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Order 5131734
Has saying that products are not in stock. Are these the several sets of dice That have missing times for how long they take to ship as it previously said 1 to 18 business days which admittley not all have passed yet but it now says unkown and that has me worried. yellow black opaque says 1-7 days while most of the other opaque dice have no shipping information. Can I swap all the dice in this order for the yellow and black ones and then will this ship sooner?

gm 3

A note for some work has been sent out by a low level bookkeeper in magnimar at a nondescript tavern the Drunken Dog a quiet and out of the way tavern.


I am starting this now since recuritment is now closed

I want to run this for pfs as most of my local group have run this and I have not run pbp in quite a while except for my homebrew lastwall game.

I have my own way of doing maps. my style of maps.

I came up with this myself.

Rules for posting will be one post per day. This is a module so it will give you 3 xp and 4 prestige. You need a character level 2 to 4.

Rules for posting will be one post per day. I plan to start next Monday.

I want to swap the starfinder core rulebook out as I have a pdf and need to wait for a reprint. I also want to add bestiary 6 and book of the damned hardcover. I still want the starfinder core rulebook but want the rest of the things in the order as well.

If say a soldier uses a gear clamp on his weapon that he would not be let into say a cantina with. to lock the weapon outside so no one messes with it or steals it. can the called weapon infusion be used to summon it inside the cantina. Am I missing anything or will this work. This seems a little bit broken.

Can I have the orange translucent dice that I did not notice were backorder when I placed the order replaced with [url] http://paizo.com/products/btpy748l?Set-of-7-Dice-Translucent-TealWhite[/url] I failed to notice the product was backordered and I want this order to ship.

I want to get back into running play by posts games having stopped my first one which was a homebrew but this module looks to be quite fun.

Plot hook for this adventure
Reason to be called for this adventure is Jeminda Anikee knows that village of ravenmoore has not paid its taxes to magnimar in several years which has beomc a sum of 500 gold pieces She contacted her brother in law tax collector Elias kyle. Jeminda wants to contact the adventruerrs to find out what happened to her brother in law and to collect the taxes.


20 point buy
2 traits
allowable sources Core rulebook, Advanced players guide, ultimate magic, ultimate combat, advanced race guide (but I will have to ok non-core races), inner sea world guide, ulitmate equipment, inner sea gods, inner sea magic, inner sea primer, animal companions from the bestiaries 1. 2 ad 3 , advanced class guide

All core races and aasimar, tiefling, ifirits, oread, sylph, suli, udine , ratfolk, tengu , fetchling. No I don't really see goblins or orcs working well in a tavern to want to be employed by a member of the goverment of magnimar or some of the other races this is already more than twice the amount core rulebook gives you.

Gold 6.000 GP

hp full at first level then half rounded up each level after.

Finally the first prestige class I can get really exicited for a build about a prestige class from inner sea gods. Has anyone done this before ? I think this might work well with a glaive as favored weapon with reach 19-20/x2 crit and reach and sentiel espically affects favored weapon.

I think going from 5 to 6 I get +1 to hit and damage in back to back levels and if I need adjacent the 2nd level ability for polearm master helps me.

Although I am thinking of picking up deadly aim maybe so If I can't use my awesome glaive modifiers

For stats I was thinking for a 20 point buy.

str 18
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
CHA 10

1st Fighter 1 power attack, weapon focus glaive, combat reflexes
2nd fighter 2 bodygaurd ?
3rd fighter 3 defic obedience
4th fighter 4
5th fighter 5
6 th sentiel one

Not sure what the rest of the feats should be but this could be interesting and the idea of the main melee character making art donating to random people sounds funny and flavorful but this might just work.

Also the 1st boon of 1/day haste for sentinel And gliave being a good favored weapon could this be the start of an awesome character?


Is what I get from the tracking number sent out automatically by email and it is driving me a bit crazy about what I will do I still want the order but it says undeliverable so I am not sure what happened with the package and the uncertainty is nervous. Also the fact that it made it all the way to my local post office then was undeliverable but the ups mail innovatoins says to contact sender so what should I do in this case? I sent a ranty emial earlier but I was not sure I was making much sense then. I did double check that my address on the order was right after I sent it and saw this several times.

Since there are only non mint copies of feast of ravenmoore and refunds don't apply to those I had a bad thought of non being able to get a physical book and the mail delivery vehicle getting burned by goblins.

I like the pathfinder tales novels. I purchased but in the online store and with more and more novels finding the next book with the same characters in the series like the next the sort views for novels while working for rpg books I am not sure this is the best. If I want the next book in the series and new books are still coming out so this will only get messier.

