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IQuarent wrote:
Does this mean I can use belly button fluff, a rabbit's foot, a live spider, a piece of paper, a rubber band, a common swab, or a wig as weapons that can deal damage?

If I throw a soft plush animal at you does it hurt? If I toss a metal coin at your face does it hurt?

It doesn't need to break the skin or break a bone to cause damage.

Most of what you suggest is more ridiculous than a piece of metal flying at your face.

If a throw a grape at someone a hundred times, does this mean that they would die because it's "impossible" to do less than 1 damage?

A grape. Really? Please sir go for a fruit with a tougher exterior than a grape such as a Watermelon, Honey Dew Melon, Grapefruit, or even an Apple or Orange. A grape would bounce harmlessly off, its not of the same as an apple which is actually tougher and can actually hurt more than a simple grape.

I also refer you to the following quote. Not only arrows but other items of fragile materials such as a Crystal Chakram.

Ammunition (Bow): Arrow(s), Durable wrote:
Durable arrows don’t break due to normal use, whether or not they hit their target...
Saying that any item is a valid improvised weapon that can deal damage, let alone lethal damage, is illogical.

Unlike several lines of games run by the company known as White Wolf for the World of Darkness universe where there is Bashing/Lethal/Aggravated for damage levels, in D&D/PF there is only Nonlethal and Lethal.

If it cannot do lethal damage as you suggest, it has to deal nonlethal.

Also you know whats really illogical?

IQuarent wrote:
Does this mean I can use belly button fluff, a rabbit's foot, a live spider, a piece of paper, a rubber band, a common swab, or a wig as weapons that can deal damage?

The comment in the beginning of your quote. Its nothing more than a swing at the cheap seats in a flimsy attempt of a rebuttal.

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graystone wrote:
I'll once again point towards the Table: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage. Looking at it, it is in fact possible to take damage to nothing, making the statement "Damage can never deal anything below 1 so long as their is a damage die" 100% false. Look at the table and you see 1 and - damage on the chart. A tiny 1d2 weapon deals NO damage as per the RAW chart. A coin 1/5th the weight of a shuriken should be at least 1 size smaller taking the damage from 1d2 to - and that's before you take in the fact that it's not sharp...

Diminutive Shortsword: 1d2-4 = 1.

It is literally impossible to do damage below 1 unless special conditions are used as well. I list three examples, not all of the possibilities but here they are:

1) Damage Reduction (IE: DR 1/-)
2) Nonlethal on Undead* = No Damage
3) You are attacking a Fine or Diminutive Swarm with a Weapon.

*=Not restricted To Undead, but limited to only any creature immune to nonlethal damage.

To determine the size category and appropriate damage for an improvised weapon, compare its relative size and damage potential to the weapon list TO FIND A REASONABLE MATCH. An improvised weapon scores a threat on a natural roll of 20 and deals double damage on a critical hit. An improvised thrown weapon has a range increment of 10 feet.

The only reasonable match for a coin is 1d1 or 1d2, a Shuriken.

Tactical Monkey wrote:
... (Bludgeoning) 10 Foot Range.

You have two options:

1) Make a needless new rule or to reinvent the wheel
2) Use the blanket statement rule to simplify the process and to prevent rules headache.

If you chose option 1, this is a House Rule and is thus considered invalid in any Sanctioned Play.

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It would be 1d1 (Bludgeoning) 10 Foot Range.

My Damage Rant:
As for size, I refer to the Diminutive Sprites.

Melee shortsword +0 (1d2-4/19-20)
Ranged shortbow +7 (1d2-4)
Str 3, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 10

Sure its conventional weaponry but I wanted to bring up the size, damage for dice, and the STR score.

1d2 for a Diminutive Shortsword.
3 STR (-4 Penalty)

Damage can never deal anything below 1 so long as their is a damage die, no matter how low the STR penalty. The higher the STR score, the more one can deal damage. I can toss a smoothed rock (bludgeoning) of similar size and weight to a coin and it is considered a valid Improvised Weapon to use. If I change the fluff or description of the rock to a coin... "A rose by any other name smells just as sweet".

