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Orfamay Quest wrote:
wolfpack75 wrote:
Binarybits wrote:

If I am in an adventure and come across skeletons and know everything about them from running a game before, am I metagaming for knowing?

Some advice on this please.


The problem with labeling anything "Metagaming" is that you have to really be able to differentiate between a player's knowledge versus a character's knowledge. It is more difficult than people realize, the reason I say this is knowing what is considered "common" knowledge in a campaign world.

I disagree. Saying you "could have" known something isn't the same as saying you "do" know that, especially when there's an explicit mechanism (Knowledge checks) to cover "common knowledge." And in most cases (i.e., don't dump Intelligence), the checks can be made untrained by taking 10, which means the GM can and should simply tell you that you should be using a club against skeletons if he considers that to be common knowledge.


Is that something you could have roleplayed? Then it wouldn't have been "metagaming" in the stark definition of "using outside game knowledge".
Say your character grew up in an area where an undead horde rose up from the graveyard and the city guard had to put it down. Since you lived through it or were raised on stories of it there is a chance you would know that blunt weapons work better on skeletons.
Well, no. If this is something that you know only by way of a backstory -- especially one you just created on the spur of the moment -- then this should be represented by Knowledge skills, because this is something you know that is not common knowledge, by definition.

Yeah, well I lean toward roleplaying not "rollplaying". So what if there is a mechanic for it? If a player comes up with a ROLEPLAYING explanation for it I will run with it before I revert to just chucking dice. If we just chuck dice at the table there is no need for an imagination. Might as well just run everything by the book without any thought or individualization.

Back in Basic D&D we had to fill in the gaps and felt that coming up with an in character explanation - even if it is part of a new back history - was preferable to just throwing more dice. <Shrug> To each their own.

Binarybits wrote:

If I am in an adventure and come across skeletons and know everything about them from running a game before, am I metagaming for knowing?

Some advice on this please.


The problem with labeling anything "Metagaming" is that you have to really be able to differentiate between a player's knowledge versus a character's knowledge. It is more difficult than people realize, the reason I say this is knowing what is considered "common" knowledge in a campaign world.

Is that something you could have roleplayed? Then it wouldn't have been "metagaming" in the stark definition of "using outside game knowledge".
Say your character grew up in an area where an undead horde rose up from the graveyard and the city guard had to put it down. Since you lived through it or were raised on stories of it there is a chance you would know that blunt weapons work better on skeletons.

There are things that a character could know just because they grew up in a fantasy world where undead, orcs, and dragons are real. Discuss it with the GM and see whether you can work out a baseline of knowledge for all characters. Should you expect to know everything about them? No, but you should have some level of familiarity with them. Just as you may have some knowledge of Bald Eagles it may not be detailed enough for you to know their exact behaviours but you should be able to point one out.

Or your character could be smart enough to know that a blunt force is more catastrophic to bones than a sharp point. Anyone should be able to deduce this especially if you've broken a bone.

As for looking up something in a DM-only book (all monster books are DM only at my table) I would have been unhappy with you and most likely would have penalized you in future for looking something up at the table. Saying something about the difficulty of the creature for your level should have been enough without flipping through a book in the middle of combat.

loaba wrote:

I've played in and finished Second Darkness. That's it. :(

I'm currently playing in Kingmaker (we started in 2010) and it looks like we'll finish this year. :)

How 'bout you?

Zero - I've run Kingmaker and Jade Regent, played in Skulls and Shackles... But never finished any of them.

Kingmaker the country building got in the way of the adventure for my players so we switched to Jade Regent which went fairly well but then since I had GM'ed for too long one of my players offered to run Skulls & Shackles... And then two players moved and it put an end to that.

I have another group who want to play an AP but I can't figure out the best one to run with two new players and two semi experienced players...

Ross Byers wrote:
wolfpack75 wrote:

It has been awhile since I bellied up to a Pathfinder table so please forgive me if I should know this:

What is a "Whore Queen" and why are they worshiped as deities? Are they demons? Liches?

Roughly speaking, they are the demigod version of Erinyes. They're not part of the hierarchy of Hell, the same way the Archdevils, Infernal Dukes, and Malebolge are, but they do have sway there.

Thank you, I was staring at that with no clue what it meant.. other than the obvious inference.

So they are Hell residents with power but aren't part of the corporate structure?
I didn't expect Demi-gods to be able to grant much in the way of power...

