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Molly May Woodson wrote:
If you rolled really high you could have both Loose and Rotting skin!

If I was super unlucky, I could have Loose, Rotting Patterned skin (a 100 is roll 3 times)! Not entirely sure how that might work...

OmniChaos wrote:
Δaedalus wrote:

Oh, outlandish is the goal. Just imagine, as the pirates are closing in on your ship, you see a red-skinned figure, with giant horns and a darting tail, wearing red and gold silk robes, flanked by a pair of fiends. I'm not about to waste a Cha of 16, after all. He is going to be intimidating, but still a silky smooth talker.

Oh, he has vestigial wings as well (though they are usually covered by his clothing).

........So your going as the Chelish poster boy? That's your plan? To be exactly what everyone in all the shackles thinks of when they think of Cheliax, their lovable enemies. Not to mention the wet dream of every paladin and self rightous lubber from here to the Worldwound with a fondness for sharping their holy swords.

Yeah, may want to check the number on your sheet bub. That's a big ole ONE, as in the number of rounds it's going to take before they trip over each other to remove your head.

Take it from a humble pirate. Better to blend in then stand out. Unless you got a whole lot of pull my dear little horns. In which case they never see you coming. That's the trick. ;P

P.S. I know your talking about high level but the set up was too tempting. xD

Chelish? That's racist.

I'm going to be next to a pair of Glazebru.

But yeah, kind-of Chelish. It's hard to be a fiend summoner without a few echoes of them. Sort of like it's hard to be a technomancer without some shades of Numeria.

In any case, I doubt we'll be 'blending in' very much if some of the brainstorms come to pass. Ghosts, necromancers reanimating fallen crew, soul harvests.... We will not by typical pirates by any stretch of the imagination.

Besides, my description was a bit... exaggerated. He looks much more like a half-elf if he takes the time to hide his tail, wings, and (small) horns.

But that's all speculation until we find out the GM's decision.

OmniChaos wrote:


I tend to go more subtle with Tieflings. As long as outlandish isn't the goal that is. Pointed ears, fine scaled skin upon close inspection, canines sharper and longer then normal. Stuff that you don't notice on the first once over.

Oh, outlandish is the goal. Just imagine, as the pirates are closing in on your ship, you see a red-skinned figure, with giant horns and a darting tail, wearing red and gold silk robes, flanked by a pair of fiends. I'm not about to waste a Cha of 16, after all. He is going to be intimidating, but still a silky smooth talker.

Oh, he has vestigial wings as well (though they are usually covered by his clothing).

Basically my concern. Tieflings have, by far, very bad options.

A few highlights:
Arms: tentacle-like
Ears: bat-like
Ears: missing
Ears: pig-like
Eyes: cyclopic
Eyes: goatlike
Face: canine muzzle
Face: insectile mandibles
Face: missing nose
Skin: loose
Skin: patterned
Skin: rotting
Skin: scaled
Skin: slimy


We do; I didn't roll, though. I just took the Umbral Unmasking drawback for his primary unusual feature- a shadow that's as obedient as Peter Pan's. Other than that, it's just standard Tiefling things like a tail, horns, and strange eyes.

I got pretty much the ultimate for a wizard: +2 INT. The only ones that really compare on the Tiefling table are 100; 'roll twice more, taking both,' 72; telepathic communication for evil creatures withing 50 feet, 67; the See in Darkness special ability, 41; SR equal to 10+1/2 my level, and maybe 6 and two, which give self-only at-will levitate and all-around vision, respectively.

The DR and stat boosters were nice, but (other than the INT one) were just that.

OmniChaos wrote:

My PC is on there and checks out all right.

P.S. His villainy comment always makes me chuckle, it's an honor good sir. :D

I tried to get a mix of humor and accurate portrayal in each of them; I'm glad you like it.

So.... Is recruitment closed? If so, the spreadsheet is in final draft. Please check to make sure you're on there and it has the correct info.

And, knowing the DM, I doubt waz up? is going to have a second table. But you never know.

Reposting the spreadsheet link for convenience.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

If becoming rich is your goal, just advancing to 20th level and gaining level appropriate wealth will take care of that.


Really, by the time you hit 3rd level as a wizard, you're set. Just open an alchemy shop.

Anything beyond that is just overkill.

There are way better ways to become super rich....

Full Pouch comes to mind, as do hydra head buffets, or simply becoming an adventurer, or bringing pizza...

It's missing the Villain Codex as well. Adventurer's Guide is a given, especially since it only came out publicly today.