Weight hardly has any meaning in the matter as magical materials for weapons and armor can halve that weight. Size only reduces the damage die if you go smaller, it increases in the damage die for each size category larger than medium. The second I treat something as an improvised weapon it is assigned a damage dice. No matter how out of the ordinary for conventional combat.

ALSO: This is a fantasy world created by using Fluff and Game Mechanics.
Early Guns exist.
Magic bends the law of physics.
Cthulhu exists.
Gods exist.
Divine Magic exists.
Arcane Magic exists.
Ghosts Exist.
The dead can be raised as Zombies/Skeletons.
People can be resurrected from death's doorstep.
Golems Exist.
Goblins/Orcs/Hobgoblins/Kobolds EXIST.
Alchemical Formulas used to make bombs, mutagens, and extracts... exist.
Every Cryptoid such as Sasquatch, Mothman, or a Chupacabra do indeed... exist.

If you want a realistic world, I hate to break this to you, but Pathfinder is very far removed from what we know in reality as "realistic". That is not to say that people on Golarion eat stones, drink tree sap, never sleep, and never age. Oh no its not that at all. What it is that you take OUR reality and then put it Pathfinder where the entire world gets blended with all the things that we consider SHOULD NOT HAPPEN OR CANNOT EXIST.

So I will ask you, how is it impossible that a coin can be used as a ranged improvised weapon? This is one of the most bizarre arguments I ever seen on here, right up there with the threads that talked about "Can I use my elbows/knees/feet/etc for Stunning Fist?" and how it was argued FOR AND AGAINST being able to do that IS just as baffling.

The reason why people are disbelieving the idea is simple. Shock Value. Its not normal, it works, the concept sounds ridiculous. Simply because in Pathfinder the money is treated as an abstract concept rather than a physical object. It is still used to buy goods and services, however you got people lugging around several thousand Gold Piece coins just to buy some +1 Flaming Sword.

Excuse me, I will be letting myself walk away from this as I nearly gave my headache over this bizarre topic

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Rynjin wrote:
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how a creature that has no need to breathe becomes deathly afraid of drowning, or how a creature made entirely of water (and again, with no need to breathe) deals the nonlethal damage to itself (since it's said to come from swallowing water).

The irony is strong in this spell.

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How exactly would the Hydrophobia spell work if used on a Water Elemental? I mean how would they react with the fear of drowning and that they are made entirely of water. Seeing as how Elementals maybe immune to sleep effects but they are easily affected by most other forms of mind affecting spells.

I can see this spell having some hilarious uses. The bard casts Hydrophobia on a shark or merfolk, the creature fails its safe and seeks to beach itself if possible as it is suddenly afraid of drowning and will thrash in the water as if it were drowning.

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So I got a question, does Wandering Spirit count for a Shaman's familiar? Like if your Spirit is Stone and your Wandering Spirit is Life, would the familiar get DR 5/Adamantine and Fast Healing 1?

I also just noticed the true spirit ability from Nature.
"Companion Familiar: The shaman's familiar takes the form of an animal companion (Core Rulebook 51) of her choice, using her shaman level as her effective druid level. It retains all special abilities and Intelligence score of a familiar, but also has the statistics and abilities of an animal companion. If the companion familiar is dismissed, lost, or dies, it can be replaced in the same way as a normal familiar."

So what about an Improved Familiar? Like if I had a Nosoi psychopomp. They have spell-like abilities, special qualities, DR, immunities, resistances, a special attack. Would any of that get carried on from the original familiar to their new companion form? Like if my little Psychopomp became a big T-Rex, could it still turn itself invisible at will and be immune to stuff like death/disease/poison?

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Just did a solo playtest with the Shaman on the module Master of the Fallen Fortress. I went with a level 1 Human Shaman with Tribal Scars and Toughness for feats, familiar was a Goat, Spirit was Stone, 20 CON as the highest stat for the Shaman with the remainder making 13 WIS.

