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Oterisk wrote:

What if I'm a fan of Blood Blockade Battlefront?

Nearly done with a Gathlain Bard. If the flight is too powerful, I can take the flightless version or possibly switch to halfling instead. Concept is a flute/recorder maker who played so well that he drew the attention of extra planar entities (only requiring a roll of 30, when my boy here could take 10 for that) and was dragged into the abyss. He's been somewhat privileged here, because nearly everyone likes music and CE doesn't mean stupid, so there are enough powerful fans of his who would avenge him that for the most part, he gets left alone. He's CG, but he has spent a lot of time with CN fey, so CE isn't so hard to deal with, he just plats off his random acts of kindness like pranks, which confuse the heck out of demons.

Question DM, I would like to take the Story Feat, Magnum Opus, but it would be up to you how much of it would be complete, if any. Would the completion of said Opus be asking too much?

I'm not the DM, but I wouldn't imagine flight to be a problem one level away from Overland Flight.

Thankfully, the divine paragon doesn't lose spellcasting if they can't perform their obedience that day. And Asmodeus' obedience is not that difficult, at least compared to other evil deities.

Liliyashanina wrote:
TheKillerCorgi wrote:

I'm almost done with my character (an asmodean advocate/enchanter courtesan) but I have a question, can I stack asmodean advocate with either evangelist (the archetype) or divine disciple?

Asmodean advocate sets you to one domain and forces you to take trickery.
Evangelist loses one domain and divine disciple loses the domain powers of one domain.
Maybe I can stack them by losing all the domains?

If I understand you correctly, you want a fusion of the cleric archetypes Asmodean advocate and either evangelist or divine disciple.

I cannot find a Paizo prestige class called divine disciple, so lets look at cleric the Evangelist + Asmodean advocate combintion.

RAW you cannot, I would certainly allow you to combine the 2 archetypes in exchange for losing both domain powers.

Oops sorry, I meant divine paragon. As the divine paragon is less restrictive than the evangelist, I'm assuming that you're allowing that as well?

I'm almost done with my character (an asmodean advocate/enchanter courtesan) but I have a question, can I stack asmodean advocate with either evangelist (the archetype) or divine disciple?

Asmodean advocate sets you to one domain and forces you to take trickery.
Evangelist loses one domain and divine disciple loses the domain powers of one domain.
Maybe I can stack them by losing all the domains?

Definitely seems interesting. A couple of questions:
1. How extraordinary feats can we achieve with "mundane" skill checks? i.e. What does a roll of 30+ bluff allow us to do? What about stealth?

2. How much optimization is expected/wanted? Or is too much optimization discouraged?

3. How much influence will our characters have on the world at higher levels?

4. Any specific traits/aspects you'd like to see in a character? As "restrictions breed creativity".

Triple Necro?

RAWmonger wrote:
EDIT: Also, make sure you’re understanding that the player only gets *one* attack of opportunity per triggering instance… after ‘creature A’ provokes an AoO by moving through a threatened square, creature A can walk through as many other threatened squares as he wants and won’t provoke (to that player) again that turn. He’d have to do something else that provokes in a threatened square, like cast a spell.

This is almost correct but not quite. A character only provokes once per movement. This means that if it double moves, it can potentially provoke twice.

Minigiant wrote:
Belafon wrote:

Oh yeah, Minigiant:

-Is Mythic material allowed?
-3rd party?


Can we use Mythic material that doesn't require us to be mythic?

Another way to boost spell DCs if you have a wizard friend that can cast 9th level spells (or are one yourself) is to cast Ascension (the minor artifact needed you can get by having an alchemist friend to make a Philosopher's Stone or disassembling a familiar automaton to get an Automaton Core)
This way you can Mythic Spell Focus to get +4 to DC with Spell Perfection
Also if the spell is an elemental damage spell we can use the Extra Mythic Feat path ability to also get Mythic Elemental Focus to get another +2 with Spell Perfection.

