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I am considering running this AP in the near future, but the Chronicle for completing the Crimson Throne AP is confusing me a little. Who is the chronicle actually assigned to? If it is directly the 1st level character, drawing any or almost any Evil cards is going to instantly kill it anyway; but if it is one of those 'assign it to the earning character but gain this boost for another character', just who do we staple this to? (If you assigned all 6 chronicles to one character, that would be fairly obvious, but what if it's spread through various alts?) Just want to make sure I understand this one before I/we begin, so no one is blindsided later on.

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The way I read it is you have to assign it to a first-level character and use their resources. So if you have a character with some GM chronicles on them, you might be able to draw a second card if the first one kills them.

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It looks like to me that the character that finishes the AP gets the draw, with associated prestige costs and then you attach to a 1st level PC.

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Im currently running this adventure with a 5 person party about to begin chapter 3. Only 1 person has completed the first 2 with everyone else having missed either 1 or both chapters. Not doing society rules but still giving chronicles. Coud i waive the requirement for fate of many things? If not its not an issue. Im just curious

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