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Wzrd wrote:

Just wanted to share the response from Customer Service regarding the PDF image quality in RoE. Good news is that they are working on a fix!

Thanks for writing in about this issue! At this time our art team is aware of this PDF image quality issue and that the compression in the zip file and file size it's self are what is mainly causing this and are actively working to get that pdf looking better for everyone in the future. We ask for your patience while that file is addressed as most departments are still getting back from gen-con atm thanks for your time and patience in this manner.

Hello, I would like to buy the pdf as my players are now interested in the content, so I finally have a good reason.

Is the reslution problem fixed?
I will not buy the pdf if the image quality is not on the same level as other supplements like secrets of magic. The art and the writing are the two main reasons why I buy pdfs, since the rules are all free. So I will not buy it if it's not at least the same quality I am used to.
Thank you in advance.

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Cyder wrote:

My issue with the blaster caster or wizard is that even your core blaster spells like burning hands, or magic missile generally do about as much or less damage than a martial just hitting with a sword attack - doesn't matter if you are using scrolls the damage is low.

Casters have generally lower saves and native defences, their survivability is generally given by the same very limit resource they have for blasting or support of debuffing. I don't think other than tradition there is a good balance reason for this, after all you can range with a non caster and generally get better saves.

At low levels blaster casters are very frustrating to play. Assuming 4 encounters a day you get 1 spell per encounter and low level spells are terrible for damage. Cantrips helped smooth it but with the loss of key attribute to damage this is no longer the case. Wait for the full remaster is cold comfort for those of us who waited for APG and SoM with the same assurances only to get more of the same poor low level experiences.

No one wants PF1 casters, but if you spend your limited resources stacking blaster spells and you still deal with the low defences and if wizard less skills as well is generally not fun.

Casters I see at my tables end up end up quitting and rerolling or taking the same couple of buff/debuff spells as blowing your burning hands for 4 damage on the dice then having the enemies save reducing it to 2 for one of your big 3 or 4 spells is awful.

It gets slightly better at 5 with lightning bolt or fireball (etc) for AoE but it seems for the first couple of levels enemies are much more likely to save. It is also harder to pull off unless you are ambushing enemies before they get amongst the party as casters generally have low initiative making the problem worse. Not sure why casters need lower initiative and perception in PF2e.

So you wait till level 7 to finally catch up in proficiency, a full 3rd or more of the way through a campaign where if you plan hard, wait for just the right moments of...

I could not agree more with all of this. It pains me that this is the current bitter situation most casters find themselves in. Paizo, for the love of Desna, please address this. Please fix this in the remaster, or I will have to begrudgingly go back to house ruling the s*** out of my favourite game and take back the title of "so good it doesn't need fixing" that I so hoped this game would proudly wear.

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Question: have we had an explanation as to why casters scale their spellcasting proficiency at level 7, 15 and 19, while martials scale weapons at 5 and 13 ?

In my opinion this makes the majority of the life experience from the caster perspective to be frustrating. Getting to Legendary at 19 is essentially meaningless as the game is basically over and you have played catch up to martials up until then...

Is it because of the way spells scale in damage/effectiveness? If that's the case, are Paizo shifting the spells down with the remaster so that they can finally bring casters on a 5 - 13 path as well? I wouldn't know where to put Legendary in that case, but maybe there's no need, or maybe stays there at 19 ?

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Driftbourne wrote:
LotsOfLore wrote:

Is this the one that will have a map, or maps, of the galaxy?

I am really looking forward to that

YAY, finally!!

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Very very cool! I can feel the creativity bursting out of the Paizo team, keep it going!

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Not at all what I was expecting, but at least it's multiplayer, so I'm very interested!

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Aaron Shanks wrote:

Art credit goes to our in-house artist Kent Hamilton.

Paizo print and PDF products are on sale. Kobold Press print products are on sale. Foundry VTT products are not. However, if a person buys a Paizo PDF at a discount and then the Foundry module at full price, separately, they then get a bit of a discount on the entire Foundry package.

AND PDFs! YES! Thank you!

p.s.: the art is spectacular.

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Is the discount only for print products, as in paper? Please tell me it isn't

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This analysis is pure gold, thank you so much for the transparency and care you show us!

