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I need to take the Enlarge Spell (Metamagic) feat as a prerequisite. I'd like to get some use out of it since I have to use a feat for it, and it's only a +1 spell level metamagic.

I've not used it much before. Any suggestions on spells to use it on? Any in general are appreciated but this is for a bard specifically.

It could be good on hideous laughter since that is a close range spell that is really good.


I have an option between raising my shield AC by 1, or natural armor by 1 for the same cost. In general, is one better than the other?

I assume natural is since you can't be without it, but you could have your shield taken away or be left without it somehow. Both apply to flat-footed, neither (barring a feat) apply to touch. Am I missing anything else?

Her "When you defeat a monster on your turn, you may recharge a card" ability... Recharge it from where? Hand? Discard pile?

I have a rogue NPC that will be helping a PC run a thieves guild type group. What feats/abilities should I give her?

I want her to be charismatic and intelligent.

So far I have the Brilliant Planner feat.

I have a melee character that will have the ability to pick 1st level spells from any spell list to have as a spell-like ability 2/day. Suggestions?

I'll be melee with a 2H weapon mainly. Thank you in advance.

Looking at the unchained crafting rules, how many pounds of the special raw materials are needed to make an item? The weight of the item?

A longsword is 4lb, does that mean you need 4lb of material? So... 32gp of easily worked steel "special raw material?"

I see on the pathfinder wiki that there are 5 Sky Citadels left standing. Is it discussed anywhere where the ruined/destroyed ones are?

I just started playing the card game last week. Barbarians seem to be awful with how often they bury cards. Can anyone enlighten me as to why it's worth it?

Does this card allow a different character to attempt to acquire a newly revealed weapon?

If Ezran finds a weapon with a high Str requirement to acquire, can he use the SRF to send it to Valeros?

Or is the intent of the card just to allow easier item swapping?

We have run into an NPC who we have determined is under the effects of Sow Thought.

How do we snap him out of it? I see the Break Enchantment spell. Any other ways?

I have an NPC joining the party for a few sessions. She will be a ranged character focusing on the bow. I don't want her to take away the spotlight from the players, so I'm looking to make her into something of an annoyance for the enemies.

She will be a gestalt Fighter (Archer) // Slayer (Sniper). I'm going to use Trick Shot for disarm, and as soon as she hits level 11 (9 right now) she will take trip as well.

Are there any other feats or options anyone can suggest for messing with enemies from range?

Basically anything that I can do to make it easier for the other party members to defeat an enemy besides damage?

Thank you in advance.

Under the Archer archetype the ability Trick Shot lists feint as a combat maneuver (as far as I know, it's not). The ability says -4 to CMB, but feint uses bluff.

How should I handle that? Make it into a CMB check? Bluff -4?

Also, the rules say :

PFSRD wrote:
If successful, the next melee attack you make against the target does not allow him to use his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).

Would I get any benefit from feinting anyway? Or would I be using an arrow to feint, then have to run up to the target and attack next round?

I have 3 animal companions that do 1d6 bleed damage thanks to Evolved Companion.

If I have read the rules and the boards correctly, the bleeds do not stack; such that a hit from two companions would not be 2d6 bleed, but rather roll 1d6 twice and take the better of the two (I believe James Jacobs clarified this in a post at some point).

Is there any way to increase the 1d6 damage and/or make it stack?

I have a level 5 Gestalt Packmaster archetype Hunter// Slayer that just reached Tier 1 Mythic. I have very little experience with Mythic and I'm not sure what to pick.

I have 3 Roc animal companions. I'm considering Marshal to aid them. I'm also considering Champion for the offensive capabilities. Perhaps Dual Path for the feat?

I'm totally lost on the Mythic Feat. I have Celestial Servant, Outflank, and Imp. Shield Bash. I'll be taking Shield Master and a homebrew feat that lets me use two shields.

I would appreciate any advice, and I can give more details as needed.

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The SRD entry for barding wrote:
Flying mounts can't fly in medium or heavy barding.

What about animal companions?

Is there a way to get the rogue Trapfinding ability without any class levels? I have a player who wants their Eidolon to be able to find traps/be our rogue.

Magic items, feats, anything that doesn't need levels in a class would work. Thanks in advance.

The Aasimar Summoner favored class Bonus is

D20pfsrd.com wrote:
Add DR 1/evil to the summoner's eidolon. Each additional time the summoner selects this benefit, the DR/evil increases by +1/2 (maximum DR 10/evil).

