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So our parties cleric died the other day, That sucks but the real problem is when they were making a new character turns out they showed up and were no longer a cleric. Now, this party is already pretty unbalanced, our spell caster isn't able to detect magic, I don't think we have any ranged fighters and like... Now we're down a healer, I think that's going to be a pretty major problem. In retrospect I should of as the DM maybe said what we need and don't need. But either way, it's too late to switch things now and I don't really wanna have to force the former cleric to be a healer if they don't want to be one (especially seeing as they didn't like doing the actual healing part when in that role so it kinda defeats the whole point) so what should I do? The evil part of me wants to maybe wipe out a couple of smarter players that would be willing to actually step into the roles we need so we can have someone make something that's actually more useful to the party, But you know.. That's probably most definitely not the best way to go about things. Ideas?

So I bit off a little more then I could chew with taking on 2 campaigns at the same time, Both of which I'm the DM at first it seemed like it was going to be fine and fun but now I'm rapidly realizing that I made a big mistake and it's been eating way too much into my free time. I honestly don't think I can pull through until the end of one of them but I don't want to let anybody down either... So what's the best way to go about that sort of thing? How can I stop DMing without upsetting or letting people down?

I want to throw my players into a big arena, I figure it would be fun or cool to put them through 5 waves of enemies slowly scaling in danger or difficulty so, for example, a decently sized troop of goblins for starters and then slowly increasing the CR of the monsters until finishing off with one big CR monster. Thing is I'm not to sure how to balance this... What I mean is how do I handle the CR of this? Do I hit them with things under their CR and slowly scale up to something above? Wouldn't they like.. be in super rough shape by then? Should I let them get all healed up after every encounter? Should I throw them some NPCs to take some hits for them? Help me figure out how to handle something like this the best way possible, please. Thanks in advance.

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:

Do you write your own stuff or do you follow an AP? It's hard to insert time sinks into an AP, but here are some situations to draw things out:

1. Setting background scenes: a room in a dungeon, a mysterious Stonehenge on the moors, or some other set piece that has no encounter elements and merely tells the players more about the setting. You can TURN it into an encounter if you want by using the Haunt rules but twist them however you want - maybe it's a Haunt affected by positive energy, maybe it's a faerie vision affected by any Enchantment or Conjuration effect, maybe it's just a full on hallucination brought on by a toxin/poison, etc.

2. Downtime: I second (or third) the posts above re: adding Downtime. One whole session or, in your case, half of one session devoted solely to non-combat character and story development can be enriching and even lucrative to some players and their characters. These also add things like Contacts, resources like Businesses, and new rule systems like Bargaining for everyone's entertainment. Heck, if all that happens is that folks generate a few GP and the Barbarian PC gets into a wrestling match, it's still a way to eat up time and have a different kind of fun.

3. Subplots and branching plots: you may already be doing this so sorry if this is redundant. If you're writing your own stuff, consider adding decision points inside of main plots that might either take the PCs off their current mission immediately or instead give them something to do after their primary objective is done.

For example I love running megadungeons. One of the ones I ran saw the PCs at level 2 enter the dungeon on a quest to find a specific zone and map it. Along the way they got more banged up than expected. Along the way they'd encountered a Kobold Adept 2 named Ilvanya who didn't act like her other kin and managed to escape before being killed. After they started dragging themselves out of the dungeon Ilvanya showed up again and offered them a surprising deal; she hides them and helps them...

I always try to write my own stuff, When it comes to content from other things I might borrow a puzzle or a unique encounter and edit them a bit to make them a bit more original but outside of that it's mostly all me.

1. I do like to do that, It's one of my key tools when in some locations, Haunts are always fun. So I have that handled.

2. Downtime rules isn't anything I've actually spent too much time exploring I just took one look at them and said "That seems complex let me ignore those" but maybe you're onto something, that could be a key way for me to get them to spend more time in town. I'll have to look into that.

3. I'm already doing that yeah, I've definitely got a freedom of choice theme going on with this campaign, but thanks for that.

4. I feel like I touch on stuff like that just enough to where it doesn't start venting into a level of things becoming too unfun and rules heavy. Random events are usually what decide if some weird weather happens and I usually give them something akin to "6 overworld actions a day, 2 of which normally are spent on sleeping and with the remaining 4 they can travel a hex on the map or explore a particular area" but you know... Theres some more details to that I wont get into right now but I definitely think that all works out in the end.

