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This coming from the perspective of someone who joined in to PFS relatively late (partway through Season 6) and hence still has a lot of scenarios to replay especially from early years, but much of my local lodge is more experienced and has been playing from day 1:

I would like to see the option to replay everything, on the basis that even with some new blood, we'd need some of the more experienced players to fill in tables. I can also see the potential problems with item hunting of unlimited replays. I'd rather see something along the line of time gates. You can only replay a scenario for free after you haven't played it for X years. This will mean you always have scenarios to play, even if you've played them all (unless you're a crazy person who manages to play all 11 years of scenarios in 1-2 years), but can't pick and choose. Admittedly probably a pain to track and manage, though.

Another option I could see is replay if there are new people at the table. So you couldn't have a free replay table of 100% new people, but if you have, say, 2 newbies, vets could fill in to make it a complete table. Like above, this is coming more from the perspective of playing than managing.

Or perhaps free replay but you have to play 20/30/etc games between replays?

TL/DR: I want to see a way to cycle replays so that vets can help fill in open seats at tables with people wanting to play scenarios for the first time, but with some kind of automatic gating system (be it time, games played, etc) to prevent the item and scenario farming problem you see with raw open replay.

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In the context of PFS, you're not even going to get to take the test, since there's a couple of steps before that. First, cross the bottomless chasm without using the bridges. Then the approach the door, which will decide if you're even worthy of attempting the test.

Of course, a random drunk PFS character could realistically find out just how deep the bottomless chasm is and accidentally off themselves in a Starstone-themed way :)

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I'm still working on my 2nd star, and haven't outright killed anyone yet, but I've gotten daaaaang close a few times. Twice with the same character at the same table.

As it turns out, charging directly into the room, that is known to be full of rogues, when you've been making so much noise that the rogues could have been deaf and asleep and *still* heard you (no lockpicks, so they took the wood door down with a greataxe over the course of a couple of minutes), is a bad idea. Especially when you're level 1. Two readied sneak attacks later, and they had 2hp left until completely dead. Fortunately someone had Channel to save them. This was after they decided to solo a boss-type character midway through the scenario instead of waiting for the rest of the party and getting hit nearly as bad.

I've been witness to one almost TPK. 1-5 scenario played on 1-2 tier, playing with five level 1s and me as a level 3. My level 3 was the only front liner, but we figured it would be fine, since I was higher level and tanky. Tanky does not help when you roll Nat 1 on a fortitude save vs. paralysis, and the GM rolls 4 rounds. Half the poor little level 1s got eaten before I got out of paralysis to save the rest of them and we had to retreat.

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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Drevick wrote:
Cannot remember his name, but he was from Ohio
You could always check your chronicle sheets?

My players: "Hmmm, look like I was GM'd by... undecipherable squiggle? I mean, does that even qualify as a legal signature?"

I spent the entire time GMing, but I would like to give props to my players - I had some fantastic people join me for both 10-00 and several rounds of 10-01!

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Giving Bosk the potion is another clue. The dwarf will have died to the effects of the amplex regardless, but Bosk also dying to it will help tie things together. It's not strictly necessary, but it's one more clue for them to work off of. He's dead either way, the only question is if the PCs get that additional clue.

Of my tables that went off, 2 fought at the bar and saved Ramyla (a relatively easy fight since there was lots of room to maneuver and they could gang up), one worked backwards, visiting Pemak first and then running in to Ilchok at Timinic's (which becomes a nasty fight due to the tight quarters, nearly killed a couple of PCs in there).

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I ran it three times at GenCon (out of 5 schedules slots - I also had overnight slots on Thursday and Friday, and out of 11 tickets sold, exactly 0 people actually showed up).

One thing I ran in to at two of the tables was groups wanting to bring Bosk to a temple to try to get help. I allowed it and ruled that getting to the temple and returning to the lodge took 20 minutes and gave them the information as if they passed a Heal check on the body, but that there was no way for them to fix him on the spot (even a Level 5 party won't have the resources for Resurrection, which is necessary to clear the Arcane Amplex). If they do so, for lore purposes, the area tends toward more chaotic deities - I don't have a reference on hand for Daggermark itself, but in the River Kingdoms, you're likely to most easily find temples of Cayden Cailean, Desna, Callistria, Desna, and similar.