If the eidolon already has DR/Evil does this "Add" to it, or is this a case of taking the better of the two DRs? The wording saying "Add" and "increases" causes me to wonder.

Would a multiclass Kineticist/Fighter be able to apply weapon training to a kinetic blade shaped like a weapon in the fighter's chosen weapon group?

Are there any rules for a creature that doesn't eat or sleep being able to craft mundane items faster?

Such as being able to roll twice per day for progress or something?

Is there a list anyone can point to for which magic item slot is intended for which type of items?

I know headband slot is intended for mental abilities (Int, Wis, Cha), and that the belt is meant for physical abilities (Str, Dex, Con). I can't find a list of the others. Any help would be appreciated.

Besides the blog post here, where in the rules can I find where it says the weapon bonus (enhancement, weapon focus, fighter weapon training, etc) adds to the CMB roll for the attempt?

My character has 4 arms and is wielding 4 Light picks.

Can anyone help me name my weapons? So far I have Sunder for one of them. One will be used for tripping so I'd like a name that reflects that. Most, if not all, will be adamantine as well.

Maybe Sunder, Crack, and Crumble for three of them...

I'm running Rise of the Runelords (in case that becomes relevant). I have a player taking the Craft Construct feat. His intent is to make several golems and constructs to both protect the town of Sandpoint and to bring a few on adventures.

My fear as a GM is that he will make too many and it will overpower the party. Since we have only 2 PCs, they have a lot of extra money. I don't want to short them on wealth to slow him down as they DO need a power boost right now.

Are there any limits already in the game for how many constructs you can control at once like there are with undead? If there are not, are there any suggestions for keeping this from getting away from me?

If I can't think of something else, I know I can talk to the player and just ask him to reign it in.

Thank you.

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What is the benefit to using a 2H weapon with weapon finesse over using a 1H weapon? The damage dice might be a bit better, depending on the weapon, but is that all?

If you get Dex to attack and damage, using a weapon 2-handed won't give you bonus strength damage.

Sorry if this sounds a little rambly. I'm not real sure how to word this question.

I have a good homebrew conversion of the 3.X Thri-Kreen race. My question is if anyone has their own race-class combo options for favored class bonuses? Any suggestions for fighter? Monk? Or just another race to copy to save time?

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I'm wondering what the hardness and HP are for firarms, specifically pistols.

The chart here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/damaging-objects
lists "projectile weapons" as 5 hp, 5 hardness. Is that it? I feel like firarms should be a little toigher than a bow or crossbow. Maybe not though with all the delicate parts....

Do any exist in pathfinder or 3.5? I've done my best to search the messageboards and the pfsrd site and I came up with nothing. Does anyone know of any? Barring that, any suggestions for making one? My only idea is bypassing some DR as it pierces through.

I have a character who is using mining picks for weapons. For flavor reasons, I'd like to keep using picks. I am taking the Butterfly's Sting feat that lets you pass a confirmed crit off to the next ally to hit that same creature.

I am not aware of any way to reduce the crit multiplier in order to extend the range. I am familiar with mercurial from 3.0 (19-20x2 becomes 20x4). What I need is the opposite of that.

I am looking for suggestions on how to modify a pick as doing less crit damage in order to crit more often. Skinning it is an option too if I can come up with something that makes sense. All I've come up with so far is sharpening the edge of the blade to make it less pointed, but sharper.


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Hey all. So I know adding magic abilities to existing items is allowed, and that if you add extra abilities to an existing slotted item, that they cost 1.5x as much. I also know you can improve bonuses on items by paying the difference. So an item like Belt of Giant's Strength +2 can be improved to a +4 by paying the difference instead of 1.5x price.

What about an item like Anaconda’s Coils (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/a-b/belt -anaconda-s-coils)? If I want to improve the Str bonus from +2 to +4, do I need to pay the difference between the Giant's Strenght +2 and +4, or the difference between the default belt and 1.5x the cost of a +4 Giant's Strength belt?

Besides having more levels, are there any ways to get more attempts of stunning fist per day?

I see the Halfing and the Half-Orc racial favored class bonuses each add 1/2 an attepmpt per day per level.

I am preparing to run my first one on one game with my wife. I plan to make a GMPC to help her character. My question is:

If we run an AP (currently leaning towards Jade Regent), should we do gestalt, or Mythic?

I have a paladin character that will be taking the Monstrous Mount feat to get a griffon.

Is there any way to get him to be able to take mythic feats? I'd really like to give him Mythic Death From Above.