5. This, I love this. It's so easy for me sometimes to get a bit lazy in between all the math and the rules that I'll admit sometimes I neglect the actual details and whatnot. I suppose my biggest issue is when an enemy rushes up to stab someone with a sword I'm not afraid to go into detail about that... It's 3 other times he needs to do the same exact thing that makes me get lazy. I'm not really sure how to handle that. If you have tips I'm all ears.

Right now I'd say I have a mix of experience with my players, I've got a couple of veterans who've been playing even longer then I have and I have some people who still don't fully understand how to level up. So it's a good healthy balance. We definitely haven't gotten to a point where they're preparing a great deal in advance.. I'd say at the most if they see enemies before they see them they'll try to take them by surprise and ambush them but that's the full extent of any sort of "Preparing in advance"

Thanks for all the info though, I'm definitely looking into Downtime rules.

Quixote wrote:

Apologies for being overly specific and literal, but there are no such things as "combat encounters" or "non-combat encounters".

Maybe it would help if the OP could walk us through the main events of an average session?

Main events of an average session? Currently, I'm running a sort of "Adventurers guild" campaign. So the basic formula is the PC's go in for a quest, I have usually a few pre-prepared that they can pick from and then they head out to do said quest, I'll roll on a random encounter table I made and they encounter something along the way to wherever they're going, if its somewhere a bit out of the way they usually have to camp somewhere a few times, at the start of every new in-game day I reroll on the encounter thing and spring whatever comes up on it whenever I feel it most proper and eventually they get to the quest and need to power through completing it (Dungeon crawls, Protection jobs, Solving a mystery, etc.) Whatever it is for that day so for a dungeon crawl, for example, those typically are big locations with 4-6 puzzles, a handful of traps, 3-ish small combat encounters and maybe a "boss fight", But for whatever reason, it does seem like that combat is the only thing that burns through all that time. Now that seems decent, right? But those puzzles all combined take them about 5 minutes total, The travel is decent for dragging things out a bit but again part of that is due to combat too sometimes. I can usually get dialogue to last 15 minutes, Maybe 20 on a good day. So idk. Things are a bit strange there I'm not sure where I'm going wrong.

My players are always making rapid progress through my campaigns, Which you know.. That's good and all for them, they're doing their role perfectly but it does feel like they tend to get like 2 sessions worth of continent done in a single session which has been.. well it's been a bit stressful on me as a DM as I would like just a little more breathing room when it comes to setting things up for a game session, I'm the type who likes to have a ton of stuff done already in advance so I can have more free time on other days but with my party's rapid progress it's been rather difficult.

Sure I know that I can throw a combat encounter at them and that usually kills about an hour or so, But is that all I can do? I'd just like some more tips and tricks in having it so they progress slow enough where I can relax more about having things set up for a campaign. I'd rather not like.. Switch things to Bi-weekly and my players are just masters when it comes to puzzles and riddles down in dungeons so those seem to be poor ways of slowing them down too... I can never count on how long they'll talk to a specific NPC either so.. I'm at a bit of a loss here. Can anyone offer me a bit of advice?

So I have a level 5 sorcerer as a sort of "Minor villain" and sure enough he ended up getting killed, I thought that was a bit of a shame as it was an interesting character, I think it might be fun to bring him back to face the party once again but I'm not too sure how best to go about it, He wasn't a necromancer or anything (They had the pestilence bloodline so they were more of a "Diseased rat king" type who was trying to manufacture a plague to wipe out a town) So I guess if anyone can give me any ideas or excuses for bringing this character back later on to fight once again let me know.

Thanks in advance

I've had this idea for a character for a while now, I've been thinking, What if I got a really old magic type (Be it a wizard or sorcerer or etc.) and had their whole goal to be to steal the body of someone ideally Young, Fit, and Rich/Prestigious so they could not only live longer but live again stronger then ever free from the notoriety of their past life.

I'm confident in my ability in finding someone that fits what I'm looking for when the time comes for a character like this, My only problem is I want to find out how exactly I can take their body permanently.

Ideally, I want to do this at as low of a level as possible as it's not often campaigns I join last long enough for those really high levels. I'm willing to accept some drawbacks that could come with the process be it being an expensive effort or maybe some negative levels being taken because of it, But what spell or spells would best aid in this effort?

I really want to just see how far this can go, I want help in figuring out just how smart I can make an ape/how "Human" I can make it.