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Rysky wrote:

Rip Tanner, formerly Desna’s Avatar, formerly Stunt Monkeys (note the extra s), formerly a half dozen other aliases has been banned multiple times from the Paizo forums for repugnant views and attempts to impersonate other posters. They have the telltale sign of spam-liking every single salty or horrible post on the site, unnervingly right after it was posted usually, which definitely feels like bot behavior.

Back when they actually wrote reviews they were blatant in their misogyny, queer phobia, and racism, and would also blatantly lie about wording and events in the books in order to justify their reviews (a common refrain from their reviews was “minus 1 star for Paizo’s usual brand of feminism”).

Thank you for your information!

Since they're a human being (allegedly ;) ), at least I know I can safely ignore everything that comes from them. Still... sad.

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There's a user called "Rip Tanner" that has no profile, or a completely empty one, but has spammed around 50 "reviews" recently, almost all 2 stars and always without any text in them.
That has got to be a bot, right? If that's the case, it should be eliminated, I think.

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It's still patiently sitting in my wishlist, and will stay there.
C'mon, you can do it, Mona! :)

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Just bought this. The story seems pretty cool, but the artwork is aboslutely horrible. And I don't mean the map, that looks ok, it's the illustrations. They are abominable. I'm very disappointed by that.
I bought the Bounty n. 2 together with that and it has much much better artwork.

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Vanessa Hoskins wrote:

Adventure Author here!

If you're running this online, or have access to a digital display for your in-person group, you should ABSOLUTELY consider getting this. Not only is it going to save you dozens of hours of prep time, but the result is what you would get if you spent hundreds of hours crafting this experience.

First of all, congrats!

Then, I'd also like whole-heartedly endorse the practice of in-person play with FoundryVTT on the GMs laptop + one monitor to show the players. Since I started doing that it has completely overhauled my experience at the table and multiplied the fun exponentially. I don't think I'd ever go back to not using that xD
I even adopted the system for my other non-Paizo games that maybe don't have such a strong system support on Foundry. It's still well worth the small hassle for me.

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CrusaderWolf wrote:
I do hope there is a permanent shift in Starfinder canon regarding how FTL/Drift travel works, as currently written its easily one of my least favorite parts of the setting. A reworking of FTL would be a very welcome change.


Also, would be nice to have a galactic map for the game, something more all encompassing and detailed than the Pact Worlds illustration

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I love the art by Ekaterina! Wish we had more of that style

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Lebombjames wrote:
Can you give any details on how scaling cantrips work? Will it be something "damaging cantrips do a number of damage dice equal to your highest spell level", or something more detailed?
Spell damage will increase in various ways at certain levels. Something happens at 3rd level, at 7th level... etc.

Scaling cantrips?! WOW! YES! If you start fix.. ehm enhancing the core mechanics with these new books I'll have a whole lot of new reasons to keep buying them. Thank you!

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Just wanted to say: keep up the great work Paizo!

I for one am also happy with this latest message from Jeff. As a proud customer of your company, after reading all of the complied twitter threads, messages and whatnot (helpfully compiled by the reddit community), I am very happy to see that the vast majority of the wild and gross accusations seem to have been completely unfounded, as I suspected they would be.
Whatever room for improvements is left in the areas that have been pointed out, I am confident you will take advantage of moving forward.

Thank you, and please keep producing some of the best ttrpgs in existence, you are doing a great job!

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Cori Marie wrote:
It was also mentioned several times in this thread that the street date changed.

I'm sorry but that's not helpful/effective, because newer posts appear on later pages, so when you land on the product's page it only shows the first, older posts.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Paizo has a complete PDF months before the print copies arrive in our warehouse. If the company thought selling them early was a smart business decision it could have done so years ago. We have no plans to do so at this time. We will not participate in further discussion. Thank you for your enthusiasm, patience, and patronage during this time of internationally inconsistent shipping. We share your frustration in that.

The only thing you needed to do early, in my opinion, was changing the date of the pdf sale on this page, as soon as you knew/could.

Anyway I remain super excited for this book, I'm sure it will be amazing. Thank you!

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YAY for this!! A really friggin great idea for a campaign. I wish I had a 14 day week to keep up with all the stuff paizo puts out and play everything xD

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Tusk the Half-Orc wrote:
Band on the Run Product Page wrote:
Will be available today.
Me: {refreshing page over and over, waiting for the adventure to become available for purchase}

If you are based in Europe like me, their "today" is our "tomorrow" ... Wow that sounds like a cool motto xD

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Great stuff!