Anyone have a solution a GM could theoretically accept?

zza ni wrote:

ok so... i found a way (get you 5 pouncing charges in a round, no follower used). it is Hella RAW and not RAI. but if you are going by the strict words alone it work...

the four winds ability let you gain +3 move actions as a swift action in 1 round right? (that still leave you with your normal move and standard action). so what you do is get the dragonfly feat chain this kinda block pummeling style unless you can mash styles).
and now do not take your standard action and use a move to make the glide part, the feat never say that the charge part take any action. all it say is that you have to still have your normal standard action unsed.

so RAW you can swift > gain 3 moves.
move >glide + charge (full attack pounce?), move >glide + charge (full attack pounce?),move >glide + charge (full attack pounce?), tehn use your normal move to move >glide + charge (full attack pounce?). and then still have a standard action to ready a rhino charge. that is 5 charging pounces in one round with strict RAW...

rai it's obviously it meant that the charge you make, that uses the rules for charging when you only got a standard action, uses that standard action.

Huh, that's fun.

Also, slow time actually gives 3 standard actions.
That's why it's good.

We need to attack with a tankard at least a few times each round to drink instead of attacking to replenish our ki because slow time costs 6 ki (reduced to 4 with 2 rings of ki mastery) so arms of the marilith is a bit better.

It would have been nice if the attacks were all unarmed strikes so that Pummeling Style would have worked to get pounce instead of a 4 level Weretouched Shifter but what can you do.

Also, we don't flurry but normal twf because I couldn't find a way to flurry with light maces and sensei trades away flurry anyway (though I won't need sensei if I can find a way to ready an action with slow time).

zza ni wrote:


your a monk (sensei\drunken\four winds)

drunken change:
Still Mind; Purity of Body; Diamond Body; Diamond Soul; Empty Body

four winds cahnge:
Stunning Fist; Abundant Step; Timeless Body; Perfect Self

and sensei change:
Flurry of Blows; Fast Movement; Improved Evasion; Evasion; 2nd, 6th, 12th, 18th-level Bonus Feats

seem to work so far.

but the cavalier.. he can make you get a standard action with his action, but right after you are dazed for a round. which mean you can't take any more actions even if he give you an other action before the end of his turn. (" Taking the action dazes the ally for 1 round afterward.)
you'd need to counter the daze somehow or next turn you can't do anything.

There's the Padma Blossom which makes you immune to the dazed condition while holding it and there's the Arms of the Marilith that gives you extra arms to hold the Padma Blossom.

zza ni wrote:

i don't see how you get 3 full attacks per round if the ability doesn't let you ready a charge nor combine the action to form full attack.

unless you can find an extraordinary ability that let you charge.

The build currently relies on a constable cavalier cohort (by me being a sensei monk) but relying on leadership is a bit unsatisfying.

And I know the ability doesn't allow readying actions in its vanilla form. That is the whole reason I started this thread.

zza ni wrote:

1. i don't see why you want specifically that prestige class, can you explain what exactly you'd like to have from it?

maybe a compromise can be found (such as for #2)

2. you can take the Conduit feat flickering step to gain a sla of dimension door 1/day +1/5 levels.
do notice as Conduit feat. there are cases and places where it might not work.


also point of fact. what do you consider " a lot of attacks?"
cause an unchained monk with the right build can get like 10 attacks or more at level 12-16 depend on how you make him.

built with medusa's wrath and elbow smash can get 12 attacks at level 16 with haste and 1 ki point for extra attack for example, great for jabbing style masters

+16 (normal attack)/+16/+16 (for flurry)/+16/+16 (medusa's wrath)/+16 (haste)/+16 ki point extra attack/ +11 (normal bab -5 attack)/ +11/+11 (elbow smash extra attacks,non lethal damage)/+6 normal attack/+1 normal bab -10 attack.

and this is on a build made to also have enough feats to gain jabbing master, if not he can use the feats to get bonus swift attack with intimidating via Cornugon Smash + hurtful to save ki points and make sure target is shaken to get the extra attacks from madusa's wrath via Shatter Defenses (scaled fist monk get easier access).

That prestige class is the only way I've found to get back abundant step on a monk which has traded it out (from the Ki Power ability at 2nd level). Tell me if there's another way.