The other thing I had happen twice was the group captured Ilchok. IIRC this possibility is not encountered in the scenario. I played him as antagonistic and mocking, unwilling to admit defeat even at threat of imminent death and much more afraid of Cladara than anything the PCs could do to him - the most information they got was him letting Cladara's name slip.

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Not trying to emulate anything - I've got an Aasimar boon and there's a lack of local healer type characters, so I'm trying to put something together that takes advantage of Aasimar-specific abilities and can reasonably heal while not just being a healbot.

Straight Oracle was actually my original plan - I guess I was overthinking the archery part by adding the Fighter levels :) Like you guys said, archery is a side thing - Priority 1 for this character is being an effective combat medic, and the rest is just throwing something in to be able to contribute to the fight without getting into melee (so I can move freely) or spending spells offensively (so that I can save them for buffs and defense). Of the ways to contribute, the animal companion is likely to be more effective than 3/4 BAB Archery anyway. So archery abilities are 3rd tier, just something to fill in the time between spells. So I'll just use Heirloom Weapon to get bow proficiency, and rely on Warsighted to get either Precise Shot or Rapid Shot (or Blindfight or...) as the situation demands until I hit level 5.

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So I've not seen any builds along these lines, I'm interested in any ideas about ways this might be made better. The goal is to have an oracle that's capable of some effective healing, but can also contribute actively to the fight using a celestial animal companion and archery.

Race: Azata Aasimar
Class: Warsighted Lunar Oracle/Fighter
Stats: 14 Str, 14+2 Dex, 12 Con, 12 Int, 11 Wis, 14+2 Cha
1. Fighter, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot
2. Oracle,
3. Oracle, Rapid Shot
4. Oracle, Revelation: Primal Companion (Tiger)
5. Fighter, Boon Companion, Celestial Servant
The rest of the levels would be Oracle following the generic archery feat line. Warsighted Oracle would provide Martial Flexibility to gain access to more archery feats.

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Jayson MF Kip wrote:

Proud moments?

There were 6 humans, no other races, at the table I played at on Saturday.

Does that count?

Emerald Spire:
For extra fun, I played in a party of entirely humans who made it through the first floor of Emerald Spire - you know, the one where light doesn't work right, so absolutely no one in the party could see more than 5 feet. We were also entirely fresh level 1s and had no healing. We survived... barely.
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So toying around with what to bring to an impending game of Emerald Spire, and I'm wanting some opinions on one of the options I am considering. What I'd kind of like to do it make a dex-based Cleric of Sarenrae using the Dervish Dance feat and a scimitar. Support focused, melee secondary, eventually using Mithral Kikko armor. This would be as the only 9-level caster in the group. Does this sound workable? If so, would you recommend using Evangelist for the extra support capability, or would I be better off sticking with straight Cleric and focusing more on channeling?

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That's the total, not the per level. But yes, you can switch them - outside of special archetypes you have to stay with the same base form (quad/serpent/biped), but you can change all of your evolution assignments to your heart's content every time you level up.

Only level 1 wands cost 750g - higher level ones are (much) more expensive.

FYI, since you said you're new - summoners are one of the most complicated classes for even experienced players.

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I must say, on the last Minotaur fight, that charging attack is absolutely brutal. The Halfling Cavalier got a lance charge crit and just about 1-shot the poor thing :) Note: Second round. Big Beefy missed his attacks on his first round, and got taken out by a combination of the lance charge and ranged damage before his turn on the second.

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Cap it to 4. If you run it with 6, it's possible for an optimized party to run roughshod over the dungeon unless they're completely unequipped for the floor's special challenge. With 4 it should be fine - especially on lower floors they are likely to need some optimization just to survive.

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Thanks. So if the attack is already declared when you use cover, that means it can't be redirected, they're already swinging at you?

Also, since you can't attack after doing Ride Cover, I suppose this prevents you from taking any further AOOs for the round?

Now that I think about it, Mounted Combat actually never came up in that session - Ride's Cover ability just kind of came out of nowhere and no one was 100% sure how to adjudicate it (so I went with my normal response - unless the rule interpretation gets my character killed, what the GM says goes, and I can look it up later and bring it up if necessary in the future).

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In mounted combat, there are two big defensive abilities that can be used as immediate actions. One is a DC15 ride check for the rider to gain cover behind the mount, and the other is a DC[attack roll] ride check with the Mounted Combat feat for the rider to negate a hit on the mount.