Think planet of the apes, The ultimate goal would be to get it to a point where it can talk (To others, not just me), wield weapons and armor perhaps, and have decent set skills of its own it could do.

The only rules are anything that could have it no longer be my animal companion is not allowed (So no using awaken) and nothing third party is allowed.

If it takes multiclassing I'm more then willing to hear you out to make this possible.

Thanks in advance.

The goal here is simple, I want to make someone that my party will encounter every now and then who only exists to mess with the party and slow them down as much as possible before escaping/fleeing before the party can pay him back for the annoyance. I want him to be irredeemably evil and ready to do whatever it takes to mess with the party.

My mindset is to have him be a sort of "Hit and Run" villain who stands behind a group of monsters or hired help, Dishes out a powerful/annoying attack or two and then flee's the moment things even slightly look like they're not going to end well, Ideally, this would be a character that is extremely cowardly but manages to get every single one of my players to want nothing more than to be able to track him down and kill him. I want him to have a high chance of being able to escape if the party is aiming their sights towards him. I want him to try and slow down the party in any way possible no matter how horrible, so he might somehow control children that were stolen away from the village and use them as child soldiers that he throws at the party, He may send them letters that explode if they read them. Just help me make someone everyone can universally hate.

The only rules in place for making this character is nothing about them can come from 3rd party, they can't be any higher than level 7, and they can't have any super expensive items that someone of their level has no business owning. Ideally, they're a core race as well.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:

Maybe it's a puzzle; assemble the bones in the right configuration in the ground causes a Stoneshape effect below; a flight of steps down, under the pit and into the dungeon. As for what's there...

The Forest of Bereaving: what's there? What random encounters are PCs likely to face going in/coming out on foot?

What's the setting like? Rennaisance with guns and spells; classic PF high fantasy; dragons rule the world?

What kind of themes do you usually run? I prefer touches of dark horror in my games, but I'm also decrepit and wax nostalgic about the megadungeons of yore. A pit of stone bones might lead to some sort of terrible horror gallery of a twisted korred who has advanced powers and his humor has turned supremely wicked, or the whole thing was engineered as an elaborate hero-testing facility for a war that never happened some many hundreds of years ago, leaving traps, monsters and treasure strewn through several levels of mayhem.

To answer some questions you had, The forest of Bereaving is home to a number of old ruins and dungeons, Long ago this land used to belong to an ancient civilization that mysteriously vanished one day leaving only behind their crumbling structures. It's currently a pretty solid place to run into either rabid animals, Bandits(Rarely), Monsters (shambling mounds, Goblins, Ect)

The setting is More of a horror-esk dark fantasy with some moments of extreme gore popping up in certain locations. There's guns and magic for sure, Though guns are only just emerging.

I usually like to make a dungeon loaded with puzzles and traps that are fair but incredibly cruel if the party doesn't catch on soon enough. Combat encounters being fun little things that I usually like to turn into puzzles as well.

But yes those ideas you've said are actually very good an helpful, I just was having a bit of a creative block.

So I have an interesting problem, I have a game going on set in its own custom setting. Right now I'm in the process of populating the world with a number of dungeons and it's been progressing pretty solidly, however, there's one location I know I want to do something interesting with, I'm just not finding the right spark of creativity to do something with it. Full-on Ideas and suggestions on what I should do would be most appreciated.

In the middle of the Forests of Bereaving, A wicked Forest of twisted pines and horrible monsters lay's a clearing, Here no plants grow and no animals dare to hang around. All that lay's in the center is a large pit filled with dragon bones, Or at least that's what it appears to be at a distance, when closer inspected it's revealed that these bones are simply made of stone. When inspected by the common traveler more often than not it's an eerie location to be sure but not a hostile one, Any sorts of dangers or monsters are nowhere in sight. Yet there is a good number of adventurers who claim there is a dungeon hidden amongst these bone-shaped structures, But this surely must just be a myth, as each group claims that the entrance to this so called dungeon was in a different location.

The average party level is 7

I'm mainly having trouble turning this into a proper idea, Is there a teleporting entrance? Is it all an Illusion? Could these of been like.. undead dragons that got turned too stone? And what would the Dungeon hold then? Maybe these should actually be real bones instead of stone ones?

Please just help me figure this out. Thanks for any help in advance.

