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None of the books have drawings but there is a color picture of the author Luci Fer Noguilt on two of her treatises.

Those of you who played in my COT game should remember her.

"Oh...I have spa here."

She looks at the blood and gore coating Andrea, "I'm sure a quickie would be fantastic after some vigorous scrubbing. She smiles, 'I may have my kinks but I am a bit refined."

She flicks her wrist in brushing back manner, "I've plenty of coin, gems, and jewelry I'm thinking something more sensual, erotic in nature. Something your teachings would condone." She smiles deviously.

'My, my you've been a busy little beaver." She smiles in a seductively wicked fashion. "So, you want me to help present your case on the biggest stage Westcrown has had in years." She smiles, "And what can I expect as payment?"

Someone called?

She was my favorite NPC. :-) She not here but maybe you go find her.

If you want we can roleplay searching for a suitable location. You could probably use Walcourt. A visit to the local lawyer may be able to make this happen,

"Do you require my services?"

"Darling I just adore contracts."

"That sounds, er...entertaining," the lawyer responds to Andrea.

"Oh I can get the permit and the paper work down for a paltry 300 gold, call it goodwill."

The Elusive Trout wrote:
Maybe if you invest enough in her, she'll gift the party monogram hats with her firm's logo.

Tankards, quills and magnets too.

I think she is one my favorite NPC's to play.

"Of course,I can assist in drawing up those legal papers and obtaining the legal permits if you want to free Orn." Grinning ear to ear. A few more coin in my purse.

"You have a few papers to execute," she looks at Truk and Orn, "No we are not executing Orn...papers to sign transferring ownership to ...." She pauses. "Who is actually the new owner for the paperwork?"

"WONDERFUL, it's a family reunion." the stunning counselor announces from the archway.

"Praise to the lawyers, the keepers of law and purveyors of Justice. Without us there would be none of this." She motions for everyone to step on back into her office. Where Orn is standing looking out the window.

"Well stated, have an excellent day and see you tomorrow morning."

She takes the funds, writes a receipt and offers another parting drink to the couple. She pauses biting her plentiful bottom lip, "I heard a rumor that a small, innovative group found their way into and out of the old Pathfinder Lodge," her thumb and forefinger on her chin, as she lets the comment linger.

She nods approvingly, "Leaving the funds works well, I will arrange the sale and lets plan on closing the deal tomorrow morning...say 11:00am. Of course, that is assuming there are no hiccups along the way. But the Alphonse Lourdou would be a fool to breach an agreement with me." She smiles, looks over her at her two apparent statues, then picks up her glass, "To a legal resolution."

She steps around and pours that smoky firewhiskey for everyone, "His owner wants 3000 gold plus 500 gold to cover his penalty provision to break the pending sale. You remember I previously mentioned I had heard he was being sold and shipped to gladiator pits." She sips the smooth charcoal liquid, her tongue savoring the aged spirit. "The sale needs to be concluded today."

Luci shrugs at Andrea's question. "There is good and bad news. Orn was release, without a fee, thanks to my efforts. The Rack was quite reasonable - as they tend to be with me - when suggested the Orn was falsely accused. Yes, that is delightful news but..."

The receptionist, Evenor Justice, carries out a small try of drinks. A few minutes later, Luci fer NoGruilt, appears is in the doorway, "An unexpected visit but never-the-less a paying client is welcomed. In fact, there is news about your legal concerns."She motions for the two to follow.

Stepping in her spacious office you can again see the two statutes flanking the room. Her view is breathtaking. "Sit...sit...can I get you another smoky firewater. Seems like one is never quite enough."

I require my full fee and 500 gold in expenses before I do any work, additional expenses need to be covered promptly."

She scoffs, "Ohhhhh...that slave. Alphonse Lourdou will demand a big price, I've heard that slave was to be sold in few days time...I hear to another cheliax family in the capital was in negotiations they wanted him for gladiatorial pits. You need to act in hurry to intervene or he may be lost."

"My fee is not cheap, $1500 gold, plus expenses. Then the Hellknights could run another 2 or 3 thousand, plus the sale of this prized slave. Who is his owner and what job function did perform?"

"A transfer would entail a purchase of the chattel, once it is released, do you seek me to broker that deal?"

The lawyer looks at Orsin, he's good for parlor tricks, "most things are possible. You could attempt to buy his release from the Rack, then purchase his papers from him owner. Is a slave worth such an expense?"

Make a general knowledge, or know local or profession roll.

"Well getting a person away from the Rack can be...expensive. Guilt, only increases the difficulty, especially if the employer seeks Justice for his slave's misbehavior." She pauses to let the words sink in. She eventually continues, "So you would like me to get the save freed from his crimes and returned to his owner?" Her left brow rises suspiciously.

"You have a persuasive friend in Gerald." The lawyer states with her back turned to you. "I don't see just any commoner." She turns and looks at the two visitors, "I, for one, thought your last work was lacking of much bardic talent - Mr. Bessate. Frankly, that play stunk but who am I to criticize." There is a hypnotic cadence to her sultry voice.

"Now what would you like to accomplish?" directing her attention to Andrea.