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Nefreet wrote:

I am absolutely positive that is incorrect.

EDIT: or "was", as I haven't done tournaments since the 90s.

I played many different CCG's throuhout the 90's and noughties and I have never been to a tournament outside of very small local ones that allowed proxies.

Do crafting feats have any impact on starting cash?

Here you go. Actual stat block will take a while probably. Mirhana is an Oracle|Stargazer of the Lore Mystery with the Shattered Psyche curse and the Spirit Guide archetype.


1) I'd like 5+ points that capture the concept and story of the character. More are welcome, but no less than five.

Mirhana is a young woman of Ossiriani background. She was born the daughter of a powerful merchant and developed her love of travel from the many trips she took with her father, criss-crossing the desert between Rahadoum, Thuvia and Ossirion.

Mirhana became lost in the ancient ruins surrounding an oasis on one such trip when she was 14. She stumbled into an ancient shrine where she attracted the attention of "something". She does not know what it is but her mind has never been right since then.

As Mirhana recovered from her experience she began to exhibit strange, divine abilities. Her parents did not know it but she was being granted powers as an Oracle of the creature she had unwittingly met. The contact however had broken her mind. Her parents tried to find a cure for her condition without success and eventually they sent her to be cared for in an isolated monastery. A cynical person might think that her father did so to avoid damaging his business in Rahadoum.

Mirhana enjoyed her time in the Monastery at Tar Kuata and got on well with the Irorian monks there. She learned much but would often wander off into the desert on her own. Somehow the various beasts of the desert would not harm her and she would sometimes return with an inconvenient friend such as a massive desert lion or pack of hyenas in tow.

Evntually Mirhana left the Monastery and returned to her family to find that they had moved on without her, there was no place for her. As such she left, heading into the desert and then south into the Mwangi Expanse. She has travelled far and wide throughout Golarion. She became certain that the entity which contacted her came from beyond the stars and has established several observatory's in the Ghol-Gan ruins of the Mwangi expanse. She very much wishes to meet the creature which has so dominated her fate to date.


2) Two goals that you'd like the character to accomplish in-game.

Mirhana's primary goal is to uncover the identity of her mysterious divine patron. She is no fool, she recognises that it may have little interest in her or be some sort of sanity rending creature of madness but as her mind is already shattered that holds little fear for her.

Her second goal is to begin to explore the stars. She has travelled widely across Golarion and now she wants to go further. She sees a trip to the Moon as simply the first step in a longer Journey out into the vastness of space.


3) Two secrets, one the PC keeps to himself, and one kept from the PC. I'll come up with a third that both the character and player aren't aware of, in hopes of shocking surprises within the storytelling.

Mirhana did not take the abandonement of her by her family quite as well as she likes to tell herself. On returning to her family home in Sothis she demolished the building, killing her parents and badly injuring her siblings. She has largely blanked this incident from her memory.

The secret that she does not know is that the entity which contacted her is trapped. The ruins were an ancient temple through which it managed to exert a whisper of its power. It desperately wants to be released but requires mortal agents to do so. Mirhana is its most capable agent currently active on Golarion.


4) 3-5 people that are tied to your PC by blood, love, rivalry, honor, etc. I'd like at least one enemy in a set of three or four, with no more than two for a set of five.

Solomeda: Her sister, trained as a sorceress and badly injured in the attack by Mirhana. Solomeda is a Genie blooded sorceress whose bloodline calls back to the ancient Ossiriani pacts which geniekind. She knows Mirhana attacked their home and seeks revenge for the crazy sister that tried to kill her.

Zekia: Her brother. he was away from home when the attack occurred. He does not believe Mirhana intended to kill them and wants to try and help her. He is much older than Mirhana and used to take an overly protective role which she never liked, being an independant soul.

Anwar Ibn Jad: A young druid who was raised at the Monastery of Tar Kuata at the same time she was there. The two of them would often run off into the desert together to explore. She cares for him deeply but only as a friend, he might have wanted thee to be more to it.

Aeotsep: A monk at the Monastery who took on many of the duties of teaching her. Mirhana loves him dearly and would do almost anything for him. She returns to the Monastery on a regular basis to share the tales of her travels.

