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Chosen ones, Home brew, high Fantasy Pathfinder (Inactive)

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temple map ground floor

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Hi everyone. I can't wait to get this started and see where you guys take it.

Ok as it is the week before christmas I am not going to throw you in to the storyline straight away. I will start the main storyline after Christmas. most likely the 27th.

So first off we are going to role play you meeting each other and a short encounter in the Main town. As it is the run up to christmas, it may very well be loosely christmas themed. hehe.

So don't worry if you are too busy to post this week, but if you can please do, its going to be a lot of fun before christmas and I can get an idea of how you guys like to role play.

Right I will start on Monday, so tweak your characters etc and then we can get started tomorrow.

any questions ask away.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Character is completely done, I am happy with him. Only problem is I am flying out of the country tomorrow, won't be back till next monday, hopefully that won't be an issue.

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

Not to worry Talon as I said, proper game play wont start until the 27th at the earliest, before Christmas is just a bit if fun and to give me an idea of how people play. And a chance to have some light hearted adventure, before Christmas.

Tada one Rogue at your service ;)

Male Human (Varisian) 2 Wizard Illusionist

I will have Marcus, profile up later today. I will be just a bit busy for next couple of days getting ready for the promotion board of the 21st, but I will still be able to post once a day. See you all soon.

Ultramarine Apothecary

Here I be.

Female Human Cleric

Greetings to all of you. A cleric is here in case you get into trouble.

Ultramarine Apothecary

Hello! Be prepared to patch me up on the regular, haha. Marcus is a go for the glory type.

Not me Archaouss does not plan to have to draw his sword lol poison from his small crossbow is as much as he "wants" to see of combat lol

Hi everyone. Thank you for posting your confirms. Just waiting on Elondor and That is everyone.

So within the next few hours ill get the first game play post up. As I said this is just a bit of fun before christmas, so don not worry if you cant post you cant post.

Game play thread is up now. head over and see what you are going to do.

I'll hop in shortly, I'm going to make a paper copy of my character and then copy it to my profile. I should be up and at it soon. Also, I wanted to suggest you have a set of formating rules for posts. I was thinking standard text for actions and questions, italicized for in game speech, bold is out of game, '...' denotes thoughts, etc. Anyway, I'll be over soon!

ah good suggestion Elondor, i prefar

normal type like this for actions and descriptions etc

italics for thoughts

bold for character speech, with or with out speech marks, up to you

and out of character fro when you are talking as player. asking questions as a player etc

Male Human Ranger 1

I lend you my sword!

looks like people are getting busy for christmas etc now, so if you guys are busy and want to leave it till around the 27th then we can pause this particular story. I shall be unavailable from the 24th until the 26th dec myself so we can continue after then if you want.

merry christmas everybody hope it is a good one.

Ultramarine Apothecary

That sounds fair enough, LF. I think that should be fine. Have yourself a great Christmas, too.

Female Human Cleric

I am terrible sorry for my lateness. Hoping I didn't provoke too much discomfort. Merry Christmas everybody!


don't worry about lateness, as i said its casual before christmas. have a good christmas everyone.


happy new year everybody. will be posting again on the 2nd. allow everyone to have a good weekend and get over hangovers etc.

hope this year brings everyone fame and fortune, or what ever it is you desire.

Female Human Cleric

Archaouss, are you still with us?

Sorry guys have been sick a few days been away from computer

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

not to worry Archaouss, more then 7 days and no post till i start considering replacing people. game may move on in peoples absence but no one gets replaced without warning. even if all you can post is 'wont be on for x amount of time etc'. you know real life comes first guys.

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

had a few days off due to illness should be be back on track asap.

No problem. I had to take a few off too in order to get back from Japan. :)

oh Japan, cool. Where you there for holiday?

Female Human Cleric

You've been in Japan and haven't made me a visit?

I was stationed on Okinawa for the past 3 years. I just rotated back to the states. Agira, where are you?

