1st level spells for melee characters


I have a melee character that will have the ability to pick 1st level spells from any spell list to have as a spell-like ability 2/day. Suggestions?

I'll be melee with a 2H weapon mainly. Thank you in advance.

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Enlarge person. Reach and more damage is never a bad thing.


Great suggestions.

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Depends on your build, but lead blades are fantastic in a vital strike build.

Expedious retreat can be useful for chasing after enemies.

lead blades I would advice against, it doesnt stack with the weapon quality "Impact", which is the same effect and thus normally something you will get if you plan on using vital strike (which I advise against as well)

Bless weapon, savage maw, iron beard, thunderstomp and linebreaker if you are looking for combat utility.

Resist energy, lesser restoration or blend for other utility purposes.

True Strike and Enlarge Person. Rawr imo.

Swift Girding, lets you don a suit of armor as a Standard Action. You can't sleep in Medium or heavy armor, and few things are scarier than the evil gleam in the GM's eye when he asks, "Are you sleeping in your Armor?

Yes, and you wake up Fatigued. No, and you will be fighting wandering monsters in your underwear. With Swift Girding, you can dress as a Standeard Action and move in in 1 Round. Normally, it takes minutes for you and assistant to get into your armor.

Weapon Against Evil bypasses Damage Reduction.

Silver Crusade

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Enlarge Person and Divine Favor are the Best. Don't forget EP is Full Round Cast!

Monkey Fish is good in some awkward environments, but I'd have to second Divine Favor as being likely the most combat-efficient.

Divine Favor with the Fate's favored trait. At max it goves +4 To-hit/Dam.

Enlarge Person is also pretty good, though Divine Favor is easier to use in my opinion.

Maybe consider something like "Snowball" as a alternative ranged option in case you are unarmed or lack a ranged option?

Divine Favor, mechanically, is just straight up great. You will have a +3 to hit at lvl 9 (maximum).

True Strike, however, lasts all campaign. +20 to hit, whenever the absolute &%$* you want.

I still say True Strike, personally. 2/day, you can almost literally succeed at striking, especially when you need to regardless of the BBEG's AC.

Thanks for the great suggestions.

Enlarge sounds great for the reach and increased damage die. True strike sounds lovely as always. Divine favor is one I hadn't considered (shame on me).

Lead blades makes me drool. d10 -> 2d8 is great.

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