What is the timing in which these can be used? Before an attack is declared? After an attack is declared but before the roll is made? After the roll is made but before damage is called out?

Context: During play this evening with a mounted charger summoner, I used the ride check to gain cover ability after I was told an enemy started swinging at me. At that point, the GM said that seeing I was taking cover, the opponent instead attacked the Eidolon, which now had the lower AC due to the cover bonus (resulting in barely hitting and knocking the Eidolon below 0hp). Rather than slowing play I didn't make much fuss over it, but this seems incorrect - the summoner took an immediate action in response specifically to being swung at, and the enemy should not have been able to arbitrarily redirect the attack just because it got harder. So how does this work by RAW? I don't think either of us has much experience in this area (he is a newer GM and this is my first mounted character), and I want to be sure we're doing it right, regardless of who was right to begin with and who has the advantage.

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I'd think you'd want at least one illusionist for the pyrotechnics and laser light show!

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Human Barbarian. Could do a lot worse :)

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Honestly, if you really want to play an evil character, there's nothing stopping you from setting up a private game. PFS implies cooperation, and while a well-played evil character can survive or even thrive in such an environment, I'd expect most PFS evil characters to be of the "lol MASS murder hobo" variety. Not to mention that it expects not only you to be mature, but also your party - it's going to cause problems when someone playing a cardboard cutout paladin smites you. I can't think of a fair and reasonable way to adjudicate who is actually capable of being a party member in such a group in a broad scale organized way - you really need a GM with experience with each individual player.

Now, one thing I could see working is an evil 1-shot to get a boon you can apply to another character. But I really don't see a good way to introduce them to the broader campaign.

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I guess one example of this would be a character build I have - a small summoner who uses mounted combat on the back of a medium quadruped eidolon. My intention was to eventually take two levels of the flight evolution (granting perfect flight) and use it as part of charges - normally fight on the ground, and end the turn on the ground, but when making a charge and encountering difficult terrain, rather than being slowed by it, the eidolon pretty much just picks its feet up and glides for a few feet. Would this be a legal interpretation as a means to bypass difficult terrain?

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Question 1: Per the Guide to PFSOP, we are permitted to keep a single Continual Flame active between sessions. Would I be permitted to have an NPC cast Heightened (4th) Continual Flame? If I'm not mistaken, and it is allowed, this would cost (4th level spell * 7th CL) * 10 = 280gp, plus 50gp for the material component. It would also be able to light up even an area of Darkness, and take a region of Deeper Darkness back to its natural light level.

Question 2: If this is allowed, why isn't everyone running around with Super Darkness Canceling Ioun Torches for only 355gp?:)

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James Jacobs wrote:
Whether or not you think a class like Mystic Theurge is rendered moot by following the intended rules is more an issue with the design of that class and perhaps your overly rosy expectations and desires for a class that works better than others—the mystyc theurge, for example, is NOT meant to be a class that's greater than the sum of its parts. It's not supposed to be better than a cleric and a wizard. It's supposed to NOT be as good as a single classed cleric or wizard, as far as spell level access is concerned, but instead better on versatility. It's a class for people who want to play a more diverse role than a single-classed spellcaster, NOT the class for people who want access to higher level spells first. You want that... you stick with one class. That's the design intent of the game.

Fair enough - if it's the design intent that multiclassing is bad and people should almost always just stick to one class, it's the design intent; even if I don't agree, it's your product and not mine :)

James Jacobs wrote:
There is a similar option to Practiced Spellcaster. Check out the Magical Knack trait on page 329 of Advanced Player's Guide.

Magical Knack and Practiced Spellcaster are extremely different though - all MK does is caster level, where PS provides additional spell slots and spells known. But if the design intent is that multiclassing is bad, it would make sense not to include a feat like that which encourages it.

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James Jacobs wrote:
The Beardinator wrote:
Does a tiefling's Darkness SLA count towards the second level arcane spell requirement for prestige classes? Example: tiefling 3rd lvl cleric, 1st lvl wizard qualify for mystic theurge?
It's my firm opinion that no, it should not. The rules team ruled differently a while back, and I think that's an error, but no prestige classes have ever been designed with the notion that spell-like abilities function as spells for filling prerequisites.