Caleban Gallonica: Also known as the floating fat man. A Magnimarian bloatmage and member of the Pathfinder Society. The two met when Mirhana was young and the society helped to provide provisions to the Monastery during a period of drought. Caleban is a scholar of the Great Beyond, the Stars and outsiders and aberrations of all kinds and the two often meet to swap lore, secrets and stories.


5) Three key memories that define your character as the person they are at the time of submission.

The day that everything changed: The heat was oppresive but in the oasis thee was shade and cool water. I saw something up in a crack in one of the walls but as I tried to reach it the wall gave way and I tumbled into stifling darkness. There was dust and pain and silence in the gloom. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I started to see carvings on the walls of an ancient temple. There were strange, tentacles, ruinc inscriptions, people writhing, then came the VOICE and everything went dark. When I awoke I was in the oasis with father and his guards standing over me.

The desert: I dont know what I have done wrong. Mother and Father told me that I must go away, to be looked after, to help deal with the "episodes". i didn't want to leave and this old Monastery is deathly dull. I escape when I can, travel the cool paths of the deset at night. Tonight was different, the air was so still, no animals called across the rolling dunes. I soon learned why, the hot breath or the great lion struck my neck from where it lurked on top of the rocks. I turned, slowly, and our eyes met. It prepared to pounce, my mind met its and we both stopped, transfixed. We stayed like that for a long time. Aeotsep was very panicked when I brought him home, I could not understand why.

Homecoming: Chaos and confusion, there is shouting, fires lick all around me, I see an arm poking out of the rubble. I don't know what has happened, someone has attacked us. Why would they do that. I must flee, quickly!

Dotting for interest

Stat: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3, 5) = 12, 11
Stat: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 3, 1) = 11, 10
Stat: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 3, 6) = 18, 14
Stat: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 1, 5) = 9, 8
Stat: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4, 5) = 16, 15
Stat: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 1, 1) = 10, 8

Guess I will use 20PB

The World's Most Interesting GM wrote:
As far as I know, anything that you get on a CORE chronicle sheet at the end of the game is fair game. There was a player in a CORE game I ran who had a boon for a character to be a real, live spellslinger, and apparently that was okay.

This is right. What you cannot do however is use something like a race boon from GM'ing at a convention for example. There are one or two race boons out there from regular chronicles which I believe you can use in core.


OK, I ran this today. We started with six players (2 level 3, 4 level 4, 16CP). This does create an oddity between encounters. As per the Guide this would be high tier however, as per the CP notes, low tier for some encounters.

The issue is that there is only scaling for 16-18CP on some of the encounters. Are we supposed to run the low tier encounter where there is specific low tier scaling for 16CP and switch to high tier where there is no specific scaling?

This did not seem right so I ran low tier for the whole thing. We actually had a player drop out after the first encounter so it became 13CP which resolved the issue but if we are going to using specific 16-18CP scaling it should probably be present for all encounters or at least clear it is suposed to be for all of them.

Overall the scenario for fine until the final encounter which went the full duration. The barbarian crit failing against Paranoia did create a degree of hilarity. His dice also only woke up once he was beating on the other players.


Nothing in the rules currently allows for this beyond runes for weapons and armour. I wouldnt expect to see this allowed, the system is very similar to Starfinder which doesnt allow such upgrades (outside of stat items).


Steven Lau wrote:

Obviously I don't know how the online system works... But Huh?

Why would the 'Online Support Program' (What ever that is) have a reward for GMs reporting through them?

I am assuming but I could be wrong, that the idea is you send your game played to the OSP who reports it on the Paizo web page under their event?

OSP is the online version of the physical game reward structure. Players can win boons and GMs can gain credit towads unlocking a race boon in a similar way to what occurs through game stores.


BigNorseWolf wrote:
andreww wrote:
Richard Lowe wrote:
As an aside, you can only share tables that do not have official copies available from Roll20, so if they do move into selling Society scenarios we would not be able to share these with one another and people would be required to make their own or buy the official copy.

