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I am currently looking to start a homebrew campaign for Pathfinder that involves integrating story, technology, and fluff from the Stargate franchise into the Golarion setting that we know and love, and I plan on using the existing Stargate RPG (which already runs on D20) as a basis. Problem is, I have no idea how to actually write such a setting, much less get players interested. Could somebody help me out?

So far, I only have a few possible templates to build off of;
- Milky Way Galaxy, pre-Tau'ri (before the 1st Stargate movie even takes place)
- Milky Way Galaxy, post-Ori (following the events of Stargate SG-1, season 10)
- Alternate Universe/Timeline (nobody from Earth, period)
- Pegasus Galaxy (post Lantean-Wraith War)
- Pegasus Galaxy (mid-war)
- Stargate Universe (a random galaxy that Destiny had passed through at some point)


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What items would somebody need to hunt or fight different types of oozes, such as grey oozes?

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Hi. I am currently working on a multitude of different fan projects, you may or may not be familiar with my attempt to create a D20 Tron roleplaying game, or my attempt to do a Pathfinder conversion of Shadowrun.

Currently, I am working on something else altogether, and I wanted some help doing some world building for my non-canon, non-profit project; it takes place in the Golarion setting, but is actually a "parody" of a series of videogames that I enjoy very much. Here is the overall plot that I came up with:

The Premise:
The Technic League, the big bads from Numeria (and PFS Season 6) want to establish a foothold in Absalom. However, they don't want to do this through brute force and warfare, but instead through subterfuge and pulling strings, building trust, that sort of thing. Their plan? Introduce technology to the people of the Inner Sea Region in a way where they could still control it's distribution and have lots of power, but gain lots of attention and support; to accomplish this feat, they decided to invent an entirely new sport that takes advantage of their combined technological and thaumaturgical prowess.

By combining technology and magic to create high-speed vehicles and massive-but-intricate construction projects, they have just introduced the Early-Industrial societies of the Inner Sea region to Anti-Gravity racing, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Before I can flesh out my idea any further though, I wanted to know as much as possible about the politics, lore and factions of the Inner Sea region, like why each participating faction of the Pathfinder Society would want to establish a team to compete, or how it would affect the overall development of society within the Inner Sea Region, particularly in Absalom. (And also, why the Technic League wants to gain control of Absalom in the first place.)

For all of that, I need help from the Paizo community. I am an avid player of Pathfinder Society, but I am not too experienced when it comes to the actual Golarion fluff.

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Does Pathfinder Society use rules for Encumbrance and Armor Check Penalty? I am asking because these rules tend to cripple a lot of options for potential builds, but based on my experience with organized play, few GMs seem to acknowledge them, which makes me wonder if they are even necessary.

Thanks in advance!

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I was wanting to do an Arcane Trickster build, but I was wondering if it could be done using Oracle instead of Sorcerer and Unchained Rogue versus normal Rogue.

My reasoning:
- Depending on which Mystery you pick, Oracles do get their hands on 2nd-Level Arcane spells as bonus spells. Example; Flame Mystery giving you Resist Energy and Fireball.
- Depending on which Curse you pick, Oracles do get Mage Hand.
- Unchained Rogues are better than normal Rogues, aside from having a more limited selection of Rogue Talents.
- Oracles get more hit points and skill points per level than Sorcerers, and they can cast Cure/Inflict spells.

The prerequisites for Arcane Trickster;
- Must be able to cast Mage Hand
- Must be able to cast a 2nd-Level Arcane Spell
- Must do 2d6 or greater Sneak Attack damage (do Unchained Sneak Attacks count?)
- Must have at least four ranks in each of the following skills: Escape Artist, Disable Device, and Knowledge Arcana.

Would I be able to get away with such a build, particularly within PFS rules?

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Introducing Prismatic Bolt!

Prismatic Bolt is a new cantrip that was developed for multiple reasons:
1 - To replace the many cantrips that are used to cause the same amount of damage, but in different types, keeping the spell list tidy and allowing you to equip the cantrips that matter.
2 - To provide a last-ditch spell that can be used when you run out in the midst of several high-level encounters and don't have any weapons or higher-level spells that do the right damage type.
3 - To provide a cantrip that can do either Force, Fire or Aether damage, since as of yet only Acid, Lightning and Cold are available.

Level: 0
School: Conjuration
Class: Any Arcane

Casting Time: One Action
Duration: Instantaneous
Components: Somatic, Material (A clear prism)

Effect: One Missile, Ranged-Touch (automatic Crit if target is within melee range, in the event you are mad enough to risk an Attack of Opportunity)
Range: 25' + 2.5'-level

Damage: 1d3 + 1/2-level
Damage Types: Force/Aether/Lightning/Acid/Cold/Fire

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The pregen characters feel like they are underbuilt, terribly unoptimized, especially at 7th level. I was wondering if anybody here had suggestions on how to improve them, such as converting Merisel to Unchained and changing her Favored Class Bonuses from Hit Points to Skill Points, or changing Seoni's Favored Class Bonuses to extra spells known.

