Best Guerilla warfare?


So what would be the best Guerilla warfare build?
Specifically, sneaking up, dealing some damage, and getting away. With a bigger focus on sneaking/getting away, but anything to boost the damage (persistant damage?) wouldn't hurt either. And preferably something that is more than 1/day.

Cave Elf, with nimble elf (darkvision, 35 speed) seems like the best race.

Monk for extra speed?
Ranger for extra range, maybe snares to help escape?
Wizard with diviner magic, and invisibility.
Druid to shape-shift?

Ranger with Alchemist dedication, snares, infiltrator elixir, bombs for persistent damage and Outwit edge for that extra stealth.

The fey sorcerer and illusionist wizard have focus powers that help with the sneak up/get away part. Acid Arrow works as a persistent damage option available to both.

Kyrone wrote:
Ranger with Alchemist dedication, snares, infiltrator elixir, bombs for persistent damage and Outwit edge for that extra stealth.

Hmm... so bombs are martial thrown weapons. So level 13 rangers are better at hitting with bombs than alchemist are? I guess you would be behind on item level bonus, but still +2 is good.

Would they get extra damage from weapon specialization and +Str?
Would Far Lobber stack with Far Shot?

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Rangers can be REALLY nasty for ambushes.

Hunt Target before combat has begun.

Stealth feats like camouflage let you sneak without cover and not have to burn actions Hiding to Sneak.

They have the best range in the game. In open terrain an enemy would have to burn multiple turns closing on them, and with their action economy enhancers like Hunted Shot and Running Reload the ranger can draw this out further.

Snares are crazy powerful if you get the chance to land them. Even one snare a square can hit a large+ sized enemy with multiple snares at once.

Trackless Step makes it REALLY hard to catch up to a ranger.

Wild Stride can let them run through terrain that hampers pursuit.

Precision Edge is great for a strike and hard fade away style.

Rangers are the best for guerilla warfare in natural terrain, IMO. When engaging in urban shenanigans though I imagine the rogue is a better choice. Or possibly the monk. Wall run is INCREDIBLE in cities when you can zip in, strike, and then retreat up a building and out of sight.

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A druid with the wild shape feat is the best at Gorilla warfare.

I like the idea of a crossbow using ranger focused on precision.

Rangers have a feat that combines the reload with a regular move action. This means you are FORCED to incorporate movement into your standard attack routine. You are mechanically unable to go into 'attack, attack, attack' mode.

While you could say this limits your options... I feel like making you adopt this style gets you into the grove of the keep away playstyle. It might not be the most effective at guerilla warefare, but you will definitely feel the difference.

Anyway, the advantages of this style- you do one big hit with the precision hunter's edge. That is nice and all... but you can also get penetrating shot at level 10, which means your one big hit is kind of like a ray based AoE. This further puts you into the movement focused style, since you will always be looking for angles to effectively double your DPR.

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LOL! I just so happened to have finished making a character with this very notion in mind. :D

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