Ring_of_Gyges wrote:

A variant I like is that dragon's bodies are literally manifestations of their souls. A red dragon that becomes LE turns blue. A blue dragon that becomes LG turns silver or gold, etc...

It preserves both "All morally accountable creatures have free will" and "Dragons are color coded for your convenience".

A similar trope would be there are no LE angels, but there are devils who were once angels then fell.

I remember reading somewhere something similar to this, except that instead of changing species completely, a redeemed Chromatic would find their scales starting to shine and gleam, and a fallen Metallic would start to lose all luster and fade until they just became a dull color (gray for silver, brown for copper, yellow for gold, and so on). Still preserves the "It's scales weren't all shiny" color-coding, but allowing for true variation within the breeds.

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Firebug wrote:
It's not a specific rule for any subschool of illusion. Not figments, glamers, patterns, phantasms, or shadow spells, in fact applies to all of them. It sounds a lot like a general rule for Illusions to me.

It's actually a general rule for the Will (disbelief) save type. This is where what that is defined.

Otherwise, you could go around disbelieving invisibility (or simulacrum) and the whole system would fall apart.

Sorry to see you go. Spreadsheet updated.

OmniChaos- Ah, right. After looking it up, I see the Create Soul Gem spell is only level 3. Sweet. A 25 gp material component to trap souls? Awesome. What I really need to do is have my Imp companion (once I go into Diabolist) carry the wand and use it regularly.

dickie- Well, isn't that why all casters should keep fly, levitate or water walk going when they're on a boat? Besides, those are the dangers of casting while sailing.

I must admit, all the evil campaigns popping up are pretty interesting. Dotting here in case I find enough time to create a new character.

OmniChaos wrote:


If you get picked I would suggest learning or getting a wand of create soul gem. You don't have to keep your victims alive and most fiends value the soul more then the body. It's their homelands currency. Plus if anyone tries to bring them back to life you will know, if they manage to break through the soul gems defenses in the first place that is. I have no problem seeing Veltisiel having a room with shelves of soul gems each with their own label and apparent value. ;P

I was thinking about binding a cacodaemon, myself. Especially multiple.

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Master of the heavens?
The eternal flight?

They don't share many commonalities in domains, so it's kind of tricky.

Just a note on the 'Duration,' there are clear examples of bound outsiders being forced into service for much longer than 1 day/level. It's just open-ended tasks that have their duration cut short. Things like "Serve as my bodyguard until you have killed 512 legitimate assailants" or "Bring me *Insert arbitrary magic item*!" could get an outsider to have to serve for years, if not more. It's kind of like geas, in that regard.

I'm pretty typical arcane support, your standard do-it-all wizard, but once I hit 9th level, my build will really take off, with lesser planar binding giving all kinds of niche roles that might need to be filled. Best of all, since evil outsiders tend to prefer payment in souls, we don't have to worry about lots of gold being funneled into the bindings- we just use captured sailors and slaves, then reanimate the corpse.

Shakaro Jun wrote:

Okay, long form background is complete for Shakaro Jun and conversion to 1st level is finished.

Now all that I need to do is fidget in anticipation. :)

Psst.... Power Attack requires a +1 BAB.

Oh, I'm still here in case anyone doubted.

I'm in a few campaigns with waz up? (including one with him DMing) and I can confirm that he loves crazy, yet cool submissions, so don't count yourself out just because you have a strange character.

I'm just going to dot in- Not sure what, if anything, I'll submit yet, but I do want to keep this in mind.

Don't want to miss this.

Monkeygod wrote:
What are the four Pathfinder PrCs? I'm only aware of the Chronicler.

You also have the Delver, Field Agent, and Savant, from Seekers of Secrets. I'm guessing those are the four referenced.

Ah, right. Well, if your allies can make a DC 15 Fort save against Addlemind, they have no real penalty. Interestingly, it doesn't say how saves work, or when the spell takes effect.

Still, I know what my next alchemist will be. A helpful experimenter whose potions have some... unfortunate side effects. Should prove fun. And 36.5 gp/potion is even better, especially when you can have multiple ingested in the same action and CL and spell level both don't matter.

MagicA wrote:

so wait, it doesn't give the wearer an immunity to that energy damage? WTF? So why go through all the work of finding a big enough dragon to get enough scales for the armor, when it doesn't even protect the wearer?

Because you're a druid that can't wear metal?

Gorum is CN, not CE.

Peet, wouldn't your concept maybe be fulfilled better by a Warpriest? They're basically self-buffing clerics that focus more on combat than spellcasting. Just a note, and I can personally attest (with two of them on the boards) that the Warpriest is a great class.