If these pregen characters could be updated using the expanded material from the various rulebooks and then put up here on the website, I would be ecstatic.

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I am about to RSVP for a Level 5-9 adventure, but my character is only level six and there is a Level 9 Sorcerer in the party. Would I be allowed to use a Level 7 pregenerated character, or would I have to risk the character that is only one XP from Level 7?

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I have a question: If I am wearing a +1 suit of armor and I drink a potion of Mage Armor, would I still benefit from the +1 since it is an Enhancement Bonus, and not an Armor Bonus, or would it just be an Enhancement Bonus to the Armor Bonus? I am actually a little confused here.

Similarly, if I were to wear Adamantine Armor and cast Mage Armor, would I still get the Damage Reduction?

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I am looking to convert the Kitsune to 5E, but I do not know enough about PF Tia vitally accomplish that. Could anybody help me out with this?

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Just curiosity here, but how would you build and play a character who was physically disabled in such a way that he could not walk without magical or technological assistance, and as such their mobility were restricted to a chair on wheels? Would the chair be a gnomish construct that could move with levers/pedals, or would somebody else have to push it? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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I think it would be very handy if we got email notifications whenever we got private messages, somebody posted on one of our threads, or a thread that we are subscribed to got updated. As for forum signatures (and custom avatars, with moderation) would also breathe a bit more life into this forum.

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Due to school starting back up, I am afraid that I will no longer have time to keep playing Pathfinder, so I want my last game to be a memorable one and I would like to communicate with the GM in advance. Any suggestions for how I could go out in a blaze of glory, preferably without actually killing my character?

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I bought some exotic Dungeon Crawl Classics dice for novelty's sake, and I wanted to make use of them for my home game. As such, I have decided the following feats.
The difference between Advantage and using Exotic Dice is that with the latter, you actually have the potential to increase your rolls, but with the former you just improve your chances without increasing your maximum; I got the idea of Advantage from D&D 5th Edition.

D30 and Advantage Feats
-> Paranormal Reflexes [D30]
Prerequisite: Uncanny Reflexes
Effect: Roll a D30 on Initiative and Reflex Saves

-> Uncanny Reflexes [D24]
Prerequisite: Level 5+ or mythic
Effect: Roll a D24 on Initiative and Reflex Save

-> Walking Encyclopedia [D30, D24]
Prerequisite: Level 5+ or Mythic
Effect: D30 roll on one Knowledge skill of your choice, D24 roll on two others

-> Walking Encyclopedia (Greater) [D30, D24]
Prerequisite: Walking Encyclopedia
Effect: D30 roll on two Knowledge skills of your choice, D24 roll on three others

-> Contortionist [D30]
Prerequisite: Level 7+, Mythic, or GM Discretion
Effect: D30 roll on three DEX skills of your choice

-> Can You Confirm? [Advantage]
Effect: Roll twice when confirming a Critical Success, and take the better result

-> Multithreaded Mind [Advantage]
Effect: Roll twice on Initiative, Sense Motive or Perception and take the better result
Prerequisite: Level 5+, Mythic or Android

-> Tough on the Inside [Advantage]
Effect: Roll twice on a Fortitude Save or Constitution Check and take the better result

-> Warrior's Fortitude [Misc]
Effect: Allows you to roll a Percentile (50% chance) to avoid suffering extra damage from a Critical Hit or a Sneak Attack, and to avoid instant death from a Coup de Grace.

- - - - -

Thoughts, anybody?

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If anyone here is familiar with the Mega Man X series, then I probably do not need to continue, but for those who are not (or if you feel like seeing how I adapted it for PF), then I present the background;

Reploids are a type of android that have a special capability built-in to them, using lost technology of unspecified origin. This technology grants them the ability to feel emotions, to experience free will as any organic humanoid would. However, the technology is not perfect, and it can lead to complications later down the road. Reploids have a tendency to go bonkers, be it a result of a virus or even just a traumatic experience.

Racial Traits modified:
- Constructed: Unlike normal androids, Reploids can be influenced by any emotion-based affect such as Fear, Charm spells or Morale Bonuses.

Racial Traits replaced:
- Emotionless: Reploids do not suffer a penalty to Sense Motive checks.

Flaws Gained:
- Maverick: Reploids tend to experience behavioral glitches, such as going into a rage (minus the boost to strength and constitution) and becoming Confused upon being brought to half a single HD worth of health or upon suffering a critical hit.
- Doubt: Reploids who fail an Ability Check will have to make a Will Save (DC 15 - Charisma Modifier) also suffer a -4 Penalty on all further will checks for 2d4 hours.

Ability Scores:
+2 to Intelligence and Dexterity
-2 to Wisdom (as opposed to Charisma)

- - - -

Edit: I apparently did not notice the Empathy feat. Derp.

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There is nothing in the rules that says you cannot create an Android character that is a Sorcerer or an Oracle, but since they are technological beings (whether they're living things is strongly debatable, though I support that they are), would it even make sense? Is so, what mysteries/curses/bloodlines would make sense?

