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Here's a question, can you combine mighty strike with a standard action mounted charge and stack your damage further with a lance?

>if you picked up the -1ACP trait

I think with the trait mithril breastplate has no spell failure chance.

You'd be better threatening everything with a reach weapon wielded in two hands and spiked gauntlets/armor.

I'd say bull rush, grapple then move, and reposition are all straight-forward means of simulating sumo combat. There is also 'drag', but I don't know of any way that could be practical in a sumo fight.

Claxon wrote:


See here

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

1. Activating an item's command word is a standard action. If your command word is "fire," and you're in initiative, you have to spend your standard action saying the word AT the sword with the proper inflection, you can't activate it for free (without spending an action).

2. You can give several actions the same command word, but that doesn't get around the standard-action-to-activate-each. It just means you only have to remember one word, not multiple words (which means your allies have an easier time using those items to save your life if you're bleeding to death).

3. Activating flaming doesn't deactivate any other abilities on the weapon. If your sword has three different command words, you can spend three standard actions activating each to have them all active at the same time. If the sword has the same command word for all three special abilities, you can spend three standard actions speaking that command word to activate the three special abilities, and have them activated at the same time.

"Until another command is given" means "... specifically to turn off that weapon special ability with the 'off' command." It doesn't mean "any command directed at the weapon turns off this ability" or "any command you speak turns off this ability" or "any command anyone in the world speaks at any time turns off this ability."

Activating each decanter is a standard action.

Touche. Was this a recent ruling or was I just oblivious?

You can activate multiple items with the same command word. The same way you can put fire, shock, and frost on a sword and turn them all on or off with the same command word if you please.

Weirdo wrote:
Advanced Class Guide wrote:

Alternate Classes

Sometimes an archetype exchanges so many class features that it almost becomes a new class itself. In such cases, the class might warrant a representation of all of the class features, even those that it shares with its base class. While still technically an archetype, characters who play this class have all the tools they need to advance their character in one convenient location. The antipaladin, ninja, and samurai are all examples of an alternate class.

Alternate classes are archetypes, just very comprehensive ones.

As such a ninja X counts as a rogue X for prerequisites, and a ninja can take rogue archetypes that only replace features the ninja has.


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I think it'd be more fun if groups had a greater 'no man left behind mentality' where they say 'Jill the Fighter just fell in another pit, curse her! Oh well guys let's spend a round or two getting her out while Jimmy McWizard tries to keep the enemies at bay.'

The trouble is the game doesn't really reward that as much as 'Jill fell in a pit, let's all just nuke down on the wizard before it casts another pit, Jill will survive.'

I like the sheet, it's very minimalist and functional, however I have to agree with Tryn, usually I just make a mess of the spell section of my character sheet if it has one and end up resorting to printing them separately.

I don't think not having the ability to stand is an issue, isn't it assumed you take your natural attacks consecutively, as opposed to simultaneously? He could stand on one hoof while he kicks with the other, then switch.

I'd say if he makes it himself he could make it out of darkleaf, as leather is an option for it. If someone else is making it than you as a GM could decide whether it was available in darkleaf or if only iron/bone constructed armors are available from wherever he is buying it from. Or you might rule that the lacquering process for the leather/darkleaf would destroy the advantage darkleaf offers, so if he gets the darkleaf variant it's no better than normal besides being fancier.

Why a pit? Why not a cage, which you drop off a cliff?

Shouldn't I just go with large mount plus narrow frame? And my DM does a homebrew campaign which is partially dungeon crawl and partially open field encounters so far.

My DM is pretty generous about leadership. Does pistol musketeer ever get to effective dual wielding at higher levels, or is it pretty awkward throughout? I could probably just go with musket master, it'd probably be less feat intensive and leave more room for grabbing a companion.

Gun twirl seems actually like not a bad idea. The flavor of it is pretty wack but mechanically it'd make the build more viable.

Also, my source of real life inspiration for the concept.

First, to justify the concept. The Gunslinger is fairly competitive in DPS but by no means the top dog, even when you account it targets touch AC. However, it's pretty infamous for having very little trouble actually hitting it's target at close range.

Mounted combat rules allow you to make a full attack with a ranged weapon while your mount is running at at a -4 penalty (with mounted archery feat.) This normally wouldn't be terribly great, except the Gunslinger will hit fairly consistently even with a whopping penalty.