Daleth the Lost wrote:
if you can only get one full caster choose Δaedalus. He is way more helpful. Making spreadsheets and waiting a whole month. As much as I would like to play if you can only choose one choose him.

I approve of this message.

The most common answers are Mithral for armor and Adamantine for weapons. Lowered ACP and higher Dex bonuses are huge, and the ability to mostly ignore hardness (while simultaneously being very hard to sunder) are great.

Horacalcum (while very expensive) does provide some valuable advantages, but is absurdly costly (+6,000 for weapons, +10,000 for light armor, +30,000 for medium armor, and +60,000 gp for heavy armor) for its bonuses of +1 attack or +1/2/3 initiative.

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Personally, I would use Red Tears. 1d6 points of damage, costs 50 gp, just slap a CSW on there and you heal more damage than you take, and can throw on extra buffs for 25 gp each. Sure, it's an injury poison, but if you have whip proficiency and poison use, you can spend your time buffing via whip up to 15 ft away.

Alternatively, instead of Invigorating Poison, slap a lesser restoration on there to take care of the ability damage.

Trinam wrote:

Arrgh! I don't know anything about making divines!

Okay, lemme. Lemme try something. I guess. It can't be much harder than making a melee bard.

I was kind of kidding, we have almost no proper arcane support (one wizard, one sorcerer, three alchemists, and a bard). Divine we have a few more of (two oracles, a cleric and a Druid). Really, though, make what you want to play. We're lacking on both, I just like being one of the few Arcane submissions.

Check the spreadsheet for a more in depth answer, but basically we're pretty short on proper Casters. I would advise going for a divine caster of some sort.

Not that I'm biased or anything, being one of two full arcane casters, thus having a better chance of being accepted.

Tom Kalbfus wrote:
... and all you need to survive in space is a breathe mask.

This is... actually kind of true. Of course, it's not sustainable over a long period of time, but in a pinch, as the biggest threat from space is the lack of air in a vacuum, which can cause your eyes to evaporate, the blood vessels in your lungs to vaporize, and an insane amount of decompression on your chest. With a properly-designed space mask that covered your eyes and provided oxygen (think Star-Lord's mask), you could easily survive short trips into the void.

(Freezing is actually less of a concern because space serves as a surprisingly good insulator- not much convection going on.)

Anyway, carry on. Just a note from the scientist in me.

I'm going to drop out, actually. While I appreciate how awesome I could make a blaster here, I'm just.... having trouble getting him to be good at anything else. I can barely get enough skills and it's about as MAD as they come, with wisdom, despite still being needed to counteract Crossblooded, is the closest thing I come to as a dump stat. I'm just not getting it to mesh.

Thanks for the consideration.

How common are guns?

GM Loup Blanc wrote:
Δaedalus wrote:

Several Questions

1: I think by a normal reading, instantaneous would be the duration for everything, but I'd be willing to entertain the possibility of altering that for at least some combinations. (Your idea there, for intance, I like and would potentially allow.)

2: I'd restrict that to an extra spell, since words are more versatile, but I'd also be fine with altering it to give you +1/3 of a new word.
3: I believe feats of that sort would apply to spells rather than words, but I'll think on that (and see if anyone else has put forward a good answer and reasoning).
4: Yes.
5: No.

1: Sounds good, a lot of the potential uses for this would be (for example) casting a spell of acid that left its targets writhing in pain, a healing spell that left its targets invigorated, or an ice storm that left victims slowed down.

2: Sounds excellent. This will help my versatility.
3: What this would do is it would allow me to play a blaster that isn't shut down the second you run into an enemy that's immune to your energy. While a normal sorcerer might take fireball for specialization, if I could instead take, say, a low-level ice spell and combine it with a fire-damage Word, I wouldn't lose almost all of my casting power the moment we run into a white dragon. It would help enhance the strengths or WoP while also helping to make up for the sub-optimal nature of blasting.
4: Okay, cool. That helps.
5: Fair enough. It was a stretch.

David knott 242 wrote:

If 3rd party material is allowed, the Eldritch Heritage feat chain or VMC Sorcerer for the Aboleth bloodline can eventually give you a +6 inherent bonus to intelligence. The main problem with the Eldritch Heritage feat chain is that the key feat requires a charisma score of at least 15.

That would only increase your INT score by 1, as it wouldn't stack with your Wished stats. Still enough to bump your modifier, though.

ulgulanoth wrote:
Well if the character could wish to have a template added, why not The Savant

Well, its 3rd party to start, but were also not wishing ourselves any templates. It's not supported by the rules. On the other hand, thereare rules to get the half-fiend, devilbound, and vampire/lich templates.

