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(4) GATE!

Game Master mdt

When Los Angeles is invaded, not by another country, but by another world, political upheaval and world politics prevent the US from simply invading the new world, and it is left to the State of California to secure themselves against the invaders. The California Civil Defense Force is now ready to take the fight to the invaders!

Hit Charts | Squad Equipment | Weapon Chart | Auxiliary Squads

Gate Continent | Gate Valley | Drakon's Breath Inn

Game Notes

Vehicle Stats:

HMMWV (M998 Avenger)
ST/HP 72 Hnd/SR 0/5 HT 11x Move 3/33 LWt 4.2 tons Load 1 SM +3 Occ 2+1 DR 8 Range 300 Locations G4WT Improved Brakes, Run-Flat Tires

ST/HP 74 Hnd/SR 0/5 HT 11 Move 3/39 LWt 5.8 tons Load 3 SM +3 Occ 3 DR 8 Range 275 Locations O4W3X Improved Brakes, Run-Flat Tires

LAV-25 (A2)
STR/HP 120 Hnd/SR -3/5 HT 12f Move 2/28 Lwt 12.8 tons Load 2.2 SM +4 Occ 2+11S DR 60/40 Range 300 Locations 2CX Mounts one Medium or Heavy Machine Gun on Roof. Higher DR applies to attacks from front. Turret Weapon varies by Variant.

R11 Off-Road Refueler
ST/HP 120 Hnd/SR -3/4 HT 14f Move 1/25 Lwt 35 Load 15 SM +5 Occ 1+2 DR 8 Range 300 Locations G6W NOTE : Range triples on roads, Move increases to 3/40, and Hnd/SR becomes -1/5

M1076 PLS
ST/HP 120 Hnd/SR -3/4 HT 12f Move 2/25 Lwt 62 Load 43 SM +5 Occ 1+1 DR 8 Range 300 Locations G6W NOTE : Range triples on roads, Move increases to 4/45, and Hnd/SR becomes -1/5



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