So the tactic to be employed is: In open ground, at least during midlevels, I can approach most enemies from far outside of immediate danger, come within point blank range, unload two pistols, and ride away to prepare for the next assault. I could also integrate a thrown net on the first charge before quickdrawing my second pistol and unloading.

Finally, you may think, "Well what about when you are in a dungeon crawl?" Well you see, I'm still a gunslinger with two pistols, which is hardly the worst thing I could be cough ROGUE cough.

However, what do you all think? What is the best way to fulfill this concept, what sorts of feats should I take, what race would be best? Should I start out with cavalier to horsemaster, then start out gunslingin'? Should I take nature soul than animal ally? Would I be better off just being a hunter or ranger with guns?

Maybe you give each of them a custom magic item that can store a certain amount of hit point damage for up to 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, or if the wearer removes/destroys it, the wearer takes double the damage stored in the item.

The wearer gets a very foreboding feeling if there is enough damage stored to kill him when it unleashes. A healer may treat the item as the wearer for purposes of healing, and may divide his or her healing among either.

This way they can soak up a little extra damage for a few rounds but it is still important they receive healing every 3-4 rounds if they are getting beat up on.

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Ask one of them to hold your hand.

I think the Paladin was out of line in challenging the Rogue to a fight to the death and denying it healing where there is no clear evidence it is evil, only that it isn't reliable. Sure it'd make sense for the Paladin to sleep with one eye open, detect evil often around him, etc. A Paladin is supposed to smite evil, not cowardice, apathy, practicality, or lack of loyalty. He is no more right in trying to kill the rogue for abandoning the party then he would be in killing the remainder of the party for not stopping him from trying to kill the rogue.

Also the fact the rogue somehow managed to best him in a one on one fight is quite strange.

Oh, I wooshed that pretty hard.

I still think witch isn't a great class for OP,

Slacker2010 wrote:

Due to being Skull and Shackles and not wanting to trivialize the rest of the party, Im going with the Aquatic Base form with only one attack that has reach. I will pick up trip evolution and use him for battle field control. This way I wont be stepping on the toes of the melee types (which we are heavy on).

I was looking for an archetype that trades away Summon Monster so i didnt have to deal with it. I know its more powerful but I dont want to flood the board with summons and once again, trivialize everyone else contribution. Since we are so melee heavy I figured Haste and some battle field control would help the most.

Witches are infamous for trivializing the rest of the party, and two of them don't really fill any roles that one doesn't, except as acting as a force multiplier for the other, which further trivializes everyone else. Coven Hex isn't really that great for a witch if it doesn't mean forming a coven, anyway. Everyone of a witch's standard actions are usually used for something more important than giving a slight and probably insignificant boost to another witch.

A schmital strike feat chain, which can be combined with the schmobility/schrping attack line so you can actually have a viable move and attack style character that doesn't ride-by charge on a horse or have to jump through six hoops to grab wings for fly by.

I'm pretty sure two non-hag witches using Coven together isn't accepted at all tables, so you probably wan't to discuss with DM first. I think you're best odds are to go with a Cleric, Oracle, or Druid instead if you don't want to emphasize on summons and mostly just want a pet and buffing ability.

Honestly there doesn't seem to be a non-contradictory answer to this question. I think it should be flagged for FAQ. Also, dot.

Wheldrake wrote:

Everything you know is wrong!

Firesign Theatre wrote:
"Dogs flew spaceships! The Aztecs invented the vacation! Men and women are the same sex! Our forefathers took drugs! Your brain is not the boss! Yes! That's right! Everything you know is wrong!"

To the OP: your character is being asked to turn upside-down one of the most fundamental aspects of his being, who he is, deep down. What's more, who his *father* is. If it was a PC-NPC interaction, a fair DM might allow the victim of such a prank to be confused for a while, but no amount of fast-talking should be able to cast doubts on deeply-held beliefs like who you are and who your parents were, unless the victim is suffering from amnesia or a similarly debilitating condition.


Wait, is thogg the tiefling? I thought the other guy was lying about being an elf, not lying to thogg and telling him he was an elf. If that's the case it seems incredulous enough a DM in his right mind should probably rule it can't be bluffed.

Landerk wrote:
you believe that the Tiefling believes he is an elf

This actually isn't a great loophole...

d20pfsrd wrote:
with a successful check you convince your opponent that what you are saying is true.

