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Is there an updated Smuz and Bizbee? I've been informed that there is but I cannot see it anywhere.

Hi all,

I'm just about to run this in 2 ish hours.

Is it me or are a lot of the DC of skill checks missing? Especially in the earlier parts, it tries to make Diplomacy harder by making the skill + 10, however it does not give me the DC.

For example, on Page 13, it says the DC to convince Melnat to reveal information is +15, however I cannot find the base DC at all.

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81 - Glue yourself on top of Squealy Nord.

(My character did do this in We Be Goblins Too! in jealousy of one of the other characters passing their Handle Animal to control him)

If you have ranks in Intimidate then Cornugon Smash is always appreciated in a Vital Strike build.

I do have a relative fear of Starfinder killing off our local PFS group.

We regularly had 3 tables of PFS until Starfinder's release, now we barely have 1 table of PFS a week.

I'm hoping that it'll recover soon but not optimistic currently.

On the ranged / face front, I would suggest a Warpriest, they generally excel at Ranged combat. Maybe a Rougarou? It could lead to some fun conversations in your party between you and the catfolk monk.

I would generally not take another 9th level caster here.

From your chassis' that you have provided, I would lean towards the bard.

That is something that will need to be corrected on Archives then, where it is currently listed as not legal.

In_digo wrote:

Okay there's definitely stuff here that didn't even come close to crossing my mind. Thank you for this! Water being a scarcity was something that I wanted to play up, and exactly how that effects the creatures and societies and how they interact.

Razoack wrote:

Is there a max level that they may reach on this planet? (Could suggest a few higher CR mobs as final threats / Enemies if they stray to ice caps etc)

I'm hoping to have the players travel off this planet by around level 5-6, mostly because the end goal is for them to find their way to Golarion with an artifact. But I mean, as a homebrew, realistically the players could find any number of reasons to stay longer if they make it work (or even return to the planet). I guess it wouldn't be the worst idea to be prepared for that.

No problem In_digo. I saw the 5-6 but assumed that was going to be the majority of their time but didn't know if they would hit 7th perhaps.

If you wanted to have some creatures in the snow region a Remorhaz could be interesting but not terribly difficult (it is a Huge creature CR 7 though so might be epic for level 5/6 characters to face).

Ice Trolls can be easy fodder (CR 4), but still regional.

If you wanted something slightly higher, you could fight a Frost Worm (CR 12), a Svathurim (CR 11) or a Shantak (CR 8 but would fit with your idea of planetary travel)

Phast wrote:

Deadshot +2 (Ex)

Class Ability (Fighter)
At 3rd level, when a crossbowman attacks with a crossbow as a readied action, he may add 1/2 his Dexterity bonus (minimum +1) on his damage roll. This ability replaces armor training 1.

What's a readied attack? Locked and loaded?

"Readying an Action

You can ready a standard action, a move action, a swift action, or a free action. To do so, specify the action you will take and the conditions under which you will take it. Then, anytime before your next action, you may take the readied action in response to that condition. The action occurs just before the action that triggers it. If the triggered action is part of another character’s activities, you interrupt the other character. Assuming he is still capable of doing so, he continues his actions once you complete your readied action. Your initiative result changes. For the rest of the encounter, your initiative result is the count on which you took the readied action, and you act immediately ahead of the character whose action triggered your readied action.

You can take a 5-foot step as part of your readied action, but only if you don’t otherwise move any distance during the round.

You choose to ready an attack if an enemy comes in range. When that enemy comes in range, your attack action triggers and you get to add Deadshot to that attack.

Basically, you do not get to use this with a normal attack / full attack if you have multiple attacks.

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Kasatha would probably fit as a humanoid race, due to their Nomadic tendencies. Gnolls too.

To go with desert creatures: Dust Diggers, Behir, Lamia.

Is there a max level that they may reach on this planet? (Could suggest a few higher CR mobs as final threats / Enemies if they stray to ice caps etc)

I wouldn't mind someone updating this, as I'm looking to build a Holy Vindicator of Sifkesh (Stigmata flavour!) but have no idea where to go.

Shelyn. So beautiful that almost all deities are on good terms with her.

After a PFS scenario, I've been really intrigued by Sifkesh and have been tempted to try and build a Holy Vindicator of Sifkesh

I've currently got a tri-class character and while they are rare they can be quite effective.

Gecko Cavalier

Sohei Monk 2/ Dragoon Fighter 2/ Hunter X

This appears as a Kasatha only option as a Ranger Archetype - Bow Nomad.

http://archivesofnethys.com/ArchetypeDisplay.aspx?FixedName=Ranger Bow Nomad

It does state that this is up to GM Discretion if it is allowed to be used with other 4 armed races.

It also states that Rapid Shot / Multishot would only apply to 1 bow.

Just wanted to quickly ask, how do you get to use 2 Archetypes for Blood Rager at the same time?

For copying handwriting, isn't this part of the purpose of the Linguistics skill?