I feel like seeing how much I could add to a voonith with bard levels as an theoretical npc somewhere if I do a game in the sodden lands. I was thinking for archetype to get detective but also thinking about archeologist. With archelogist luck unfortanetly doesn't work for boosting damage on natural weapons however. I end up thinking this could be really powerful for the level even though is not a class usually thought of. I want to see how this works out with 4 bard levels which would make is supposedly CR 6 but see if it could be much more powerful.

For the class level ability bonus I was planning on adding +4 to CHA and INT +2 to STR and DEX and -2 TO WIS Although the will save will be improving from BARD levels.

For a spell I would really want hideous laughter as the grizly jokes having an effect seems flavorful and is a powerful spell but opponents getting +4 on the save isn't that good.

Skills will want to improve perception swim Lingusitics perform( comedy ) and knowledge local.

For feats I am thinking Eschew materials is claws and spell component pouch isn't that flavorful.

Game Space Beta Tester

What is the lisense of paizo game space? I don't see one listed if I go to firefox or qupzilla and right click show page source. Shouldn't this have a copyright notice at least?

Game Space Beta Tester

On lubuntu 13.04 the chromium version looks like it only displays the outside corners of the grid when on firefox shows the whole grid of the snap to grid feature. Edit using Chromium 28 on lubuntu

Game Space Beta Tester

What operating system and browser are you using to test paizo game space. I am using lubuntu 13.04 and chromium and some xombrero.

I had some players drop out of my previous game and had two posts in the old thread but the players seemed to disapper and never gave concepts so please be included.

Rules are 20 point buy level 3 2 traits 1,800 gold as the party is a little under treasure right now and don't want too much intra party power disparity. Looking for 2-3 players. Current party is witch, oracle and fighter. Allowed sources are Core rulebook, Advanced players guide, ultimate magic, ultimate combat, inner sea magic, inner sea primer, inner sea world guide, and bestiaries 1-3 for animal companions anything else ask and provide a link.

The game is in in lastwall and the party is currently planning to go near castle everstand which is expirence a large amount of orc from the unexpected front of the fangwood oh and is fast xp track.

Game Space Beta Tester

As you can't add new tokens mid combat how exactly are you supposed to use summoning on paizo game space unless you make the token ahead of time and have it hidden is the only way I think this can work.

edit was talking about how summoning spells would work in game.

If I give a druagur captian a 2 barbarian levels and then take fiend totem rage power and then have a slam and gore attack can I get 2 negative levels in a round?

Shouldn't this allow you to use death from above feat from ultimate combat when charging and leaping from a jump. When just charging from higher ground would let you use that feat.

What alignment are the yellow musk zombies as the yellow musk creeper is neutral which the yellow musk zombie becomes. It does not say to change the alignment. I think it may make more logical sense to have them be neutral? I don't think alignment is listed as an undead trait in the bestiary but is implied by developers and they are not undead so is this just a gray area?

What do members of this board enjoy snacking on as they watch movies? I am a little curious?

Is this idea completely insane? For 20 point buy have stats of
str 16
dex 14
con 12
int 10
wis 12
cha 12

mother's gift claws to get +1 hit and claw damage. Take hulking changling to get +1 claw damage. At level 1 I am getting 1d4+5 with two claw attacks when not raging and at a +5 to hit. Increases to +7 to hit when raging.
At second level I will take lesser fiend totem to get a gore attack. What do other people think of this. At third level take power attack for more damage. Oh and invulnerable rager archtype because I don't have the best con.

I am looking for three player to recriut as replacements 20 point buy.

houserules and rulings that might not quite be RAW (A lot of these are minor corner cases)
1. Angels are not immune to petrification.
2. Vermin Heart(APG) allows mind affecting spells that affect animals to work on vermin Awaken also works with vermin heart. Also mites get vermin heart for free just feels right if they cast spells
3. No obsidian Urumis These just do not make sense as obsidian is not flexible.
4. Scout rouges get handaxe proficiency for free (I just think it feels right and aren't shortswords more powerful)
5. You can put a flag or torch in a locked gauntlet if you really wanted to.(I don't think you can by raw but this makes more sense.)
6. I give out a +2 circumstance. bonus if you make an intimidate check on someone who is prone and you threaten him.
7. Please no player vs player combat.

Oh level 2. 2 traits

No seriously it costs as much as a loaf of bread 2cp. This wouldn't make sense if it was allowed in Galt wouldn't they eat this if bread got too expensive. Or is this like this food item freaking broken. So should we start saying apple cake instead of cheese since apple cake is better.