Female Human Cleric

At the moment stranded in the Tokyo region. Hope you're happy about getting back home.

hi im back,

as i said in the game thread, i am moving home atm so may be a bit hit and miss this week. Archauss are you around? as ive had some time away ill give a few more days, post if you can if not i may have to consider bringing someone in to replace you. sorry mate, your character seems really good and id rather keep you if i can. if you could post by thursday please.

hope everyone is well.


Hey guys, I am going to have to drop out of this little foray. I appreciate the game and hope you all well. Look forward to playing with some of you in the future.

Sorry to hear that marcus, you will be missed. thank you for letting me know. Ill be putting worked out for replacement for you. I hope you liked the game, i know its taking a while to get started and has a few stop and starts, it this item of year with uni and life etc. if it i s a case of to slow a game for you let me know. if not hope all is well for you.

Archauss, i am afraid im going to have to look fora replacement for you also. I hope you are ok and things are ok. I know you have trouble getting on. your character is really good, i hope you get to play him again.

right, moving is mostly sorted so ill put the word out and post more tomorrow. DM's not disappeared i promise.

Sent out messages for replacemnt characteres, soon as they get back to me we will have two new players. unitll then on with the game.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

Well, Hello.

Male Human

Hi there, it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance.

Welcome Velana, i sent you info you need and post when ever you are ready. I look forward to seeing your character in action. post on here anything you like, opinions, advice if you do or don't like something or if you want to ask something.

just a heads up as im moving home at the moment posting is slow but normally about one a day minimum, more than one is great to. im pretty easy if you cant get on for while but try to let me know. other than that enjoy yourself and post when ever you feel ready.

Female Human Cleric

Hello Vellena.

Glad to see this game starting to move again... I really like it and it would be a shame to see it end prematurely.

Ok all moved in and unpacked now, so should be able to get back to this and get posting more regularly now. yay. I have messages a few people so as soon as I hear back form them we will have the last player. but till then the game will continue.

Elondor are you around? I have PM'd you, i may have to consider replacing you if i dont hear soon. you have a great concept for a character i woudl hate to lose you.

i hope all is well with you.

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

As Zhoun Lo is late to this party (like me) maybe we could both have come into town together and both know that we are answering the call.
Maybe Zhoun Lo had something urgent to do first which delayed him from meeting our benefactor.

That way, when he shows up I can declare: "Hey, I know this guy, he's with us!"

Male Elf Ranger 4

Makes sense to me. I have nothing against him joining the party at any stage. Elon just reckons that whatever is watching them is in front of them rather than coming from the side of the temple which in his head he associates with safety

Male Hobgoblin Ranger(Urban)/Inquisitor(infiltrator)

That works for me.

Male Human Ranger 1

Am i the only one that finds it funny we have elon and elondor?

Male Hobgoblin Ranger(Urban)/Inquisitor(infiltrator)

I notice that also. I thought it was planned that way.

Male Hobgoblin Ranger(Urban)/Inquisitor(infiltrator)

Is the game still going?

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

Little FInder hasn't posted on the site since the 24th, probably real-life stuff keeping him/her busy.

I hope it continues, left on a cracking cliffhanger at the moment.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Yeah I would think its still running. Don't forget that if for example its the UK, then things like Universities are holding exams etc. I didn't get the impression that she is some 75 year old in a retirement home, so it might just be university stuff etc keeping her busy.

Female Human Cleric

I also would not worry to much, give him/her some time. As Elon said, people have sometimes very busy schedules.

Male Hobgoblin Ranger(Urban)/Inquisitor(infiltrator)

No problem. I will continue to check here daily.

Sorry guys, not disappeared, having issues with internet in new place, it has decided that it doesn't want to work at all. hopefully it will be sorted Friday.

i haven't disappeared, had a air amount of issues lately with moving etc. lol i kind of did leave you on a cliff hanger, but as soon as I can get on properly, without borrowing a friends internet access I shall. (guy's due Friday to fix it)

cheers for sticking with this guys.

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