In any case, using Wish to gain templates is clearly beyond its stated power.

OmniChaos wrote:
A few people dropped out, did you take those into account? Also I noticed that I did not use background skills in my build when they were allowed. I think the same happened for some others. I'll be reposting my updated sheet in a while.

All the ones I spotted. If I saw a post where they said they dropped out, I just deleted their row.

How many players will you be taking, DM?

A couple things I noticed while going through the submissions,

Lord Foul II/The Yellow Boxes/Wade Willhelm, is your submission... Wade? I don't quite understand...

Peet, you need at least a +1 BAB to take Power Attack. These are the dangers of scaling down a high level character, I suppose.

But the spreadsheet is done! Or, as much as I could at least.
We have 23 applicants, but a total of 50 have expressed interest. Be sure to edit the sheet if anything is wrong.

Molly May Woodson wrote:

And Δaedalus, I love the last column.

I also had an 'evilness' column in at first, where you could rank how villainous you are from 1-10, but I took it out because: A, it was ridiculous, and B, I had no real way to judge.

OmniChaos wrote:


I can tell you now that you missed my submission. I get it, I am just the guy that makes list. How heartless of you. xP

Like I said, it's a work in progress. I'm working my way through the submissions, one by one. It'll take some time, but I posted the link before it was done in case anyone wanted to put themselves in before I got to them.

Also, I fixed the editing privileges. You should be able to change it now if you try.

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
I'm a tiny sized melee monster. What's so hard about that?

Sure, you're pretty easy, but I'm the only real 'arcane' submission. The others are a psychic antibard, three alchemists, and a waterbending fey creature.

Also, be sure to make sure I got you right, everyone. I'm working my way down the list, but it's tricky sometimes, and I'm not always sure what score to give to everybody's strengths.

Lord Foul II wrote:
Δaedalus wrote:
So, I'm considering my options, and I'm thinking I might go for a master blaster caster. This would be something like a sorcerer//bloodrager, going into Dragon Disciple//something (maybe Or

orc bloodline makes for a good master blaster caster.

You could crossblood with dragon and still qualify for dragon disciple

Maybe flame oracle to gestalt with it?

Really? What does Flame Oracle get?

Though I'm thinking about going with Cold instead of fire (silver dragon/orc crossblooded), as it has some pretty awesome rider effects in WoP. Combine with the bloodline mutations, and I already have +3-4 (if I can stack bloodline mutations) damage per dice on my [cold] spells, which is almost all of my blast spells if I use WoP.

Because of how varied the submissions are, I'm creating a spreadsheet (work in progress) that shows each person's role, type of villany, strengths (on a 1-10 scale), and so on. Please edit as needed if your character's role is misrepresented- I did my best based off of the stat blocks, but they can sometimes be hard to figure out.

So, I'm considering my options, and I'm thinking I might go for a master blaster caster. This would be something like a sorcerer//bloodrager, going into Dragon Disciple//something (maybe Oracle or Paladin). I'm going to optimize the inoptimal to an insane degree only possible with Gestalt. That being said, I do have a few questions:

1: I'm interested in using Words of Power. If I use a spell with duration 'instantaneous,' does that apply to the 'shortest duration' clause of WoP? As in, could I throw a fireball that, after it deals damage, leaves a fog cloud for a few rounds? Or would the fog cloud dissipate immediately because the duration is 'instantaneous?'

2: Does the Human FCB for sorcerers (extra spell known) grant me an extra spell known or an extra word?

3: How does spell specialization (and similar) apply to WoP? Can I take spell specialization (wrack) and get the bonus to wrack+fog bank?

4: I'm interested in Crossblooded. Can I switch the 1st level bloodline power from either bloodline to a bloodline mutation?

5: Can I switch my 1st level Sorcerer bloodline power and my 4th level Bloodrager bloodline power both for the bloodline mutation and have the effects stack?

There might be more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Ah, 774 HP? No problem.

I kind of want to build this character now, just to see its stats.

So, a bomb-focused alchemist at level 20/MR 10, with a +36 INT modifier, full attaching with their bombs, can deal... how much, exactly?

Mangenorn wrote:
Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
Even a generous GM is not going to let you take advantage of a called outsider like this. I wouldn't count these bonuses towards a smartest character possible.
Using a Succubus this way is explicitly legal in Pathfinder.

It is a Chaotic and Evil act, though.

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