It has been awhile since I bellied up to a Pathfinder table so please forgive me if I should know this:

What is a "Whore Queen" and why are they worshiped as deities? Are they demons? Liches?

Joey Virtue wrote:
Well now I have moved and looking to build a group so anyone who is interested message me

Not sure if you are still looking but I am in need of a new group.

Let me know.


Experienced (old) gamer looking for a Pathfinder campaign to join. I've run a tabletop campaign for the last few years, however my group broke up when two of my gamers moved out of state and I am left gameless.

Would prefer to play once a week utilizing online software, I have never played an online game - PbP, Roll20, etc but would like to learn. I eventually would like to transition to running an online game using Roll20 or some other software.

I've run Kingmaker, Jade Throne, and been run through the first two modules of Skulls & Shackles.

Looking for a game which meets on a regular basis with a regular schedule. I am in Sacramento, CA and am available most nights.

Thank you,


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icehawk333 wrote:

Why do you like to GM?

I've done it before, and in one of two situations, i really didn't like it, and in the other, it's still kinda new, so I'm not sure about that one.

Now, i don't mean to make this into a debate form, but i would like to know-
What do you find fun about being a GM? For me, i found it to be too much work, but i was having to deal with whiny players. (No, they weren't whining about me. They were whining at each other.)

Also, it feels like your interactions don't have much meaning as a GM, every charecter being short lived, with little development.

I don't mean to turn this into an argument!
These were my experiences.
I'm just asking for yours.

I like to GM because I enjoy the fact that the players have fun (and I have fun too)! The game should be a cooperative narrative in order to ensure that no one takes over the game - GM or PC. At least those games seem to be the best and most enjoyable.

The fact that my players will go to cons or move on to other groups - sharing stories with new players about campaigns I've run, experiences they've had while sitting at my table - there is a certain thrill in that.

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Discussion thread for Goblinworks Blog: Milestone 2 Update

Awesome to hear about the maps/terrain coming along, I look forward to seeing some of the render.

I am a little worried about Escalations being a slog/grind, but will reserve real judgement until I am actually experiencing it in game.


brock, no the other one... wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
Oh no! Sutter spilled the beans! ;)

It's ok, they are under his hat.

I'm intrigued by this announcement, but I'm more impressed by how, yet again, Paizo shows that it really listens to its customers.

Here, here!

I may on occasion post like a grumpy old wolf but I do really appreciate how involved everyone at Paizo is in the boards. Not only the creative team but freelancers, 3rd party publishers, etc. It is really a great environment that fosters a healthy exchange of ideas and dialogue. It is rare to encounter such a strong community online and it starts with Paizo. Thank you...


Abandoned Arts wrote:

I'd like to open something for discussion: are there any silly, counter-intuitive, or just plain bland rulesets that you'd like to see reworked? Something you'd be interested in if, say, a third-party product or amateur "fix" came along to address the rule.


I know the Craft rules get a lot of flack, but I'll give you another example:

The sundering / damaging objects rules. It is entirely possible (very easy, even) to sunder a worn headband or circlet (with a large axe or hammer, even) without harming the wearer. It is also harder to sunder a longbow with a dagger (or a sturdy pair of scissors; snip!) than it is with a flail.

Corner-cases? Probably! But if you had the chance to decide which rules got a little extra love, what rulesets would you single out as "wonky?"

Daron Woodson
Abandoned Arts

CMB and CMD... For me they bog down/slow down the game. If I could get one well written resource with appropriate diagrams, tables, and examples that I could go to I would be very happy.

Other than that I have players who love to craft or use profession and a resource with feats, etc that are specific to those skills would be a great addition to my library. A focus on the "soft" or roleplay skills would be welcome.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Just how hard are the adventure paths

I personally think they are really hard, I've run two AP's about half way through and have had a lot of turn over in characters. I do feel that the player's lose interest as their characters continue to die and because of that I have to do a balancing act of propelling the story forward without making the players feel too safe.

One of the main problems I have with the AP's is the reliance on a single spell or skill check. A six adventure campaign shouldn't end because no one rolled high enough on a skill check or didn't have a particular spell. I am all for letting a combat encounter play out and if the party makes poor tactical decisions that they die from those decisions.