This needs an agile amulet of mighty fists to work but if you add nija levels with the scout archtype to a silvanshe agaithion. The one problem is it is tiny but this way get three sneak attack attacks off and add dex to damage on a charge.

Try out stats for having pc class levels str 3 dex 19 con 14 int 8 wis 14 cha 17

Ninja tricks are vanishing trick and pressure points. For feats I am not sure what to to take. Anyone have any clues to continue this build.

Edit want to add at least 4 ninja levels and see what the build will look like.

So the two hit with the claw claw bite is +11 or +13 on the charge. Wait death from above feat.

What if the pcs want to buy two of a magic item do I roll once and see if it is a success then roll another time to see if the quantity on the market is more than 1 and so on? It does say you only need to wait a week if you fail right. Does that mean they can buy another right away?

I have this awesome idea for an ulfen magus in my head but I wonder how well it will work. I think I want to use a battleaxe it may not be optimal but should still be good enough right. Name Brendan
Level 1 ulfen magus 20 point buy
AC 16
hp 12 +1 favored class
init +2
str 16+2 racial
dex 14
con 12
int 16
wis 10
cha 8

combat casting

knowledge arcana +7
knowledge planes+7
climb +4
battleaxe+3 d8+3
cold iron morningstar +3 d8+3
sling +2 d4+3

armor lammellar leather
armor check penalty -3

0 all
1st shocking grasp, grease, enlarge person, frostbite, silent image, hydraulic push, vanish
arcane pool 4 points.

common, skald, varisian, dwarf, tien,
hair blond
eyes blue
Brendan was a quiet and studious as a child and then went around liked to learn how to fight but excelled in school and son of a raiding jarl but showed great intelligence and yet great strenght at the same time. He also had a twin brother who would try to get him to go out raiding. Brendan however wanted to master both worlds.

At level 3 was thinking of getting a raven familiar and taking weapon focus battleaxe. I still don't have all gear finalized.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

First off can one be made to grant this fly skill to get it for all levels you ahve hit dice in the fly skill? What happens if someone who cannot fly wears one?

If I have a dragur captian alchemist with feral mutagen and get multiple natural attacks does that mean it can inflict multiple negative levels per round since it only mentions you can't do that with weapons. Also am I right in thinking it can inflict negative levels with bombs?

I really like this show and am watching it on bbc America a lot. Also will anything make Jeremy Clarkson more angry then a hybrid golf cart? This show is generally really funny. I tried searching found several refrences to it but no actual thread about it. Also did anyone notice the Stig is Gits spelled backwards.

While the 7 int for the eidolon does not seem that well if you take the skilled evolution for +8 on the targeting check with knowdge egineering. then put ranks in it and make it a class skill and you are hitting on a 4 without modifiers with a bonus of to hit of +11 from skilled evolution and ranks in the skill. You will need exotic weapon proficiency light catapult though. Of course it should be bipedal to get hands. If the gm allows a +5 knowledge eginering item probably goggles it gets even better. Maybe take skilled perception as well.

Does the no save for wooden item included attended wooden objects as a specail case so would it catch fire within 5 feet of the target square catch a mass of troops with wooden shields on fire and do 2d6 points of fire damage to all of the shields of everyone in the area? If I shoot this out of a +1 catipult does the fire damage needing a save to aviod get the +1 damage as well and same with flaming.

I keep thinking about ways to stat this up as an item but all I can really think of is atonement in a can.

gm 3

After a week of rain that washed away most of the trail of the missing girl which finally stopped yesterday in the evening the sun finally rises over southwatch on Moonday the 4th of Pharast. This small hamlet is encased in its wooden walls and near fangwood.Outside the unpaved streets are rather muddy. This morning seems to be rather noisy espically near the town hall as if the mayor and treasurer are having another shouting match that is all too common here.

gm 3

Congratulations to all of those that made this game. Discuss the campaign here and what you plan to do.

Anna and Nesturuk can prepare spells and extracts here if they want to and post them in here and mark on profile.

Anna you also need 5 less points for point buy.

First time running a play by post here for pathfinder.
Looking for 4-6 characters
20 point buy
Allowable sources Core rulebook Advanced players guide inner sea primer inner sea world guide ultimate magic ultimate combat(this is still shipping to me for christmas)

few corner case houserules:

houserules and rulings that might not quite be RAW (A lot of these are minor corner cases)

1. Angels are not immune to petrification.
2. Vermin Heart(APG) allows mind affecting spells that affect animals to work on vermin Awaken also works with vermin heart. Also mites get vermin heart for free just feels right if they cast spells
3. No obsidian Urumis These just do not make sense as obsidian is not flexible.
4. Scout rouges get handaxe proficiency for free (I just think it feels right and aren't shortswords more powerful)
5. You can put a flag or torch in a locked gauntlet if you really wanted to.(I don't think you can by raw but this makes more sense.)
6. I give out a +2 competence bonus if you make an intimidate check on someone who is prone and you threaten him.
7. Please no player vs player combat.