Not being able to use SLAs effectively renders many prestige classes entirely moot - take for example the Mystic Theurge, which even with the SLA trick, is arguably worse off due to needing to drop one caster level. If you do it in the traditional manner, without something like the 3.5 Practiced Spellcaster feat, you've pretty much made a fleshy paperweight. Is it the intention of the development team that these PrCs being entirely mechanically useless? Because as it is, if the ruling was changed the way you seem to desire, most of the caster PrCs seem to just be pointless fluff to pad out books.

Alternatively, is there any possibility of something akin to Practiced Spellcaster being introduced? Even if it were substantially weaker (1 or 2 caster levels, or a 1/1 split for theurges), it would go a long way toward making those sorts of PrCs viable without SLA cheese.

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Chris Mortika wrote:

A conversation from this coming November:

"Does Season 7 seem to be 'the Year of Climbing and Jumping' to you?"

"Aye. And handling animals."

"Aye, that."

"Why does this puzzle want us to put the gem in the slot numbered according to its average market value in SP in rural Osirion?"

"Because PC's weren't being forced to make enough Profession: Merchant and Appraise checks."

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So I have a character with the rather abysmal strength score of 5. She mostly works around this by making puppy fox eyes to other party members until they carry her bag for her, not actually carrying anything but a crossbow, wands, and scrolls (oh, and her clothes, which take up about a third of her encumberance by themselves). She is specialized in enchantment, which means lots of sleepy/held opponents, and while she does not seek combat, as an ardent follower of Calistria, if someone else initiates things, she will be sure to finish it.

So, it seems sleep then coup de grace is going to happen, and it is going to happen a lot. But even a 4x multiplier guaranteed auto crit is pretty wimpy when you have a -3 strength penalty! So, I have been looking for alternatives. PFS bans non gunslingers from buying firearms, so that is out. Crossbow would be obvious to bypass the penalty, but it can still be pretty wimpy damage. Can you coup de grace with alchemical items? I would imagine draining a flask of acid or alchemist fire down someone's throat would cause some harm, but I have no idea if that is possible within the rules. I suppose I can have shackles in the bag carried by my porter (er, barbarian friend), so that if they do live, I can try again. If they can be convinced, I would as soon convince a more martially inclined party member to do it for me (getting blood out of noble's outfits is such a chore), but one can't always rely on having a party member willing to murder captives :) Any other ideas?

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Ah, I missed that about Divine Protection. I guess at least that opens a feat slot early - either take DC boosts and metamagic earlier, or maybe throw in an Extra Revelation Lore Keeper and get CHA added to knowledge checks.

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Do those two types tend to have low will saves? I'm fairly new to Pathfinder (although I played 3.5), and have made a point of not reading the bestiaries to avoid spoilers, so I don't have much field experience. I guess the Oracle levels give some alternative punch against undead anyway, so Impossible is probably better than Undead for this build. Biggest problem with Impossible is that many of the creatures have SR, but there are a few Compulsions that bypass SR.

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So this is a variant of the "Kitsune Enchanter with Impossibly High Enchantment DCs" build, but intended to be a bit less of a one trick pony when encountering things that aren't intelligent humanoids, and significantly faster and less squishy, at the cost of less impossibly high of DCs.

Kitsune Sorc (Crossblooded Serpentine/Undead) 4/Oracle (Dual Cursed?) 1/Mystic Theurge 7, to be taken as Sorc -> Oracle -> Sorc x3 -> Theurge

STR: 7 ( 5)
DEX: 7 ( 9)
CON: 13 (13)
INT: 14 (14)
WIS: 13 (13)
CHA: 18 (20)

Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge: Religion to 5 then Sense Motive, Spellcraft

Magical Knack: Oracle

1. Noble Scion of War (Initiative from CHA instead of DEX); Serpentine Bloodline: Mind-effecting spells work on animals, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids; Undead Bloodline: Mind-effecting spells work on corporeal humanoid-ish undead; irrelevant Sorc bloodline ability
2. Oracle Revelation: Lore -> Sidestep Secret (Reflex and AC from CHA instead of DEX)
3. Believer's Boon: Trickery (Copycat - 1/day Divine Mirror Image as SLA, counts toward second level Divine casting requirements)
5. Divine Protection (+CHA to all saves)
7, 9, 11: Some mix of Metamagic: Persistent and Enchantment DC boosters

By level 11, boosted CHA should be around 28. This would mean saves of Fort: 13, Ref: 21, Will: 17, Initiative of +11, and a 19 AC before equipment. Level 10 Sorc (5th) and Level 8 Oracle (4th) casting, using Pages of Spell Knowledge to make up for the Crossblooded lost spells. Enchantment would also have a +2 DC thanks to Kitsune abilities and favored class Sorc bonuses.

