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Blackmoon Survey

Making this now so I don't make it later.

Blackmoon Survey

To start at some point further down the timeline.

Please sign up here.

We will be playing on the paizo boards. It'll be a lottery chosen. I don't care on the tier, and will let you all figure that out.

Blackmoon Survey

This is where the dice will get rolled.

Blackmoon Survey

open for dotting.

Pick a number, any number

I am currently recruiting people to play a CORE game of 7-14, Faithless and Forgotten, Pt 1. It will be by lottery. If you choose to, you can continue on to Pts 2 and 3. I don't have a preference on tier, it will be up to you who are playing.

Lottery will take place sometime Wednesday, the 13 after I'm done with work that day. I plan on starting play the 15th or 16th.

I try to take a steady pace.
Write at least a couple sentences unless we're in combat.

Blackmoon Survey

Available for dotting. We will begin on Gameday.

Blackmoon Survey

Getting this started



1. Post a day, understanding that everyone has a rough day every once and while and that's gonna up-turn the apple cart. So aim for at least 6 posts/week.

But more importantly, what makes a post? Unless we're neck-deep in combat that's been going for a couple rounds, I expect more than a sentence. I don't need 500 words or anything, but give me at least a couple sentences. Tell me what your character is doing, and what your character is thinking. Also, respond to one another, not just to what I say as the GM. If Alice the Fighter says that she's scared of crocodiles, but Bob the Cleric has fought one before, he should bring that up, he should say something about it.

2. I do reserve the right to bot you a) in combat if you haven't posted in 24 hours, b) some skill checks, especially perception and sense motive rolls

3. If you want to use your re-roll on a bot-post (such as a saving throw), you must declare it at the very start of the first post after said bot-post.

4. I am a new GM to PBP. Please bear with me if anything is wonky on my presentation. If you have questions, tips or concerns, feel free to PM me.

It'll be first come, first serve, with the following caveats. Anyone who has GM'd for me, either in real life or in a PBP gets priority, and I reserve one spot for a person who is new to PFS-PBP. If you think that person is you, look at your campaigns page here. If there are more than five campaigns on it, active or inactive, you are not that person. I will finalize the roster around the start of August, and we will begin August 25.

That all said

Player Name: (as you want it on the Chronicle Sheet)
Character Name:
PFS Number:

PFS History: (List of chronicles that this character has)

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I'm hoping that the "his photo" is a typo for "this photo" in the entry beneath Shardra

3/5 Venture-Agent, Nebraska—Lincoln

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So the first session of Pathfinder Society in Lincoln, Nebraska was a success! We had three players, Crowe, Adowyn and a magus made at the table, along with a GM-run Kyra (me). I ran the Confirmation, which I've never played before in either mode. Do I only get the GM Credit or do I also get the credit for running a Pre-gen?

Follow-up if the answer is I get both, the next time we meet, I plan on running an adventure that I've got player credit already. Let's assume I have to run a pre-gen again (I hope i don't, but let's pretend), how do I indicate that I did that?

The Exchange 3/5

For the past few months, I've been traveling out to Omaha. Now that I've got some PFS GMing experience, I'm hoping to cut down on traveling costs by offering it in my hometown. I'm not affiliated with a shop, but a local gaming shop (Gauntlet on 13th street, to be specific) has said they're willing to host me.

Anyone in Lincoln or the surrounding area (even Omaha I guess!) please contact me.