Yeah you don't even have to try that hard, if post preview is any indication you can just put a dash in between each letter.

d20pfsrd wrote:

Bluff is an opposed skill check against your opponent’s Sense Motive skill. If you use Bluff to fool someone, with a successful check you convince your opponent that what you are saying is true. Bluff checks are modified depending upon the believability of the lie. The following modifiers are applied to the roll of the creature attempting to tell the lie. Note that some lies are so improbable that it is impossible to convince anyone that they are true (subject to GM discretion).

RAW if you fail sense motive you beleive it, unless your DM decides it's unbelievable. Whether interactions between PC's should be handled with roleplaying or rollplaying is one matter, but as to whether you believe it if it's handled via rollplay, the rules dictate yes.

  • Protection from alignment

  • Mount

  • Mudball might be worthwhile

  • Blood money?

  • Thanis Kartaleon wrote:

    While it is true that Summoning

    PRD wrote:
    bring manifestations of objects, creatures, or forms of energy to you

    the more specific text says this:

    PRD wrote:
    A summoning spell instantly brings a creature or object to a place you designate. When the spell ends or is dispelled, a summoned creature is instantly sent back to where it came from, but a summoned object is not sent back unless the spell description specifically indicates this. A summoned creature also goes away if it is killed or if its hit points drop to 0 or lower, but it is not really dead. It takes 24 hours for the creature to reform, during which time it can't be summoned again.



    Also this is supported by the description of calling spells:

    prd wrote:

    Calling: a calling spell transports a creature from another plane to the plane you are on. The spell grants the creature the one-time ability to return to its plane of origin, although the spell may limit the circumstances under which this is possible. Creatures who are called actually die when they are killed; they do not disappear and reform, as do those brought by a summoning spell (see below). The duration of a calling spell is instantaneous, which means that the called creature can't be dispelled.

    Which frankly suprised me, I always assumed summons were just poof out of nowhere unless it was a calling spell.

    Acedio wrote:
    KuntaSS wrote:
    Acedio wrote:

    I'm picturing someone with a Lore Oracle with Sidestep Secret trying to get a Ring of Revelation of Nature's Whispers with UMD (both give Charisma to AC).

    I think it'd be weird to let that stack.

    Of course the entire umd shenanigans is weird by itself.

    I'm pretty sure you can't UMD having a mystery you don't have.

    You can (so long as your homebrew GM allows it) because UMD allows you to emulate a class feature, but that's not the point of the discussion here. I encourage you to look it up, it's quite strange.


    Oh sorry, I'd seen this ruling here:

    James Jacobs wrote:

    Use Magic Device will let you trick an item into thinking you're a different class... but it does not grant the POWERS of that class. The way the ring of revelation is worded pretty much means you HAVE to be an oracle (aka you have to meet minimum level requirements in class abilities granted by the oracle class, since the powers granted directly affect that ability rather than grant you NEW abilities). Furthermore, the ring specifically says that it has no effect if worn by a non-oracle.

    SO. Best case scenario, you could Use Magic Device to trick the ring into activating, but if you don't actually have class levels in oracle, the ring will do nothing more than take up a ring slot for you.

    before and that led me to believe you couldn't UMD having a specific mystery, as you can't UMD having a mystery if you are a non oracle, however after a little bit of googling, I guess JJ has also said before:

    James Jacobs wrote:

    PolydactylPolymath wrote:

    Can an Oracle of a given mystery use UMD to emulate a different mystery in order to access the revelation coded into the ring?

    For example: Suppose a Nature oracle who finds a ring of revelation containing "Sacred Council" from the Ancestor mystery. Can s/he use UMD to emulate the Ancestor mystery class feature and thereby access the "Sacred Council" revelation from the ring (assuming s/he continues to make the requisite UMD checks every hour to continue emulating the Ancestor mystery)?

    Yes. That's using the "emulate a class feature," in this case, the class feature of having the Ancestor mystery. I guess, in theory, you could do that if you were ANY class, though. Which may not be the way I've interpreted the ability before.

    As always, though, your GM has the last say.

    So I guess UMD'ing the RoR is on decent footing if you are an Oracle as of right now.

    Acedio wrote:

    I'm picturing someone with a Lore Oracle with Sidestep Secret trying to get a Ring of Revelation of Nature's Whispers with UMD (both give Charisma to AC).

    I think it'd be weird to let that stack.