EDIT: I changed it a bit.
Here's another idea, a feat called something like "Dangerous Weaponry" (if it's not already taken) and makes use of the swift action, something that is oddly rare in Starfinder.

Prerequisites: base attack bonus +1, proficiency in basic melee weapons

Benefit: you can attempt a difficult attack focused on landing a specific critical hit effect that might come from the weapon you are wielding or from other sources. Once every hour, you can spend a swift action in order to activate this effect. All the attacks you make during the round in which you activated Dangerous Weaponry take a penalty of -2, but the first time you hit with an attack or a special ability, during that round, you can apply one critical effect to it, as if you rolled a natural 20 with that weapon or special ability. The attack that applies the critical effects consumes double the normal ammunition.

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Interesting stuff!

I made a fusion some time ago, called "Dangerous", level 2: you apply it to a weapon and it reduces the number needed to get a crit. hit with that weapon by 2 (18-20). However, it makes it so that your weapon can never deal double damage roll on a crit (as you usually do), not even on a nat. 20.

My playeres liked it but they thought it was a bit weak, so I added a higher level version that does the same but lets you keep the crit damage on a nat. 20. (Though now I don't remember what level I gave it)

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These four fixes of mine make the game work a LOT better for me.

1) NPCs saving throw bonuses are way too high. I lower them across the board by default, before changing them if necessary: -1 to the highest saves and -2 to the lowest one. Also, I change the "Expert" array into having high Reflex saves, and low Will and Fort. This makes it so that PCs abilities, items, grenades and spells can actually go through once in a while, instead of frustrating them to the point of wanting to quit.

2) Combat maneuvers go against KAC + 4. With related adjustments: KAC + 10 to achive "pinned". The DC to Escape grapple is KAC + 8, and KAC + 10 against pinned. For monsters, the Grab capacity works with KAC + 2. This makes maneuvers actually fun and usable for normal characters, instead of being barely achievable only to the most specialized ones. Of course enemies also become more dangerous, and that's very good!

3) Grenades should should go boom, not poof. The ones that deal damage get a bonus to damage = to half their item level (just to base damage, not crit effects). Also, after the latest errata I don't have to apply the "half the price" fix anymore. Thanks for listeing, Paizo!

4) To self-stabilize you need 1/3 of your max RPs (instead of 1/4), minimum 1 and with no maximum cap. Then, when you do "Staying in the fight" you are then Staggered for 1 round. Also, every time you go down after the first, in one combat, you need 1 more RP in order to do "Staying in the fight".
Players amass a lot of RPs levelling up, and can get to the point that they are almost impossible to kill. That's no fun.

Rule number 1 saved me and my friends from shelving the game due to frustration. Defeating the bad guys is not nearly as important as pulling off the cool abilities that you created your character for, regardless of whether you actually win the fight!
I use several more fixes but they are all minor compared to these.

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And just to add my wishes, within the current framework:

MORE and BETTER adventure material!

Please Paizo, keep pushing on the standalone product line, those are the best vehicle in my opinion. It's not that I don't love the old 6-book format campaigns, but I see that they are a really hard sell to new people! Nobody really wants or knows that they are going to commit to something that will run for 2 years or more (just playing on-line, once a week, for 2 hours, sadly).
The 3-book format has been a big win for me, more of that, rather! Apart from that, what irks me about APs is that they seem to all boil down to assembly line kill-a-monster experiences. Go in room, kill monsters, go to next room, repeat. Don't get me wrong, the stories and NPCs are indeed great, but the point of rupture is in the fact that PCs need XPs to level up. And that limits what you can do in an AP, as well as contributes to put every story inside the same mechanic mold (more or less).

One way to change that could be: tell the story you want, without stuffing it with monsters where there's absolutely no reason to. Instead outright give out XP at milestones and for successful adventure/exploration/social challanges, letting PCs level up two or more levels at a time during downtime, in order to continue on with the next book of the adventure. If they don't want to "jump" like that, they can play some of your standalone adventures (of which you should publish many and at many level intervals) in order to prepare themselves for the next book.