Thank you for any assistance.

One of my players is considering a Roc animal companion for our upcoming Serpent's Skull campaign.

Would the roc be able to fly in the jungle?

Does this do the repeating bleed damage? Or like Boar Style, does it just bypass DR?

Are there any special materials that would benefit a firearm?

Mithral would lighten it. Ant others?

Can a White-Haired witch take the "Extra Hex" feat?

I have a Ranger/Fighter/Barbarian front-line combatant with 4 arms who is multiweapon fighting.

So far I have 4 MW weapons, some good armor, and a Ring of Force Shield (modified to be a buckler, and I have Improved buckler defense).

I intend to get some Strongarm Bracers (Let you use weapons 1 size larger) and I have a 3rd party archetype for barbarian that makes me a large creature when I rage.

Are there any suggestions for items to pick up? Pathfinder, 3.5, and 3rd party accepted.

Thank you.

How does Pathfinder handle multiple percentage increase or decreases? I know with multiplication, two doubles is a triple instead of a quadruple.

If two effects, that for sure stack, were to raise the price of something by 10% and 10% - would that be 20%? or 10% and then 10% more of the new price (like real life)? IE: 100gp item. + 10% is 110 + 10% is 121 OR 100 + 20% is 120.


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The "Mixed Scales" racial feat features this line:

"If you have both Draconic Aspect and dragon-scaled, this benefit applies to both"


What is this talking about? I don't understand how extra energy resistance can also apply to a +1 Natural armor.

Can anyone clarify please?

Thank You.

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I started using a new system in my games that I created. I call them boon cards.

I wrote on several index cards. Each card has a bonus on it. When the party (usually) or an individual does something particularly awesome/epic, they get to randomly pick two cards from the deck. They look at those two cards and pick the one they want to keep. That character gets a permanent bonus added to their sheet.

If you draw a card that can not apply to your class (such as a spellcasting card for a character without spellcasting, or a card that has been used the maximum number of times) redraw that card until you get a card that can apply to your character. You may not redraw if you simply do not want that bonus.

The bonuses I have so far are (changes included):


+1/2 feat (take it twice to get a free feat. You must have the prereqs for the feat in order to take it)

+1/2 boon bonus to attack

+1 boon bonus to a saving throw of your choice (Max of +2 per save)

+1/2 Dodge bonus to AC

+4 to max HP

1/day +1d4 damage. Second time it's picked it increases to 2d4, and 2/day.

Class feature bonus. Discuss with DM. (this one is really broad. Pick a class feature, and the DM comes up with some kind of bonus to it. Such as the samurai's challenge only giving you -1 AC instead of -2.)

1 dash on an ability score of your choice (5 dashes = an increase. See below for my dash system)

+1 boon bonus to one skill. When chosen a second time, replace the +1 bonus with the skill focus feat, and that skill becomes a class skill.

+1 Spell known. This new spell cannot be of the highest spell level you can cast. IE, if the highest level spell you can cast is 3rd, you must pick a 0, 1st, or 2nd level spell. This new spell follows the same restrictions of learning a new spell as the class you are learning the spell for.

One additional spell slot/spell per day, 2 levels below the highest level you can cast*, OR two additional spell slots/spells per day, 4 levels below the highest level you can cast*, OR four additional spell slots/spells per day, 6 levels below the highest level you can cast*.
*Note that this is recalculated every time your level changes, so the extra slot(s) move up or down as your character levels up, or loses levels to revivification/level drain becoming permanent level loss.

Choose one spell that you can cast. That one spell has it's save DC increased by one. This boon can be taken twice for a total of +2 to the DC. Alternatively, if you have a Spell-like ability or other ability that uses a save DC, increase that by 1. This use also has the +2 limitation.

I also use a dash system. If you do something particularly cool or effective, but it isn't quite deserving of a boon card, you get a tally mark next to the Ability Score that most closely ties into what you did. If you get 5 tallies, your score goes up one. It gets harder and harder to get dashes the more you get though.

Now what I need/want is more ideas for cards. Your a pretty sharp lot, so what do you think?


I have a druid I am working on, and I would like to be able to communicate with the critters I summon with SNA. Specifically the stirge. I want to be able to command it to aid another in grapple with me.

It is a magical beast with a 2 intelligence, and there is no language listed. How can I communicate with it without taking a Full-Round action to use Wild Empathy? Especially at level 1 where it only sticks around for 1 round.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.