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Those are great! Thanks for the suggestions!

I'd like to see Mythic Adventures options for Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might first.

Greetings, fellow Pathfinders!

I'm putting together some encounters to challenge my players, one of which runs a rather tough Spheres of Might Conscript using shove, counters and things like that. I'm not looking to neutralize my players, but I would like to give them a challenge in an upcoming encounter.

I've never played SoM/SoP, but I've run several games for players using them. I'd like to build a Spheres of Might based NPC or two to give them a good fight and I need some suggestions on where to start. I use everything to design NPCs and my players have access to everything as well, so there are no real limitations.

The party is currently level four, but ideas posted here may be used later in the campaign as well.

Thanks in advance.

Glad to see the Treerazer pawn!

With a proper acrobatics check.

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Yeah. Everyone is the same in PF2 so you always succeed. No need to worry.

Gonna take a hard pass on it. Don't care for what's been done to combat in the slightest. It's been watered down much too much.

I'm glad to be off the merry-go-round and have no desire to keep up with the new PF2 releases. I can focus on running the games I have and making them as rich as possible.

It's a relief.

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InvisiblePink wrote:
I'm curious what you've found to be problematic with Spheres/vanilla multiclassing. Spellcasters never want to multiclass if it doesn't advance casting and martial characters can pick up combat talents via feats anyway. What am I missing?

This is a personal preference based on the games I've run which have allowed Spheres-based classes. Players have a way of mixing in a level or two of spheres abilities to throw the power curve off in ridiculous ways. So, I prefer to keep the two separate. If a player wants to play a spheres-based class, that is fine, but they are not allowed to try to find the cracks between the two - at my table, at least.

This isn't what you want to hear, but I'd recommend reskinning Iron Gods into your campaign. You can use the basic structure of the adventure and repurpose it with your ideas for incorporating KotOR.

For example, the various MacGuffins are the ones presented in the Iron Gods books. The nation is Numeria. The Coalition military base could be the neutral grounds of Hadjath Hakados in southern Numeria.

Your conquerors could be the Technic League as the adventure path builds up to the confrontations with them. And you can use tech because the rules are there to make it work and the adventure already sprinkles technology throughout.

It's worth checking out the Psychic Warrior psionic class from Ultimate Psionics/Psionics Unleashed for your Jedi/warrior monks. If you want lightsabres, then the beamsabre from Treasury of the Machine from Legendary Games has you covered.

You can still use the various plot points such as Revan and just drop it all into a pre-written adventure, making your job as the GM much much easier than creating it all from scratch.

My two cents. Good luck with it.

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They're fairly well balanced. I'd just recommend disallowing multi-classing between Spheres classes and non-spheres classes.

Is the Niobe PFRPG book available outside of the Kickstarter?

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Mythic is great for getting an epic feel early in the campaign. Disagree with the constant naysaying on that one. Nascent GMs need not apply as it does take some proper reading of the rules involved.

Occult Adventures is not a mess at all and is, in fact, a great re-skinning and restructuring of the entire game to give it an occult tone and feel. If it's not appropriate for your game or a specific player's motivations, it is fine to leave it out. Making an all-occult game for something like Carrion Crown or Strange Aeons would make for a fascinating campaign one day.

Yeah, it sounds like they want to play a different type of game. Not everyone is good at open sandbox-style games.

They could probably use a good ticking clock or two. "Find this ancient artifact before the cult of doom destroys the world". Or "the kobold tribes are attacking! We must find the shaman that can restore their idol and convince them to resume peaceful relations".

Stuff like that. Players often have trouble developing their own motivations. When in doubt, play lots of the Kingmaker CRPG and just steal their storylines.

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Your review sold me on checking it out.

The Ambush Sites Map Pack is one of my most used map sets. I can see this set being very useful.

I like the sound of this!

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azjauthor wrote:
SuperBidi wrote:

In PF1, it is between -3 and +16 (at least as PF1 has no real limit on skills).

In Starfinder, it is between -1 and +14.
In PF2, it is between -1 and +7.
I view a +16 skill modifier at level 1 to be a bug of PF1 (and Starfinder), not a feature.

And a legion of us consider it a feature we prefer.

Looks cool. Let's hope it is as good as Kingmaker, which has set a new bar in my opinion.

Yes, but as stated, the spell level can't be adjusted beyond the highest level you can currently cast. Also, keep the action economy in mind as the spell cannot take longer than a standard action.

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Can we make this a bi-monthly event? See you in 2020?

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Gorbacz wrote:

Because if a bunch of fresh new players in PF1 made their characters, the one who went with single-class Cleric was much better off than the one who went with a multiclass Fighter/Ranger and both were years ahead of the poor soul who rolled a Monk/Rogue/Sorcerer.

PF2 axes the opportunities for such well-intentioned self-inflicted crippling of your gaming enjoyment. Sure, it's at expense of wild wild freedom of building kooky characters, but I prefer that to having to explain to a new player that a multiclassed shaolin acolyte turned temple thief and later a streetwise charlatan (the aforementioned Mon/Rog/Sorc) will be a failtastically bad character at anything she'll try.

Typical nonsense from DPS powergaming munchkin land.

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Yay! A bit late for most Runelords games, but what can ya do?

I started a Midgard Campaign with Atop the Warring Blasphemies this week. It's too bad there aren't GM threads for Midgard adventures.