Lady-J wrote:
then bolt ace is the next best thing and so what if there is already a paladin if they both have different rolls in combat one melee the other ranged shouldn't make a difference

I'm going to guess that it's a no on reading the OPs post, There is already a ranged paladin, they are not looking for another ranged character.

Walter Sheppard wrote:

So first of all, this sounds like a specific situation that arose in a game you played in. If that's the case, more details are warranted to give an accurate response.

Generally speaking, for the skill checks asked at the start of the scenario to gather background information on the scenario in question, all of those skill checks are valid options. Each PC may make each skill check asked. As you say, you may not remember the history, but the geography.

I have never been at a table where the GM has limited a PC to only one skill check during the post-briefing skill check phase of a scenario.

From what I understand from the post, this isn't the checks to get information (such as Knowledge Local, etc) at the start of the scenario but this is to notice something.

e.g. The PCs can find something if they make a DC 20 Perception or Survival check.

Correct me if I am wrong N N 959 but I believe this was the question you were asking?

Hi all,

Basically as the title says, could I get a sort of beginners version on how to build / play a shaman? I've been playing PFS for a couple of years but every time I try to build a shaman it just becomes overwhelmingly confusing and I give up.

It's also something that a few of the people at my local lodge have attempted to do but also given up on.

My (very) basic understanding is that a lot of their power is in their flexibility with spirits, but even this aspect confused me.


Just regarding the last point, if you wanted to run a character that was more a snake man than lizard man wouldn't a Nagaji be a better fit than a Reptoid?

I too am confused about the reluctance to run evergreens. One I always recommend for new players is We Be Goblins.

Quentin Coldwater wrote:
Razoack wrote:

So this was a while ago on my first character

** spoiler omitted **

Needless to say I haven't lived it down yet.

** spoiler omitted **

Exactly! I would tend on the side of brilliant, as this kept us guessing at what the scenario would throw at us.

Definitely one of my favourites.

LG - Apsu - A being that truly cares about life, to the point where he has no Oracles.
LN - Irori - The ideal of self perfection through discipline.
LE - Zon-Kuthon. just.... is there any other?
NG - Shelyn - Just the idea of beauty in the world, so much so that she has no enemies (bar Rovagug)
N - Pharasma - The ideal that death is not evil
CG - Cernunnos - No idea why. Just do.
CN - Sun Wukong - Because it's a god of drinking and partying that isn't Cayden Cailean.
CE - Nocticula

So I just thought I'd give you a list of my current characters and the one's ive got waiting. I've been playing PFS for roughly 2 years(?)

Lvl 12 Half Orc Sorcerer (Infernal) - Has a pet hedgehog called Mr Prickles as he was jealous he didn't have a familiar (my first character)
Lvl 4 Human Fighter - first attempt at a min max build, effectively retired as I found it boring.
Lvl 10 Elf Magus - Emerald Spire character, Dervish Dance build
Lvl 10(?) Oread Warpriest of Shelyn - My first attempt at multiclassing, 1 level dip of Bloodrager for rage, MS and being full BAB
Lvl 5 Ifrit Wizard - Blaster build with Sorcerer dip
Lvl 4 Halfling Gecko Knight (Hunter 1, Dragoon Fighter 2, Sohei 1) - CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE

Characters I'm going to make

Human Self Perfection Psychic - first attempt at going into the occult classes, no one in my area has built a psychic so I've planned one.

Half Orc Skald - Currently playing through Skull & Shackles in campaign mode, so as a tribute this character will be a crew member who performs by regaling with tales of what happened.

Sylph Brown Fur Transmuter Arcanist - Idea is to pass off Monstrous Physiques and generally be a control / buff caster.

I generally tend to shy away from "normal" races (as you can probably tell) and that I prefer casting.

If you have any suggestions on what I should play let me know!

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So this was a while ago on my first character

The Mantis' Prey:
So when the medusa surrenders to the characters, my sorcerer cast Suggestion on it to reveal the Red Mantis' plan and for her to reveal herself.

Lo and behold, it was a medusa. I was immediately petrified.

Needless to say I haven't lived it down yet.

for AoO, once you've provoked the AoO, you would no longer have concealment right? Therefore if you say charged someone who had reach, they would make their AoO and when you go to swing you would no longer have concealment?

That's how I read it anyway.

Rysky wrote:
It's not up on any of the sites yet. It's a pretty good Bloodline, get bonuses to your healing when you're in contact with fire and Channel, and Fourshadow pointed out some of the cools spells :3

No problem, I look forward to it appearing soon then :)

Sorry to Necro but does anyone have a copy of the Solar Bloodline or a link to it? I would like to read the bloodline before I potentially buy the book

Shakalaka wrote:
90% sure that Dervish Dance doesn't work with Spell Combat anymore

Since when? I haven't seen any changes for either recently.

Kileanna wrote:
In The Wormwood Mutiny I think there were some rules for some piratical entertainments. There was also a card game in the third book if I recall correctly.

Correct. In the third book you basically play a version of Liars Dice.

The first book has basic games, including arm wrestling and throwing something (I can't remember what it was exactly).

