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I am trying to understand how these wizards work.

If i look at the APG under elemental wizards, I see a greatly reduced spell list. There is a "all schools" section and sections for each element.

then in UM, there are added 2 new types of elemental wizards, wood and metal, and removing air.

My question is do these 2 new elemental wizards still use the reduced spell list in APG. It would seem they do, since in UM, they only list the 2 new schools. This would make the 5 sschool system cohesive.

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It reminds me of the movie Lady Hawk.

I am surprised no one mentioned the Terrasque.

I like some of the new conduit feats:
1. allow dimension door
2. cast freedom each day
3. my gm loves the tail feats

a couple feats seem very situational or useless
1. Healer's hands seems to waste a feat for a spell
2. tempting bargain ? Why ?
3. improved plane shift wastes a feat

Since the city is under martial law, magic items are not for sale until they create the markets willing to disobey Thrune.

This is in my campaign.

One thing we do is that potions are not magical, they ony simulate magic. So anyone with alchemy skill can make potions. To make uncommon potions will require special ingredients.

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It is interesting how much weaker they are making the wizards at higher levels. There is a CMD myth. I think we should make the martial types as weak as casters at lower levels.

let's see, they can only make 3 attacks per day with their weapon, then they become fatigued and can only do 1d3 dam (no STR mod) after that. That will level the playing field.

I like playing casters and I get that some people like playing martials. The CMD is a myth. Most of my significant opponents have SR. casting blasting spells is a last resort for me. I have done it and it is usually ineffective.

Helping the martials always works.

My order is 1 month overdue. Yes, I see the problems you were/are having. And yet, you never communicated with your customers.

All I see is, "something happened, and we will get to it when we gwt to it."

What you should have done is: as soon as you knew the orders were not going out, send an email to the customers letting them know.

Instead, I have to search and contact you.

Please fix your procedures.

Paul Stolar

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