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Garretmander wrote:
I think Against the Aeon Throne is probably the best intro AP. It's relatively simple, there's a mix of RP, skill challenges and combat. It's probably the closest to a generic heroic Sci fi story of all of them.

I agree. And, also, Against the Aeon Throne is only 3 books! Which makes it a lot more feasable. Going through a full 6 books AP takes years (in my experience) if you play once a week regularly for 2, or 2 and a half hours at a time.

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Data from Roll20's Orr report, Fantasy Grounds, sales from ICv2, amazon sales, views and engagement in general from shows, liveplays etc. all point to it. Even if those datasets have questionable statistical value and each fails to paint a full picture on it's own, taken altogether they seem to point to a decline in popularity.

And this pains me, as Starfinder is my favourite sci-fi rpg!

What do you think Paizo should do, if anything?

Personally, I said before that a Starfinder 2nd edition would be madness, but honestly I don't know for how long that can be stalled. Looking at the near future, I am changing my mind and I find myself yearning for a complete, radical, overhaul of the game on the level of what they did with PF2e (the absolute BEST fantasy rpg system currently out there, in my opinion, even if personal taste is often just as, if not more, important than objevtive quality in the rpg world).

Also, since PF2 is a modern rpg that is still built on solid "somewhat classical" d20 system foundations... How about a new completely different system for Starfinder 2? Maybe one based on a more narrative system. Something along the lines of the Year Zero engine, or Savage Worlds, or a PbtA, or some other, but developed by Paizo as a brand new Starfinder 2 system. Is that something that would even be conceivable or feasable (or advisable?).

Let me know what you think.

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FINALLLY STARFINDER NOVELS (of sorts, kinda, well I'll take it) LINE IS HERE! Thank you Paizo! HUZZAAH!

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Just bought it,
as a geologist I have to say: the Animated Quartz Swarm is the best thing I have ever seen in my career. I mean birefringence, piezoelectric... I was ROFL when I saw it xD

Great stuff (also the NPC rules for the new classes, thank you)!

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This is what I am excited about the most! So looking forward to this, I am hoping it really turns out to be the Starfinder GM Guide I am looking for. :)

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Hey there, I love Starfinder and I would LOVE to give my money to the wonderful people at Paizo in order to have proper standalone adventures to play!

I'm not talking about the free skittermander ones, which sure are great, I mean proper full-fledged standalone badass space ass-kicking adventures! Am I the only one that finds it annoying that these things have always existed for Pathfinder (and being published for Pathfinder 2), but for Starfinder, my favourite game, no joy?!

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Ok, this is great.

Now do STARFINDER Tales next, PLEASE!!

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Joe Pasini wrote:
FAQ updated——thanks for the question and the FAQ clicks!

Thank you for the FAQ!

Personally, given the resolution, I think I am going to house-rule the spell so that it simply gives the Fatigued condition (or Exhausted if already Fatigued) instead. However, the effects end with the duration of the spell, not requiring rest afterwards.
I believe this places the spell in a nice spot, given that we have "fatigue" as a cantrip for mystics, and then only "waves of fatigue" for mystics at high level. This gives technomancers the chance of doing that as an AoE but with much shorter effect duration. Might be a bit powerful maybe. If that's the case I could add "if exhausted they can spend a full action each round to lessen the effect to fatigued" or smth like that.

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Jax77 wrote:

So sorry to Necro, but this post comes up on google searches related to this. While there is not an errata specifically for this, there is an errata for Afflictions that seems to apply:

On the Official FAQ: https://paizo.com/starfinder/faq/

Under Starfinder Core Rulebook Errata (1st and 2nd Printing)

Page 414: In Afflictions, remove the fifth paragraph and add the following text after the second sentence of the third paragraph.

On a failed saving throw, if the victim was affected by a condition as a result of the affliction and that condition was removed (such as by remove condition), the victim regains any conditions from earlier steps along the affliction’s progression track (as well as conditions from the current step).
This seems to imply, that the condition is removed by remove condition, and is regained on the next failed saving throw. (Along with any additional conditions from the new step)

Thank you, I have always interpreted it to last until your next save is due (so a day typically for illnesses), but I am happy to see it written clearly

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Superb cosmic horror stuff!

STARFINDER Tales, make it happen, take my money!