So, I've been interested in toying around with an intelligent magic item one of these days, that's all well and good but the main issue is I'm having trouble fully understanding the rules and like... system to do that? I guess maybe I'm just being a bit stupid but I often find myself confused when attempting to figure it out on my own and when I look for answers online its mostly about players wanting to know how to make an Intelligent magic item in-game.

So basically, Can someone walk me through the process of creating an Intelligent magic item in the most simple way possible? Thanks in advance.

One of my players wants to go off into a prestige class later down the line in my campaign (Mortal Usher I believe it's called) Thing is part of getting it requires them to befriend a Psychopomp, Now that sounds like it could be cool and interesting but the problem is I'm not even sure how I could give them the chance to be face to face with one let alone befriend one.

Anyone out there have any ideas on how I can try and make this happen?

Guardianlord wrote:
I have linked a few tables for random encounters in the past on the forums, I have based one on each ranger terrain, plus a wild table. I can send you them if you still want some good/bad/neutral encounter ideas for moving between places.

Yeah sure I wouldn't mind being sent some stuff, anything is helpful.

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:

Re-reading the OP again I noticed

NihilsticBanana wrote:
So how do I make a fair "Negative" random event?

I started wondering about this, oh yellow-fruited devourer of hope. What do you mean by "fair?" Like, are you looking for mechanically balanced, but just not a wandering monster? Ex:

9. (for level 1-3 PCs) As you venture up the road you spy a weird standing stone marking the corner of the next bend in the road. The sod around the plinth's base is soaked in a crimson color and the stench of copper is in the air. A red-hued fog bank is rolling across your path, all around you, seemingly from everywhere at once. (PCs must roll a DC 13 Will save or gain the Frightened condition; Animal type creatures suffer a -2 penalty)

Or did you mean "Fair" in the respect that the bad thing rolled doesn't just HAPPEN to them, a la your idea of having them robbed by night without recourse. Ex:

10. Something won't let you rest at the inn tonight. All of you, sharing a single communal room, lie half-awake in your beds, the window overlooking the courtyard and stable below. Everyone roll a Perception check (DC 22; with a success the PCs note their horses sound distressed as the barn door creaks open and a light is briefly glimpsed from within; four scoundrels are trying to steal the party's mounts)

Please, if you don't mind Bananarama, chime in and help me understand. Thanks!

I guess what I mean by fair is yeah, I don't just wanna force a negative thing on someone. So like I wouldn't want anything like "One of you suddenly pick up a disease" without like at least having there be a save of some sort first. I mean, I like both of your examples personally and am fine with either, They both are clearly fair if you get what I'm saying?

avr wrote:

Just to clarify are you after annoying events e.g. Magically invasive cockroaches have got into your rations. Half of them have been destroyed, the rest needs cleaning before use.

Or creepy events e.g. Magically invasive cockroaches have got into your rations. They form an image of your own face laughing at you before dispersing, make a will save or take a d6 wisdom damage.

Or random encounters e.g. Magically invasive cockroaches have got into your rations. They pour out, roll for initiative.

And what level are your PCs?

I'm looking for something closer to a mix of creepy and annoying I guess, The way I have things set up this table doesn't get rolled on all the time but when it does I want it to be something strictly negative and maybe a bit creepy, I want it to be a "Bad Event" but I want it to be fair, So like for example I don't know something they can at least roll once or twice to try and avoid or something they can actively work against when it happens, I'm just not looking for a straight-up "You rolled up a fight" if that makes sense? I'm not so much looking for encounters as much as I am looking for events I guess.

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I'm setting up a number of tables for good, weird, and bad random events/encounters that I can roll, I think it would be interesting to see how that all plays out, Problem is when it comes to bad stuff I'm a little stumped as what to put outside of monster encounters, I don't want it to be all "You're suddenly ambushed Fight X monsters" but at the same time, I don't want to do things that are unbalanced/unfair and just say something like "Your gold was stolen last night" that's just not cool.

So how do I make a fair "Negative" random event?

The campaign is pretty horror leaning in sort of a weird supernatural way, So I have a lot of "Weird" things already for the weird table like glowing lights out in the mist and whatnot, but yeah. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

Just as it says in the title, I've got a new campaign coming up that heavily involved Kytons and all the creepy oddities that come with that, Now that's all well and good but my party is going to start out at level 4, Sure it be fun to spring a chain devil on them right away but I want a little mystery and build up before that, So I want to start them off easy with a few cultists, Problem is I'm not too sure how to handle that? Should they be fighters? Clerics? The god I have closest to the Kyton ideals in my custom setting is CE not LE. I need them to be weak fodder that I can throw a lot of at the party. Like CR 1 or 2. Masochistic cultists who basically torture themselves just like the Kytons.

