of the Temple of Bane loses control of the creature and is forced to join with the characters to save his own life. He and his remaining followers exit the Temple after an uneasy truce with the group. Most shocking in the Temple of Myrkul located was the remains of a single green worm. The same type that Barouk claimed was found in Hamar’s father’s dead body.
As the group exits the mine they contemplate what they have discovered. By magical messenger, they tell the Knight of the Realm, that the Temples beneath the mine should be reason enough for him to invade and annex the City of Diamond Lake.
As the group awaits the arrival of the Knight words spreads from the south that an outpost of a southern city has been overrun by lizard men. Normally the news would be shrugworthy but the details of the lizard men from the survivors stated that the lizard men were undead and infected by the green worms!
Hamar convinces his allies to journey south without waiting for the Knight. As they arrive at the Keep, they relieve the soldiers under siege and lift it by striking the lizard men in a surprise attack. Within the Keep, a wizard from Diamond Lake who had befriended one of Hamars allies claimed that his long time apprentices was captured by the lizard men.
Hamar and his allies journeyed into the nearby swamps to free the wizardess. As they entered the warren, they encountered a shaman of the lizard people who parlayed. He claimed that the Chieftain’s mind was warped by an evil dragon ad he was slowly destroying the warren with the alliance. The group promised to bring low the Chieftain in exchange for the human prisoner. The shaman agrees provided none of his people are injured further.
The group carefully picks its way through the warren and confronts the Chieftain and his advisors. The battle is fierce and one of Hamar’s companions falls in the battle. They discover that the evil dragon who has warped the mind of the Chieftain also supplied him with the green worms used to infect some of his tribe!
Upon returning to the Keep, the wizard suggests that the group head to the Capital City of Unthalass of Unther to learn more about these strange worms.
Along the journey through the Shaar, Hamar considers detouring to confront his mother about discovering that he had a sister but thinks better of it.
Upon their arrival in the City, the group locates the Sage friend of the Diamond Lake wizard seeking information on the worms. As they await information from the Sage, agents of the enemy lure the group into a deathtrap! Surviving a deadly maze of monsters and mechanical slaying devices, the group confronts the dopplegangers behind the facade. Dispatching them they learn that the dopplegangers are just flunkies, the true master has yet to reveal his face. The masters’ symbol is located by one of Hamar’s companions and he notes it as a sigil of a magic user.
With no answer from the Sage the next day, the allies hire a local rogue to assist them in identifying the wizard’s mark. With his help they even find the underground lair of the magic-user. As the companions enter the lair of the master they discover that he has aligned himself with the Priest of Bane from the Temples below Diamond Lake! More disturbingly, the master is no human but a mind flayer!
The battle is difficult and two of Hamar’s allies perish in the process. The flayer seems to indicate that it too is merely a hired thug brought in to slay the group from prying into affairs “beyond the ken”. The flayer escapes though the Priest and its minions are all slain. The riches from the lair luckily provide the means to raise both of the dead allies from their graves.
The group at a dead end heads back to their Inn to rest. While resting they see a sign-up sheet for a Gladiator tournament, the same one which the Untherians were seeking groups for at Council Hill Moot months before! A picture of Raknian is on the flyer. One of Hamar’s eyes go wide as he realizes that the Priest of Bane was at the Moot and met with Loris Raknian surreptitiously. Hamar nods slowly perhaps Raknian is a villain involved then.
It was a stretch but the group found a manager to pay their entry fee into the games. As the awaited each round of non-lethal combat, the group stayed below the arena and snuck out at night to see if they could find dirt on Raknian. The night before the final fight which would be between Hamar and his allies and their old rivals, Auric’s Warband, the group discovers Raknians secret Temple to the worm God! They fight their way back out but not before they find a diary which shows the membership in the secretive group includes Hamar’s own mother is a secret follower of Bhaal Lord of Murder!
Sick with grief as it seems that Hamar’s own mother arranged for his father’s murder, his allies stop him from leaving to ride south to confront his mother. First they convince him, they must win the tournament then they can get close enough to Raknian to bring him down!
The fight goes poorly, Auric’s Warband is triumphant again. Before the awards can be doled out a creature bursts froth through the arena floor and begins slaying gladiators and spectatiors alike making them into the green worm infested undead!
Hamar seeks to fight back when his Githzerai ally is slain, the ally attempts to plane shift away from the attack accidentally sucking Hamar into the Astral Plane with him….
Hamar sees Dakkon head to a nearby portal of light. Hamar can only assume that Dakkon did not realize that he pulled Hamar with him. Hamar attempts to follow Dakkon but being unfamiliar with the function of the Astral plane he shifts his essence forward too fast slamming into a portal of violet colored light.
Hamar finds himself in a blasted plain, little light comes from the sky and the water tastes thick with ash when he drinks it.
The animals are so scarce that Hamar is forced to find a city, after all, he wil not find a portal to his own place.... without some sort of wizard's help. His time with the wizard of his group and the lessons of his mother taught him that much about magic.
The city turns into a house of horros for Hamar, it takes all of the skill he can muster to escape the denizens of the wretched place, undead nothing but the dead inhabit it.
Hamar stays on the outskirts once he places enough distance between himself and the dead.
He scouts the city for some sign of the living, after all someone must be alive on this godsforsaken place, musn't they?.....