I am considering but have not settled on using Dual Cursed Oracle. It's a much lower cost compared to a Crossblooded Sorc (some of the curses don't hurt too badly), and Misfortune is a nifty trick to throw in to use up swift/immediate actions for a build that can't really afford to take Quicken.

Also debating whether it would be worth it to swap out one of the bloodlines with Impossible, which lets you apply mind effecting spells to constructs.

So my overall analysis vs the standard Kitsune Enchanter build:

* Extreme SAD - converts most things to be CHA based
* Able to apply enchantment to a broader variety of common enemies
* Able to use some of the Cleric-list enchantments
* Lots of extra tricks when enchantment does not work
* Significantly improved survivability thanks to boosted Init and paladin-esque saves

* One level behind in arcane casting in a setup that's already behind a wizard
* Slow start; boosted saves won't kick in for a few levels
* General enchantment DCs 1 to 3 points lower depending on level
* Compulsion DCs another 2 points behind by choosing versatility bloodlines over using Fey for the compulsion boosts
* Feat-starved, resulting in few slots for metamagic feats

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Ok, I had only read the original text, which like the FAQ entry says, is really really deceptive. That's... a pretty weak feat, when you take it in the context of the FAQ. It sounded situationally useful before, just as a little bonus when counting other metamagic, but I think I'm going to remove it from my build now.

That said, that interpretation does imho lead a lot more credence to the possibility of Heighten working with Magical Lineage, since it's not a +0 ability, it's a +[Insert Value Here] ability - if I were DMing I would be inclined to allow it if I didn't see a further FAQ clarification prohibiting the combination. That said, it's so DM dependent that it's not really worth pursuing as a player.

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Actually, I just realized my plan doesn't work - I was going to use the Large evolution, then shrink it to Medium for day to day use, with the option to dismiss the spell and use Greater Evolution Surge to bump it up to Huge on the fly. However, the Evolution Surge line does not permit stacking - you can't upgrade an effect you already have. Hence, there is no way to gain Huge through Evolution Surge - you have to take the base Evos, which is *really* impractical in PFS. So I guess I'm just as well off leaving it Medium and using the middle Evolution Surge to make it Large on the fly.

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bbangerter wrote:
Aside from the rest of the conversation, it should be noted that with the exception of heighten spell, metamagic additions to not increase the DC of a spell. The DC remains at the spells original level.

Right, but Heighten Spell is +0, so can't you just apply whatever other metamagic you want, then Heighten on top of it to give it a DC of the slot it ended up in after the boosts from the other metamagic? For example, a Heightened Persistent Hold Person would be a 5th level slot with a 5th level DC.

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So in PFS, it is often impractical to haul a large creature around. Hence, it is often best to leave one's Eidolon medium. However, the Large Evo is one of the best bang for your buck ones you can get, so skipping it is limiting.

One can use Reduce Person to drop it back to medium, but it is very limited duration. Is there any way to extend this or have an item of it, PFS legal?

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So unlike 3.5, if you wear gear at least 24 hours, it counts as "permanent", qualifying you for things like feats, with the caveat that if you drop below, you lose access to the feat until you regain the prereqs. Does the same apply to Eidolons? They're only around as long as the summoner is awake, but they have their own gear - when dismissed it goes with them.

My goal is to give my Eidolons int boosting items to qualify for Combat Expertise and Improved Trip, Greater Improved Trip, and Fury's Fall, then make a quadruped cerberus with 3 tripping bite heads. The two size evos plus Enlarge Person results in a gargantuan Eidolon. It would have a Trip of 15 (bab) +3 (size) +15 (40 str) +3 (16 dex) +4 (feats) +5 (Amulet of Mighty Fists) +6 (belt of physical perfection) = 51, without buffs. 3 attacks (+1 with haste) with an attack bonus of 35. To compare to a trip unfriendly opponent, a CR 19 Ancient Red Dragon has an AC of 38 and a CMD of 56 against trip. 4 full BAB attacks on a pouncing charge with Haste, 85% chance of hitting each one, then each gets a free trip attempt with a 75% chance of success, resulting in an overall 98% chance to trip the dragon in a given round... which results in an AOO for another bite, and again when it stands up. If you get a druid friend with Strong Jaw (or UMD), each of those does 12d6+54, 5 hits with 85% hit chance averaging about 400 damage a round, more than the dragon's 362.