How's best to handle this? Any ideas out there you can give me?

So I'm working on a tiefling currently with the "Claw or Maw" alternate racial trait, I want to give them the claws but I realized that I have no idea how to even handle natural attacks.

The character is a level 8 druid with a BAB of 6, So that's a +6/+1.

I have two claws apparently from what I understand each that do 1d4 damage plus strength right?

The problem I'm having is actually handling this stuff, Do I just treat the attack like any normal weapon and it's like I do 1d6 if the +6 lands and then do a 1d6 if the +1 lands? Or do "Claws" suggest that it's like I'm doing my attacks twice? Would that be two sets of +6/+1 attacks independent of each other? I'm feeling a bit dumb because I can't figure this out on my own here, Can you try to explain it to me like a child or something because this is either really complex or I'm basically just being an idiot here.

Thanks in advance for the help!

So I'm building a dungeon for an upcoming game of mine but I'm a little confused as how to handle it, It's going to have multiple small encounters in it along with a good number of puzzles and traps however I'm a bit confused as to how I should handle all of that.

Let's say I have an APL of 4 and my party faces three separate combat encounters and for simplicity's sake, let's say they all were a CR of 4. My understanding is that the loot generally should equal 1,150 GP for a medium speed game per encounter right? Okay, then they face the boss encounter which will be a CR of let's say 6 which should have its loot be somewhere around the value of 2,000 GP.

So that would be


I want to give the party a bit of loot on their way through the dungeon but make the majority of their haul be at the very end in a treasure room, So how should I handle this? Do I add the total of all the treasure together for the final room for a grand total of 5450? Do I keep the spending separate and get loot out that's worth only as much as what could be afforded with each individual encounter? (So nothing worth like say 3000g) or am I doing this all wrong? Please help I'm struggling to understand this all.

Also while I'm at it I understand that Traps have CRs tied to them, Do they factor in to the total loot? And what about things like puzzles?

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Me and my group have this running gag, I forget where exactly it first came from, I believe it was that someone Misheard the DM and for some reason heard the words "Bone Crusher" Ever since then we joked about Bone crusher being the secret BBEG and whenever we enter a cave we joke and go "As you venture into the cave you hear the crushing of bones in the distance" We've also joked about what bone crusher looks like, Be it anywhere from a bone devil, A large man with a big hammer, or at times we talk about the katana-wielding Bone Slicer, Bone crushers alter ego. At this point, it's inside joke ontop of an inside joke. For my next campaign, I'm thinking about putting Bone crusher in at some point. Thing is I'm not sure what the best way to do that is.

So basically my question is, What's the best way to go about making the myth and the legend real? Help me create a physical body for the Godly Bone Crusher and unleash him into the world to continue his work of Crushing Bones.

EldonGuyre wrote:

What style of horror is it? If it's gothic,a vampire or ghost is perfect, if cliched. Something like a devourer is a bit more unusual, though I'd beef it up a bit for that many players.

Demons are a classic, and give you an excuse for some horrific ritual.

A lot of what makes for a good suggestion really depends on what sort of horror you're looking for.

Good point, so far I've gotten some ideas that I really like, But I guess the overall tone of my campaign is a dark fantasy with moments of extreme body horror, I'd only call a few key locations "Gothic" just due to there maybe being a castle on a lonely little island, Though I'd rather lean closer to the cult stuff with the final dungeon so that would be closer to body horror end boss or scary monster end boss or a mix of both.

I've got a horror campaign coming up soon and I really wanna catch my players off guard with the dungeons I'm making, I want death to actually be more of a possible risk than normal without it feeling like I'm forcing them into situations that are like "Roll a save or die" I want my players to feel like their characters are in real danger during fights or when walking into traps but I at the same time don't want things to feel unfair, I basically am trying to really drive home the "Your actions have consequences" idea and really get them feeling the fear and danger but I don't wanna get burned at the stake here because somebody fell into a vat of acid, What's the best way to handle this?