Results from Adventure:
Despite the variety of threats, Billy the Mountain Goat familiar was practically a walking tank. Now this isn't a bad thing and in later levels it obviously becomes insignificant to have DR5 / Admantine. However for a little goat it was a tough cookie with its 11 HP and DR.

I sent the goat ahead of me to take out the mobs. After each fight was over I would heal Billy if he took too much damage. For the most part most of the mobs could either deal no damage or 1-3 at most, even the trap I rolled max damage on and it only did 3 points of damage. When it came to the boss, Billy took out the *omitted* of the boss and the boss took out Billy.

Its funny really. The goat only does 1d4+1, but with the sheer amount of health stacking to boost Billy's HP and the DR really made him hard to take down even in the end fight.

All in all my conclusion is that DR is fine as it is only worthwhile in the first two levels as the stats of the familiar won't really improve that significantly at all to make it overshadow an animal companion or Eidolon for that matter. At best its a great joke at first level when the Dwarf Caiman or Goat is better at taking hits than some of the more martial oriented classes when the Shaman takes the Stone Spirit.

Though I think it would be worthwhile to see an archetype similar to Beast-Bonded for the Witch.

Somewhat Unrelated to this post: I would defiantly like to see a more witch doctor oriented archetype for the Shaman.

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Benn Roe wrote:
Shaman 1) a build focused much more heavily on augmenting and improving the familiar, maybe with early access to improved familiars or an alternate list of improved familiar options (I'd love to see a similar option for the witch for that matter)

Defiantly. After all if you go with the Stone Spirit your familiar gains DR5/Adamantine at first level.

3) for that matter, a creepier or more witch-doctor-like shaman

So Juju Mystery but not as watered down as it was in Faith & Philosophies from its original counterpart or like the Orc version?

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Baron Ulfhamr wrote:
lostpike wrote:
So what methods of playing a necromancer are legal?

For now, the necromancer (as a specialist wizard) and most of the necromancy school are legal. Some necro-oriented archetypes for other classes have been banned (undead lord- cleric, vivisectionist- alchemist, etc.) and all blood drinking and flesh eating spells/feats/etc., some being on the grounds of being evil.

The whole point of this thread is simple: If these are evil, yet diabolists and Asmodeus-worshippers are not, I feel no reasonable certainty what will or won't be banned under the evil pretense.

We may actually be switching from PFS format to play Rise of the Rune Lords, with normal rules. Does that mean that PFS is entry-level only (if you want "muture content")? I hope not! I enjoy the idea of the Society, the factions, and the ongoing support for PFS. I hope this ban trend doesn't end up weeding me (or others) out.

Why yes you can play a Tiefling who is a Diabolist and worshiper of Asmodeus that hangs around the Chelaxians. Be a eater of gourmet tongues of all sorts and perhaps some other tasty "treats". You can for a price have a slave that with the right tools and reprogramming will do anything that the master wishes no matter how diabolic. You could dance on peoples graves and give no cares. Perhaps your character would like a couple extra gold pieces, you know, sell some organs you harvested for a quick copper.

What am I getting at? Nothing evil as far as the game is concerned and is part of the accepted norm in that sure some other faction may hate you for being a Chelaxian Devil though its not like playing a Sczarni is a step up from being a slimeball mobster where openly wearing your faction can get you killed like one may wear openly wear a gangs colors.

If I honestly wanted a party of Good Guys that go beat up the Bad Guys, the party might as well be just Paladins. Yeah, those guys who are the pinnacles of Goody Two-ness as far as the game is concerned when the Paladin is not just a straight up murderous jerk.

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Am I the only one who sees this in a game to game way?

Grand Lodge Captain: Stabby Mchshankerson, what is your profession?
Stabby Mchshankerson: *Eyes darting back and forth* I like to stick my knives in peoples back.
GLC: Wonderful! Your hired you little angel. Raging Maven, what is your profession?
Raging Maven: *Inaudible growls and howls*
GLC: Hmm I see, you got the spirit were looking for! Last but not least Bob Marsh, what is your profession?
Bob Marsh: Well you see I raise the dea-
GLC: You Horrible Monster! OUT THIS INSTANCE!