Do you have some sort of reference to establish why this might be the case. I am a customer of Roll20, if I use my rights to create something using that service I have the right to share a copy with someone else if I want to do so.

Are you suggesting that Paizo have a right to control what I create myself on roll20?

Its a PFS rule I believe, same as not being able to share my PDF or have my pdf count as my friends copy of Knights of Golarion

In which case it would apply currently which it clearly doesnt.


Richard Lowe wrote:
As an aside, you can only share tables that do not have official copies available from Roll20, so if they do move into selling Society scenarios we would not be able to share these with one another and people would be required to make their own or buy the official copy.

Do you have some sort of reference to establish why this might be the case. I am a customer of Roll20, if I use my rights to create something using that service I have the right to share a copy with someone else if I want to do so.

Are you suggesting that Paizo have a right to control what I create myself on roll20?


As far as I can tell the map for the last encounter is dropped onto the main map for the outpost.


The weapons of the hungry blade recruits and apprentices are missing any weapon traits such as deadly. Is it intended that we ignore the fact that they arre using weapons with these traits?


I am prepping this at the moment and have a few questions/comments:

1. The sickened effect in the kitchen lacks a value. This seems to be trying to use the old 1E sickened rules. What is the DC to get rid of this (does it use the illusion DC?) and what should the value be? I assume 1.

2. No method is given to disable the kitchen hazard or even to ID it. It isnt likely to be that relevant but still if you are going to list it as a hazard it shuld probably use the hazard rules.

3. The combat with the plotergeist(s) has potential TPK written all over it. Means of overcoming invisibility are harder to come by in 2E and you get one round of visibility before it is pelting you to death from invisibility as only the frigten ability makes them visible.

4. It is good to see the issue of large groups of low level players being addressed in the scaling but this really deserves highlighting. If I calculate my group is high tier I may not even look at the low tier encounter.

5. Quite a lot of the treasure in this scenario requires you to actually rob the trading post. This includes quite literally stealing a dead mans boots. I can imagine a number of characters having a bit of an issue with this.


Azymondiaz wrote:
In pf1 it kinda didn't work well at all. If you weren't a hyper con goer, you pretty much didn't have anything except the BASIC bonus races that everyone had access to.

Online conventions have virtually no cost associated with them and there are many every year. Most of my PF1E race boons have come from running at them.


Exton Land wrote:
My only gripe is that the grates are very obvious and easy to avoid, if the grates could've affected the adjacent squares it would've been a bit better design.

In high tier he can reposition people he hits with his glaive as a free action.


So, I ran this yesterday and thought I would post my views about it as this was the first 2E game in which I have killed a PC. It was in fact a near TPK. Our party was:

Level 4 gnome rogue(wizard)
Level 4 goblin fighter(hellknight)
Level 3 dwarf barbarian
Level 2 human wizard

That is 19 challenge points so high tier with the first stage bump to the scenario.

Encounter 1:

The players enjoyed the imagery of the flying skeleton heads but this was a pretty easy encounter. Some people took a bit of damage, a crit here and there but otherwise over pretty quickly. The hellknight was afflicted by the dreams and seemed to rather like them.

Encounter 2:

The group were easily spotted on the way in so the enemy were alert.

This as another very easy encounter. The kobolds simply dont have the HP to really stand up to anything at this level. The kobolds did manage to draw the group close to the trap and one heroic kobold warrior kicked the gnome into it.

That did raise one issue, there did not seem to be any actual save DC on the trap to avoid falling in, only a chance to Grab an Edge. The gnome critted their save and was left dangling over the pit as the door kept trying to close on him which amused everyone. Later one of the kobolds got kicked into it 300 style.

I do despair a little at continuing some of the 1e tendency to hide loot in traps people may never actually encounter. If the players dont trigger this during the encounter and then spot it during exploration they are liable to either ignore it, given where it is, or disable it and never look inside.

Encounter 3:

This one was more interesting. Reading the set up is important as I think when I played it our GM ran it wrongly. I had the kobolds launch their volley and then retreat across the trapped area. The group followed, slowly, and set off the traps. Here again we had a difference between when I played and when I ran.

