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small question from Europe :

-> could all the subscriptions be sent separately ?

I already had to cancel Hardcovers and pawns and class desk due to heavy shipping AND TAXES...

I received my package from February : 2 "thin" softcovers : 1 Adventure path and 1 companion (or settings, anyway) for less than 40$

once received, I had to pay 20€ more as local taxes...

if both were sent individually , I'd pay an extra... 7$ shipping ?
that would still be a deal for me.


Customer Service Representative

Hello Vrischika111,

There are different shipping methods you can select that have differing limits to what can and can't ship together. In all cases though 2 softcover books will be able to ship together. We do not have a way to have our system ship all the items in an order separately each month.

Grand Lodge

thanks for the quick reply.
would an email to support allow me to separate the shipping ?

when should such email be sent ? on shipping notice ?

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi Vrischika111,

Unfortunately, our system does not have a way to separate shipments automatically on our end. While Customer Service can edit orders before they are processed for shipment, we cannot make changes based on altering or avoiding customs fees or local taxes.

I apologize for the confusion! If there are any further questions you may have, please let me know.


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