    Of course the entire umd shenanigans is weird by itself.

    I'm pretty sure you can't UMD having a mystery you don't have.

    Bang the swash, kill the fighter, marry the paladin.

    Yeah I don't think we have permission to view that. Also dot.

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    It seems to me for the most part your changes nerf martials more then they help, sure increased versatility is great but the spellcasters will still probably be more versatile, and then without as much iteratives and all the DR floating around casters will make a better damager than a martial class as well.

    So horses in PF have to squeeze to go through 5' wide hallways? It's weird they got rid of the long and tall designations.

    For Oracles the Dual Cursed arch is pretty popular, as well as life, flame, heavens, lore, lunar, nature, wood, and battle mysteries. If I had to pick top three I'd say go with flame (blaster), heavens(utility, color spray madness), and life(healer).

    I kind of want to pay a bunch of commoners to stand in a circle and try to trip eachother. Last man standing gets 2gp.

    Actually why bother using your AC at all, buy a bunch of goats or something?

    Why bother teaching the animal tricks? Just get a smaller one and throw it.

    So let me lay out a hypothetical situation. Buffy the Cleric has a short term buff he wants to drop on the fighter at the beginning of the next combat.

    Eres the Ninja heard a noise on the other side of the door. Buffy doesn't want to waste action economy by waiting until he is in the middle of combat to cast the spell, but he doesn't want to pre-buff the fighter if it turns out to just be a cat or a single goblin Meatstick McKills Goblins can handle without the buff.

    So Buffy knows just what to do, he stands next to the door and casts the spell, but does not touch the fighter, he holds the charge.

    Meatstick opens up the door and sees Craig the BBEG on the other side. Initiative happens, Buffy delays and Meatstick starts his turn.

    Meatstick moves into the room, thereby provoking an AO from Buffy, who normally wouldn't take it as an ally, but he has this handy touch spell to deliver. Meatstick grows bigger muscles as he approaches poor Craig.

    Bigdaddyjug wrote:
    KuntaSS wrote:
    Bigdaddyjug wrote:
    Level 12 archers can do around 300 DPR. Taking it to 20 will increase DPR by about 100, so 400 DPR or so.


    Where do you get this number? Does it account for miss chance against a CR appropriate average AC? Or misfire if you are talking about a gunslinger build?

    Another thread on the first page where somebody posted a fighter build that could do 300 DPR.

    Ok I found it, that's nuts. Legit, accounts for miss chance and crits, whole shebang.

    To be fair his will save is abysmal though.

    Bigdaddyjug wrote:
    Level 12 archers can do around 300 DPR. Taking it to 20 will increase DPR by about 100, so 400 DPR or so.


    Where do you get this number? Does it account for miss chance against a CR appropriate average AC? Or misfire if you are talking about a gunslinger build?

    Joana wrote:
    KuntaSS wrote:
    To be fair there is no such thing as an immobile object.

    Immovable rod. ;)

    Although, technically, even it can be moved with a high enough Str check.

    Actually a very fair point. And counterpoint.

    Dipping is less common than 3.5 but there are still plenty of builds around dipping. http://zenithgames.blogspot.com/2013/01/guide-to-builds.html has a few examples of such builds.

    Orator makes the wizard incredibly good at getting the ladies, scaring commoners into doing things, and convincing the party he is not evil, as well as knowing a ton of languages.

    There are a bunch of different ways to add evolution points to everything now. The primal companion hunter can even apply them to itself, for a minute per level, but it's companion has to die first (Maybe send the AC in as a scout or a trapfinder?)

    Animal soul might be a can of worms.

    Believers boon and the feather domain is like skill focus (per) on steroids.

    Lunging spell touch is probably pretty good for a reach cleric.

    Riving strike is probably great on a Magus.

    Pack Flanking would be great except the int 13 requirement, not sure what to do with it otherwise.

    Glue Seal seems like a ton of fun.

    Euphoric Cloud is great for parties.

    Or you could get evolved summons a bunch of times. Also real cheese.

    If you are going to try to nerf leadership, definitely give him a chance to retrain if he doesn't like it how it stands.

    I'd say yes, this looks like it checks out.

    To be fair there is no such thing as an immobile object.

    Why is the greatsword adamantine, doesn't having a high enough enhancement bypass the need to use it for DR, or is it because of sunder paranoia?

    Also he has too many feats, you will never have enough shoes for him.

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