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I am trying to understand how these wizards work.

If i look at the APG under elemental wizards, I see a greatly reduced spell list. There is a "all schools" section and sections for each element.

then in UM, there are added 2 new types of elemental wizards, wood and metal, and removing air.

My question is do these 2 new elemental wizards still use the reduced spell list in APG. It would seem they do, since in UM, they only list the 2 new schools. This would make the 5 sschool system cohesive.

My order is 1 month overdue. Yes, I see the problems you were/are having. And yet, you never communicated with your customers.

All I see is, "something happened, and we will get to it when we gwt to it."

What you should have done is: as soon as you knew the orders were not going out, send an email to the customers letting them know.

Instead, I have to search and contact you.

Please fix your procedures.

Paul Stolar

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