And flickering step won't work unfortunately as the build ideally uses abundant step three times per round.

By a lot of attacks I mean three full attacks per round (though you need to subtract 2-3 attacks per round and a bit more if you're using abundant step to fuel the ki).

Skull wrote:

I don't really see a problem with a readied action for the Rhino charge, provided you don't use your move action during the round you set it up.

I'm just not sure how you qualify for Divine Fighting Technique of Cayden Cailaen. It's not really one I know, but from the d20pfsrd page, it seems the prerequisite is to have the same alignment as the deity it is tied to.

I see the Aasimar Enlightened Warrior trait allows you to take levels in monk while still Neutral or Neutral Good, but Cayden Cailaen is Chaotic Good. So this doesn't help you. Unless I am missing something else?

An inquisitor, warpriest or cleric of the deity can gain the initial benefit without meeting any prerequisites (including without having the feat) by giving up one of the 1st level powers of their domain.

You can be neutral good and still be a warpriest of Cayden Cailaen so I take a level dip in warpriest to make it work.

Also, readying an action is a standard action unless stated. Rhino charge is fun like that. So the problem with readying an action isn't the total action economy but the fact that readying an action is presumably not a "melee attack action, a skill, an extraordinary ability, or a move action"

So I have been theorycrafting a build combining Drunken Master, Monk of the Four Winds and some other stuff to get a lot of attacks per round.

Unfortunately the Slow Time ability of the Monk of the Four Winds is quite limiting:

Monk of The Four Winds wrote:
At 12th level, a monk of the four winds can use his ki to slow time or quicken his movements, depending on the observer. As a swift action, the monk can expend 6 ki points to gain three standard actions during his turn instead of just one. The monk can use these actions to do the following: take a melee attack action, use a skill, use an extraordinary ability, or take a move action. The monk cannot use these actions to cast spells or use spell-like abilities, and cannot combine them to take full-attack actions. Any move actions the monk makes this turn do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

For the build to work I need to somehow be able to use the standard actions of slow time to ready an action (to Rhino Charge). The only way I've found so far is the Constable Cavalier's 11th level ability but the build only has room for 3 levels of dips. So my question is if there is a way to do this without spending more than 3 levels?

Also, the build would work very well with abundant step but unfortunately trades it away and qinggong can't get abilities traded away by archetypes.
The Student of Perfection prestige class seems to work but needs a Lawful alignment and the build depends on the Divine Fighting Technique of Cayden Cailaen which forces us onto a neutral good alignment on a monk (by using the Enlightened Warrior trait and a one level dip in inquisitor or cleric or warpriest). So is there a way to either
1. Be a divine caster of Cayden Cailaen while staying lawful (i.e. two steps away) or
2. Get abundant step on a Neutral Good Monk of The Four Winds?

Technically speaking sensei makes the ability affect allies rather than himself. The person affected by the spell is the target not the caster.

So if you had cast scorching ray on yourself for some reason you could instead deal damage to all your allies. Not very useful.

You could buff all of them, say with barkskin, though.

Side note: you can stack drunken master onto the above archetypes and it works very well.

So due to this FAQ a qinggong monk which has replaced abundant step (or another monk ability) due to an archetype can't retake it as a ki power.

But can a chained monk with the Student of Perfection prestige class (outside of PFS of course) choose a monk ability they replaced with an archetype as a ki power?

Negative energy effect is just like a fire effect. So effects which deal energy damage and effects which state that they are such would be negative energy effects.

I wouldn't think riders on negative energy damage be negative energy effects just like riders on fireball wouldn't be fire effects though.

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Derklord wrote:
Java Man wrote:
TheKillerCorgi wrote:
Secret of Magical Discipline assuming your DM allows you to ignore the faq
What faq would that be?
I presume Corgi means this one, although it doesn't inhibit SoMD at all (unlike Dreamed Secrets.

Some people think that because of the line "as if it were one of your spells known" in SoMD and the last line of the FAQ which says "The spell slots of a class can only be used to cast spells that appear on the spell list of that class." it doesn't work.

