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Am I the only one pressing F5 at the front page every 30 minutes or so?

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For what it's worth, having Shardra replace the Oracle iconic would also increase representation somewhat, while dropping Quinn would likely not help with that. Not necessarily top priority, but Paizo seems committed to have as much representation in their official products as they can and given the general concept of the new oracle, it wouldn't be a huge retcon to have Shardra as the iconic Oracle.

I'm a bit confused since it's not indicated. Is it level 5 since Vilree is that level?

Sorry if this was answered somewhere else.

Marc Radle wrote:

I ordered mine from Amazon - hey, I had a bunch of gift card credit to use up! :)

Anyone know when Amazon gets their stock of Core books and when they typically ship for releases like this??

I'm in the same boat, but with CoolStuffInc. I keep wondering if they will only ship it out after the first... :/

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Seisho wrote:
Orcs and hobgoblins are not exactly known to be traders but they surely like some new weapons, maybe in exchange for slaves

The new hobgoblin nation is supposed to be based in commerce, so 2e may bring some changes in that regard!

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Is it just me, or the activation of the first ability of Storm Flash is censored?

Official quote coming from the Know Direction discord:

“I can confirmed that The Lost Omens World Guide will not be available until late August (around the 28th). It will not be available for Gen Con pickup. We are still in the process of updating our website details to reflect this change. Questions can be directed to our Customer Service Department which is open Mon–Fri, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific. They can be contacted at (425) 250-0800 and customer.service@paizo.com.
Aaron Shanks”

PossibleCabbage wrote:
flfontes wrote:
No chances for a consolation prize? xD

Consolation prize was "the text of all the remaining spoilers" which turned out to be just #85- Bless.

If Jason really wanted to make us squirm, he would have left "what was #85" as a mystery for all time.

Hey, can't blame a guy for trying lol

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No chances for a consolation prize? xD

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rooneg wrote:
I'm looking forward to a game with more choice in character building than 5e but less weird complexity and cognitive overhead than PF1.

My whole group is in pretty much the same place you are! As the eternal GM, I can't wait for the ease of run games promised by PF2.

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Another big potential that I'm sure they will explore in time is sorcerer feats specific of a given bloodline. The playtest gave us a hint of feats specific for spell lists, but nothing stops Paizo (or a 3PP or you, at your home game) to creat feats that bring out the flavor of a specific bloodline!

I think this is a small part of what they have been saying all along: the 2e system is built to be more expandable (and, therefore, customizable) than 1e allowed them to be. Hype!

MMCJawa wrote:
I kind of feel like the existence of champions sort of eats into the Warpriest's role enough, which was already pretty niche, that I am kind of fine in it being reduced to a class path.

That or one of the career paths for the cleric being war cleric. Likely it will not cover all the ground, but...

Jason already revealed the Powers' new name: Focus Spells. It happened in the Know Direction podcast (same one he first slipped on the Champion).

As for the secret chapter, I'm betting on a intro adventure.

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I'm normally a lurker, but I have multiple players at my table (we come from 5e, so it's expected) that would love to have the casters all behaving like the Arcanist. As for the sorcerer, if they boost the bloodlines with extra slots or something else to make the sorcerer viable, it may work. I don't see how the game balance would suffer from the change, but I'm no designer... It's a sacred cow that should have been slaughtered long ago!