I am also all for the party having to deal with the consequences of no one playing a Rogue or healer, those are choices they need to live or die by, but requiring that someone in the party have access to 1 spell or that someone have 1 skill or the game ends is a poorly written adventure.

And I know I should have an example here but I am drawing a blank on a specific instance that has come up. I believe there was one in Kingmaker as they explored the empty town looking for a clue as to where everyone was...The adventure could have ended if they hadn't made a roll, I believe it was a Knowledge Check which can't be repeated once failed.

Anyway, I would like to see more modules which give more options for how to propel the adventures along and less reliance on 1 roll of the die determining the fate of the game.

My apologies for not having specific examples...


Sean K Reynolds wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Teenagers aren't that different, but I think the subset that games might be. If girls are more common in the hobby, that in itself makes a difference.
Remember, you're talking about a demographic where a large proportion of them are totally fine with using the word "gay" to mean "lame," and casually throw around the word "rape."

This really bugs me...What is it about "men" that makes them think that using "gay" or "rape" or "c***" or "b****" is okay? Using these words doesn't make anyone more mature or tough or whatever. I am tired of gaming with people who use these words casually at the table or online.

Overall I try to encourage a sexism free table but I am not sure that I am succeeding with the current group I am running.


Captain Marsh wrote:

I love the Adventure Path series and generally like the slow, evolutionary tweaks that have happened over time since the first ROTRL series.

I never read the fiction, ever. If I wanted to read gaming fiction I would pick up the books. It won't allow me to run my adventure better.

As James Sutter has stated that removal of the AP wouldn't allow inclusion of more adventure then I have edited my post and would like to see something else (suggestions below):

GM advise (Rule clarifications, charts, etc)
Side Quest Ideas
Unique Golarion Flavor text (racial alcoholic beverages, royal dress, cultural phenomena)
Magic: Items, spells, etc
Short write ups of festivals
Random tavern generators for the region the AP is set in
An exploration of the culture that inspired the AP or random region

I am sure there are many more ideas...It doesn't have to be more adventure or more maps, but it could be more flavor or crunch to aid in presenting the adventure path. Perhaps just including the Player's Guide in the first adventure..


Uncharted Edge appeals as I can slot it into Golarion somewhere (perhaps to expand on Skulls and Shackles). The rest seem to be completely stand alone and not friendly to my campaign in anyway. Plus they blend other elements (Sci-Fi, post-apocalyptic, etc).

I am sure that puts me in the minority...


KingmanHighborn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

One thing to add though... ** spoiler omitted **

In response to your spoiler good sir. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Basil's_Cathedral

It's only like THE most famous building east of the Eifel Tower.

Thank you, I was about to post this but thought I should finish reading/skimming the responses. I would have to think that Saint Basil's Cathedral (the look not the name) is more famous than Rasputin to the average person. It is iconic and would be a great site to include in an adventure. Nearly every movie/tv show set near Moscow includes a shot of the cathedral.

They could also include lesser known locations like the Amber Room (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_room_) in the Catherine Palace...

Anyway, we shall have to wait and see how it turns out. I am still on the dissenting side. Not every idea is necessarily a good idea...


James Jacobs wrote:

I'm glad all this is finally out in public... it was getting nerve-wracking staying silent!

But yeah... in a lot of ways, it's THIS adventure that really made a lot of us decide to build the Reign of Winter adventure path the way we built it. It's certainly the adventure in the series that I'm most excited to see!

As for "jumping the shark," we'll see. I think we've got a pretty excellent record by now of taking risks with plotlines and elements that might be considered "shark jumping" (such as Distant Worlds, the robots in Inner Sea Bestiary/Dungeons of Golarion, an all-pirate adventure path, an adventure where you all play goblins, a book all about cryptids, a book all about monsters that we as gamers have spent the last few decades mocking, etc.). I'm relatively sure that "Rasputin Must Die!" will end up being SUPER AWESOME.

Those who worry that it's going a place that they might not want... this element is really nothing new for Baba Yaga themed adventures from previous editions of the game—she's ALWAYS had elements of Earth involved with her. Furthermore... the fact that she's (as far as I know) the only non-deity character from Earth mythology that we've significantly incorporated into Golarion means that we more or less HAD to have Earth ties.

That all said... the method by which the PCs reach Earth is via Baba Yaga's hut. That means that this is going to be pretty self-contained. Don't expect to see relatively contemporary Earth stuff like tanks and Russians showing up again in Golarion stuff (unless this adventure ends up being so popular that you, the paying customers, demand such) anytime soon.

