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Did someone say things were on fire?

Fire fire fire. Burn burn burn!


Hee, hee, hee...here witchy witchy witchy...

Grand Hex (Witch 18 minimum, or similar level ritual) Forced Reincarnation (Su): The witch causes a creature within 30 feet to die and be immediately reincarnated into a new body. A Will save negates this effect. Those that fail are slain and immediately brought back to life with the spell reincarnate. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this hex again for 1 day.

...just sayin'...

"Mesa wanna make gnomey-gnome honorary gobbo!"

"Needz moar gobz!"


{Runs through thread without pants, waving a blazing torch in one hand and giant "trees" in the other}

"I'm a revolution!"

Me no youse guyz bozz.

Me too wicked smaht fors that.

Me bozz o' dock-gobbs in Beantown! Theyz bring all kinds good stuffs from boats.

Me just watch youze gobbs and say good job, gobbs & froggie!

Youse gobs is all right.

Keeps on burnin' and eatin' the longshanks!

Boss Gob be watchin' ya, maybe not eat yous toes if yous do goods.

Whoze youze callin' racist, ya dirty skell?

Getz backz to workz b'forez I bustz ya wit my 'slicah, ya big-eared rock-chewah!


Or goblins!!!!!


Booze + sweet + fire =awesome!!!

'Sides, I ain't Evil, just Chaotic.

And a goblin..

Gobbos rule!!!



Whereza da fire!?!

Gotsta burnburnburn alla da time!!!

I heardz therez some gobz what iz readin' wordz and stuffz!

I wantz ta knowz who, wherez, and how comez they ain't on fire!!!

<runs around with huge pile of flaming correspondence>


Callous Jack wrote:

Hey psionichamster! Thank you very much for the reviews, I appreciate your thoughts.

Ya gotsta makes mores, nows! Moar picstaturez o' biggun monsta's, all made a' burnyburny papah stuffs!!!


Richard Pett wrote:
Decorus wrote:

Will there be stat blocks for standard goblin weapons and armor?

Like Cheese Wheels, french loaves, and your best friend rolled in tar and fireworks then mounted on a cart?

Dat's right...youze guyz get up ona dat wheeliethingy and den I push the superFunBLASTtime buttons and den youze go all WHOOSH and fites the baddiez!


Käi-iosss da Goblin wrote:
Wikid Smart Bozz Gob wrote:

Oi! Alla youz mook gobbz pile alla dat burny stuff over there...

Den I chuk my burnyFIREbottal at it and it all goez WOOOOSH burnyburnyburny!!!

Den we'z DANCE!!!

bozz bozz! Ai 8 ur klose again!

Sorry me no mean to!

dat'z ok...I DANCE NEKKID!!!

now more burnyfireburn

O-K allz youze guyz lissen upz!

I'ma learn youze bout Triksy Bozz Azm-mo-deuz.

Him da god o' Bein' in Charge, Slaves, and Triksy Writin'.

Azmodeuz lives in a big ol' kassle, deep in Hell. He looks like he wantz ta look like, but mostly like a longshanks with goat legs, red skin, and hornz. O yah, sometimez he'z all on fire and burny, too.

Mostly longshanks like Bozz Azmodeuz, specially them that wantz stuff they cant get nowhere else. He'z really good at trikkin' folks, and he probly thunk up writin' just to steal more soulz. Sometimez folks prey so's he'll take vengeance for them, but they alwayz end up payin' for it.

He wantz uz all to lissen to him and do what he sayz, and that's just fine, cuz he's the toughest, meanest, smartest bozz in da joint. He'z even got other Hell Bozzez dat lizten to him and do what he sayz.

Priesty's o' Bozz Azmodeuz tell youze all kindz of stuff, but lotz of time they're just lying. They really get a kick out of that. They wear all kindz a' red and black, and usually got this pointy star thingy on chains or painted on stuff. If you're good, they even letz you stab and burn the sacaficez sometimes.

When Boss Azmodeuz is happy wit you, all kindz a trickz you pull work better, and wordz sometimes don't take your soulz. When he's mad at you, watch out, cuz bad stuff is gonna happen ta youze real fast. Probly burnyburnyburny.

Oi! Alla youz mook gobbz pile alla dat burny stuff over there...

Den I chuk my burnyFIREbottal at it and it all goez WOOOOSH burnyburnyburny!!!

Den we'z DANCE!!!