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Hoard as much of your points if you have your essentials.
The most common and valid reason I have heard and I have experienced is your character might die.
Once you have the essentials like potions, alchemist fire and the like, air crystals, wand for infernal healing or wand of cure [insert] wounds. If you don't have these sorts of tools that is where you should spend your PP/Gold.

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Blood for knowledge, bones for soldiers, organ feasting for power.
When the expectation is playing some form of neutral or good character there is not much to turn to if you want to break the mold. Even if the intentions behind the player is not inherently evil.

Something about cannibalism and raising the dead being automatically evil acts no matter how you frame it.

I enjoy playing my Juju Oracle even if it is the watered-down version.

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Lormyr wrote:
Tactical Monkey wrote:

(No offense intended, please read with humor)

Good lord sir! I am trying to play Pathfinder here, not law school! :p

None taken. :D

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Thinking it over I thought to myself "Why didn't they think of this?"

-How it could work-
1) Players with preexisting accounts are given a chronicle sheet via email on an Annual or Seasonal sending of the first week for Seasonal and the first month for Annual.
1a) Each Chronicle sheet is watermarked with that persons Account Name in the center to identify ownership.
1b) When a player has received one of each Seasonal they will be permanently removed from the list when it comes down to who to send the Seasonal chronicle sheets to.

2) Players who make an account after the send out time are put into a group for a Lottery Chance each month during the Season/Year.
2a) For a hypothetical estimate lets say 5 people each month are randomly given either randomly the Seasonal or Annual chronicle sheet.
2b) When that person "wins" the lottery regardless if they only obtained Seasonal or Annual, their name is removed from the Lottery Pool.

3) Seasonal Chronicles are the ones that give access to the elemental-kin at the start of each month during the first week of each season.
3a) Spring is Oread.
3b) Summer is Ifrit.
3c) Fall is Sylph.
3d) Winter is Undine.

4) Annual Chronicles are ones that give players access to the specific theme for the "Year of the [x]" adventure and are only given to players who make an accout or have a preexisting account within the first month of the new "Year of the".
4a) As an Example: Year of the Demon's Annual Chronicle sheet, will give players access to Tiefling and Aasimar exotic races.

5) Characters of Seasonal or Annual and are underneath a specific level cannot be "Grandfathered" into the next season/year.
5a) Seasonal characters must reach a minimum of at least Level 4. If a Elemental-kin character cannot it is considered "retired".
5b) Annual characters must reach a minimum of at least Level 6. For example a Tiefling that is one adventure away from Level 6, that player must find a way to increase the level to 6 or retire their character.

6) To expand the list to keep it fresh with character races the following will be added to restricted: Catfolk, Drow, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Orcs, and Ratfolk and the Changelings, Duergar, Gillmen, Merfolk, Samsarans, Strix, Svirfneblin, and Vanaras.

7) How will this affect players who missed out?
7a) Seasonal is more forgiving. If you come in at December, you will get the Undine chronicle sheet but by the start of next fall you will have obtained each seasonal. They can also obtain one via Lottery if they are lucky.
7b) Annual is harder to obtain and only given out for the first month of each new "Year of the" and they have a small Lottery chance to obtain one before the year is over.

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You smell on the side of the door of the horrid stench of rotting flesh of bitter sweet scent that has been decaying ever slowly in the sun. Roll a Fort save or be nauseated.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Its kind of unfair to new players com]ming in who may want to make a tengu.

Very true. Sad it is that it is truly please all of the audience is truly impossible. People were in uproar against seeing so many of the Aa.Ti.Te being introduced instead of the iconic core races. If my suggestion was done it would be split ends with the loyal fans who enjoy Aa.Ti.Te and like you said "be unfair to new players". If another new race is added it causes split ends with the people who went to convention/boon traded for their race only for it to become unrestricted just like how people were very annoyed that Aasimars went from Restricted to Unrestricted.