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"You feel annoyance. Isn’t this your mind? Why are there so many other thoughts wandering around within it, having a debate without you? And shouldn’t they respect your ownership of this mental space?"

This made me think about Disco Elysium, good times :D

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Owen KC Stephens wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:
Oh, this is magnificent. The choice of second-person for the narration... *chef's kiss*


This is my most experimental fiction to date, so I am delighted people seem to be digging it.

I'm definitely digging it! Great job!

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Bring it on! :D

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Luis Loza wrote:

From the office of expectation management:

There won't be stat blocks for any of the characters featured in this book.

Part of the reason for this decision is that we haven't nailed down the exact level/abilities of some of the featured characters as some of them are newer or even brand new. In other cases, we don't necessarily have the rules to support every aspect of a character (e.g. gun rules for characters who use guns or stats for characters higher than 25th level).

If and when these characters need stats, we will be providing them for the stories we want to tell. In the meanwhile, keeping them without stats allows GMs to use the stats that best fit their game. For example, if you decided that Jatembe has grown weaker since the last time he was seen, he can be a lower level for your particular game.

Rather than locking in stats and forcing stories to be told at specific levels, we wanted to keep things open for all groups (and ourselves!) to tell the stories that work best for their games. For now, you can expect a lot of information on the background, personality, and relationships of the featured characters with a healthy sprinkling of plot hooks. We're excited to see everyone's feelings and reactions on the format to see if it's something that might work for similar products in the future.

Once the book comes out (at GenCon!), let us know what you think!

Super cool idea. Yay Jatembe :D

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Porridge wrote:
LotsOfLore wrote:
I can't see any big downside to doing this! I want players to think that Maneuvers are actually doable with luck and equipment even if you are not the expert on them, given the right situation. I want to see more manuevers done form PCs and from the bad guys as well.

I'm a big fan of this house rule. (It's one of two non-starship related houserules I've used myself.)

In the default game (in my experience), maneuvers are ignored by anyone who isn't hyper-specialized in performing one. And even then, the specialists generally only use the single maneuver they've specialized in.

Opening up maneuvers to non-specialists makes SF combat more interesting. It makes PCs more likely to try to make use of features of environmental features. And it make PCs more likely to coordinate maneuvers and attacks in a way more interesting than just "let's all shoot at the same target".

That said, this is mostly based on experience with the SF CRB. And I can see how recent publications have changed things a bit. It feels like the devs realized that no one was ever using maneuvers, and so started introducing options (Vanguards, Skittermanders, etc) that made maneuvers a more viable option. But by making it possible to build a viable maneuver specialists (at least for one kind of maneuver), I can see how one might worry that with this house rule, maneuver specialists might now be too good.

In particular, I can see the worry, raised by some, that the pinning effect in particular is too strong. So I might be inclined to make pinning require a harder check (perhaps KAC+8, as LotsofLore suggested).

But for the most part, I'm not too worried about this. Most maneuvers are already of questionable efficacy even if they were easy to perform. Using your standard action to trip someone instead of taking them down, or using your turn to bull rush them and provoke an AOO instead of just dealing damage, is often a poor tactical choice. (And, of course, in many cases maneuvers like this won't be an...

Thank you, exactly!

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Dracomicron wrote:

It is hugely game breaking, actually. Bull Rush and Reposition make the enemies trigger AoOs, even from the originator of the maneuver. Further, Grapple/Pin takes some enemies out of the fight entirely.

Furthermore, between Improved Combat Maneuver, racial, and gear bonuses, it's ALREADY possible to have a net -2 or +0 to certain maneuvers; a skittermander with a garrote and a nerfed penalty suddenly becomes an unstoppable ball of fuzzy murder.

Armor Storm soldiers with ICM (Bull Rush) can actually get a net +2 if they have Juggernaut Boosters... and they do punch damage on top of the AoO they force the enemy to take.

I mean, do what you want with your game, but I can't recommend it.

Ok, noted. I don't see anything actually game breaking in what you mentioned. You are confirming that manuevers will trigger a lot more (which is what I intend). I dispute the fact this is somehow superpowering PC or NPCs. Maneuvers don't deal damage. Grappling someone doesn't end them then and there, they can hit, they can grapple back and they can still cast. Besides, if you manage to grapple or pin somebody and that has a non insignificant effect on a fight, good! That's how it should be!