In any case... we've been doing Adventure Paths for 70 volumes at this point. If we end up getting that far without jumping the shark... that's still a pretty good run! :-P

Actually am looking forward to reading it even though my current group would never let me run it. As a GM you have to play to the audience a bit and transporting magic into the "real world" (insert eye rolling smiley here) is too much for them.

My "jumping the shark" comment stems from the fact that it feels like a stunt - I am sure I will be proven wrong again. Always happy to admit it when that turns out to be true (Shattered Star AP is far better than I first expected and it is going to be great to run it).

As I have said before, and will reiterate here, going further outside of Varisia is a good thing. I just didn't expect that you would go all the way to a magically infused alternate history Siberia.

After all, you have an amazing campaign world that I would love to see more fleshed out, and you have to take us to Russia (in Winter). LOL


D&D: B2:Keep On The Borderlands 1985

I was 10, my first character was a halfling named Dorvell (because the doorbell rang when I was trying to come up with a name). My brother ran the game (he was 13) and my Mother, Grandmother, and Grandfather all played along with us.

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Vic Wertz wrote:

Announced! Product image is a mockup, and will change prior to publication.

Also, "Oh yes, we did."

Call me skeptical...First thought I had was "Jumping the shark a bit too hard."

But I will wait and see, I am always pleasantly surprised by the AP.


pyro da great wrote:
I could play if your open to skype

Sorry, right now I am going to tabletop only. I've had too many issues with Skype on my internet.


JamZilla wrote:

I think that's a real shame. For my part, I played the first half of this adventure very roleplay heavy, expanding greatly on the events surrounding the feasts and the town itself. This is the PCs first real taste of the 'Far east' and I wanted to play on that with lots of interesting signettes. This resulted in two 6 hour sessions with no combat which I was surprised at because my group really like a fast paced game.

The pace slowed considerably in the last adventure and this one feels like a stop-gap to level them up a bit before things kick off in Minkai. I want to take advantage of that, especially in my very Studio Ghibli inspired Forest. I want the PCs to have a sense of wonder and mystery and give them time to reflect on their already amazing achievements.

I agree the dungeon crawl at the end of this doesn't have a big enough pay off in terms of either a climactic boss battle or a real drive to push on and take on the Jade Regent and that's what I'm missing at the moment.

This is where I want to go with the adventure, any advise or material anyone can share to expand this would be appreciated.

Hi folks,

Looking for people interested in meeting once a month on Sundays for a Pathfinder group. Most likely run through the Skulls and Shackles AP, my wife would be running the group - she is a novice GM but wanted to give me a break from running the campaigns since I am always the GM. Looking for friendly, relaxed individuals who want to play. Would meet at our house, first session would be to make characters. We've both been gaming for awhile; it's been 27 years for me, my wife has been gaming 17.

mid 20's or older
No Rules Lawyers
Good Hygiene a must (I hate to have to specify but I have been surprised by the lack many times).

Message me here if in the area and interested.


Threeshades wrote:

The ones in the Bestiary box are. And it doesn't bother me at all since there isn't really a distinction between front and back in the combat rules anyway. And I think it's nice that all players around the table can have the chance of a proper view of the creature depicted, rather than just its back.

Also illustrating front and back differently would have the production cost skyrocket since one would need to commission twice as many illustrations. (or since most illustrations come from existing books have to commission at least one backside illustration for each different piece in the first place)

Agreed. I think my main complaint is I want more multiples, as the party goes up in level they face more creatures of the same type.

Also would like to see them go back and create pawns for the older adventure paths.

Otherwise I am excited by the product and am happy I subscribed.


Rycaut wrote:

In PFS play everyone uses max HP at first level and average HP for each level you advance.

I'm curious how people handle HP in home games mostly for PCs but also for monsters and animal companions.

We roll for hp, reroll one's. So you at least get 2 HP a level from your dice. I like having some randomness to HP's but at the same time i don't like the old days of being 4th level and having 5 hit points.


James Jacobs wrote:

Remember... it's Paizo's 10th anniversary. That's the primary reason we decided to do so much looking back this year, between the Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition and the Shattered Star adventure path.