Paizo is in a real pickle when its comes to PFS and the Restricted Races.

Scarab Sages

How about if they put a capstone on the seemingly infinite number of Tiefling/Aasimar/Tengu. Like "After 4/14/2014 new Aasimars, Tieflings, and Tengus cannot be made. Preexisting Aasimar, Tiefling, and Tengu characters before this date are still playable until retired. The new unrestricted races are [X], [Y], [Z]."

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I would like to see another race open up. Maybe a Fetchling or a Ratfolk.

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Patrick Harris @ MU wrote:
Tactical Monkey wrote:
So I can be a Half-Elf Paladin (Stonelord, Dwarf Only) or a Half-Orc Druid (Treesinger, Elf Only) because I took the Racial Heritage feat? Interesting.

As written, yes.

In PFS, no.

I'm good with either option, I just don't like this in-between state.

Huh. Sounds like the feat should either be banned or become a rare boon that works as intended.

If I wanted to be redundant in PFS I could be a Half-Elf with Racial Heritage (Elf) and just have a second iteration of my racial trait. In a home-campaign I could be the wiser and be a Half-Elf with Racial Heritage (Elf) so I could go Magus (Spell Dancer).

Scarab Sages

So I can be a Half-Elf Paladin (Stonelord, Dwarf Only) or a Half-Orc Druid (Treesinger, Elf Only) because I took the Racial Heritage feat? Interesting.

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You got to watch the movie to understand Momo Kimura's point. Her point being it wouldn't be true to the character it is being based off. Its like giving Conan the Barbarian the ability to cast spells.

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Albatoonoe wrote:

Also, I wouldn't say that the wolves are the typical animal companion. They are intelligent, oversized wolves that work in conjunction with her. It's more like something offered by Leadership.

That's one problem with making existing characters is that you can't really make the character right until a certain level. a 1st level character is laughably amateur and they don't get really heroic until level 5 or so.

Pretty much. Any Joe Shmoe can lift a sword and rage, but fewer reach the true peaks of potential and become masters at their craft. Any fool could try to pick a lock, but there are experienced veterans out there who can do it in their sleep.

I do agree with her having Leadership.

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What exactly do you want help with? Spell choices? Alternate racial trait choices? How do you envision your Watersinger?

Scarab Sages

I suppose what surprised me the most when I looked at the stat blocks for each given subrace was that the Bears or the Pigs didn't get Ferocity but the Sharks and Crocs did.

Scarab Sages

I will got to agree that Distraction is very good for AOE spammers like Alchemists and Wizards. I don't really know how to interpret what it should and shouldn't be able to be used with. Like Natural Weapons, Unarmed Strikes, Manufactured Weapons, Damaging Spells. Speaking of Unarmed Strikes it would work well with a Monk on their flurry.

Plus Momo's above example is just one character in a party. Which adds further annoyances to whoever is GMing. As it depends on the party.
A) Everyone is doing their own thing and may have the luck of having some well coordinated tricks up their sleeves.
B) Everyone is a focused group that has several intentional tricks up their sleeves and can cover each others weaknesses.

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Okay so I got to wait till Bab +5 to get it which is good to know as I thought it would be a bit silly if one could get the Bloodmarked Flight feat earlier on.

Hmm it doesn't say the specifics for the wings. I get the feeling that Paizo wanted it to be like Man Bat from the Batman universe. (

That Surprise Combatant feat for Tigers can come in very handy especially if your character has a reasonably good bluff skill which means possibly a rogue or possibly a very charismatic barbarian.

Thank you Feros for the information. Its been very helpful and a good tie-over for its release.

Scarab Sages

Hmm the Rats and the Crocs got some very cool stuff.
Say Feros. For the Werebats, was there any prerequisites for the feat that gave them the ability to fly? Also what sort of wings are we talking about? The ones that replace your arms or the ones that sprout out your back?

Scarab Sages

Feros wrote:
-4, and no it is a set level that does not accumulate. The wereshark-kin have some extra traits for combat maneuvers and swimming. They have some Magus Arcana that are complementary.