Notably apperantly most people on the Pathfinder discord.

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Martial Versatility/Mastery allows so much shenanigans.

Cayden Cailaen's Divine Fighting Technique turns attacks into ki on the right monk.

Rhino charge breaks so many things with pounce

Secret of Magical Discipline assuming your DM allows you to ignore the FAQ

Auspicious Birth is the only way to ignore the Nat 1 rule on saves

Wretched Curator arguably allows you to make creating undead a non-evil act

Fiend Sight is one of the few ways to get See in Darkness

Beast Speaker especially because Mammoth Rider Sun Falcon is nice

Eclipsed Spell is so much fun because Eclipsed Light and Eclipsed Continual Flame

Talented Magician and Bookish Rogue are funny on a Phantom Thief

Cherry Blossome Spell because it triggers on every damage and just one-shots most animals

Racial and Planar heritage because, again, shenanigans

Destroyer's blessing because infinite rage with a merciful weapon

Greater Drow Nobility because at-will 3rd level spell

Extreme mood swings because it raises the effective ability score cap

The Hand's Autonomy chain is fun

Human Guise because Racial Heritage

Prestigious Spellcaster because spellcasting is the best class feature

Rat Stack (Plus maybe Pack Rat) is fun

Wyvaran Spellcasting could theoretically allow wish as a spell-like twice a day if you somehow technically had the ability to cast a 10th level spell though I haven't yet figured out how

Signature deed because no 1 grit minimum

Equipment trick because having something count as a weapon begets shenanigans

Shielded Gauntlet style because it makes anything count as a shield with Equipment Trick (plus maybe the weapon modification) and Martial Versatility

Skilled Rager, "Hulk apologize for teammates' poor conduct"

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Claxon wrote:
Ann4beth wrote:

Thanks everyone for the answers. However, i do not see what you are talking about.

SC allows me to cast a spell, and also make a full attack with my weapon. I really don't see why FoB is a separate action: it is clearly signed as a full attack.

Can i use pounce with FoB? If so, does that mean FoBs are a normal full attack action? And if so, why can't you use it as "You can make as many weapon attacks as you would normally be able to make if you were making a full attack with that weapon".

Sorry, I'm not very good at interpreting the rules, but it seems the intent of the FAQ SC was to allow a full attack along with the casting of the spell. But FoB is a complete attack, as Spell Combat wants it to be?

It looks like DerkLord got you straightened out, but I just want to comment on the pounce and flurry of blows question.

No, normally you cannot pounce and make a flurry of blows. For similar reasons as to why you can't spell combat and make a flurry of blows. Pouncing requires you to charge, and charge is another kind of full-round action.

You can replace individual melee attacks normally allowed by flurry of blows with weapon based combat maneuvers like disarm or trip. There are many things allow for the substitution you have in mind, but generally speaking abilities like flurry of blow, spell combat, and charge are all actions that can't be combined/replaced due to their action economy.

With regards to charges, there are some feats and abilities that change that kind of behavior but you'd have to look at the specific wording of the ability to understand how it behaves. And I don't think there's anything similar for FoB or Spell Combat.

You absolutely can combine pounce and flurry of blows. Pounce allows you to make a full-attack at the end of a charge and Flurry of Blows is a special kind of full-attack.

The reason that you normally can't perform two full-round actions at once is that you only have so many actions to spend, not because of a specific rule that limits the number of full-round actions.

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I just wanted to mention that the Equipment trick has this line:

Equipment trick wrote:
If the item would normally be considered an improvised weapon, you can treat it as either a normal weapon or an improvised weapon, depending on which is more beneficial for you.

This could be argued for both ways with one side saying that this means that improvised weapons, while not "normal" weapons are still weapons. On the other hand as this feat doesn't make them manufactured weapons, if they were already considered weapons, then this line would be useless.

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My favorite is the Double Hackbut which is the weapon with the highest damage which can technically still be used in the "choose target, make attack roll" way.
Also you can dual-wield them.

A butchering axe or an earthbreaker are actually better for maximum damage but I love the image of someone dual wielding two huge cannons too much. Especially if you add in Titan Mauler.

