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The Seaborn Sorcerer archetype replaces the standard Aquatic bloodline arcana with a power that grants +1 caster level "When you are in a body of water large enough to float in..."

The question is, if you are on a boat, are you "in" a body of water?

Full disclosure, this is for Skulls & Shackles, so the character in question would gain the benefit quite a bit if allowed to activate it on deck.
Maybe I'll delay activation on deck until a later level...


So, are there any rules governing the use of a single magical bracer/gauntlet/eyepatch/boot?
I'm aware that most magic items come in pairs, and their effects logically come from both parts simultaneously. But what about items that seem to be just a single item (e.g. seducer's bane bracelet)? Is this a single bracelet? If so, does it take up both wrists' "slot?" Or could you conceivably acquire a second single bracelet/bracer/etc?


David Schwartz wrote:
As the designer of that weapon, I can confirm that it is based on the nangseon.

Well, David. That is by far the best description. :-)

However, strangely, no one has found a Pathfinder-sourced picture...

Does anyone have a link to a pic of the elven branched spear?! My search-fu is apparently bested.


I know I saw this somewhere. It was a bloodline, or mystery, or...SOMEthing.
Trying to make a caster with a slashing weapon magical theme, a la
<a href="">Thunt's</a> IMEs.

Any direction is appreciated.

I read about this combination elsewhere.

As it is cheesy, as a DM I'd rule that the Advanced applies first (+2 nat armour), and the Child second (-2 nat armour), resulting in +0 nat armour.

As a player, I recognized the cheese, but then quickly thought this could emulate a neuro-atypical persona.

So first off: can player characters have these templates?

Secondly: can players have BOTH these templates?


But remember, a huge creature doesn't actually take up the whole 15ft space. Just like you and I don't take up our whole 5ft space. If someone created a 5ft diameter hole under me, even with my high dexterity, I'm not sure I'd avoid it. Or even a 2.5ft. hole. It would at least leave me prone, one leg awkwardly having slipped into it.

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So the create pit spell creates a 10 x 10 ft. pit.
If created under a creature, that creature must succeed a Reflex save or fall in.
What if the creature is huge size? Do they automatically succeed? Do they get a bonus to the save?


Chess Pwn wrote:
closest thing would be some FCB for those

Sorry. "FCB"?

So we all know there are feats for granting extra uses of things like Rage, Channel Energy, and Smite. You can even gain extra points of class-specific totals, like the Gunslinger's "grit" points.

But what about other class-granted abilities?
Specifically, I'm thinking about things like extra uses of a wizard's School abilities (e.g. extra uses of Hand of the Acolyte).

Anyone have any ideas? There as some of those, like Hand of the Acolyte, that I would love to spam.

Dave Justus: Yes...m-hm...I see what you mean. Point taken. ;-)

Is there a way to gain more? There are lots that fit my concept!

Oh, specifically for a halfling, if there is anything specific for them.

Many regards,

graystone: You hadn't mentioned the gloves before...! They are awesomely awesome. Perfect. Just what a muscle mage needs. I flex my muscles appreciatively in your specific direction. Thank you.

As the subject queries.
The spell references the rage ability of the barbarian, but doesn't specifically call out the barbarian rage's proviso re casting spells.


I'm one of those annoying people who often put fluff above crunch*. ;-)
(I realize the hypocrisy of this statement when considering the below use of the oft-considered overpowered Godling classes by Super Genius Games.)

I'm making a barbaric caster.
The character is using the Eldritch Godling class, and has chosen Str as their primary casting stat.
They have taken the Giant Bloodline from In One's Blood by Spes Magna Games. As a bonus, this bloodline grants enhanced throwing abilities (lessening range penalties and upping damage), so I thought I'd try to get the most out of it.
I'd like to chuck around the biggest weapons I can. I'd like to chuck around the weapons that his mundane clansfolk wield in melee. 'Cause I like the idea of him seeming very savage/barbaric, carrying around big melee weapons, and then surprising everyone when he starts spell-slinging and tossing cabers and headsman's axes.

I've come (back) to the idea of him just using improvised items that very, VERY strongly resemble the weapons I want him to appear to be using.
However, while I realize it isn't the most efficient build, I'd still like it to scale with level. Tossing slag steel and tree trunks is fine for the early levels, but eventually he's going to need some magic.
I realize I could just use my eldritch might to scare the items into becoming temporarily magical (i.e. magic weapon), but my spells are limited. And I'm really trying to go for a CASTER, not a buffer.

The 'sharding' weapon enchantment has been mentioned, as well. Fun and flavourful, but even starting at 8th level, I can't even afford one +1 sharding greataxe at 18k, as I've a 16.5k item max.

As for encumbrance, I'm not wearing any armour, and am walking around with a natural Str 21 at 8th level (17, +2 Human, +1 4th, +1 8th), and will of course have a Belt of Mighty Hurling (+2 Str), for a constant 23. 25 at 11th due to Fitness Mystery. 26 at 12th due to +1 at 12th.
Also, as a caster, my BAB isn't going to let me toss too many around...a round. This is more of a better-than-acid-splash per round fallback.