Next year we're going to Irrisen and the Worldwound, and in those APs we're going to other worlds and other planes in a greater frequency than we EVER have before....

(prepares for next year's complaints that Paizo isn't traditional enough...) ;-P

That is awesome to hear, I look forward to planes travel. The adventure paths have been great and it will be fun to see what paizo does with it. And you will never hear me complain that you aren't being traditional enough. I think that it is fun to challenge not only the players and GMs but also the writers and artists.

I would also like to see some type of globetrotting adventure (chasing a villain, rescuing someone, whatever) but something that hits and highlights the less explored smaller countries or regions.

(I know that suggestion doesn't go there)

Thank you for all the hard work.


Dark_Mistress wrote:

But I agree I hope in time we see a few more AP's that take a big step away. I am hoping for a Alice in Wonderland style AP, where poor first level PC's fall down the rabbit hole so to speak and get stuck in the First World and then spend the rest of the AP trying to get home. Or other out there style AP's.

Thank you for that list - I am going to target for running the AP that I feel fit more of what I want. As I said I understand the desire to keep people grounded in something familiar. But as a gamer I want to be tested, forced to play outside my comfort zone. I want to play in a setting that isn't a classic European Fantasy archetype...I want to challenge my players to play characters that aren't "standard". Sure some of that is down to me as GM/player, completely aware of that fact. However, an Adventure Path that starts and ends in an exotic location would be awesome. I am running Jade Regent right now and it is great (I don't use the caravan encounters at all as I am trying to get through it before two of my players move to another state) but that only ends in an unusual or exotic location.

As I've said before, although I may be criticizing a tiny bit, I really enjoy these adventure paths. I've run Kingmaker and now Jade Regent (with an eye to running Legacy of Fire and Skull and Shackles) and had a blast with them. Just would like to be surprised by a setting or adventure. When I saw Shattered Star I groaned, it is just too safe...

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
I am glad the APs touch base with Varisia every so often, it's a great setting riddled with ruins, crawling with monsters and always in need of violent hobos to solve its problems.

Thanks to everyone for the replies...I guess my thing is I love all of the mystery of the other areas in the Inner Sea World Guide. The Mana Wastes for example. After spending so many years playing in fantasy medieval analogues similar to Varisia I am craving something different from what I consider the "norm" in fantasy roleplaying games.

I understand the desire to keep people in a comfort zone, it makes a lot of sense. It isn't at all a flaw, just want to be challenged by a setting. I want to open an adventure and not be in a reasonable facsimile of medieval Europe (with magic, etc obviously).
Chalk it up to a wish from one devoted Pathfinder player...

Ok, let me preface this with - I have no real problem with this situation. My party is currently working its way through the Jade Regent AP and this topic came up last session. In a world/setting that is so large and diverse why are the AP set or starting in the same area of the map?

Of the existing adventure paths there are at least 5 that take place or start in Varisia.
Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Second Darkness
Jade Regent
Shattered Star

So my question is with so many intriguing and diverse areas why do the adventures go to the traditional fantasy setting of Varisia? I am not trying to troll here, I really am thrilled with Pathfinder and Paizo, just would like to see more exploration of areas that are not normal. Or a reversal - have the players start in the jungle and then move into the city in pursuit of an item.

And I want to say, I haven't played or read all of the paths, I wish! But I was wondering if maybe Varisia is the official setting start area?


Also not sure this is the spot to post this message...

Vuvu wrote:
In response to the delightful thread about characters that you never got to play, I thought I would put up your favorite that you have played. Should be fun, and just might inspire someone

My Favorite at this moment (because it changes) is Shinayne, The Drow Noble Cleric of Lloth/Wizard I played in 2nd edition Forgotten Realms.

She was the perfect personification of evil, manipulating the rest of the drow (all useless male fighters that were being played as clones of Drizzt) into charging into battle or protecting her. Long story short she survived two party wipes (most memorably to a shadow dragon that she then finished off). She ended up with a lot of magic and gold, and eventually I was the only one having fun. The rest of the group wanted to go back to playing good, I tried to have her undergo an alignment change (helm conveniently placed) and worship Eilistraee (dancing nude drow goddess). It never took and I ended up retiring her.

I enjoyed playing her so much that I ended up naming one of our black cats after her. The other one is named after my drunkard fighter from Krynn, Darnell.

Hi, this is rather last minute (I run the campaign tonight) but I was hoping to get some advice with these two NPC's.