MrCharisma wrote:
TheKillerCorgi wrote:
Assuming Leadership is allowed:

I think this should be assumed as a NO.

A DARING GENERAL CAVALIER Cavalier can get ~489 attacks per round with just their followers. Even if they need a Nat-20 to hit that's 24 per round on average (and one of them will confirm the crit). And we haven't gotten into the Cohorts with class levels yet, let alone the actual PC's actions.

It may not have the world-ending power of a 9th level caster, but in terms of breaking action economy it's pretty broken (and I wouldn't want to sit through 489 attacks on someone's turn, you'd definitely want a digital dice roller).

Well, the leadership is literally only needed so that you can ready an action as an extraordinary ability.

I agree that leadership generally should be banned though.
It is a broken broken feat, probably even more than sacred geometry.

Assuming Leadership is allowed:
A Drunken Master Sensei Monk of the Four Winds with pounce (probably with 4 levels of weretouched shifter), rhino charge, deep drinker, one or two fighting tankards, cayden cailaen'e fighting style (and aasimar, enlightened warrior trait, and 1 level of warpriest if you care about alignment restrictions) and a constable cavalier cohort.

The turn basically looks like this:
Move action: Whatever you want, you could use this to start a bardic performance
Standard action: Full attack
Swift action: Slow time on the constable, effectively full attack, full attack, full attack

This is Level 17-18 minimum though

The problem is that the example given of a feat with a limit is Stunning Fist which none of the Chanter's allies will meet the prerequisites before 6th level and even after 8th level the fighter has to have 13 Dex and Wis and you probably have to give him IUS with the first thereby spending an extra round of the ability on a prerequisite for an example in the ability text.

All of this is solved if you assume they don't have to meet prerequisites.

paizo wrote:

Prerequisite(s): Int 13 or Wis 13 (see Special), ability to spontaneously cast 2nd-level spells.

Benefit: When you regain spell slots at the start of the day, you may opt to prepare one spell you don’t know in place of a daily spell slot 1 level higher than the prepared spell’s level. To do so, you must have access to the selected spell on a scroll or in a spellbook, and the spell must be on your spell list (even if it is not one of your spells known). This process takes 10 minutes per spell level of the selected spell.

Note that it doesn't even say "a spell" but specifically "one spell". And given that it always refers to the prepared spell as singular, it's clearly once per day.

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Phantom Thief Rogues can choose major magic multiple times. Unfortunately this can't get you 4 frosbites at level 3 but, assuming the elf FCB, it can get you 6 Frosbites at level 4 and if you take talented magician for all your feats after level 3, you can get 13 Frosbites at level 6 and 27 Frostbites at level 9.

For higher levels you can get 69 at level 15 and 120 at level 20.

Generally speaking builds optimized for DPS aren't that interesting anyway. Sure they can hit stuff very hard but that's just Bigger Numbers compared to the one worse DPS build's Big Numbers.

The real interesting builds are allowing stuff that couldn't be done before like getting 2.5/3.5 full attacks per turn or summon mount + alter summoned monster or druidic decoder + retrain or dropping permenant balls of darkness everywhere.

pad300 wrote:

WRT to the axe solution, leave and go have a picnic lunch after the initial MM bombardment. Come back, lay another obscuring mist, and initiate combat with a surprise round...

Alternative solution, that's probably a DM's call (and thus a fail...), see the italicized.

10th level psychic

Create Greater Mindscape (on a scroll) - drop all the guards in a mindscape that looks exactly like the room they are already in, macguffin and all. They can see each other, they can't say that someone is disturbing the real world pedestal, etc, etc. Escape condition for the mindscape - play pattycake for 10 minutes.

Psychic uses Mindscape Door to escape the mindscape, then dispels the alarm-like effect, walks past the mindscaped guard, and walks off with the macguffin...

Ooh finally a use for mindscapes.

I wasn't actually expecting my challenge to produce this interesting solutions. Both psychic mindscapes and arcane trickster.

pad300 wrote:

Another alternative - Arcane Trickster.

