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icehawk333 wrote:

Why do you like to GM?

I've done it before, and in one of two situations, i really didn't like it, and in the other, it's still kinda new, so I'm not sure about that one.

Now, i don't mean to make this into a debate form, but i would like to know-
What do you find fun about being a GM? For me, i found it to be too much work, but i was having to deal with whiny players. (No, they weren't whining about me. They were whining at each other.)

Also, it feels like your interactions don't have much meaning as a GM, every charecter being short lived, with little development.

I don't mean to turn this into an argument!
These were my experiences.
I'm just asking for yours.

I like to GM because I enjoy the fact that the players have fun (and I have fun too)! The game should be a cooperative narrative in order to ensure that no one takes over the game - GM or PC. At least those games seem to be the best and most enjoyable.

The fact that my players will go to cons or move on to other groups - sharing stories with new players about campaigns I've run, experiences they've had while sitting at my table - there is a certain thrill in that.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Just how hard are the adventure paths

I personally think they are really hard, I've run two AP's about half way through and have had a lot of turn over in characters. I do feel that the player's lose interest as their characters continue to die and because of that I have to do a balancing act of propelling the story forward without making the players feel too safe.

One of the main problems I have with the AP's is the reliance on a single spell or skill check. A six adventure campaign shouldn't end because no one rolled high enough on a skill check or didn't have a particular spell. I am all for letting a combat encounter play out and if the party makes poor tactical decisions that they die from those decisions.

I am also all for the party having to deal with the consequences of no one playing a Rogue or healer, those are choices they need to live or die by, but requiring that someone in the party have access to 1 spell or that someone have 1 skill or the game ends is a poorly written adventure.

And I know I should have an example here but I am drawing a blank on a specific instance that has come up. I believe there was one in Kingmaker as they explored the empty town looking for a clue as to where everyone was...The adventure could have ended if they hadn't made a roll, I believe it was a Knowledge Check which can't be repeated once failed.

Anyway, I would like to see more modules which give more options for how to propel the adventures along and less reliance on 1 roll of the die determining the fate of the game.

My apologies for not having specific examples...


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Vic Wertz wrote:

Announced! Product image is a mockup, and will change prior to publication.

Also, "Oh yes, we did."

Call me skeptical...First thought I had was "Jumping the shark a bit too hard."

But I will wait and see, I am always pleasantly surprised by the AP.