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I just started playing the card game last week. Barbarians seem to be awful with how often they bury cards. Can anyone enlighten me as to why it's worth it?

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It is very usefull because you can trim your deck and/or any card is like extra blessing. It gives you option when you need that extra bump!

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powerdemon wrote:
I just started playing the card game last week. Barbarians seem to be awful with how often they bury cards. Can anyone enlighten me as to why it's worth it?

Welcome on board.

New players are usually very scared by the idea of burying cards, or people that only played spellcasters.
But a barbarian has a small hand, so even when he loses a fight, he never discard a lot of cards. Makes sense, they are tough. So usually, burying even half of their deck by the end of the scenario isn't an issue.

Also, it makes them that much more capable of making the really big combat checks -- like those vs. villains.

It's useful to have a character or two in the party who can always take down the big bad.

To iterate on a practical point of view, barbarians have the advantage that whenever you acquire a boon that is otherwise useless to you, you can bury it for the damage boost without changing your deck composition.

Other classes have an interest in avoiding useless boons, especially when there is a lot of healing involved, since they will always turn up in your hand again, denying access to more powerful/useful cards. The barbarian can just bury them out of the pools that are relevant to healing, and if you stock up on a lot of cards that recharge for their effect, you can construct a deck that cycles through all the cards more quickly.

Furthermore, other characters at your location can give you one of their useless boons at the start of their turn for them to thin their deck and fuel the barbarian at the same time, so everybody profits.

In particular, when playing Mummies Mask, you can have the advantage of gathering useless boons for traders without the disadvantage of actually making your deck worse.

You could even play a barbarian in such a way that you use your cards and skill feats to be able to gather as many boons as possible, using the bury power as your main combat tool on a consistent base (even though that probably is set dependent and needs some careful planning to pull off).

Thanks everyone. That makes a lot more sense.

Barbarians are best at large groups of players. When playing in 5-player game you only have 6 turns, so you can use bury power almost every fight. And by doing that you manage to keep blessings for other checks and explorations and with large group time runs short very quickly. When you combine it with barbarians' move powers (most of them have such power) it all helps large party in covering locations. When you start to running low on your deck, you can go to some locations with many armors and weapons to get some fuel.

But with small party barbarian bury power is a bit suicidal. Rather use only weapon discard powers to get more combat power and wait for healing.

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