So, again, tossing big jeezily weapons is purely to satisfy my mind's eye.
Maybe I'll just have to bite it and cast magic weapon. Maybe I'll just get a wand for it. But that's so...clunky (pun not intended). Maybe I'll just have to have fun asking the local crafter to enchant my scrap of well-folded metal and fancy tree branch. (I know, I know. Hard to make a masterwork improvised weapon.)

I still feel there should be away for characters to toss around weapons. Agreed, a feat that effectively allows you to do that with any proficient weapon is ludicrous. But, maybe a feat that allows you to do it with one? Or maybe one weapon group?

Yeah, I'm thinking of arguing with the DM that I'm using the 3 as improvised weapons (i.e. at a lesser damage).

But I still feel there must be a way to do it without the penalty. This IS a fantasy RPG, after all. :-)

Sandal Fury: Thanks. I was aware of this, but I was hoping for something broader (i.e. more weapons), and waaaaay less expensive. :-)


Regardless of "effectiveness," I'm interested in how to throw two-handed weapons. Or, more specifically, a greatsword, a greataxe, and a greatclub.

I don't have to do it well, but passibly would be ideal.

Proficiency in the weapons, and the Two-Handed Thrower feat seem obvious.
But that still doesn't remove the -4 penalty for throwing a non-ranged (thrown) weapon.
The Throw Anything feat has been discussed already, and deemed no applicable to throwing weapons. Or, at the very least, doesn't allow you to throw them AS the weapon, but as an improvised weapon.

Any thoughts?

I did miss that; apologies.

I had assumed such damage due to the increase in damage from Improvised Weapon Mastery feat.

So my next post is apparently, "How to throw a two-handed weapon?"

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Well, what I WANT is to throw greatswords, greataxes, and greatclubs.

But as was stated in the other debate (I believe), having the Throw Anything feat grant you proficiency in every weapon just as long as you throw it seems absurd.

graystone: You're illuminating a whole can of worms, here.

I thought the Throw Anything feat would allow you to throw non-ranged weapons as if they were ranged, but with the below restrictions.

You mention the weapon being thrown keeping all its qualities. However, it does lose it's threat range and multiplier.

"Thrown Weapons: The wielder applies his Strength modifier to damage dealt by thrown weapons (except for splash weapons). It is possible to throw a weapon that isn’t designed to be thrown (that is, a melee weapon that doesn’t have a numeric entry in the Range column on Table: Weapons), and a character who does so takes a –4 penalty on the attack roll. Throwing a light or one-handed weapon is a standard action, while throwing a two-handed weapon is a full-round action. Regardless of the type of weapon, such an attack scores a threat only on a natural 20 and deals double damage on a critical hit. Such a weapon has a range increment of 10 feet."

See also this discussion: vised-weapon/112982#112982

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So, as a sorcerer, if I pick up a sharp piece of slag roughly the size of a long sword and throw it using Throw Anything, it does damage as a long sword, scores a critical hit on a natural 20, and will do x2 damage on a critical hit.
But if I pick up an actual long sword and throw it using Throw Anything, I suffer a -4 penalty to the attack?
That seems very odd. Or am I missing some nuance?

So, no hard and fast rules, is what I'm hearing. :-)

Okay munchkins, let's get this done.

1. What happens when I use the Throw Anything feat to start chucking actual weapons?
2a. Do they still do the same damage? 2b. What if I'm not proficient in them?
(I already realize that they gain a crit range and multiplier of 20/x2 regardless of the weapon's listing.)


Not to play favourites, but you guys drastically outshine your counterparts, and in half the time.

These all seem great and on target. I'll have to check 'em all out.

Happy Harvest!

Hey All:

In short, find me a way to wield a weapon with my mind by early levels.

For a longer approach:

I recently watched the anime, "The Seven Deadly Sins." While the sexual harassment by the main character makes me embarrassed to admit I watched the entire thing, the story and fight sequences were entertaining.
Specifically, I really like the character, King's, ability to wield his spear (for all intents and purposes) with his mind.
He would often flick a finger to direct it, but this would just as often not be necessary.

I've been trying to recreate the idea. And the image I see in my head is of an arm-less character.
Also, while we're playing Pathfinder, I'm open to any 3.x options.

Most of the options I'm finding are usually the ability to throw (or achieve a ranged attacked) with a weapon, usually as a standard action. They usually have the restriction of having to be holding the weapon, as well. Although, for the build, I'm confident our various DMs would allow the character to activate their abilities with a weapon on their person.

So far the best course seems to be a Mindblade Magus. They cast the magus spell list as psychic spells (not requiring somatic, nor verbal, components). They can add dancingto a magic weapon using their arcane pool, but not until 9th level. [I]Dancing[/] is a bit overkill for the build, as I'm not trying to gain extra actions, just wield the weapon without holding it. Also, the manifested weapon specifically states that it vanishes if it leaves your grasp, so without hands...

Universalist Wizard has a the great 1st level ability to be able to magically throw a melee weapon (as a standard action), ~7 times/day, uses Int to modify the attack roll, and even has the weapon "instantly return." But as great as that is, it gets absolutely no better. No way to get more uses (other than upping Int), no faster use, no increasing damage.
I'm considering this as a 1-level dip. I can turn the pages of my spellbook with my foot.