Magus Arcana, not exactly the subrace I would have pegged for but it does sound interesting.

Wererats I can easily see being the most annoying Alchemists what with getting the monster rule Distraction whenever they would deal damage.

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How bad are the Social Penalties? Like are we talking -1 to -3 penalties? Does it accumulate over time till your THAT Werebeast with the -20 to social interaction?

I wonder this as I wouldn't mind being in my shifter form for most of the time.

Also did the sharks get any cool stuff for like Feats or Class stuff? As they do look to be promising choice if I wanted to play Ranger, Inquisitor, or Monk.

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DeciusNero wrote:
"Devil's Advocate" wrote:
DeciusNero wrote:
Forgive me; my primary exposure to Shifters are from MM3. Still, I would like most of the racial stuff to be included in the race, and not just in feats.
No worries, I was just curious what you meant?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope Paizo does something of their own thing with it instead of an alternate version of the shifter.

I'd like their ability to shift/change something more than "+2 natural armor for a limited time per day", and be something that defines the race distinctly, depending on their heritage (as listed in the production description); like a wolf heritage having a couple of perks that the bear doesn't (and vice versa).

Hm, not sure how to explain it...

I am sure there will be a variation of each one that make them distinct enough to be interesting while maintaining what I can only assume a werewolf themed race.

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Hmm okay. I was thinking of retraining its 3rd level feat so it knew Improved Unarmed Strike so it could then learn Dragon Style to be better at charging stuff. As I am dipping into Cavalier for an Axe Beak (got the paperwork for it) and since it is my fifth level I was thinking of taking Boon Companion which increases the ACs effective level by +4 at most making it a 5th Level Axe Beak, its 4th level Ability Point Increase going into Intelligence. Though if it is not allowed to be done that way then that is all right.

Scarab Sages

Simply I was wondering if I could retrain a feat my animal companion has for the amount of prestige it would take.

Scarab Sages

Okay that makes much more sense when trying to give the sheets out.
Thank you very much CRobeldo

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So I am prepping up to run the AP: ROW Part 1 (Snows of Summer) in PFS.
My question is related to the Additional Resources for what is and what is not allowed. Like if the PC has that paperwork, are they allowed to obtain the SoM magic item?

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How are they going to do the Shaman that is Oracle and Witch?
I mean on one half you got a Divine Spontaneous Spellcaster and a Arcane Spellbook Spellcaster. I hope they will go for mish/mash of the two.

Like you have your familiar that acts the spells you have access to, but you can cast them in a spontaneous way.

Or perhaps like how Kobold Press did their version of the Shaman in that

unlike a druid or cleric, a shaman need not prepare his spells in advance. He can cast any spell he knows at any time, assuming he has not yet cast all spells per day for that spell level. Shamans need no divine focus to cast spells, even for ones with divine focus (DF) listed as a component.

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I would like to see a Warlord class (Bard+Barbarian). Based on the concept of a strong leader, both charismatically and physically, leading his men into battle while providing morale bonuses.

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Dunnno, having two or more gunslingers in the same party is pretty fun.

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I decorate my stony mask to look like a Razmirian one... because my PFS character is in fact a False Priest (sorcerer) that is working on becoming a Razmirian Priest. After all, priests of Razmir are always wearing a mask, this Razmirian Priest is just very good at telling lies... for some reason. To further the fact, I refluffed the Armor of the Pit feat for my Tiefling that grants him a +2 Nat AC bonus so it gives his skin a stony-look to it by really causing stuff like this to happen:

Commoner: Take off that stony mask!
Amadeus: *Takes off his mask to reveal... a face that appears to be made of stone just like his mask of stony demeanor and decorated just like the mask*

The mask doesn't disappear, it just makes your face appear to be made out of stone.

Also yes, lying is great with the mask on since the question for me has always been: When will I ever need to take my mask off?
Answer: Never, unless specifically asked to.