Spivey I am running as an Allied NPC (party healer) and was trying to break down her bonuses so I could put her on a character sheet. It is more convenient for me to do it that way than to run straight from the book. Has anyone done this already?

Wodes I have been able to needle the party with and deplete a lot of their resources. Any ideas for tactics that he may use now that his Scrolls have been depleted? I am thinking of attempting to lure them into an ambush but I have veteran players and don't believe they would fall for it.

Any suggestions or information as to how you used these two in your Jade Regent campaign would be great. Trying to formulate a strategy for both and have been too busy with work to sit down and do it.

Thank you in advance...


Nezthalak wrote:
oooh. neat. didn't know about that little gem.

Thank you for the replies...I too had never heard of the Pathfinder Pouch.

A followup question, would you require that the sleeve/pouch take up the wrist slot? Or would you just charge for the creation and let it go?

Just curious to see what other people would do...


I am trying to figure out how much it would cost for a character to have a pocket created in their sleeve that functions as a bag of holding.
Essentially so that they never need to have a weapon out but can pull it from the sleeve pocket.
It would also allow for "unlimited" sling bullets, shuriken, etc to be pulled from the sleeve. Would you give any consideration to lowering the reload time on any bows, slings or crossbows?

Should I treat it just as the same price as a bag of holding or, because of the need for it to be integrated into a jacket or robe, charge more?

Unfortunately, I am at work and can't access all of my books - searching the various websites has produced no fruit.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


James Jacobs wrote:

One of the best parts about the interactive maps, from my viewpoint, is that they don't involve any work from the editorial side of things.

Including things like starting points for NPCs and monsters and items, on the other hand, would require the adventure's developer to be more involved in the creation of these maps. And that's not something I want to see happen as long as our adventure developers are already working long hours in order to keep things on schedule.

Furthermore... since the way that the PCs approach an encounter can impact the starting positions of the monsters and NPCs, I've never been a fan of placing starting positions for such on maps. Monsters and NPCs do things other than wait patiently for their fights to start.

Indicating tactics on a map is even more problematic, since that requires specific interaction with stat blocks and the like. We generally get final maps in for an adventure relatively late in the production cycle, and that would not leave us much time to do yet another level of stat block tinkering.

And super extensive changes, like ones that might be "before the flood" or "after the avalanche" are probably beyond the scope of simple layer change stuff we can do in-house; those types of maps would have to be ordered as separate maps from our cartographers due to the large amount of additional artwork and changes that would require.

Well, that shoots down a lot of my "hear, hear!" feelings but what I would add is that it would be great if all the little maps were not shown on the same page.

Players are a crafty lot and will exploit any opening you give them - allowing them to view the maps of future encounters is essentially an open invitation to memorize/copy down the maps. If there was a way to turn off the maps that you don't want to display until it is time for the relevant encounter that would make this an even greater resource.


For one I would like to see an introductory adventure for each AP, not like "We Be Goblins" (although that was fun) but something that introduces the setting, npc/pc's to each other, etc. In Kingmaker, Jade Regent, and Curse of the Crimson Throne there is a lot of suspension of disbelief in the beginning since all the players have to jump right in and start the path regardless of not really knowing anyone (yet having to roleplay that they are, for example, Ameiko's illegitimate younger sister) or where the city/town is, and the surrounding area is all one big mystery even though it should be really familiar to them since they lived their entire lives there.
Sure some of this can be explained away as the point of role-playing, it just feels as if the AP's would be more immersive if there was a first adventure to build that immersion. Perhaps a very short adventure where the party encounters travelers injured by the goblins and must give a report to the Sheriff, interact with locals. It doesn't even need to give them more than 1/2 a level of xp...

I would love to be able to write this up myself, unfortunately I am lucky that I can run a game on an infrequent basis as it is.

Starfury wrote:
wolfpack75 wrote:

I am considering a fresh start with the Jade Regent adventure path but was hoping to have a beginning adventure, a short snippet of an adventure, where the group has a bit of time getting to know each other and the NPC's before they get to the meat of the path.

Just a thought, but if your group hasn't already played the Runelords AP, you could run a simplified version of AP #1. (The 1st couple sections anyway.) It's not a free adventure, of course, but it could easily lead into Jade Regent #1 and give your group time to bond with key NPC's.

