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I can ! I have possessed hand, hand autonomy and detachable hand =)

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nothing stop the sorcerer from being a frontliner that heals (everyone, as mentioned above)

the opposite point is what prevents the opponent to completely ignore this non-threat and go to the interesting targets ?

a front-liner tank fighter could AoO, trip, ... a sorcerer will be less impressive in CC or melee damage.

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now that PF1 is mostly over, how about a spell compendium ?
there will be no more addition .

(and a class compendium, a feat compendium, archetype, ...)

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also note that channeling is either heal living or harm undead, not both at same time.

so the only time cleric would have to exclude "undead allies" is when fighting undead ennemies.

when healing living friends, it has no impact on undead.

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thanks for the quick reply.
would an email to support allow me to separate the shipping ?

when should such email be sent ? on shipping notice ?

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small question from Europe :

-> could all the subscriptions be sent separately ?

I already had to cancel Hardcovers and pawns and class desk due to heavy shipping AND TAXES...

I received my package from February : 2 "thin" softcovers : 1 Adventure path and 1 companion (or settings, anyway) for less than 40$

once received, I had to pay 20€ more as local taxes...

if both were sent individually , I'd pay an extra... 7$ shipping ?
that would still be a deal for me.


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also of importance, in the paragraphs just above burn definition (Occult adventure, P11):
* Kinetic blast and defense wild talents are always considered to have an effective spell level equal to 1/2 the kineticist’s class level (to
a maximum effective spell level of 9th at kineticist level 18th).

this means that even if CL had an impact and you could lower it, you could not lower it to a point where damage would be reduced...

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all these are partially wrong, as aura comes from a corner of your square, not your square.
(won't discuss the diagonal though)

so it's: if you take upper left corner:

. [edited for layout]


it you take lower right :


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I'm no Paizo, but I could find the following listing on reaper :
77144: Mummy (3) ($5.49)

so I'd say 3

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we know per this FAQ that 1/2 orcs qualify/counts as human for everything.

from Advanced Race Guide, they have an alternate racial trait that replace their darkvision :
it's called Skilled, it gives


Second- and third-generation half-orcs often favor their human heritage more than their orc heritage. Half-orcs with this trait gain 1 additional skill rank per level. This racial trait replaces darkvision.

Humans have a basic racial trait "skilled" (same power) that can be replaced by various alternate racial traits : "heart of the xxx"

can an 1/2 orc go Darkvision --> skilled --> heart of the xxx

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sorry, I fail to see why this talent renders Magical child useless.
I thought their familiar was the reason for this archetype

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imho, it should not work for foci,

and I whish that polymorph / infernal healing had foci instead of unestimated material components

(and some other spells not requiring focus... like true strike, mage armor, ...)

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small question:

base 1 : kinetic knight / fire element :
the main attack is kinetic blade and is a melee touch attack

base 2 : the sorcerer VMC (variant multiclass from Unchained) offers bloodline powers (power 1 @lvl 3, power 3 @lvl 7)

if I take aberrant bloodline, power 3 gives

Long Limbs (Ex) wrote:
At 3rd level, your reach increases by 5 feet whenever you are making a melee touch attack. This ability does not otherwise increase your threatened area.

(and it increases at level 11&17)

Question 1: would that work with kinetic blade ?
Q2 : cumulative with feat "lunge"

(too bad the feat "lunging spelltouch" says "spell's melee touch...")

so a human Kineticist 11 (can be large with utility "elemental matter")
using kinetic whip and the feat "whirlwind blade" could make 1 attack on everyone within 9 squares ? (~80 attacks)

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there's a feat, "rhino charge" IIRC, that allow to ready a partial charge.

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you can add the retrain ability of the fighter:
at level 4 (not usefull here) and level 8 you can replace a bonus feat by another one that you now fulfill the requirements.
so you could replace bonus feat of fighter 1, 2 or 4 by an other AWT

if you take a dip in a class that counts as fighter for prerequisites, you could use the retrain from fighter level 4

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using http://www.archivesofnethys.com/Search.aspx :