Though I found a fun bit of roleplaying that my Razmirian Priest is a great liar, however he is very terrible at truth telling which is only a +4 to diplomacy, which I just rationalize that my character is a Compulsive Liar.

Its not that OP IMHO. It changes the characters way of talking, looking, and displaying emotions. If a very charismatic bard if a deep melodic voice with a face that usually expresses confidence decides to wear the mask and starts bluffing with it, something is up because he now sounds monotone and he no longer displays the same confidence in his facial expression.

Mechanically that example wouldn't normally factor in. However since the game is about RP to an extent, the mask does alter much of who the character is just by speech/face/expression.

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1:2 guess: Lesser werewolves
2:2 guess: Partial adaption of Hengeyokai (Dog)

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In addition, the alchemist gains fast healing 1 as long as he is in an area of bright light (such as sunlight or inside the area of a daylight spell).

If sunrods could produce bright light the alchemist would have a reliable means. Well they can of course with the Equipment Trick feat, but to get the Sunrod to produce bright light it requires five ranks in craft (alchemy), so level 5, the feat itself requires +1BAB, and it takes a full round action to tamper with the sunrod to make it glow so brightly for one hour instead of four.

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Hmm, thank you all for the suggestions. All of the suggestions were very helpful. Now I got a better idea of what to go for when playing a Wizard. Thank you.

@ Son of Dad: Hmm those do sound like some like interesting spell choices. Also quite funny with the familiar.

@ Kurthnaga: Been waiting here as well for the Scarred Witch Doctor to become legal, but still hasn't come to be. Mostly because Orcs are still not legal for PFS. Wand of Magic Missle sounds like a handy doodad.

@ Sir Thugsalot: I will give the guide a read as explosions are indeed fun.

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Honestly when I looked at Wizards and how badly nerfed they got in the PFS style of playing, I really didn't give them a second thought. Now I feel like playing them and really giving them a shot and am wondering what would be the best way to play an Elf Wizard in PFS without being a bit underpowered compared to other casters in the party.

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For starters the Urban Barbarian archetype. They can enter a controlled rage which gives them their choice of +4 STR/DEX/ or CON for the remainder of the controlled rage.

Alchemist can with an alchemcial bonus eat a Mutagen to get a +4 bonus to dex, a +2 natural armor, and -2 wisdom.

all I can think of at this moment, so late at night.

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@ Quandry: Whoops, my bad. Misread.

However you can be a Sohei 10/Samurai 3/Dragoon 7
Reason? Lances are under the spear family, Sohei can flurry and Ki Strike any weapon under the spear family. At 10th level a Sohei can Ki Strike with a Lance to make it Magic/Cold Iron/Silver/Lawful and can even spend a ki point to give it a +2 weapon enhancement for that turn.

You could also be a Sohei 6/Samurai 3/Dragon 7/Paladin 4 (Oath of Vengeance) considering that Oath of Vengeance can allow trading of two uses each of Lay on Hands for an extra usage Smite Evil. Plus Smite ignores every DR in the game and does bonus damage and gives a bonus to hit.

Scarab Sages

Strange indeed.
A double weapon that can have two separate +10s worth in weapon enhancements. The staff form could easily be a +5 Bane (Elemental)[+1], Neutralizing[+1], Mimetic[+1], Planar[+1], Quenching[+1]. Which would be good if the character is all about taking down Earth and Fire Elementals.

Though wait. Are we treating the two inner blades as one double weapon or two separate weapons themselves in addition to the quarterstaff being treated as it own weapon but are all part of one weapon?

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"It just raises to many questions."
- Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne (Movie: Batman Forever)

Defiantly a FAQ candidate IMHO.

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Mostly just fluff for Whispering Way, it does talk a small bit about what archetypes, prestige classes, and feats go well with the Whispering Way.

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Juju Zombies still exist in the book. I do recommend reading the "Ensnare the Soul" revelation for the Juju mystery even if it doesn't actually make zombies.

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Yep, for six feats you can have an animal companion and familiar who are both equal to your level.

Though the JuJu Oracle was defiantly worth a read.

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Thank you very much.

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