As the room is in Dim light, you can stealth (except vs infinite perception boy). Sneak into the room and use Ranged Ledgermain and sleight of hand (opposed by perception) to steal all their buttons (again, except infinite perception boy's) from outside the press the magic button circle...
Thankfully, perception boy's button push is a standard action. Cast Long arm. Then cast true strike. Next round, rush him and disarm him of his button...

You now have all 5 buttons and they cannot be pressed. Take your sweet time about grabbing the macguffin and leaving.

This would work if you can get +19

sleight of hand bonus (which is not hard as ranks + class skill is 13 already)

I should have made the room bigger instead of the circle smaller.

Which illusion spells are you casting? Silent image for example is duration of concentration and you only has so many spells per day and only so much WBL.

This almost works but flat footed is a specific condition that only occurs if you haven't acted on initiative yet. And plinking them with magic missiles probably counts as initiating combat even if they don't respond.
The thing that happens when they can't see you is that you get total concealment.

This would probably work if you managed to drop them all in one round from full HP though (And insured that you get high initiative) and you could even argue that you could get a surprise round because of the concealment.

So it seems that 60hp vs 1 hp does actually matter.

Also, I forgot to list and Init bonus. Let's say that their Init is +6.

Maybe next time I'll make a infinite Init + (this part maybe) cannot be surprised guard instead of the ac/cmd guy.

Lowering their HP isn't actually that useful unless you do something else.
I gave their HP just to be rigorous. I could have just said 1 HP and I currently can't imagine a scenario where that would make a difference.

I mean, attacking them won't do you much good without making them unconscious. They can still press the button at 1 hp.

VoodistMonk wrote:

For whatever reason, possibly due to the thorough nature in which you laid out the challenge, I feel this is a trick... not for the imaginary character that has to fetch the MacGuffin... but for me.

Like there is something super obvious if I'm not retarded, or something. And at the end, no matter what I come up with, the answer was actually some super easy thing that would have been super obvious if I knew how to read words or pay attention.

No trick, just wanted to be rigorous

VoodistMonk wrote:
Anyways, you did say "anyone", not "anything", so change into an animal or construct or something, and just go grab it. Lol.

You know what I meant.

VoodistMonk wrote:
Assuming you enter through the door, and the door is in the corner (think: hypotenuse), it leaves you about 5' feet of movement before they start hitting their buttons... assuming I did my math right. No... you are in a 5' square in the corner, if you move from that square, they hit the button... there is a difference, I suppose.

Oops, make the button-pressing circle 30 feet instead of 60 feet. I forgot to change that.

VoodistMonk wrote:
I will have to get back to you on this one... can't promise it will be within the 8hr time limit, though. Lol.

It's in-game 8 hours not real life.

So, a challenge:

There is a 90x90 foot room that contains a MacGuffin. The room is impossible to damage. The only way to enter the room is a door on one of the sides, near the corner. You can't teleport into the room from the outside in any way and can't burrow into the confines of the room from outside. The door is magical in that if you touch it and utter a command word (not actually audible) it transports you to the outside. This requires a free hand and is a full round action, or a standard action but this alerts the guards (see below).

The MacGuffin is on a pedestal in the middle of the room. The pedestal is made from lead, the MacGuffin is made from metal, weighs 10 pounds and there is a lead-glass covering on it which is transparent but acts as lead for spells such as detect magic and the covering weighs 4 pounds.

Around the pedestal are five guards arranged in a 10-foot radius circle. The squares of the guards are normal light and the rest of the room is dim light. Each of the guard has a button in his hand. If one of them presses the button while you are in the room or are passing through the door, you lose. They are instructed to press the button if anyone other than them comes within 60 foot of the pedestal, the pedestal is disturbed in any way or either they can't see all four guards or at least one of the guards is unconcious. They are told that if they don't follow the instructions or it is determined that they aren't vigilant enough, their wives and children are going to be executed. The person who said this is omniscient. The guards cannot be convinced that the source was lying, misleading or incorrect. You cannot stop the execution if they fail. They value the lives of their family above their own and going against this counts as something against their nature.

