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[ HP 65/65 | AC 18/12T/16FF | Fort +8, Ref +9, Will +11 | Init +2 | Perception +2 | |Diplo +34| CMD 19 | Resist 5 Cold/Acid/Elect ]
Mage Armor 10 hours

Please! let's continue the game, I hate login in to see 6 new posts in the Discussion thread at none in the gameplay. At least do both.

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[ HP 44/44 | AC 18/12T/17FF | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +11 | Init +1 | Perception +6 | CMD 16 | DR 5/Lethal | Resist 5 Cold/Acid/Elect ] Aasimar Sorc 4 / Bloatmage 4

Initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Bertha looks excited to see the whales and see seems more excited once they start to come closer. She looks perplexed by the reactions of the party and how defensive they seem to be getting.

When Mason offers her a potion she seems confused, but as she realises what they are a huge smile appears on her face.

"Are we going swimming with them?! oh wow this is going to be great!!"

She takes a potion at random Potion: 1d2 ⇒ 1 and drinks it.
1= touch of the sea, 2= Monkeyfish

She starts to giggle as the potion takes effect and her feet become fins "Look Mason, I'm a mermaid!"

@lilybeth Also I know it's probably just a typo but Orca is on the summon monster v list

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[ HP 44/44 | AC 18/12T/17FF | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +11 | Init +1 | Perception +6 | CMD 16 | DR 5/Lethal | Resist 5 Cold/Acid/Elect ] Aasimar Sorc 4 / Bloatmage 4

Before the briefing,

Bertha sits in a large comfortable chair, her considerable size obvious as she easily fills out the generous recliner. Her long golden hair runs down her back and her black robes are accented by black embroidered patches and white gloves.

She smiles and laughs at Lifelover and blushes a bit at her compliment;

Oh dear, your a lovely one aren't you? it's nice to have such beauty to keep us company she looks over towards Lilybeth as she stuffs her mouth with a small cake.

That's a smart little pet you have there and aren't you all shiny and golden! Isn't this going to be a fun group Bertha says with a laugh Tell me Mason are you single, my sister Catrina is fond of the strong silent types, I would so love for you two to meet

Once the Venture Captian has completed the briefing she asks;
Are they friendly undead?

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[ HP 44/44 | AC 18/12T/17FF | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +11 | Init +1 | Perception +6 | CMD 16 | DR 5/Lethal | Resist 5 Cold/Acid/Elect ] Aasimar Sorc 4 / Bloatmage 4

Bertha watches on as Ryker continues to chip away at the crystalline scorpion.

Ryker attack 1 vs Yellow
atk1 magic: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27
dmg: 1d4 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 7 + 1 = 9

Ryker attack 2 vs Yellow
atk2: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11
dmg: 1d4 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 7 + 1 = 11

also Bertha will start to cast summon monster 3 on her turn

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[ HP 44/44 | AC 18/12T/17FF | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +11 | Init +1 | Perception +6 | CMD 16 | DR 5/Lethal | Resist 5 Cold/Acid/Elect ] Aasimar Sorc 4 / Bloatmage 4

Bertha makes her way to a stall containing fresh baked goods, After purchasing some scones and conversing with the stall owner for a bit she enquires about Zeeva's where about's and what she looks like.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

After the stall owner points her out, Bertha makes a direct path to intercept Zeeva and introduce her self.

Hellooo Zeva Dear! It's delightful to meet you finally, I'm Bertha, an acquaintance of your sister who seems frightfully worried about you. Bertha pauses to look Zeeva up and down Do you eat dear? look at you your stick thin, you must look after your self better. Here have a scone. She says as she put one hand out offering a scone while shoveling a whole scone into her mouth with the other hand.

My companions and I are here to help you with your new business rivals she says as she looks around trying to find her companions and waving them over as she eventually spots them, except for the rogue which she seems disappointed to not be able to find.Perhaps you have somewhere more private we can discuss this dear?

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@zaci you sense Mitey is telling the truth.

The mites quickly rush around to grab what few personal belongings they have and they all quickly hustle out of the cavern.

You are now alone in the living quaters.

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i cant speak for anyone else bu t i think your role playing your character fine Zaci, so dont apologizes for it, it's great to see a bit of tension :P

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The White dove seems deeply saddened by the decision as his shoulders slump.

Very well, let us continue, the entrance to the inner sanctum is not to far ahead.

he then turns and starts to walk away. As you follow him the sounds of muffled sobbing from some of the captives follows you for several meters before it is replaced with the soft humming as soft vibration can be felt through the vents.

either strong magic energy or other machinery is causing the ventilation shaft to vibrate.

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yes i agree with you, your right. i have to house rule it, other wise your cleric cant channel to heal and he can only spontaneously cast inflict spells. so to avoid a rebuild or getting a new player, i'm house ruling he has chosen positive channeling.

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@Zaci your fine mate, you certainly didnt cost the group the whole bbattle and i doubt you will tpk from this encounter, maybe soon, but not now :P {insert evil laugh here}

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Here is my submission:


Hunched over barley 5ft high an elderly man from Tian Xiar stands at the docks.

His beard is mattered and covered in salt, his clothes raged and riddled with holes and his feet bare and dirty.

He waits as sailors come and go, each time a new group pass as the leave for their voyage he hears their whispers.