This opens up gameplay and makes everyone more conscientious about their positioning and their tactics. It also makes a lot of gadgets and augmentations much more useful.

The fact that the skittermander is effective with a garrote is good. Enemies can garrote you back, or can prevent you from doing it by sundering your flimsy garrote. If that still looks like too good, then I'd much rather eliminate the garrote or change the way it works, and keep the KAC +4 maneuvers.

The fact that an expert with the right gear can aspire at having a -2 or a +0, as your say, is actually very lame, and it's the reason why I want to make that better. To me having a +0 does not really advertise "big badass maneuver expert"

Vanguards are not getting their light dimmed by this, they still benefit from targeting EAC, relative to everyone else, plus the baked-in maneuver feats. And no, I don't find that extreme at all. Again, maneuvers do not deal damage. If you manage to deal damage with a maneuver, good, you earned that through your class and build!

Regarding repositions... it's an AOO, not the end of the world. No problem with triggering one. The enemies can do that too!

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I can't see any big downside to doing this! I want players to think that Maneuvers are actually doable with luck and equipment even if you are not the expert on them, given the right situation. I want to see more manuevers done form PCs and from the bad guys as well. I like the idea that if you are an expert (have the feat), and have the right tool, you should actually have a decent chance of pulling one off, even without help from external factors.

Anyone finds this game-breaking?

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Mimski wrote:

As a non-black European I can not say much about this, since I am not directly affected at all.

But I'm glad Paizo posted this.
The world is watching the US, and I hope, in the end, we can remember this as an example to follow. There are other places with systemic racism and violence.
Many of us support the cause, so, please don't lose hope.
Black Lives Matter.

Same here. Black Lives Matter

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Opsylum wrote:

Nice list, LotsOfLore. If you haven't watched the Starfinder panel on Twitch yet, I've got three words for you: ** spoiler omitted **

I was just watching the recorded thing on twitch (I'm in Europe) and immediately realized what manual will go straight to the top of my wishlist! :D

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Writing here to please ask Paizo to publish a Starfinder GM guide (meaning a full badass hardcover rulebook, obviously). I would buy that in a heartbeat.

The need for such a rulebook shoud extremely evident. Starfinder has a vast, varied setting that is just the best fertile ground for subsystem expansion and complex scenario building.

A few examples:
- Campaign/adventure creation tips/rules
- Tips on how to GM the various flavours of adventures (mistery/horror/high digital/bug hunts/high space ...)
- Modern organization creation tips/rules (corporations, governments, digital pirate guilds...)
- Technological items systems design tips/rules
- Expanding on HYBRID items, how to integrate magic and technology
- Expanding magic with the digital equivalent of rituals (holographic communal casting?)
- Expanding on the Drift and its integration in space adventures
- Space Station building
- Space invasion / armada subsystem
- Ground Alien settlement creation
- Alien world exploration subsystems
- First contact scenario building rules /alien world building rules
- Variant rules to maybe get closer to PF2 level features, or tweak the current system
- NPC gallery expanding on the very solid Pact Worlds one

Is there any chance that we can see a core book such as this one day (soon)?

Please and thank you!

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Aaron Shanks wrote:

Viability of future novels is big question and beyond my area of expertise. My sister is a book buyer for one of the biggest library systems the US. She said these days, franchise fiction is very reduced. And she said some of these direct publishing programs are rather exclusive. They lock you into their system. I don't think we see the oldest roleplaying game publisher coming out with much of anything new, do we? And if they can't make it work...

But we love fiction and hear your pleas, so that is why we are keeping the free flash fiction alive. And Org Play introduced their new scenarios using fiction, which was so cool. Fiction will be sprinkled into what we do for now.

But I don't want to kill the dream! Haha, so feel free to envision what you would like to see. That's what the forums are for.

I will keep dreaming my Starfinder Tales dream! :)

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Master Han Del of the Web wrote:
The squox rules were a one-off to make the cute mascot the party picks up in the Against the Aeon Throne mechanically useful. They're pretty limited, all told. As no specific actions are listed under the feat, I would use the typical rules for the handle animal use of Survival, so a move action.

Ok, but as described in the core rule book, handle animal is used to raise the animal's attitude, not to "command it" as in Pathfinder 2 where it's very well addressed by the system. The attitude of the Squax is already helpful, so there's no need to use that.

