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Sue The Zombie T-Rex wrote:
Kino, Iokan Chief-Mate wrote:
Azala the Reptite Queen wrote:
Kino, Iokan Chief-Mate wrote:
Azala the Reptite Queen wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
Woran wrote:



Should have wiped them out back before they learned beyond basic grunts and broken sentences. But no, and now you have an infestation.

Hah! You think you so smart!

But you dumb!

You summon La Vos and kill you all because bad loser!


We smart!

I have a tyrannosaur.

Your argument is invalid.

Hah! You loser!

Dumb loser make fake word!

Me winner! Ayla like me BEST!


Hey, I hear someone needs lightning on these guys?

Good thing I paid for that silly shock enchantment, eh?

Who's laughing, now, Kyra?!

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Hannibal Lecture wrote:
Tell me, Agent Starling... has the thread stopped screaming?



Tacticslion wrote:
If you could redeem one person; who would it be?

Also betting this one’s not me!

I bet it’s not me!

Oh, gods of-

*covers him with a blanket*

EDIT: Two blankets for both of 'em!

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Oh, for-
... just... nobody tell him, okay? It's... it's better this way.

Vlaeros wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
What does bog standard mean.

You know... standard... for a bog.


With less stupidity (and no undisclosed Edits for Alias changing).

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Oh, gosh, we apologize for him.

Anime what, you goof? Episodes? Films? Seasons? Arcs? Hours? Minutes?

Can't get good help these days...

I'm sure there was a way to be more offensive to both Star Trek fans and the French, but I'm struggling to come up with how, at present.

Why would anyone ever wonder tha-

... this is a reference to that stupid thread you started, isn't it?

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Ah, Red! I'd be your friend! Really creepy, probably, true, but your friend nonetheless!

That... that's carrousel, you moron!

Arg! I'm not supposed to be the smart one!


No. Do you even know what a caracal is?

No. No. Nooooooope. Please ignore the guy, Caracal. He's stupid.

Vlaeros, stop trying to reconnect with the drow. You're an idiot and can't even be evil properly.


I hate that I'm stuck in here with you all.

Also, I'm pretty sure, I'm the rake...

Psi-Judge Amberson wrote:
He got off easy.

Must... maintain... maturity...

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Sohcahtoa, brah.


Sohcahtoa, brah.

I didn't think I'd ever say this, but Vlaeros is right.

I think I'll go repent or something.

You know, I kind of thought you were the other kind of not-vicious drow.

That said, I can't actually find fault with your parenting strategy.

G'night everybody~!

captain yesterday wrote:

We have an all Occult class party for Hell's Rebels.

Two Kineticists, one water, one fire.
Elven Mesmerist and Elven Medium.

"Hey, for the AP where everyone is supposed to be lawful evil, we're going to be two Halflings and two Elves. Makes sense."

Hm. I think that someone doesn't quite understand the setting very well...

Here's hoping it works out well! Sounds like it'll be lots of fun! Also, no, you aren't "supposed" to be lawful evil... ;)

Well, I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn...

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Ballistic Fist Rampage Veronica wrote:
What man wouldn't.

Anyone who doesn't need that sort of thing to feel secure.

(Or Cyan from FF6. It's mechanical: he'd hate it.)

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Sharoth wrote:

FaWtL - The documentary

Forums are Way Too Long!!! - Original thread.

Son Of Forums are Way Too Long - Second thread after we broke the first.

Forums are Way too Long : The Next Generation - Third thread after we broke the second one.

FAWTL TOWER IV - Fourth thread after we broke the third one.

FAWTLhouse Five - Fifth thread after we broke the fourth.

Deep Six FaWtL - Current thread after we broke the fifth one.

FaWtL - An exercise in madness dribbled with a bit of insanity and a side helping of insomnia.

The main rules are "No Politics", No Religion", "No Sports", be nice to each other, and treat each other with respect.

We dared someone to read everything and I think he is stuck in some other universe after the initial attempt.

This is basically correct.

captain yesterday wrote:
If that's not classy sir, then I don't know what is.

This is basically correct. >.>

NobodysHome wrote:

Since you ask...

** spoiler omitted **

But, see, he was, uh... just being thoughtful. You know. For the kitten's sake!


captain yesterday wrote:
I wish I could flush it.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII see what you did there.

captain yesterday wrote:
Just venting, that was all i was doing

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII see what you did there.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I got Daphne because that was the only character left by the time I heard about it.

Are you sure it's not because you both share a fiery... hm... "temperament"? ;)

You... you've got red hair, right? This joke kind of relies on that. I, uh, I could be wrong, though. If so... "Oops."

EDIT: let us not look into why I'm talking about such things while naked.


No he is definitely not forgetting that one. That one is very dumb.

But enjoyable.

What he is "forgetting"...





* Not a main character, admittedly.
** Okay, this one is also dumb. But it's not as bad, and shows that Sandler could have a solid acting career, if he actually chose to do so.
*** Alright, this one is animated.
**** It's kid-friendly. What? I like it. Along with another, it shows that he can make (almost) family-friendly comedy.

EDIT: For clarity. Also: there may be other good Sandler films. Those are the only ones I've seen.

captain yesterday wrote:
I focus more on stone work.

Workin' hard or hardly workin'? Amirite, Mac?!

Freehold DM wrote:
Fourth job just asked me to audition informally for LGBT erotica audiobooks.

Workin' hard or hardly workin'? Amirite, Mac?!

Tacticslion wrote:

I know how to Kitchen, and I will refuse to make a store-bought pie for anyone who says otherwise. >.>

EDIT: Ack! Going from putting freezer stuff into a hot oven with no clothes is extremely uncomfortable! *re-dresses*

Workin' hard or hardly workin'? Amiri- ... no, no, definitely in the "hardly working" category, at present...

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Freehold DM wrote:
I would have done a circuit around the house with either a boomstick or the totally awesome two-sword combo, depending.

"Shop Smart! Shop S-mart! GOT IT?!"

*hits Vlaeros hard enough to knock him unconscious*

*Sigh.* Ignore him. Please?

You... you're all terrible. All of you.

I'm not supposed to be the culturally sensitive one. Uuuugggghhh.

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Water Boy wrote:
Vlaeros wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Rogue/Monk threads,

Pro, Con, it doesn't matter, nothing is ever gained, ever.

Also people that constantly change their avatars, those people really bug me :-p

Yeah, and those people who talk to themselves with different avatars, those are the worst, man, the worst!
Yuo suht up!
No! You!


Vlaeros wrote:
Eye od!

This is more correct than you know.

I don't get things backwards or mixed up.

Is it carefully unloaded, locked, stored where the kids can't reach it, and with all ammunition stored in a separate locked container in a different location where the children can't reach? If so, it's probably fine. If not, you may be out shooting skeet; check to be sure.

Vlaeros, you're still dyslexic, Water Boy, you're being ironic without realizing it, and Shady Contact, not now.


Why am I surrounded by idiots?

You are.

No, no. I meant... you know what? Never mind.

EDIT: I'm going to go hang out with Imrijka.

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You know, you should get laid more. It'd help.

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No, dufus, it was a joke about me.