Sample format for character sheet
Background the hamlet of Southwatch is a few miles south of Castle Everstand in Lastwall. It has been a mostly quiet town recently except for the disappearance of a little girl 2 months ago but it almost feels as if something bad will happen. This moring there are hushed rumors of the mayors wife beign missing. I want a reason to be in Southwatch and why you would go on an adventure once it presents itself.

edit- doh start at level 1 and two traits.

I never have really understood why this is the case with being immune to petrification. Because if you found an angel turned to stone giving the party some stone salve and freeing it could be an awesome adventure. Are there any real reasons for this immunitity that I am not seeing?

edit I know as the gm I can houserule this away am just curious about the reasoning.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

If your mount has the compression special quality can you still ride it in a space that you fit in without squeezing?

I clicked to expand older products and I do not see an option to collaspe the whole group of forums at once and it is taking a ridicoulous amount of time to collapse them all again. Using chrome and windows 7.

I know what I want from first level but where do I go after that.
Battle oracle
Race half-orc
Wasting curse

str 14
dex 14
con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 16 *
*+2 racial bonus.

Hp 11 level 1 favored class into hp

intimidate+9(11 demoralize)
knowledge (religion)+4
perception +4
knowledge (planes) +4

fort +3

racial alternative triats
chain fighter
sacred tatoo

dominator inner sea primer

Weapon mastery (flail)
Dazzling display(flail)

Still looking for a second trait and what spells to know. I can take dazzling display becuase I meet the prequisite from weapon mastery which gives me weapon focus.

I am also thinking of grand lodge as a faction.

If you are mounted and making a charge and you have the spirited charge feat and have a throwing lance can you throw the lance for tripple damage?Note it odes not say a lance in melee.

Also if you had greater beast totem could you not pounce at the end of this charge as it says an attack?

Buy 20 obsidian arrows for 5 silver pieces but in the core rulebook for gemstones it says that obsidian is a gemstone worth 10 gold pieces. so does this has a redicolous rate of return if the gm allows it gaining 199.5 gold pieces for each 20 arrows purchased. It is worse than ladders and ten foot poles. Oh wow what have I discovered...

I really do not understand this hate of minutia some people have. I like thinking of tiny details that may just be because I am wierd. So why do people not like minutia or is this such a thing as too much or too little details. Can anyone explain this to me?

Wow reading through primitive materials the arrows made from primitive materials seem to be better than regular arrows. First stone and obsidian arrows weigh less and they lose hardness and gain fragile. Well if you have a magic bow the arrow gets destroyed anyhow and they weigh less so you can carry more arrows. Also stone arrows are cheap like crazy.

If your bow is nonmagical and you roll a 1 the arrow gets broken well half the arrows you fire that miss are already destroyed so what.

I have never seen or thought of sundering someones arrows as they could just draw another.

Although tihs may make me labeled a powergamer if I try to get all obsidian arrows to start out. Althought this might fight an urban barbarain that is an archer well though. This works with stone sling bullets as well.

People have said traps suck multiple times but I figured out a way they do not suck. MAke a strong door with a break dc of 23 and then put a hold portal trap behind the door so it slams shut with the rest of teh party on the other side and have monsters attack at the same time.

Is this overpowered?

Why is every alchemist illustration male with Damiel is the iconic then the archype picture in ultimate magic was also male and the goblin pregen in we be goblins is also male. So where are the female alchemists?

I was bored so I thought of this build and like it some I might make my next character into one of it. It can charge 100 feet at level 1.

RAce half orc.
Revelation Armor mastery
Feats extra revelation dance of blades

Stats assuming 20 point buy
Str 16
dex 14
con 14
int 10
Wis 10
Cha 14

Traits Linebreaker Inner sea primer +10 feet when charging on foot.

knowledge religion
sense motive

I was thinking of then taking power attack at level 3 but then do not know what feats to take.

Question if a magus prepares a spell in a higher level slot than the level of the spell for example shocking grasp in a second level spell slot what is the cost of using spell recall on this ability? Is it one or two points?

Is their a reason that monster that deal damage when touched imply when dealt damage through natural attack or unarmed strike but seem to leave out touch attacks like on the yeti? I know some mention every time make contact like goblin dog but is there any particular reason casting shocking grasp on a yeti with a hand will not give you damage by raw but the natural weapon ranger with claw attacks will take cold damage?

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