There is a spell that notifies the guards when someone enters within 5 feet of the pedestal as per alarm. The guards don't inherently notice this spell being dispelled, though they now of the spell's existence. Pressing the button is either an immediate action or a move action (their choice).

The guards roll average (round up) on all rolls unless a strategy requires them to roll low in one in X rolls in which case they roll below or equal 20/X(or whatever the dice size) in every Xth roll
You roll average (round down) on all rolls unless a strategy requires them to roll high in one in X rolls in which case you roll higher or equal 20/X(or whatever the dice size) in every Xth roll

The guards have:
60 hp
12 base ac + 4 armor ac + 4 dodge/dex ac
20 cmd
19 saves
+13 perception
1 dr/-
Medium size
30 foot move speed
Undispellable see invisibility/ability to see ethereal creatures

One has infinite perception but pressing the button is a standard action
One has infinite saves and improved evasion + stalwart (as per inquisitor)
One has 120 feet move speed
One has immunity to sleep, freedom of movement, and immmunity to all effects except unconciousness that would restrict his actions
One has infinite AC/CMD
in clockwise order

It is now 23:00. You have rested yesterday and had started the rest 24 hours ago. You have done stuff earlier in the day and so if you are a spell caster you lack 1/3(round down) of your spells at each level.
You are level 10 and your goal is to get the MacGuffin in 8 hours.


Proclaimer Warpriest is an AoE outsider decimator.

Snap shot + tuned bowstring + a familiar with DR...

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Investigator archetypes that replace/alter alchemy are interesting in general.

Ankou's shadow slayer basically works as a force multiplier to do many interesting things.

Haaganti's third sentinel boon is proficiency in all weapons + basically a more specific but better martial versatility.

The Aspect of the Corgi is nothing mechanically interesting but is especially flavorful on a weretouched shifter.

I like Geas shenanigans and Ruthless Agent Investigator gets full-round geas at 11th level.

Eclipsed spell shenanigans (especially continual flame)

Iron-Ring Striker magus allows you to combine the unarmed strike damage of monk and brawler (which helps for things like softstrike monk)

Brevoy Bandit adds any second ability score on top of wisdom onto profession

Oathkeeper's Vow adds geas onto the paladin list at 4th level if you somehow lift off of it

Pageant of the Peacock in general

Divine Paragon Cleric gets early Deific Boons (the first boon at 5th level the other two one level early)

Ganzis can ignore fighter level prerequisites.

Arcane Archer and Arcane trickster have archetypes which change casting type to divine and psychic but aren't otherwise too notable.

Mammoth Rider only replaces companion lists from classes so technically lists from feats, especially such as beast speaker, work.

Synthesist has two evolutions (names starting with shadow) which when combined give permenant full concealment (not just miss chance) in anything other than bright light. This can be gotten with eclipsed spell. Works on normal summoner too. Full concealment gets immunity to Aoos.

There are some feats which let you share your tower shield cower. This means that 4 ratfolk or 4 people stacked on top of each other with 3 being mount synthesists (plus undersized mount) can get total cover from everything non-spell and maybe even non-targeted spells.

Half-orcs have a racial trait to get up to +6 bluff against humanoids and +4 against humanoids in all circumstances. This reduces to +2 against non-humanoids. (Secret mastermind)

Changelings can increase your miss chance by 5%.

Tieflings can get see in darkness for two feats(eyes of the devil I think) and tiger skinwalkers get it for free.

The ioun resonance feat for wyrwoods.

Charger: A mountless cavalier archetype for centaurs I guess?

Oath of Vengeance paladin can get A Lot of smites per day. There's an item that spends smites on summon monster too which when combined gets you a pretty high level of summon monster at early levels.

Humans and halflings get racial traits that give +2 to the ability score of their familiar/companion. You can apply this to int to get a 4 int companion at 1st level.

There's the argument that you can use the half-elf/half-orc traits that give "the human's skillfull trait" to get things like heart of the X.

Tengu rogues can get pounce that round if they succeed on a manuever check that round.