I'm gonna be running a horror campaign for some friends of mine, I've got six players total and I'm gonna start them off at level 3 but I was hoping for this campaign to last till at least level 8 or so. Problem is I'm not really sure what's a good scary end boss for everything, I know that whatever it is it's going to be far deep down in the last chamber of the dungeon I've been working on and is currently being worshipped or maybe in charge of a "Monster Cult" basically crazy folk that are turning themselves into monsters or just mutilating themselves until horribly deformed, Ideally this monster would be intelligent to some degree but other than that I'm drawing a blank, In all honesty, I'm not even fully sure what the best CR would be for six level 8's. If anyone has any good suggestions for what kind of monsters I should be looking into that would be a major help.

So basically whats a good boss monster for a horror campaign that isn't lovecraftian?

Any suggestions would be great if you could give me some, Thanks!

My goal is to make a character who is as freakish and monstrous as possible in terms of looks. I can build the character gestalt with the only restrictions being no third party content and no summoners. Ideally, we'd want to make the character functional as well but mostly I want to focus on how many unnatural things we can do to them.

Let's just say the character is level 10 with the standard wealth for that level (62,000g) and let's just say the race is human for simplicity's sake.

I personally think that an alchemist might be the best way to go with one part of it thanks to discoveries like vestigial arm, Parasidic twin, and whatnot. but beyond that I'm not sure, What are your ideas on making my character as monstrous and mutated as possible to the point of not being a recognizable member of his own race anymore?

Anything that effectively physically changes the character permanently (Without just being a straight debuff) is basically what I'm looking for, Stuff like any traits, feats, spells, or classes that would let me do something like that is what I'm looking for.

AsimTheAnubite wrote:
Yes, it would only take one. For instance, if a tiny creature occupies the same square as an ally, they count as adjacent. So, given that you're technically closer than adjacent, you still count as adjacent with your animal companion. A friend of mine actually did a build like this with his half-orc and a warcat of rull I think they're called..?

Ah okay, thanks for the info!

I already know about Ferocious Mount but that only applies to when I'm mounting my animal companion, I'd rather have the option to do either or. So does Ferocious beast mean that it only costs 1 extra round of rage if I'm mounting it or is it 2? I guess my main question is if sharing the same square can be considered being adjacent?

The title says it all. I used the Possession spell on a daemon and now setting it up I'm not sure what to do there, do the two feats stack on top of each other? Do I pick new feats? Heck, maybe I just have no feats at all now? I'm not sure. if anyone can clear this up for me it would be a big help.

To help you out I possessed a Piscodaemon to be exact.

OH! And what's the story on the creature's skills?

McDaygo wrote:
How many feats do you have to play around with?

We're getting two new feats thanks to the level up.

avr wrote:

Why a daemon specifically? Why not, say, an orc barbarian? It seems like the latter would be easier to acquire in the current situation and more disposable.

Or if you want to cut a deal a devil is more likely to stick to it than a daemon. I'm not seeing why a daemon.

Daemons are immune to acid, Acid is gonna be a big issue what with that dragon flying about. I suppose I don't "Need" acid immunity, it just would be handy. If it comes down to it I definitely could go for that but I just wanna see if the daemon route is possible.

Hey there, So me and my party have a pretty big battle coming up in a week irl time and we have an in-game week to prepare, based on what I'm understanding we'll basically be in a pretty hefty all-out war situation with a ton of orcs and a Great Wyrm Green dragon, So basically sort of a big boss battle is coming upon us, we have a lot of stuff going for us but I'm mostly just interested in keeping myself alive. I'm a very squishy sorcerer/Mesmer (This is gestalt) we got a pretty hefty amount of level ups at the end of our last session (lvl 10 to 14 (I think even our DM thinks we might die)) and thanks to some dumb calls like pulling 13 cards from a deck of many things I've got myself stuck with a weakness to acid but a nifty immunity to fire even though I'm pretty confident that won't come in handy. So my plan is to try and summon a daemon preferably one with high str, dex, and con going for it then cast possession (or another spell if there are better ones I could cast) on it to give myself a perfect war body for the upcoming battle (With the bonus of if that body dies my mind goes back to my safely hidden away real body) So realistically I don't need to steal a body permanently (Even though that would be nice) Just long enough for the upcoming battle.

My question are... Is this even possible? and if so how exactly can one go about getting a daemon into this plane either permanently or at least for as long as 24-ish hours. What daemon should I try and get? and lastly and probably the most important whats the best way to go about stealing the daemon's body without it ending up killing me for trying.

I also have about 80k gold to play around with however like I said we only have a week to prepare and magical items are in short supply currently so preferably I don't wanna have to count on trying to find a specific one to make this work.