Alarm, Alter River, Animate Objects, Anthropomorphic Animal, Appearance of Life, Arcane Sight, Arcane Sight, Greater, Aura Sight, Cloud of Seasickness, Comprehend Languages, Corpse Lanterns, Create Demiplane, Create Demiplane, Greater, Create Demiplane, Lesser, Create Mindscape, Create Mindscape, Greater, Curse Terrain, Lesser, Dancing Darkness, Dancing Lantern, Dancing Lights, Darkvault, Darkvision, Decrepit Disguise, Detect Magic, Enchantment Sight, Enlarge Person, Ghost Sound, Gust of Wind, Invisibility, Invisibility Alarm, Light, Loathsome Veil, Lost Locale, Lost Passage, Mage's Private Sanctum, Magic Fang, Magic Fang, Greater, Magic Mouth, Obscured Script, Permanency, Phase Door, Planar Refuge, Prismatic Sphere, Prismatic Wall, Read Magic, Recorporeal Incarnation, Reduce Person, Resistance, Resize Item, Sanctify Corpse, Secret Sign, See Invisibility, Shrink Item, Solid Fog, Speechreader's Sight, Stinking Cloud, Stolen Light, Symbol of Death, Symbol of Healing, Symbol of Laughter, Symbol of Mirroring, Symbol of Revelation, Symbol of Scrying, Symbol of Slowing, Symbol of Strife, Symbol of Striking, Symbol of Vulnerability, Telepathic Bond, Teleport Trap, Teleportation Circle, Tongues, Wall of Fire, Wall of Force, Wall of Light, Web, Yellow Sign

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what about the graveknight regenerates in the bag, then tears it off from inside ?

rules from the bag are clear : everything is on the ethereal plane

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so I cast flame blade. with my lvl 1 brawler DIP and martial versatility I get weapon focus after casting the spell.
based on your readings it shouldn't be doubled...
but it is.

what about blooded arcane strike (bloodrager feat, having arcane strike always on) ?

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or be a tattooed sorcerer
you lose the several bloodline powers, but get a familiar (which can be a tattoo on you )- handy for safety/sneaking - ...) and some nice Spell likes abilities

note that strict RAW does not allow wildblooded and tattooed (as both modifies bloodlines) but technically they combine perfectly

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yeah, that's pretty confusing John Mudeater ^^

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a small character with a greensting mauler scorpion
(or a medium one with the feat undersized mount)

the scorpion give nice benefits and being able to use it as a mount is badass ^^

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Asmodeus special summons seems to be missing (e.g. Hell hounds at SM2)
they are correctly mentioned in the Asmodeus deity entry

but this is GREAT !
keep up the good work.

for all the users of the site, don't forget his patreon.

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as general rule, you'll need a divine focus to cast word spells

rules from SRD


Each wordspell is assumed to have a material, somatic, and verbal component.
Divine casters using this system must provide a divine focus instead of a material component

you also have metawords that can change the spell.

Metaword are a (very) limited ressource, one of them being:

SIMPLE wrote:
A wordspell with this meta word does not require a material component

does a "simple" word spell requires divine focus ?

I can see it 2 ways :

1/ simple means no component. so no need to provide divine focus instead
2/ divine spells have no components, only divine focus. simple has no effect

would you allow a few times per day "simple" spells (knowing that using "simple" means you have less use of other metawords)

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@OP : and PF team tends to agree that they should not be related:
the "new" class Kineticist, earth element, has nothing acid-related.

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by default customer.service@paizo.com they can redirect.
I guess CC : licensing@paizo.com won't hurt.

edit : I also flagged your post as [copyright infringement] ^^

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in my understanding, healing spells as spell with the (healing) subschool

e.g. cure light wounds : School conjuration (healing);
on the other hand, inflict wounds is necromancy

RAI, I wouldn't allow a power of a life oracle to heal undead better :)

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for the poison cheese, don't forget that poison don't stack for damage !

they only increase DC & duration.
so if you claw 5x in the same round, you'll still only inflict 1D4 ability dama/Round

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I'm looking into a new necromancer (starting 1)

I've checked some posts, on other site, and guide

and it looks like the command undead feaet was overlooked.

they mention : control undead <= your hit dice...
however the rule says "your cleric level"

I agree that RAI Wizard necromancers or oracle JuJu should use their class levels instead of cleric

but unless you remain in your class, hit dice <> class level (and also <> caster level)
so taking a prestige class, multiclassing (mystic theurge), ... lowers your control limit.

so it's a useless feat/power (unless single class)
did I miss smth ?

thanks, I'll post soon for advices :)

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Plausible Pseudonym wrote:

...And afterwards use Mage Hand to pick up your misses and put them back in the box after the fight.

mage hand : Target one nonmagical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lbs.

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as for multiple charm : opposed charisma check ?