When I played our GM had a summon pop up wwhenever a PC steppped on any of the four squares of the two traps. I read it as their being two traps so only two possible summons with their just being four squares each which could trigger them. I can see this being read either way and a bit of clarification would possibly help as a potential 8 versus 2 summons is a huge difference.

The group handled the encounter pretty well, the barbarian had very high damage and HP although their wizard had a tendecy to run forward and get shot a lot. With an AC of 14 this was a bad idea.


The group met with Diggen and the Hellknight was very excited to hear about the devil in the attic. When he learned it was bound to the Throne and couldnt die he was ecstatic, here was a chance to provide for the Hellknight trial over and over again. This would be relevant later.

They made the bargain with Diggen and he entered the Hellknights morning star.

Encounter 4:

This is where things got tricky. Again reading the set up is important. When I played the kobolds were all near the barricade but I read it as them starting in a different room and retreating to it. Due to having 19CP we had 2 spell weavers which is very bad. Things started poorly with a crit acid arrow on the barbarian for a lot of damage. A few bolts hit as the scouts and casters withdrew to the barricade but the fighters got stuck in place and quickly killed.

The group was a little slow following the enemy and by the time they got round the corner most of the kobolds had fled through the barricade and the trap was armed. The spellweavers got a flaming sphere up each but, to avoid a very likely TPK I often just used 3 action magic missile rather than sustaining to damage. The barbarian got into the room before anyone else and went through the tunnel. The trap went off, he failed the save (the DC seems wildly out of scope for a level 5 hazard) and the resulting damage left him unconscious away from the group behind the barricade. The group struggled to get across the barricade (that DC is also very high) and were being pelted with crossbows and spells.

The three of them ended up fleeing on little HP, abandoning their barbarian who I decided the goblins simply kept prisoner. He had used a hero point to stabilise.

The group retreated to a lower level to heal up and I had the kobolds stay at their defensive fortification. They snuck back up and had a pitched battle which was very close. Sorcerer enemies are very dangerous when they can simply spam their most dangerous spells and having two of them is very bad. They just managed to prevail as a couple of the PCs reached the top of the barrier. Our gnome made great use of Jump here. DC22 athletics is pretty brutal if you have a party which doesnt have much ranged damage.

Encounter 5:

Low on resources and reasoning that a devil trapped for the last 400 years wasnt going anywhere, the group rested overnight. There was some talk of hiking back to town to buy more healing supplies but I warned against that. While an overnight seemed fine if they left for two weeks anything could happen.

The group headed up and met Nalshaxian. There was some chit chat, the Hellknight told him of his plan to use him as an eternal punching bag for Hellknight trials and combat was on.

The hellkknight had an ability that let him make a recall knowledge check on devils every round. It is written as something that only works in combat but I gave him the rolls during the discussion.

The wizard won initiative and for once he did not rush forward, instead casting magic weapon on the barbarians large silver maul. This was unfortunate as Nalshaxian specifically targets casters and lightly armoured enemies. Looking back I mised that Nalshaxian picks up his glaive on round 1 however given the group had talked to him for quite a while and being fairly hostile it doesnt seem unreasonable that he would have armed himself during such discussions.

The group started off behind the grates and had not moved any closer so he dimension doored behind them and struck down the wizard. A critical hit was almost inevitable which dropped him, putting him at dying 2. No-one applied any in combat healing (and they may have struggled given the infernal oound power), he failed his recovery roll going to dying 3 and then the bleed effect killed him. Unfortunately he had no hero points. I had given out quite a lot during the scenario and they had largely been used.

The rest of the encoutner was similarly brutal. His attack bonus is very high, bleed is very hard to get rid of and he would occasionally reposition people onto the grates and then use detonation. It was in this way that he killed the Hellknight. A hit downed him, he was pushed onto the grate and the flames took him to dying 2. Given the thrreats he had made this did seem suitably vindictive for a devil. Unfortunately he then crit failed his recovery roll and died with no hero point available.