Thank you for the thought. I ended up running the "We Be Goblins" prelude adventure. The group had fun with it, perhaps a little too much since I have had a couple of inquiries into playing a goblin PC for the main campaign. Players have to ask I suppose

Sean Mahoney wrote:

We Be Goblins is somewhat intended as a sort of prequel to what is going on in the first adventure, but isn't really tied to the AP as a whole.

The downside is that you don't really get to know the NPCs... at least not the ones that will be active in the AP.

On the other hand, it is free. So the price is right.

Worth checking out if nothing else.

Sean Mahoney

Thank you Sean, I will take a look. I am hopeful that it will work out for the group.

My current group is bogged down in the Kingmaker adventure path and, unfortunately, due to scheduling issues hasn't been able to play for awhile.
I am considering a fresh start with the Jade Regent adventure path but was hoping to have a beginning adventure, a short snippet of an adventure, where the group has a bit of time getting to know each other and the NPC's before they get to the meat of the path.
Any suggestions on d20 or easily adapted published/free online adventures that would work with this adventure path?

Gary Teter wrote:
We try to make sure that everybody gets a catalog as soon as possible once we print a new one. Catalogs weigh something, however, so they can add to the cost of shipping an order. If it doesn't change the shipping cost too much, we'll go ahead and add the catalog to your order and we pay for the difference in postage. If adding a catalog bumps your package into a much higher shipping rate, we'll hold the catalog until your next order in hopes that it won't be too expensive to add.

I hope to see it in October then...I've never seen a Paizo Catalog but find myself very intrigued.

Classes/levels:Druid/Bard 2/1
Adventure:The Stolen Lands
Location:The Shrike River southwest of Nettles crossing.
Catalyst:Will O' Wisp
The Gory Details: Tetawaro was trying to cross over the river via the remaining rope from the ferry crossing. He slipped and was in the river, attached to the rope via a lifeline. Unfortunately, Thessy, the party Fighter/Diviner, took it upon himself to shimmy over and help him up. Per the adventure the rope breaks if two medium size creatures are on it at any one time. The two were swept down river and ended up on opposite shores. As night fell I had them roll for random encounters (I have the players roll for encounters, it makes it more entertaining).
Unfortunately for Tetawaro not many 3rd level characters can handle a Will O' Wisp by themselves. The next morning the rest of the party was only able to find his lightning charred remains.

First death in my Kingmaker campaign.

MrFish wrote:
Come to that, CoC did create a New Orleans setting you can look up at chaosium's website.

Thank you...I will take a look and see what I can find in terms of used games. My one main worry with CoC is the insanity rules and creatures. I will be introducing some supernatural elements but I don't want it to take over.

I have to confess I had a bad experience with CoC in which the gm ran us through an adventure where all clues pointed at this one book having the answers we sought. Unfortunately reading it caused each of us to go insane and ended the campaign. I wasn't too impressed.


Hi everyone I could really use some advice on my new campaign. My apologies for the long post.

I am going to run an online d20 Pulp Heroes campaign set in New Orleans circa 1935. I am looking for Dungeon adventures or previously published adventures that I could adapt to the genre. I was hoping that the combined knowledge of everyone here would be able to suggest some useful adventures.
I can adapt nearly anything to Pulp Heroes, my best success was the Green Ronin adventure "Death In Freeport" but I don't feel that the second in the series lends itself so easily to the area as the lighthouse becomes a big focus and I don't want to adapt the first adventure again (I have adapted Death in Freeport twice already, once into Death in San Francisco and again in D&D as Death in Chessenta - same group of players).

My players have created a diverse group of characters that I have listed below. I am looking for adventures that will require the explorer to lead the group into the wilderness (either South American jungle or Himalayan mountains). But urban (especially with a crime organization), ship/boat/water traversing, or swamp adventures would work too.

Russian Explorer - Cosmopolitan Origin
American Scientist - Aristocrat Origin
Chinese Martial Artist - Cloistered Origin
American (Creole) Entertainer* - Aristocrat Origin
Hindu Mystic - Cosmopolitan Origin
British Soldier - Cosmopolitan Origin
Honduran Soldier - On The Run Origin (NPC and partner with the Russian)

*Entertainer is a class I created loosely based on the Bard Class. I am trying to determine how to make the abilities work as having someone sing in the middle of a shootout with the mob doesn't fit the genre.