I'm only up to part way through book 3 so I don't know what appears later, but at some point previously in the campaign there were simplified drinking game rules

Not me, but someone I have GM'd for in PFS.

He managed to panick a Shemhazian Demon by intimidating it and making it flee for one round.

As it is not an actual encounter (if you've played the scenario you know it's a hazard), I have not been more confused on how to proceed.

Ascalaphus wrote:

Kasatha clashes a little bit with the out-of-the-box version of the AP, but it's something a GM can work with.

The Techslinger has some abilities that let her work better with timeworn firearms, but they cost a lot of grit and don't let you really fix it up.

The big downside is that you have to specialize in specific firearms. And you're likely to keep finding different, better firearms. Because getting exactly the same loot but of slightly higher grade would have been boring.

So you're much better off with a class that gets the all-important dex bonus to firearm damage on all firearms. (Like the Savage Technologist). Then if one gun blows up you can just switch to the next one. Use them until they break, like a true barbarian :)

Ahh I see what you mean.

I haven't read into the Technology guide yet (this won't be starting for a few months yet) but i'll take a look into the Savage Technologist then. I honestly just presumed this was a melee class so didn't look at it.

Ascalaphus wrote:

Are you sure about the techslinger? They're a bit disappointing as gunmen go, because they buckle down on a single gun type. I find the Savage Technogist barbarian to be much better at the same job.

As for interesting races.. I'd consider half-orc, ratfolk (possibly of Ysoki descent), android - those races have strong tie-ins to the AP.

The only reason for Techslinger is more because of the AP, rather than optimisation to be honest. To be honest I think I need to read more about technology weapons before I fully settle on Techslinger (as I'm not sure if noon techslingers can reload tech guns?)

Gunslinger was also my choice as I haven't played one before (I currently tend to shy away from melee classes as they are not my preferred style of play)

Ratfolk is a cool choice, Android was a consideration too but as someone else is playing an android I wanted to mix the composition up further.

Hi there,

My GM has given our group a bit of freedom on which races we can run for Iron Gods, so I would just like suggestions on interesting races to play as for a Techslinger.

To give an idea of what is being allowed, someone in the group is playing an Astomoi and I am currently considering a Fetchling.

No spoilers please!

36. Flesh to Stone centered on the Wielder.
37. Flesh to Stone centered on the Striker.

If you want to support your team then Haste and Fly should be your first 3rd level spell pick ups, as the extra action economy of Haste will help your team massively.

On your next even level you should swap out Color spray now as it won't be effective anymore.

By the sounds of it, you want to be a battlefield controller and leave the damage to your party. In that case I would probably suggest focusing on summoning at higher levels and using things like Black Tentacles and Slow to control the battlefield.

Melkiador wrote:
Of course, it's hard for us to give you different ideas, when we don't know what you already have. My vote would be for Skald. No one ever thinks of the Skald.

I've been thinking of building a Skald as I've been running through the Skull and Shackles module. Basically I was going to make a Skald that was a member of the crew who would perform by shouting the crews deeds of the module (and credit them to himself).

As there are Nagas in Skull and Shackles, i'm definitely tempted to combine this and make a Nagaji Skald.


Hi all,

As the subject suggests, I'm looking to build a new character (or GM credit it partially) that is a Nagaji but I'm stuck for ideas.

Generally, I try to make each of my characters different but I can't think where to start with a Nagaji.

Any ideas?

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Kalindlara wrote:

Sorry, I misread the original post. ^_^

I'm about 99% certain that you have to use its sorcerer/wizard(/cleric/druid) level for this purpose, especially since you would be using (for lack of a better term) a "cleric scroll". I would certainly rule that way at the table, given that everything in the PFS system points to this being the intended way to interact with such items.

No problem :)

I had a feeling that this would be the case (and to be honest, if I had to GM it without a concrete ruling, I would rule it the same way as you). So the class is still powerful, just less powerful than people make out to be - Unless they have very generous GMs!

Kalindlara wrote:
For PFS, you buy from the sorcerer/wizard list if it's on there. More pressingly, if it's a 9th-level spell, I believe that scrolls are unavailable to PFS characters unless they appear on a Chronicle sheet.

I understand I have to buy from the Sorcerer/Wizard list.

I guess the question is more what level spell do I have to use to activate the scroll. Lets change the example to a more common scroll - Lesser Restoration. It's a 2nd level Cleric and Druid spell (which is the level I'd have to buy for PFS) but a 1st level Paladin spell. What level spell slot do I have to use to activate it using False channel?

Hi guys,

I've seen the Razmiran Priest archetype and I just wanted to ask a question about the False Channel ability in PFS.

So you get to use 1 spell level higher to activate the item, my question is how does this work if the spell on the spell completion item is on multiple spell lists?

For example, if I bought a scroll of Angelic Aspect, Greater I would need to buy this from the Sorcerer/Wizard list as per PFS rules. Would I then need to use a 9th level spell to activate this (as this is a 9th level wizard spell) or a 5th level spell (as it is a 4th level Paladin spell)?

Just wanted to get my head around this before I attempt to build it so any advice would be much appreciated.