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Yeah, Second Edition is so bloated already. I'm going back to Pathfinder 1E where it's easy enough to have a core only game.

No. There was an update a few months ago on their Starfinder kickstarter that detailed the various setbacks and delays that they've been experiencing. Right now, they are focused on completing the Starfinder Psionics Guide kickstarter, and after that, who knows?

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That's a good point about crafting. I've started banning crafting and leadership, just so I could include random GM fiat items without worrying about throwing the game balance into complete chaos. :)

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Thank you for the amazing responses. I went ahead and used the suggestion of 650 gp as I needed to make a loot list before last night's game.

To answer the question as to why it's simply because the treasurer likes to keep a running list of all of the party loot and its approximate value. I doubt that they will ever sell them due to rarity.

I initially considered making it a lesser artifact, but the limited duration and one-time usage made me think that would just not be right.

I've been sprinkling unique Azlanti items into my Emerald Spire/Thornkeep campaign and decided that I liked the notion of a magic item that gave a creature the Force Creature template for a short time. And so, the idea for Azlanti force beads was born.

Appearing as a simple pearl, this locus of compressed force magic expands around the user when held in hand. The force sphere encases the user and gives them the benefits of the force creature template (see Advanced Bestiary) for one minute. The sphere loses resonance and dissolves after the duration comes to an end.

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This template.

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Greetings, Pathfinders!

I need some help from the number crunchy contingent out there. I'm more of a pure storyteller,so I have trouble with the numbers side of GMing sometimes.

I need help pricing an item I created for my homegame. Some of my players might be lurking, so I don't want to post much about it, but if I am being too vague, let me know.

It's a simple one-time use item that grants a creature template for one minute. The template is super useful and offers more benefits than most one-time use items such as potions. But, it's a one-time use item. One and done.

I am thinking 500gp, but I don't really know where to start.

Thanks in advance.

On a not entirely unrelated tangent, in one of my online games, I've definitely had disruptive goblins players while running first edition. Not sure why they wanted to play goblins and then just hide from the group and steal from everyone the entire time, but that's what happened until I brought it to an end.

I am a big fan of the We Be Goblins series, though, and feel like this is largely responsible for goblins inclusion in 2E. The in-game lore for the change should be related to that We Be Goblins group, because that would be cool.

The Emerald Spire uses monsters from the first three bestiaries, so there are a few that are not covered. Fortunately, most of the stuff in the first few levels are pretty basic, so it should be covered between the Bestiary and the Playtest Bestiary.

I see that you're running the Price of Immortality series. I ran this during my game at the local shop. May I recommend checking out the PFS scenario, The Immortal Conundrum, as it makes for a nice epilogue to this trilogy.

Sad. Love their work. We use everything from Path of War to Psionics to Akashic Mysteries at my table. Hopefully things even out for Jeremy.

Then why for art thou waiting? Go get started.

I've allowed both Spheres systems into my campaigns. Campaigns are Golarion based. The only restriction I've placed is that I've asked players not to multi-class Spheres classes with non-spheres classes (although Spheres archetypes are OK).

Yep. Some of us have been pointing this out since all of this was announced.

Have you considered running a game via Virtual Table Top such as Roll20? PbP games require daily interaction whereas you can schedule a VTT game to suit your needs.

The answer is "yes". If you want to GM, just go for it!

Pawn boxes always come with bases.

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Well, this thread proves people will complain about anything.

I categorically disagree with the OP.

Paizo, please release as much content as you like.

That's why I think organized play players have a tendency to ruin the game for people that are just trying to play a character without having to agonize over DPS blah blah per round. But hey, one man's BADWRONGFUN is another man's second edition, so more power to ya.

Yeah. What he said. It will only hold a cup, so the rest would be wasted. If you broke your GM over a simple misreading like this, then you need a better GM.

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It all depends on whether or not you need a flooded dungeon. I got quite a bit of use out of the previous flooded dungeon mat.

Art looks good!

I'm happy to have awesome players and GMs to play with, regardless of the edition.

There is no market for PF2. It was written to appeal to casual players playing Dungeons & Dragons. Those players won't be in the hobby long enough to migrate to Pathfinder.


It was written for Mythic Adventures, which is a ruleset that provided epic gameplay for GMs that didn't misread the rules.

No. I've never retconned anything beyond adding an extra piece of damage from a modifier that someone missed during their turn.

MrCharisma's reading is correct.

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Here's where you get to GM your world. First, I don't understand why the council would be OK with letting her go. This seems like a horrible mischaracterization when dealing with someone that literally cut off the livelihood of the entire town. But, that's all water under the bridge at this point.

Meyanda needs to follow her motivations. She was working for Hellion, so she would certainly return to Hellion.

Now you need to decide what Hellion will do with Meyanda. Does he reward her for returning with information about this group of adventurers that are most assuredly heading their way? Or does he punish her for failing to keep the power converter operating?

I'd recommend picking a spot to drop Meyanda into Hellion's group. You could put her at a halfway point in the module or just save her for somewhere near the end. Her return should have some dramatic impact and perhaps even be a surprise for the players who so foolishly let her escape.

I would adjust some of the tactics and encounters in the book as the Lords of Rust now have a lot of information they can use against the PCs.

There are a lot of things you can do with it and make it fun. Your players' actions should have consequences and impacts upon the storyline and this is one of those times.

Keep bringing back the classics!

I used the OST to Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

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