Soulknives can throw their manifested weapons, as well, but still not wield them without holding them.

The PrC Telekinetic Weaponmaster can, by 9th level, wield a weapon telekinetically (sp?) in addition to their held weapon(s). Again, that's a while to wait for the ability, and it ends up being overkill (granting more actions).

Soooo, anyone have any other ideas? I feel like this must be the effect of a spell or psionic power, but I'm not familiar with any.

Cheers, you beautiful, geeky network.

Korlos wrote:
That's the total number of actions needed to reload.

Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for.

With four crew, crew members B, C, and D delay until after A fires. They each spend their action reloading and then A can fire again in round 2.

Korlos wrote:
The CRB and Ultimate Combat contradict each other on the size of siege engines. The CRB says that a ballista takes up one square, but UC says that all siege engines are either large or huge. If a siege engine is large and takes up four squares, I doubt a large creature could wield it as a weapon.

But, "In most cases, a Large or large creature can use a siege firarm as a 2-hd firearm..."

So listing a ballista as a Large-sized creature (4 squares) seems false, especially when all other weapons are listed based on their size as weapons, not as creatures.

Korlos wrote:
Siege engines don't have weights so we can't use that to judge whether it would be practical for a giant to pick up and use.

We can extrapolate based on what we have, tho, using the weapon size/weight equations.

A ballista is described as basically a large heavy crossbow. Larger versions, or the ballista-variants can be at least compared to a similarly-sized ballista.
We also have the culverin (i.e. hand bombard). We can size/weight that up, as well.
And, of course, there is always real-world examples from which we can draw comparisons.

Korlos wrote:
Based on the damage, a bombard would be sized for a creature larger than huge.

Sorry, I mixed examples there. You are correct.

Thanks again for the response!

Hey all.
I'm finding it unclear how many actions it takes to Load a siege weapon.

Example: the standard bombard requires 2 crew and has a Load time of 3 (full round actions).

So, are those 3 full round actions by each crew member of the siege engine? Or just 3 single full round actions, able to be preformed by any/all of the crew members?

Also, what if there were a crew of 3 for the standard bombard? Would that change the Load time? If it is 3 single full round actions, could a crew of 3 load the bombard in a single round?

And in terms of Aim time, is the listed amount only for a siege engine that is mounted to something? That is, what if a large creature were carrying it: would said creature still be required to use the full aim time?


Saethori wrote:
This is a third party content exclusive question, so I have flagged it appropriately for being moved.

Sorry for that. New here.

If such a situation existed in the first-party Pathfinder Rules, however, I will note that you will be, say, a Fighter (Blacksnake) 3, and a Wizard (Blacksnake) 3, replacing all abilities as appropriate and likely getting redundant abilities from the archetypes.

As for the rest, thanks. Figured as much, but easier to argue when support is awarded.

Happy gaming!

Multiple archetypes within a class stack as long as they don't conflict. Of course.

What about multiple instances of the SAME archetype?
This could be accomplished with Super Genius Games' non-class-specific archetypes.
For example, could one take the Blacksnake archetype for a few fighter levels, but ALSO for a few wizard levels?


MichaelCullen wrote:
It matters what the bonus is to, in both the case of strength surge and masterwork/magical weapons the bonus is directly to the attack roll.


And we thank ye, kindlye.

MichaelCullen wrote:

They would not however stack with enhancement bonuses on weapons (for the attack roll). As enhancement bonuses on weapons apply to the attack roll.

CRB wrote:
Magic weapons have enhancement bonuses ranging from +1 to +5. They apply these bonuses to both attack and damage rolls when used in combat.

So to further the "target" argument:

The Strength domain granted power targets a creature. That creature gains all the listed enhancement bonuses.

A magical (or masterwork, for that matter) weapon would be in addition to the creature's own bonuses (regardless of source, wouldn't it?

So we all know that similarly-typed bonuses to the same ability/skill/etc. don't usually stack.

There are lots of sources of enhancement bonuses to abilities. They are typed such that they specifically don't stack. I understand. Else our characters would all be walking around with the stats of elder gods (rather than the demi- and lesser gods they usually emulate).

The Strength domain granted power, Strength Surge, also grants an enhancement bonus. However, it doesn't specifically list the Strength ability score as the target, listing instead lots of Str-related checks as the target of the bonuses.

Soooooo, who thinks this would stack with a standard casting of bull's strength?

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I'm toying with the Godling classes.
Their Lineage Domain class ability grants them the 1st-level granted power of a Domain (and adds the domain spells to their spell list if they are of the Eldritch variety).
The class ability states that their choice is

Eldritch Godling wrote:
...need not be the ones the godling’s divine parent grants to clerics—not all godlings have powers related to their parent’s realm of authority.

Generally, I'm wondering if they would gain a backdoor access to limited-access (sub-)domains.

Specifically, I'm wondering if they can select the Strength (Competition) domain that usually requires the Faith Trait, Urban Acolyte, to select.