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As much as I want to buy and use this one sine it sounds awesome!

-> I have to say no new books for me until Heroes of Golarion gets corrected and the rather sloppy mistakes are getting their errata. Sad but true. :(

Those that own the book know that it did implement a lot of promising aspects that sound fun.

Sadly the detail and quality of writing lacked a bit and once again major things like attacks or abilities like pounce on the lion are missing in the aspects description.

You should get pounce according to beast shape II.

Now I can easily adapt to that and use all bsII offers, but is there any written proove yet? Or even a short explanaition why those are missing?

Do we need another shifter FAQ? (please not)

No you would not count as having a bloodline at all. Note that the VMC does not give yourself a bloodline just a bloodlines powers (treated as).

Thats a big difference. And bloodline development requires actually having a bloodline.

It is rather strange the eel animal companion as well as the dire-version of electric eels both have aquatic as their subtype.
For some reson the small electric eel both are based on does not. I guess thats why the shifter aspect from wilderness origins lacks it as well. Is that on purpose or was that just an oversight waaaaay back when the creature was released?

It is not specifically called out how that looks since thats up to your imagination. It is just flyspeed and average maneuverability ruleswise, so basically any wings you want.

Remember to make it a lasting adaption you need 3 levels above the requirement. -> level 9 to make it permanent.

I understood it that you only get a second save vs mental contraol if you cast the spell AFTER someone got dominated.

If you do it in advance you actually ARE protected against it. (only if the caster was evil of course)

Nope they basically work the same as EX-abilites wiht the exception of the antimagic-area.

Supernatural Abilities (Su)

These can’t be disrupted in combat and generally don’t provoke attacks of opportunity. They aren’t subject to spell resistance, counterspells, or dispel magic, and don’t function in antimagic areas.

I guess is could actually work that way. But you have to find a follower of her and convince her to put that on a scroll.
Thats hardly a common and purchasable spell and since you are a cleric as well you have to convince a cleric or warpriest of her. (to get a divine scroll)

Good luck with that! And since it is a divine spell that way either YOUR god or Szuriel herself could prohibit you from using it. GM decision.

Well THAT is indeed subject to your GM.
While you have a point it does sound fair for an animal that specializes in an attack like that, make sure to clarify that with your GM!

You have the control. But be aware that especially with animals you might not be able to give them more complex maneuvers.

"Fight the nearest creature or the one I point at" works without language even with animals. But special attacks and combat maneuvers usally require communication. Pay attention what languages the creature speaks and if you can as well.

No the enhancement-number must be +3 (cold iron + silver) or +4 (adamantine) to overcome DR! You are however right about the constructs. It does count as +4 vs. constructs and overcomes adamantine. Only works against those things however.

Only thing where a summ of total enchantments works is DR/epic. Since that requires +6 which you can not get from numbers alone.

It is technically not entirely impossible.

E.g. an asimar can have celestial servant + improved familiar (has a 2 talent cost however)

The magical child archetype of the vigilante can do it as well since the improved familiar is an upgrade from the archetype and not the feat itself.

But for regular familiars it is indeed either this or that not both.

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"This spell does not expel a controlling life force (such as a ghost or spellcaster using magic jar), but it does prevent them from controlling the target."

Clearly from controlling the target obviously does not include both since only one controlles the other is the victim. Therefore only one gets the save despite both in the targeted body. It even states that the body eg. original owner is the target not the possessing spirit there.

Hm is this oficially confirmed?
Yes shifters do not hav any druid class-levels (unless they multiclass) but then again druidic (the language) is forbidden outside druids as well. Yet shifters get it for free just as druids do.

Is it possible shifters are like a warrior caste inside druid hierachy?
At least that fits thematically and would make sense considering the druidic language.

CampinCarl9127 wrote:

As I understand it: 'Ray' is a term meant to explain a category of spells, and 'Ranged Touch' is a term mean to explain a kind of dice roll. However all rays required a ranged touch roll to hit, causing the confusion.

So ray is definitely a game concept, but I think the issue here is mostly one of semantics. I don't think there's any ranged touch spell that isn't considered a ray (please shoot me a link if you think you found one), so to answer your example you should only have to take Weapon Focus (Ray).

I hope that helps!


"At 20th level, a shifter gains access to a fifth aspect, and when she uses shifter aspect, she can assume the minor forms of all her aspects."

That is the final aspect on the shifter. Note it says ALL of her aspects not 5 like the class grants on that level. Usally you have 5 by that level could be different for certain archetypes but there are way to get some via equipment -> the bestial rags from UW for example. Or possibly the planar focus-feat that "should" work as well. (or has that been errated yet?)

Does that mean that if I have access to more then 5 minor forms I can choose them all at once? Or is that just an oversight over future feats/stuff that could add more to the class and 5 was the original intend?