"That be the Jinx eater that ol'pete be talk'n bout, said if it wer'not for him they would have gone to meet besmara"
a second man chimes in
"Aye looks like the poor bugger has all the bad luck, that's a man ye needs on ye crew, keep the bad juju away from the rest of ya!"

It was true enough, Fae-Tan had know much mis-fortune in his life, being born deaf was hard enough, and being cast out on the streets as a babe once his parents figured out his defect had made for a rough stuff for an even rougher life.

Taken to a temple of Pharasma as a infant to die, Fae-Tan some how managed to survive through sheer fate, clearly Pharasma had plans for him.

As Fae-Tan entered puberty more misfortune found him, everything he touched would break in his hand, once sturdy furniture would crumble or splinter at his touch, perfectly good iron would rust, it appeared he was cursed.

News traveled of the cursed orphan around port peril and soon a superstitious captain sought him out and paid him to be a Jinx eater aboard his boat. Apparently all he had to do was come along for the voyage, no work, no fighting nothing just be there.

It seemed good fortune found this captain and they had the best plunder for many years, the captain was so please he accredited the sudden luck to his new jinx eater and Fae-Tan found that he soon had a permanent job.

Fae-Tan sailed with the captain and his crew for many years and as he matured he learnt the ways of the sea. During one particularily bad storm Fae-tan decided instead of staying below decks where he would spend the majority of the voyage he would go atop and see if he could help.

Lightning struck the main mast and cracked it asunder, the mast crashed into the deck and the rigging entangled several sailor including the captain. Seeing the captain trapped and some what injured Fae-Tan went to help him and as he touched the rope they frayed and fell apart freeing the captain.

Suddenly a loose pulley swung around in the wild seas crashing into fae-tan and the captain shattering Fae-Tans arm and bowling both of the over, Fae-Tan let out a cry of pain and then a pulse of white light exploded from him covering all of the sailor on the main deck.

All of the sailors seemed dazed for a second and then realize that their injuries, like rope burn, knocks and cuts had all but healed, most miraculous was Fae-tan's arm was no longer broken.

With renewed vigor the crew was able to secure the rigging and they all survived the storm and were able to sail the badly damaged ship to a near by port for repairs.

It has been decades since that night, and Fae-Tan still sails from time to time for superstitious captains, while stories of his bad luck and good fortune for the crews he sails with grow more wild every year.


I have used the variant multiclassing rules from unchained for a oracle/cleric

Fae-Tan the Jinx Eater
Male human (Tian-Shu) oracle (dual-cursed oracle) 1/cleric*
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init -5; Senses Perception +3
AC 11, touch 9, flat-footed 11 (+2 armor, -1 Dex)
hp 6 (1d8-2)
Fort -2, Ref -1, Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged sling -1 (1d4-2)
Special Attacks channel positive energy 7/day (DC 16, 1d6)
Oracle (Dual-Cursed Oracle) Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +7)
1st (5/day)—bless, cure light wounds, sanctuary (DC 17)
0 (at will)—detect magic, light, purify food and drink (DC 16), stabilize
Mystery Life
Str 7, Dex 9, Con 7, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 22
Base Atk +0; CMB -2; CMD 7
Feats Selective Channeling, Silent Spell, Versatile Channeler[UM]

Traits adopted, besmara's blessing, blessed touch, faith healer

Diplomacy +10,
Disable Device +3,
Heal +6,
Knowledge (history) +7,
Knowledge (nature) +4,
Knowledge (religion) +7,
Linguistics +4,
Perception +3,
Profession (sailor) +6,
Sense Motive +5,
Spellcraft +7

Languages Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Sylvan, Tien

SQ disable by touch, oracle's curses (deaf, wrecker), paranoid,
revelation (channel)

Combat Gear scroll of cure light wounds, cure light wounds, cure light wounds, cure light wounds; Other Gear leather armor, sling, bandolier, 39 gp, 5 sp
Special Abilities
Besmara's Blessing (1/week) Reroll a Profession (sailor) check and take the higher result.

Blessed Touch Heal +1 damage when using lay on hands, channeling energy, or casting a cure spell.

Deaf Fail sound-based Perception, -4 opposed Perception. All spells have Silent Spell for free.

Disable By Touch Disable Device becomes a class skill for you and you can make Disable Device checks to destroy nonmagical traps as a move action without the need to use tools or take any action beyond simply touching it.

Faith Healer Can make a Heal check weekly to earn money.

Oracle/Oracle/Oracle Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (7/day, DC 16) (Su)

Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.

Paranoid Aid Another DC 15 for attempts to help you.

Selective Channeling Exclude targets from the area of your Channel Energy.

Silent Spell Cast a spell with no verbal components. +1 Level.

Versatile Channeler Channel both positive and negative energy

Wrecker The destructive power of the Abyss and its teeming hordes of demons seeps from your very pores and into your belongings and surroundings. Held objects gain the broken condition when you use or equip them but regain their actual condition if employed

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Ok so everyone is checked in. Can EVERYONE please update your stats and have your basic stats in your Class/Race field of your profile look at Eleanora, Morgrym as example as well as the example i posted.

I would like this done asap so we can start asap.


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@Zaci thats fine to change as long as you dont go over your starting gold.

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as for the trip thing, Zaci, being a monk i'll allow it as you could just use your leg so for flavor purposes its fine.

Just a couple of restrictions if you are holding something already with your tail then i wont let you use it and if your legs are otherwise incapacitated then you wont be able to either, i imagine it working in conjunction with your body and leg movement to create significant momentum to trip.