Starfinder Society Special #1-00: Claim to Salvation

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A Starfinder Society Special designed for 4th-level pregenerated characters.

Following the disastrous Scoured Stars Incident, the Starfinder Society fights to remain relevant as the rest of the galaxy moves on. With surviving agents stretched to their limits, the First Seeker launches a desperate bid to search the false moon of Salvation's End. Will the mission reveal a discovery that can stabilize the Society long enough for a new generation of Starfinders to come to the fore? Players use 4th-level versions of the Starfinder iconic characters in this debut special event of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

Written by Larry Wilhelm.

Scenario Tags: Starship

Note: Due to the special nature of this product, it is NOT part of the Starfinder Society Scenario Subscription.

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Average product rating:

3.90/5 (based on 14 ratings)

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This adventure has some great supplementary rules notes and cheat sheets included within it for ease of play, which is a really awesome addition (particularly since it's one of the first scenarios that came out). This adventure is really fun, and has a cast of colourful characters, both allies and enemies, which are a blast to interact with. The starship battle in this adventure is really unique and kooky. Plus, it’s got goblins in it! Who doesn’t want to see goblins in space?!?

Despite that this was a really fun adventure, there are two major downsides for me. The first, is that you need to use pre-generated characters if you’re playing it in the Starfiner Society. Some of us don't mind pre-gens, but frankly, I don't like using them. Second, you’re only exploring the surface of Salvation and determining if the site is worth further exploration. which means that when you reach the end of this scenario you might feel like its unfinished. (Although the story of Salvation's End continues in other adventures, which I do love).

Although I’m definitely going to use this scenario with my family as part of an ongoing campaign, I’m not going to play it in the Starfinder Society. Pre-generated characters aren’t really my thing. I'd bump the rating up to four stars if you enjoy using pre-gens.

Pretty fun but with caveats...


I got the opportunity to run and then play this scenario over the last few weeks. When I ran it, I had a blast. It took about 2.5 hours to go through with a 3 person + NPC pregen group. While there were some typos and other mistakes that I had to correct for, everything went pretty smoothly and I think my group had fun with Obo, Keskodai, Iseph, and Navasi as the NPC. I had the most fun as the GM roleplaying the warden and Livewire in the early parts of the scenario. And singing the Goblin Song was inspired.

I then got to play it with a mixed group of 5. I played Keskodai and we also had Iseph, Quig, Altronus, and Raia. While I enjoyed it, it ran a lot longer. The block text took forever to listen through as a player. The GM didn't notice the typo about the number of Goblin Junkers and the starship combat took forever against 4 opponents. It didn't help that 2 of the players were new and the other 2 of them were playing starship combat roles they don't normally take. I also got the feeling my GM really didn't like starship combat. By the time we got to Salvation's End, we were almost 4 hours into the scenario and all exhausted. It took 6+ hours total to finish. I still had fun, but it was getting frustrating by the end.

I'd recommend running this for a smaller group if you're going to run it. The 4 player adjustment makes the starship combat very fast and smooth. It's also a lot less work. Try to put breaks in the block text and really play up the characters.

Quirky but short


The session is fun and a little quirky with the encounters. I personally found the scenario quite short and felt like there should of been a second part.

A really good start


This was a fun one. I actually enjoyed an adventure with pregens and thats not easy. The prison set up added a lot of atmosphere to the adventure and the world, and I was really invested in the mystery of whats in the redacted and the redacted in the redacted. And I almost died laughing at the most annoying radio broadcast ever.

One minor nitpick, Yasoki shouldn't sweat. Sweating is a human thing and really doesn't work too well with giant coat of fur. Rats use their tail for that.

Great fun!


Though this has to do with the DM and the group of players, of course, this was my favorite adventure.
In a more objective way: there are several very nice NPCs, with interesting personalities ; good surprises...
Really worth it!

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I played this at Gen Con and the only complaint I had was the sudden and abrupt ending, it was good introduction to Starfinder and we had a blast at our table.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Maps, Rulebook Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber
doswelk wrote:
I played this at Gen Con and the only complaint I had was the sudden and abrupt ending, it was good introduction to Starfinder and we had a blast at our table.

I totally agree about the ending.

Only other issue we had was that the GM was not told about the errata which you can find here. That extra Gob ship and bad dice rolls made for a long encounter, but we still finished on-time.


I ran this adventure 2 times at Pacificon in Santa Clara, California. None of us knew if this adventure could be applied to a level 1 Starfinder character? Since it uses level 4 pregens..

Grand Lodge

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Starfinder Roleplaying Guild Guide pg6 wrote:
Credit for playing higher-level pregenerated characters must be applied to a Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild character of a lower level than the pregenerated character or to a 1st-level character.

For easy reference in the future. :)

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What happened to the exception that allowed applying to a character of the same level if the adventure requires pregens?

Scarab Sages

Can this scenario be played with existing starfinder pc's or ONLY pre-gens?

Pregens only

Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Magabeus wrote:
Pregens only

Will that every change? My local group will be level 4 soon and I would like to run this for them as a precursor to the new scenario related to Salvation. But I don't think they will go for playing pregens instead...

I'm about to gm this on the 19th of may and there's only one thing that confuses me. After reading out from cover to cover, i noticed that it's said twice that the pcs get 3000 credits at the end but the chronicle says 1500. Is this intended or is it a typo and should I change the chronicle to reflect what's written in the scenario?

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