Expanded SM 1-9 lets you choose 2 creatures for each level that get added to your list of summons and are summoned with the casters alignment. Now would that change the subtypes as well? Or make strange things like lawful good incubi with the evil+chaotic subtypes?

What in general happens when a outsider with an alignment subtype changes his alignment through redemption or corruption? Subtype change or not?

Psychic magic has emotion and thought components. And only 'expensive' Material components. What exactly defines as such?

Only those that have a Gold amount listed, or things like bat fur or 'piece of the creature you want to polymorph into' as well?

Actually the blood arcanist should be able to choose the sylvan bloodline. Since he gets the arcana he can which EH and VCM can not.(no arcana, and the animal companion requires it)

BTW. it has been stated several times that wildblooded are allowed as bloodline. But as always confirm with your DM.

Ahh that is of course correct. Thanks for clarification!

You can not take an Alternate Racial Trait with Adopted.

Huh why not? Sure you can not take another Social trait. Taking another race trait would be idiotic as well.(but technically allowed)

But why not Alternate Racial traits? Surely being 'different' from your generic race would actually support getting adopted from someone else.

Technically 'Blood of the Moon' even added the fact that all natural attacks works as well as swallowing their blood. Especially the later should even work if they are in their humanoid form. Sadly it is still missing in the template as well as all monster entries but it is written there for sure.

So take care lycantrope Players it works!

Heroism is a great buff no doubt, but what about it's mental effects?

Once casted it can not be stopped short of a dispel magic.
What about the buffed creature? Does it charage blindly in the next dangerous situation (similar to a barbarian)? Or can the buffed-one simply enjoy the buff and ignore the bravery and valor part?

What are your takes on idea behind the spell?

As much as I hate necroing a thread it is nessesary and the topic itself is still unclear. I do have an interest in that subdomain and frankly I have no idea on what effect the aura actually works.

Does it only work on effects that actually deal damage or in general? "blasphemy" is indeed an excellent example of potential uses even if it seems quite powerful for such a low level ability.
If yes what about things that deal damage AND have some CC? Does it work against both or only the damage part?

What about the second part? Beneficial specifically against evil? That even outrules "protection from good" since that helps neutral hell even good casters as well.

Please some clarification is desperately needed.

^but that literally just means that familiars can use then! (provided they have hands) Only AC's are excluded from manufactored weapons.

That aside thanks for the agile alpenstock link. Too bad it is only 5ft but better then nothing. BTW. since the Dodo is a decoy-archtype anyway: A singing Dodo with a walking stick sure sounds ridiculous enough to please me. :P

I plan on taking the Dodo as a familiar despite it's horrible stats. Simple because it is waaaay cool.

It's main problem is its slow speed so I am asking is it possible to let a Dodo wear boots of striding & springing?

I mean it is a small magical beast (as a familiar) and there is plenty of equipment for small races. Even those that don't have regular feet for shoes like merfolk or lizardfolk, kobolds etc..

What about magical equipment in general? I do know about stuff like wands that needs activation but "passive" equipment?

Thanks a lot.

Squiggit wrote:

Moment of Greatness says it works with any morale bonus, so yes this combo works.

Though just as a note

Does this work with moment of greatness to turn it into a 1 round "Greater Heroism"-aura?
It's not one round. Moment of Greatness applies to a single roll.

That was supposed to be a second Question. What exactly get's discharged? The Moment of Greatness spell or the source of the morale bonus? because if only the Spell you could recast MoG every round....

The Cleric (with the Heroism Sub-Domain)gets a heroism aura for a number of rounds at level 8 as a supernatural ability.

Does this work with moment of greatness to turn it into a 1 round "Greater Heroism"-aura?

Sure it end the round you choose to buff your morale bonus but still a 30 ft. double morale aura sounds pretty wicked.

Are there any restrictions on moment of greatness that it ONLY works on spells? At least the aura itself works as if the affected by the heroism spell.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hmmm what cost would a 1/day wondrous item with beast shape IV have?
Regular rules say 26400 gold and CL 11.

But since its BS IV you have a huge variety of forms to choose from. Would reducing it to 1 form like a large Sphinx reduce the price as well? if yes how much?

2/day—lightning bolt (DC 15), cure serious wounds

That is an entry from the Bralani Azata a common Summon-Monster V monster. Now what exactly is the amount it can use these abilities?

Is that simply 2/day lightning bolt AND 2/day cure serious wounds,
or more complex similar to spontaneous casters 2/day a spell from this spelllist (which would be these 2 SLA's).
That naturally counts for any other monster with SLA's as well of course.

Thanks for any insight.

I have a +2 Intelligence Headband and I want to add a +2 Charisma bonus. Since I have to remove the Headband for upgrading I loose the skillpoint bonus. Fine so far.

Now the question how long does it take to add the Charisma bonus and how long do I have to remove the skillpoints. Weeks? Days? Hours?