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both untypes, both different source, they sure would stack.

however, if you want to scratch it, I'd say that @level 5, you only gain +4 bonus (both abilities being rounded down)

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Brother Fen wrote:
Dhunam wrote:
Is it just me or her arms are backward on the cover? You just can't swing that way girl!
You are correct. Her arms are positioned to pick up her weapon, but not to swing it in the direction of her foreground antagonist.

maybe she wants to use non-lethal option and strike with the bottom of the weapon to deal bludgeoning non-lethal damage :)

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don't forget that you can patreon him.
if all of us here would even give 1$ or 2$ a month...

I really appreciate the low profile of the advertisement

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I'd also consider this similarly to the drain energy of a vampire.

a vampire punches you : you get negative level
you punch a vampire face with your fist : no negative levels.

as long as your "appendice" holding the charge does not touch anything, you keep the charge

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Refugees of the Weary Sky... Maybe they will return one day !

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Orfamay : YMMV.
if you stick to PFS or MAW (modules as written ^^ ) then such encounters might be rare.

if GM likes to give more lieutenants to BBEG (or has to adapt for 6 players instead of standard 4 by adding more opponents) then it's not so rare.

but my points was it's not a trap, I agree it depends on lots of things, where other feats could prove useful all the time.

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if you take the feat, then take its playing style along.
if you have cleave, you can "force" the enemy to get into the position you want.
choke points have been mentioned.

I have a 2hander in my game who throws himself into melee, when facing 6+ enemies (pack of wolves, thugs, ...)

then he got surrounded from all direction...
then he laughs when taking hits...
then he uses great cleave and the board is cleaned ^^

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I agree on the "fluff" part that holy water could stop regeneration.

however, from a technical sid:
* seeing how difficult it is to get [good] on a weapon (via spells or effects) and the fact that it cost a +1 equivalent (that will not be useful vs lots of other enemies)
* and the fact the regen Good is limited to powerful beings,

I'd disallow the holy water, a mere 25 GP item, accessible everywhere, to affect such powerful beings.

it's not like it can or cannot do damage, it is the fact that it can KILL the opponent or not.

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if you look for justification for any talent/power, you still have a long way ahead.

the talent increase your AC versus THAT opponent.

it could be that the wounds you inflicted (via sneak) prevent him to face you properly or to move his arms in your direction without pain.

you that you improved your confidence and get superior to the wounded guy...
RP justifications can be all and nothing.

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I'd suggest taking weapon finesse 1st.

you can fire at range before combat/ on opponent not engaged, then you can charge the opponent with your blade (to avoid -4 or -8 firing into melee)

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you can kill a helpless creature with that action (like coup-de-grâce)
of course it should be touch otherwise you can finish fallen opponents from safety without anything preventing you.

(also the cacodaemon can eat souls as well, and it's touch)

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school familiar options for elemental schools ?

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for those (on windows) that think right-click / open in new tab is too much : you can wheel-click (or middle click), it opens the link you're on in a new tab in a single action :)

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as per the cover rules quoted above I'd say
(and I'm interested 'cause I'll pay a Kineticist next week)
1/ no cover from 3
2/ NO total cover at all
3/ cover from 1/2/4/5

justification by the cover rules:
1/ everybody agrees.
2/ to have total cover :

Total Cover: If you don't have line of effect to your target (that is, you cannot draw any line from your square to your target's square without crossing a solid barrier), he is considered to have total cover from you

==> I can draw lines from 1/2/4/5 to your square without crossing the wall

3/ has cover (not total) because there's always one line from the opponent corner to your square that will cross the wall

so yeah, "total cover" is a bit a stretchy in the definition, as you would get it only in a back-to-back situation with 2 medium/small creatures.

or you have to use walls / corners / multiple kinetic covers.

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like the opportunist major rogue talent.

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Anzyr wrote:

... Don't bother with Command Undead (the feat)...


Because Command Undead (the spell) exists. With access to this spell any limits imposed by your control pool cease to be relevant. Your controlled undead HD pool will be effectively in the triple digits with little to no effort or investment other than you know... learning the spell and casting it in your downtime.

I created a BBEG necromancer recently and read all I could find.

I tend to disagree with above (trimmed for reading) post.

I agree that command undead, once understood, is not as powerful as it might seems.

however, it's second effect is worth the feat: double the duration of control undead spell.

so if you praise so much the power of control undead spell, a feat doubling it's duration (meaning that you can control twice as much undead) for FREE (no increase in spell level) is, imho, worth it.

I even hesitated to take extended spell on top...

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I already refused some PC / names / Ideas , like QuidEst said , "breaking immersion"

if you're the only one wanting to play a cartoon character , and the table wants to play full-golarion: it's better to refuse from the start (proposing alternatives) than having an off-PC the whole time

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while it could not be the most important thing on a to-do list, I'll second this request.

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