Thanks in advance for all your help! If you need any additional information just let me know and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

So, the first issue is that Genie. Why do you want to marry him? Do you love him? Is he good to you? What happens if you can't pay the 50,000gp dowry to his father?

Do you have a patron to act as your father to give you away? Is he willing to put up part of your dowry? For a service? Is your fiancé's father willing to waive the dowry in exchange for some service from a powerful sorceress? Also, I understand that it is typical that it is typical to finance the payment of modern dowries over time.

Your canteen is now made of sapphire and is worth 20,000gp: you are almost halfway there. It seems to me you should sell that to capitialize yourself to be able to make the next 30,000. It seems likely to me that if you pay your dowry partly in money and gems and partly in magic items or something, that should suffice. You could purchase a Lyre of Building and use your peasants to run some kind of company, like construction, mining, or shipping. The Lyre of Building works off of the Performance Skill, and you have a very high Charisma.

50,000gp is a dear dowry! This must be a powerful Genie!

You have the magic power to open any door once. Perhaps you can find that door to vault that is full of treasure.

The envy/copying thing is interesting. You should figure out the nuances of it.

Hey thanks for the response! Uh so lets run through these, When I first encountered them they were described to me as "Rich-looking" so that's a instant marraige choice right there, I don't think my character fully understands what love is so they're really basing all of this off of selfish desires and physical attraction rather then any real love. As for how good they are to me.... Eh I only met them in a short 3 minute burst where they instantly proposed and threatened to do "Something" if I cant manage to pay for the wedding, they then vanished through a portal never to be seen again until my week is over I'm assuming so asking for a dowry is kind of out of the question here. The closest thing to a father I had in game was my actual father... who I had killed... So I'm kind of on my own and stuck with a group of 6 other deadly sins working under some evil godly force that I still don't fully understand. So I mean maybe the closest thing I have is my pet fairy they seem to hate me though.

A little update since last session, I managed to get a book written and out there to be published by a book publisher but apparently I threatened to kill each and every single book publisher in the city if they published my book, we're working on the idea that some members of our group has some evil clones running around... Problem is the book profits are majorly being cut into, the publisher taking 75% of the profits while Greed is taking another 15% because I used his contacts. I'd love to rob a bank of vault of some kind but we're supposed to be undercover currently and can't really be openly evil at the moment.

So I'm in a evil gestalt campaign where I play a lvl 10 fey sorcerer/mesmerist, now that's all fine and good and we've been getting along perfectly fine, only trouble is that we found a Harrow deck of many things... Now I've never encountered a deck of many things before so I didn't fully understand the sheer amount of fire I was playing with when I decided to pull 13 cards from it. Sooo now I'm in a rough spot I'll give you a rundown on the noteworthy things that happened to me because of this choice.

A genie showed up and asked me to marry them (I said yes) now I gotta come up with 50k before the week is over (I currently have 365 PP, 55 GP, and 4 SP)

A cursed dagger that doesn't do anything special besides stabbing me if I try and leave it behind or don't use it in battle.

The power to open any door in existence once.

Immunity to fire, weakness to acid

Permanently large size (All my armor broke leaving me with 11 AC but I think my mage armor can balance that out)

I'm always flanked

Crits always confirm for me as well as on me

-4 charisma, -4 Wisdom, -2 Int permanently

My water skin is made of sapphire and now worth 20k

once per day +10 CMB or CMD also something metal shatters

14 (Now 10) peasants are following me around and keep getting themselves killed

The other stuff was mainly just stuff I was able to deny and get nothing out of.

This campaign has some homebrew elements added to it due to some "Seven deady sins" theme going on, basically as envy I got myself a +1 to my wisdom every 2 levels and the ability to copy a power/ability of someone or something an equal amount of times to my wisdom mod permanently, thing is I can't turn off the power and remove an ability when I don't need it anymore and I act more like whoever or whatever I copy, this basically meant so far that I got a -4 to my intelligence when I tried to copy some demon horse thing and also I look a lot more demonic. I lose the abilitys gained when I try and copy something beyond the limit and it sort of just resets.