This is what I propose, I'll share it here in case there's anyone else with this admittedly small problem:

Squox Companion should only give you access to the 1/3 CR squox. However, it should now include all of the properties of Creature Companion Adept. You basically get the other feat for free, although the effect of Creature Companion Adept only applies to your Squox 1/3 CR pet, you can't use it for other pets. Your pet cannot grow into any other more trained or more advanced forms (see below).

This allows anyone to use the squox and its tricks properly, using the AA3 rules.
If you want a more powerful and scalable Squox, you need to get it as if it was a companion, following the AA3 rules. You should use the following Squox Companion Stats:

Squox Companion Levels 1-15
Tiny animal
Senses blindsense (scent) 30 ft., low-light vision.
Good Save Refl; Poor Saves Fort, Will
Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee Attack bite (P)
Space 1 ft. Reach 0 ft.
Ability Modifiers Dex, Cha
Special Abilities
Hyperactive Character (Ex) While your squox companion is within 30 feet of you, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Perception checks to notice and search when the GM determines your squox could help you accomplish these tasks. In addition, your adorable companion is distracting. While it is in your space, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Bluff checks to feint. If your squox is in your space or within 10 feet of you, you can instead gain this insight bonus to Bluff checks to create a diversion, which can allow you or your squox to attempt to hide (your choice of which when you attempt the Bluff check).
Squox Tricks (Ex, 4th level) A squox can use Acrobatics to jump instead of Athletics. In addition, a squox can use its Acrobatics bonus as its attack bonus when it attempts a dirty trick, disarm, or trip combat maneuver. If the squox succeeds at a dirty trick maneuver, it can choose only between the entangled and off-target conditions. A squox’s tail, two front paws, and mouth count as hands free for a disarm attempt.

In this case, however, you can't use the Squox Companion feat, and if you want you should instead get the normal Creature Companion Adept feat. If you already had the Squox Companion feat and want to switch to the Companion version of the animal, you can pay the normal price for a Companion of the appropriate level, following the AA3 rules and get your new Squox Companion. By doing this, you automatically loose the Squox Companion Feat (as well as the 1/3 CR squox) and automatically get the Creature Companion Adept feat.

I believe this solves the problem neatly.

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Great job!

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General Orc wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
Leon Aquilla wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:

And i'm out.

I havn't even read Alien Archive 3 fully, nor did we play anything beyond the introductory adventure, "Dead Suns" & the first Skittermander adventure.

I did buy SF APs #1-#24 though and will continue to buy them until #33.

I have so many questions about this post and what it's doing here.

Ask away.

Basically i said that i don't need a Alien Archive 4, as 3 volumes (and the Alien Archives sections in the AP volumes) are more than enough for me.

We played Starfinder and liked it, we also played Pathfinder second Edition and didn't like it and we played Pathfinder 1e and still love it.
Unfortunately due to covid-19 it's impossible to meet in person for the next months and i do not need a 4th Alien Archive in my life.

Stay safe and stay home, everybody.

Strange how peoples paths to what they enjoy in a rpg differs so much. I liked 3.5 but it got too bloated with books, still though I loved it. Then I as not interested in Pathfinder as I thought it as just D&D 3.75. I went and tried D&D 4E, had a lot of fun but it got stale , and 4E FORGOTTEN REALMS was odd, and I did not like it.

In any case, played D&D 5E and really liked it a lot. Then came across Starfinder and was so impressed, that I got Pathfinder 2 which is my favorite game. I tried Pathfinder 1, but it never drew me in, but Pathfinder 2 has big time.

In any case, it could all have traveled down a different path for me.

Last thing,I am one of those people who loves trying different games and editions. I will jump to play any edition of most RPG games if I gel with the group and get to have a cool evening with a group of nice people, and get good memories and stories.

So presently my fave games are
Pathfinder 2
D&D 5E

Pathfinder 2 has the absolute best ruleset of the three. It never ceases to amaze me how well crafted it is. Starfinder is my favourite game overall mainly because of it's spectacular setting, flavour and gameplay variety.

Pathfinder 1 is in the past, it was my favourite, I have no need to be sentimentally attached to it.
D&D 5 is a very good generic system easy and basic. I personally don't need it.

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