Between them the barbarian and rogue finally managed to down him but both were bleeding and on low HP. They kept trying to administer first aid to each other and the DC to do so is far from clear. Ultimately they got it, just, and completed the adventure with full rewards. They did release Diggen which I suspect is probablly a good thing as I fully expect that particular boon to be a negative one.

Both of our dead PCs had sufficient fame to recover.

Overall this is a very swingly scenario with several very easy combats which rather lull the players into a false sense of security when they get hit by the hard ones. There is a really interesting dynamic in 2E with spellcasting enemies. Spellcasters in 1E are quite often not terribly threatening as their spell DC's simply did not scale well when all you have is NPC stats and NPC wealth. This is very much not the case with 2E NPCs who have DCs and spell attack rolls entirely on par with PCs of their level. This is something which I think a lot of people are going to have to get used to.


I believe that yes, this is deliberate. I dont believe we use the Guide any more, instead refer to the impact of the challenge point system. This seems to be designed to avoid very marginal groups of multiple low level players being forced into high tier.


Gary Bush wrote:
For those interested in the Ancient Elf / Half-elf discussion, see this post over in the general 2e section.

It is an interesting discussion but doesnt answer the question about whether or not half elves can take Ancient Elf. Personally I think it is a big bag of table variation and would avoid it for now.


I have run quite a lot of PF2 and played all of the current scenarios and have yet to come across that much table variation. Battle medicine, how druid deication works, some stuff around wild shape and what stats and effects can carry over and, thats about it. The online region is very active with PF2 games and the discord is flooded with discussions but the idea that games are being run in wildly different ways does not stack up to observed experience.


Personally I find 2E scenarios significantly quicker and easier to prep than 1E. Monster stat blocks are shorter with less exraneous detail (although I hate their layout) and they way they are presented in the scenarios as a tier based, encounter based appendix is far better than having stat blocks spread across 3 pages.

Part of this may be that most scenario's are low level currently. It will be interesting to see how the 5-8's due at the end of the season compare to something like The Blakros Connecton.


Steven Lau wrote:
DougSeay wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Scenarios are planned through at least Level 14.
Where was that said?
Right here

I am fairly sure he knows that given it was the post he was quoting. Do we have anything from Paizo OP suggesting that is the case.


Gamerskum wrote:
I think there was a boon for a Warcat from a module.

I do not believe there is.

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:

Okay, I got some feedback done, but I had to take a break for tonight. I'll post the rest of it tomorrow, along with anyone else who gets their crunch posted. Here is the feedback I currently have completed:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

I will check the other stuff tonight when I have time but I can deal with a couple of the issues.

I have two extra 3rd level spells prepared due to the expanded preparation feat. The archetype also adds extra spells known at 5th, 7th and 9th. For arcanists adding extra spells known adds to the spells you can prepare. These are fixed by the archetype and are Timely Inspiration, Status and Mind Thrust III. I get another at 11th, 13th etc.

The skill unlocks come from the archetype, this may well be a herolab error. I have never used them before as most of my PF1E gaming is PFS and they are not PFS legal. I will remove them.

On the eye slot issue, my disable device is listed with two separate values, one with and one without the goggles. The eyes are the default item. I would switch to the goggles if a trap needs to be disabled.

My FCB went into skills which deals with the excess ranks. Headband skills are, I think, perception and sense motive but I will check when I get home.


Also, I dont believe Glyphs add their rating to a reroll from hero points. This is available from the promotional item boon. Glyphs give two bonuses:

1. You get to hand out extra hero points at the start
2. They give you a replay


Adam Yakaboski wrote:
How did you not have a silvered weapon or was the problem that you just didn't know?

A low grade silver weapon is 44gp just on its own, more than the cost of a +1 weapon.

Conversely how did you not have good damage either?

Good damage is not that common.


Steven Lau wrote:
It is a slotted promotional boon called "Promotional Vestments"

This boon just gives you a bonus when you use a hero point reroll. Evveryone should start with 1 hero point and GM's are encouraged to award about one extra point to the table per hour.


Bumping this back up to see if we have any resolution on what counts as Premier or Premier+ for conventions. I am trying to decide on my plans foor UK conventions and it would be helpful to know what UK Games Expo or UK Paizocon count as.