Also, I know that Android Oracles/Sorcerers would probably be discouraged in gameplay due to their Charisma penalty, but that is what those magic headbands are for.

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When you select Aether as your element, what would you get for Elemental Movement?

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Does anybody here like to play music while at the table? Be it atmosphere for a city, ambience for a dungeon, epic overtures for the long stretches of exploration and/or sick beats for a battle?

If you do play music at the table, what are some examples? Recently, I have been playing Chrono Trigger music whenever a battle starts.

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Does the Natural Armor bonus only apply in water, or is it constant? Same with the tail attack.

Also, if I were doing a homebrew campaign and a character either already has a tail or has more than one tail, then as a GM could I give them extra tail attacks?

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I was wondering how I could theoretically make a certain quartet of young adventurers in Pathfinder, using the classes from ACG, APG, Ultimate Combat, Unchained and so on, as well as using third party additions like the Gestalt template from the 3.5 SRD, or the Mythic system.

I also want to make the four characters have some form of connection to eachother from a gameplay standpoint, but unless I chose to allow playable races/classes to be used as Familiars/Animal Companions, I am completely clueless as to this.

A side-note:
Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap is officially a Four Swords prequel, and in that game each of the four colors for Link (green, red, blue and purple) came from Air, Fire, Water and Earth respectively. Would it be possible to make each of the four Links just slightly different from eachother gameplay wise (aside from different elements) without disturbing a delicate balance between them?

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If I were to multiclass and pick the same bloodline for both classes, would bloodline abilities keep progressing at a more-or-less sane pacing? Things like elemental resistance and bonus spells?

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Greetings, programs!

I am working on a roleplaying game that I am currently calling Processors and Programs, which is supposed to be a fanmade roleplaying game on running on a reasonably modified version of Pathfinder's refined D20 system (built using more dice, like the D30, as well as to encourage things like multiclassing), based in a variant of the TRON setting.

I started this project a few months ago, but so far I have not had much luck actually making the game; I am still yet to have even basic stats and classes available for anything, much less having a functional prototype to present to my local GM for playtesting.

For reference, I have no plans to make any money off of this, especially not as long as there is a large company ready to either steal my idea, sue me, or both, should I even try to squeeze a dime of profit out of this. As such, this will entirely be at my own expense, entirely non-profit. Mr. Flynn would want it that way.

So far, all I have decided on is... Well, not a lot to be honest. I do have a Google Drive document and a completely inactive Skype group, but that is about it right now. If anybody is willing to help me make classes and to help me crunch numbers, that would be much appreciated.

You will have to private message me if you want a link to the document, and if want to make changes, then you'll have to give me your email address to. I promise I will not use your email address to contact you for anything that is not related to the project, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Remember, this thread is as much a call for help as it is a place for discussion and development, so I want you to post frequently, and if you have a Skype then I may invite you to my chat room.

End of Line.

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I kept seeing people mention this on a few threads, and I was wondering what the Mythic system was. Can somebody explain it to me in as simple a fashion as possible, then go into the finer details?

All I know about it is that it does seem not follow standard progression rules.

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A friend of mine wants to bring his Alchemist character to Level 3, but also wants to give multiclassing a shot so that he can be more capable in defense. What would you all suggest that would go along with Alchemist?

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I took up Pathfinder recently, and one of my relatives also took up Shadowrun. I have looked it over, and while I definitely want to play and admire the amount of work that has gone into the atmosphere, I am not too fond of the system it runs on; for instance, only D6's are used, and the way combat is handled is completely different (there aren't even tabletop minatures, and Shadowrun was first made by a company whose flagship product at the time was tabletop ONLY).

I did find a document where some people tried to convert Shadowrun to the d20 Modern system, but it was abandoned a few years ago, being half-finished. In addition, it was based on Shadowrun 3rd Edition.

Is there anyone on here that would like to get 4th/5th Edition Shadowrun converted to the Pathfinder version of d20? (Seeing Pathfinder's spells, monsters and playable races in a Shadowrun setting would actually be very interesting. Rust monsters destroying old sports cars and prismatic walls blocking off UAVs, for instance.)

The Shadowrun D20 document that I found is on my computer right now, so if anybody wants to look at it to get the Shadowrun/Pathfinder thing started then just ask me for my email via a private message.

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One of the reasons that multiclassing seems unappealing to so many people, based on my observations, is that quite a few classes give you identical abilities and bonus feats, like two different classes that give you "Martial Weapon Proficiency (All)", which means that sometimes when you decide to multiclass for whatever reason you end up crippling yourself by inhibiting your character's potential. I was thinking; why not implement a quick system where, whenever you multiclass, you can replace duplicate bonus feats with other bonus feats (within reason)? For instance, a Sorcerer who takes a level in Monk could replace the duplicate "Simple Weapon Proficiency" with "Combat Casting" or "Improved Initiative".

Just food for thought, I am curious as to what you all think about this.

P.S.: This is my first post on the message boards, please don't be too hard with the criticism.