Monk Oracle
Flash of insight from cyclopean seer is nice too.

Commune'ing Nethys (using limited wish if a wizard) to ask if they shall transform someone else in the future like they transformed you(or if they are planning to transform somebody else of you want to definitely avoid an "unclear" answer) might be wise, given that somebody like that might be highly distruptive to any plans you might make.

Stuff required for the build:
Alignment: neutral good
Race: Aasimar

At least 14 levels of Drunken Master Sensei Monk of the Four Winds
4 levels of Weretouched Shifter with a pounce granting aspect
1 level of Cayden Cailaen worshipping warpriest with the first blessing sacrificed for the deity's fighting technique

A friend with at least 11 levels of Constable Cavalier (let's say through leadership abuse)

The Enlightenment Warrior trait (to be a neutral good monk)

The rhino charge feat
(Very recommended) Deep drinker
(Optional) Cunning Intuition

An Arms of the Marillith
2 Cayden Cailaen Fighting Tankards
A padma blossom
(Optional) A flask of endless sake to not pay for the huge amount of alcohol we're going to use
(Optional) one or two rings of ki mastery

How it works:
We use sensei to activate our monk of the four winds ability on our friend to give him three standard actions on his turn. We then ready a charge using rhino charge and then just after our turn use our readied action to pounce-charge.

On our friend's turn, he uses each of his three actions to activate his 11th level extraordinary ability to make us take a standard action, each of which we use to ready an action to charge. We avoid his ability's daze with a padma blossom held in one of the Arms of the Marillith's arms.

We recover the 6 ki we spend each round by drinking from our tankards three times by sacrificing three attacks by way of Cayden Cailaen's fighting technique. (Deep drinker gives 2 drunken ki with each drink)
Normally cayden Cailaen's technique has the prerequisite of "same alignment as the deity" but a warpriest can spend a blessing to get the fighting technique while ignoring prerequisites.

I would like to remind everyone that Geas/Quest exists and Limited Wish -> Geas exists if you have one of those abilities that allow spell like limited wish like the one mentioned in the first page.
Even lesser geas would work given that everybody is under 7th level.
Just geas the leader of [Big Country] with a better worded version of "make sure I am not killed or brought under the control of any government, organization or individual for the next 10 years without anyone noticing that you are not mind controlled"

Also, to fix the 8 hour problem, play one of those classes with a capstone with reincarnates you such as enlightened philosopher.

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I worded that wrong.
The gm above is a fictional gm.
Do not actually do these stuff in actual games people.

If your gm rules that mount stacking doesn't allow 4 creatures to be in the same square then:
Rat Stack + Tunnel Rat

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4 players,
Each is ratfolk.
Each one has the Scurrying Swarmer feat (so that they count as adjecent for teamwork feats)
Each one has a tower shield.
Each one has the Mobile Bulwark Style feat so that they can use a tower shields and attack at the same time
Each one(Except maybe one) is a synthesist with the mount evolution at minimum
Each one(Except maybe one) has the Undersized Mount so that they can make a ratfolk mount tower.
Each one has the Shield Wall feat so that they share each other's tower shields.

Immunity to all non-spell attacks.

Bonus: Mobile Stronghold to be immune to one targeted spell per turn.

Note:This may or may not also make you immune to AOE spells depending on how your GM rules it

VoodistMonk wrote:
TheKillerCorgi wrote:
There are GM's that allow the player to pick the cohort and the GM's that do not. This wouldn't work on the latter type of course but the other type of GM does exist.
So be an Instructor Wizard... which gets an "Apprentice" that is specifically another Wizard... which could be an Instructor Wizard...

That doesn't work because

1. The gm may say that the apprentice is a regular wizard
2. The apprentice is a wizard only at level 2
Good try though

There are GM's that allow the player to pick the cohort and the GM's that do not. This wouldn't work on the latter type of course but the other type of GM does exist.

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There is also Noble Scion chaining:

At 10th level a noble scion's cohort can be the same level as them. So you get a cohort with 10 levels in Noble Scion and he gets a cohort and so on ad infinitum.

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