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Some of this will be useful in my first edition campaigns, cool.

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I really miss the weekly miniatures update we used to get as well. I know they caused me to spend more than I would have otherwise, both directly from Paizo and from my local suppliers.

I am still thankful for Marco keeping my excitement high about new sets since I rarely hear about them otherwise anymore.

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Wise move to continue to support first edition. I know so many gamers that just aren't going to be playing second.

Hello Paizo,

I noticed my order has been pending a while. Last time something similar to this happened I had to update billing I think. What's going on this time around?

Thanks for checking into this for me.

My players can't find hardly any suitable minis if they want to play these races: catfolk, ifrit, kitsune, oread, sylph, and undine.

I mentioned this years ago when wish lists were brought up and it never happened and I'm guessing never will anymore unfortunately.

I like them. I could have used more cool minotaur minis as Trollocs in a Wheel of Time game I ran back in the day.

Great to see the mini blog starting up again.

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Since my reply got deleted for some reason in the other thread, I will repost it here: thank you Marco for sharing all this miniature news with the community.

Cool, thank you for checking on this for me.

On May 18th I ordered some of the new Crown of Fangs miniatures and put them in my sidecart to ship with my June stuffs. I noticed my June shipment has been pending a while now and says Products not in stock.

Am I hosed on those minis because I didn't have them ship immediately last month?

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Awesome podcast. My group already finished Giantslayer and it is surprisingly entertaining to listen to another group as they go through the AP.

Much appreciation for all of this effort

Hello Customer Service peoples,

I placed Order 3963780 on November 23rd and it is still pending. Hoping the warehouse goblins have not run off with my miniatures. Thanks in advance for checking on this.

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Is there some link I am missing to all the PDFs that are on sale?

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I would like something similar to Close Wounds from the Spell Compendium. Immediate, close range. Less efficient but great for emergencies.

What kind of weapon or object is Barzillai Thrune holding? It is interesting but I'm not sure what it is supposed to be.

Site has been crashing for the last half hour when I try to check out. Trying to buy some of the special 1 per customer Pathfinder Battles. For some reason part of my first order was removed when I checked out so I had to place a 2nd order. Now the large cart appears to be unavailable so I may have just missed out on that. Anyways, can you combine these two orders to save me some shipping? I would still buy a rusty dragon large cart also if they haven't run out. Thanks!

Two handed Fighter with 1 or 2 levels of arcanist to pick up a bunch of daily dimensional slides to avoid giant reach.

I could use some derro. Alchemists. Advanced races in general. Love the monster codex so any holes from there. Spiritual weapon and other summoned tentacles etc.
You know what you are doing :) keep it up.

Any more hints on what minis to pick up for this (and all) adventure paths are always appreciated. I want to be prepared when Giantslayer comes out because it sounds Awesome. Hopefully my group will be mostly done with Emerald Spire by spring. Now I know to look into red dragons. Thanks.

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Always interesting to see other opinions about the adventure paths. I must be exactly the target audience for this one because I am more excited to run Giantslayer than any AP since Shattered Star.

In a related story, vanilla ice cream once again came in first place for favorite ice cream flavor. :)

talentedalchemi... err sorry to answer This question

Slayer and Investigator are probably the two new classes I'm most interested in from ACG

I like what Green Ronin tried to do with their Noble's handbook. I still want to see an updated and/or expanded version of that.

Definitely agree about Marshall / Commander. Maybe a cavalier / bard without a mount or spells, and even more buffs. I always liked support classes with buffs or Diablo2 Paladin type auras.


I would love to read through the new rules if you could send me a copy also. Thanks so much for putting all the work into this.


Herbalist vote

Impatiently tapping my foot for next month to get here already...

Can't wait.

Add me to the list of customers who would rather have a lower magic book than epic or psionic crazyness.

I'd like Pathfinder versions of the magic item compendium and spell compendium most of any hardcovers.

The sale convinced me to pull the trigger and get a pile of your PDFs. Impressed so far. Keep up the good work.

James Jacobs wrote:

And yes... I'm a fan of darker, grittier fantasy stories, and as I'm the Creative Director, that sentiment tends to creep into most of Paizo's offerings. And we've had very few complaints.

OK I will post my vote that I agree with the original poster and also have had too much of this sort of thing.

I havent had any luck so far finding out whether feats that give bonuses stack with each other. Thanks in advance if you can help me.

Does the bonus from Skill Focus (Escape Artist) stack with the bonus from Stealthy?