My current ability scores are now

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 11 (-3 due to con damage)
Int 6 (Temp -4 thanks to the copy,
Wis 14
Cha 18

AC is 11, Fort 5, Ref 8, Will 16

Now with all the knowledge you know I have at my disposal how can I spin this around and turn this into more of a positive? I thought maybe like I could try to trap the Genie or something but IDK how to go about doing something like that, I've got a huge worry about what's going to happen if I can't afford the wedding in a week, I don't know what that will smith looking freak is gonna do to me but I can just tell it ain't good. Any and all ideas to try and undo the negatives gained here would be great and any ideas on how I can use any of this to my advantage would be even better.

Ray-gun wrote:
The war bulll seems like a fine companion p Even from a Dpr point of view. Not sure how locked into your classes you are but Hunter might be a sub for Ranger. Feats like evolved companion and improved natural attack can boost the damage the bull can do. I think totem beast (feat) can be used by any class with an animal companion. Using the mentioned tusk blades helps keep the cost of enchanting your companions attacks down and helps its crit range. Lots of nice spells to help too. If you consider Hunter sense vitals would apply to both you and your companion I think. Let us know your thoughts and we can provide further options.
Ray-gun wrote:
The war bulll seems like a fine companion p Even from a Dpr point of view. Not sure how locked into your classes you are but Hunter might be a sub for Ranger. Feats like evolved companion and improved natural attack can boost the damage the bull can do. I think totem beast (feat) can be used by any class with an animal companion. Using the mentioned tusk blades helps keep the cost of enchanting your companions attacks down and helps its crit range. Lots of nice spells to help too. If you consider Hunter sense vitals would apply to both you and your companion I think. Let us know your thoughts and we can provide further options.

Oh wow! I didn't expect people to respond to this so quickly! Already I'm getting into a headspace where I'm starting to see I was pretty off in thinking this would be a weak animal companion.

Now forgive me for this but I don't fully understand things like hybrid classes just yet. I've never really ventured out or experienced them first hand so I'm not 100% sure how to really get into them or like... do one? Especially when gestalt comes into play... So I would need a little help figuring that one out if I were gonna try for something like a Hunter though it does seem very interesting from what I can tell. Honestly I've always just stuck to a single class (Two when we do gestalt) so the whole spreading out my level/classes is a little confusing for me and even more so when hybrids come into play (This is me assuming I need to venture out into druid to become one)

But beyond that a little more info when it comes to rules regarding the campaign by my GM Summoners, Monks, Paladins and Gunslingers aren't allowed (Don't quote me on this but from what I remember they're either not really fitting with the world he made or broken in their opinion or something like that) so something like evolved companion has me worried because I'm not completely sure if I'd be allowed to do something like that but it definitely seems like it would be useful if I can get him to let me get something like that

Also when it comes to what @Arachnofiend was saying about the x1.5 strength bonus thanks to the single attack would that mean when my animal companion gets up to something like level 9's multiattack feat where it says something like "If the creature does not have the requisite three or more natural attacks, the animal companion instead gains a second attack with its primary natural weapon, albeit at a –5 penalty" would gaining that second attack mean that the 1.5 str bonus would be lost?

Also I know I'm asking a lot of questions now but I'm also curious as to how AC should be handled on my Bull would I be wanting to try and get armor for them at some point? focus on trying to get the ability points they gain be dex? Also finally if my bull gains a rage from Ferocious beast rage powers would they gain a normal rage or the urban barbarian rage (Which is different in the sense that there's no AC loss and the ability point gain can be spread out and put into different things)

Sorry for making you read all of that ^^'

Hi I'm a pathfinder player who's played a couple games but still hasn't really mastered the game quite yet but is still trying to learn as much as I can, I'm preparing for an upcoming campaign with some friends of mine and I decided I wanted to have my next character be an angry cattle farmer on the hunt for some cow thieves, The campaign is gestalt so what I came up with to try and suit that idea is a scythe-wielding Urban barbarian/ Beastmaster Ranger. I think I can take the boon companion feat to get around the lowered levels for my animal companion but I'm not too sure how effective it can be based on its stats

Bull, War

Size Medium; Speed 40 ft.; AC +4 natural armor; Attack gore (1d8); Ability Scores Str 15, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4; SQ low-light vision.


Size Large; AC +3 natural armor; Attack gore (2d6); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4; Special Attacks trample.

I really want my animal companion to be some sort of farm animal but I'm worried it might not be all that good or useful to the group due to its single attack and what not, Can someone help me figure out a way to make this animal companion as useful as possible? Oh! and just to make things clear we would be starting out as level 4 but a road map for future levels would be extremely helpful. Thanks!