I thought I had seen a blog about this but my search fu is weak.


Thanks Michael.


Leo Glass wrote:
albadeon wrote:

It's a quest, I don't think those are meant to have treasure bundles. At least the other ones don't use them either. If the PCs fulfill the primary success condition they get the money listed.

I’m no developer, so I’ll let Linda or Michael correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that quests don’t offer treasure bundles.

I had though the Guide mentioned quests and treasure bundles but I may have been confusing that with downtime days.


Hi Linda, is it assumed that PCs automatically acquire the treasure in quests? There is no treasure bundle info in this quest or several others.


I have a few questions about this scenario:

1. There are no treasure bundles mentioned anywhere here. What counts as a bundle?

2. Why does the art section contain a barfight halfling wheen you never actually fight halflings?

3. The plan to get PCs home appears to be "maroon them on a sandbar and hope someone comes along and takes pity on them." Seriously?


Am I missing something or is there no reference to where the treasure bundles are found in this scenario? That is pretty crucial information for 2E to be left out.


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Joe Bouchard wrote:
So, I started doing what Lau suggested: "Tell me how you got to that number." And, sure enough, some people had incorrect modifiers because of a Hero Lab issue.

This i what I do. If a number looks unusually low or high I ask them to explain how they got to it. People get to use the modifier they can explain the numbers for. "Herolab says" is not an acceptable answer.

How much time do you have to buff?

GM PDK wrote:
andreww wrote:
I have a 11 Oracle I can bring if you need someone to make a legal table.
The adventure is Tier 12-15.

Doh, she is currently level 11. She will be 12 if she survives tonights game of hard mode high tier sealed gate.


Nefreet wrote:

I think this took me 2 minutes to create.

Just make this available as a downloadable sheet, list the tiers of Gold somewhere in the GM section of the Guide, and you instantly have content sanctioned for play when it's released.

I do, in fact I argued for the idea of a generic chronicle months ago when we had the last "how much replay should be allowed" discussion.

Personally I would also ignore the update part as likely being too much work. You can play it as soon as it comes out and get a generic chronicle or you can wait however long it takes to get a unique one, on the understanding that it may never happen. I suppose you could also allow a single replay once the new versions came out as well to avoid people all waiting for the special shinies on the "real" chronicle.

I have a 11 Oracle I can bring if you need someone to make a legal table.

Qstor wrote:
@Gm I'm interested in the other season 10 12-15 #10-09

I could run Rasping Rebirth if there is interest. I ave run it several times before.

I am Numina

I am interested in 2-10


I just said everyone auto hit. It means you cannot crit but you also remove the auto miss on a 1. It varies a lot for melee depending on where you assume the PCs start.

My conjuration wizard played his irst game at level 5 today. The crocodile has proved to be a useful summon, being large sets up a lot of potential flanks and grab also auto flat foots. It has a decent amount of HP to provide some damage soaking and the swin speed is helpful.


That very much depends on the party.


Given that they all require multiple casters I wouldn't bet on them ever being legal.


I have run enough PF2 to reach my first Glyph but I still see nothing new on my GM Co-ordinator page when I refresh points. I dont even see an entry for ACP.

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The 2e section of the organised play discord is pretty active and we have a large numbr of 2E PFS games being run on a weekly basis. I have yet to have a problem filling tables and generally have far more people than I can take. Online it seems to be doing pretty well.


Free per PC I believe.


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2001 - Unbreakable Goblin
2002 - Unbreakable Goblin
2003 - In flux, still level 1, started as Unbreakable Goblin, may become Human
2004 - Unbreakable Goblin
2005 - Versatile Human


They are normally on the produce page for the AP but I dont believe this has been sanctioned yet.


shadowhntr7 wrote:
At level 3, I picked up Summon Fey, and have gotten a ton of use from Grigs. An additional body to take hits and benefit from inspire, and with glitterdust and fiddle to boot.

A grig summoned with a level 2 spell cannot cast glitterdust. Summons can only cast spells of a level lower than the level of the summon spell.

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