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The Seaborn Sorcerer archetype replaces the standard Aquatic bloodline arcana with a power that grants +1 caster level "When you are in a body of water large enough to float in..."

The question is, if you are on a boat, are you "in" a body of water?

Full disclosure, this is for Skulls & Shackles, so the character in question would gain the benefit quite a bit if allowed to activate it on deck.
Maybe I'll delay activation on deck until a later level...


In a body of water not on a body of water so no, I don't think so. You'll have to jump off the ship IMO.

I think it is an interesting question, as the line isn't cut and certainly not dry^^

I assume by « in », the rules don't mean covered on all sides by said body since it applies for us humans simply swimming at the surface.

Let's complicate the question a little bit.
What if your are on a ship, below deck, below the flotation line?

Do we have to be partly in contact with said body of water?

What if you are in a submersible during a dive?
What of a diving suit? A soft one? A hard one?

A drysuit is a tough question, but yeah, one toe touching the water would be in it enough for me. I can see other GMs tapdancing around that line though with their own personal justifications.

Grand Lodge

Cast slipstream. If the wave is big enough to give you speed, it should be deep enough to float in.

Cast Hydrophobia afterwards to hold enemies at bay.
GM may rule this differently as the text is a bit unclear on how much water is needed just to keep enemies from moving into melee with you.

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