Note I would not actually bring this to a table - I am not that cruel to the GM or other players, I am leaving my PFS Eidolon medium. I do want to know if I can make it a medium creature tripping machine though :)

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James Risner wrote:

The only legal way to do early entry is SLA.

If you try to do much of anything like this with Heighten Spell, you will experience table variance.

I unfortunately didn't start playing until after the Aasimar and Tiefling were removed as player races, which really limits things on the SLA front - I think the only valid method now without a boon is a Tengu with Long-Nose Form, which just doesn't fit the character I want to make. Guess I'll just go straight Sorcerer for this one.

mplindustries wrote:
Why not just be a pure Sorcerer and assume the Cleric side comes in after 12th, since the payoff never happens anyway? You can UMD pages of spell knowledge for cleric spells if you really want, right?

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/general-feats/false-casting :)

Grand Lodge

Yeah, unfortunately there's no way to get the necessary Magical Tail ranks before level 5, and you pick feats after class, so you wouldn't qualify for MT before 6. This is meant to be an Enchanter type character - I can do straight Sorc Enchanter (the classic Kitsune Enchanter setup), but it would actually fit the character better to be able to do something like Sorc/Cleric/Theurge (the concept character believes himself to be destined for godhood, and is trying to draw in the power of both the arcane and the divine to prepare for a theoretical attempt at the Starstone that is purely RP because PFS never goes high enough for that kind of silliness to actually kick in).

Assuming I can't find a proper way to do it early, I could do something like Sorc 1/Cleric 5/MT while taking ranks in Magical Tail. A Crossblooded Sorc dip isn't necessarily a bad thing anyway for the boosts to Cleric casting (some combination of some 2 of Impossible/Undead/Serpent/Fey to boost enchanting and what you can apply it to) - you'd essentially end up as a 1-level-behind Cleric with some interesting arcane toys on the side. Cleric does have some interesting Enchantment type divine spells.

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Ghost Sound was actually a poor example, I was flipping through Figments with level based effects and missed that it was a cantrip >.<

To put things hopefully a bit more clearly - I'm trying to find a way to early entry Mystic Theurge for a particular character concept without having to use an SLA race, since the RP aspect of the character would work better as a Kitsune. Just using Heighten has been mentioned in the past as a possible method of doing it, but I agree with the interpretation that it does not work directly with Magical Lineage as a result of ML not being a direct modification to the SL. Hence, I'm trying to find out if combining it with a third ability, some variety of +1 Metamagic, would actually work (if I were to do it for real, I'd probably use ML with Magic Missile and use the metamagic that gives force spells a trip attempt).

Are there any official clarifications from Paizo about how Heighten interacts with things? I've not seen one in my searching.

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I'm trying to figure out the order these would be applied in. As an example, assume you are a Gnome, use Magical Lineage on Ghost Sound, with Threatening Illusion (+1 Spell Level, Save is based on spell level), and Heighten Spell. Without Magical Lineage, Threatening Illusion Ghost Sound would use a 2nd level spell slot, and would count as a second level spell, with associated DC. I'm not what it would be with Magical Lineage - would it be Threatening (+1), ML (-1), and then the Heighten does nothing? Or would it be Threatening (+1) then Heighten (SL 2), then ML (-1), resulting in a SL 2 spell in a SL 1 slot?

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So, I'm playing a summoner and looking at items. Per a number of threads, it seems Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes and Amulet of Mighty Fists do stack as far as special abilities - you only get the higher enhancement bonus, but you can combine abilities like keen, flaming, etc.

So, my idea was such - the Body Wrap requires at least a +1, and is limited in attacks per round by BAB. So I can stack basic enhancement bonuses on the Wrap, then use Greater Magic Fang to cover my remaining attacks (it's for PFS and I'm trying to be nice and not to make a character that can murderkillshredderate entire scenarios solo so I'm focusing on a smaller number of more tactical attacks - bites with trip and poison - so the attacks per round limit is less of a problem). AoMF does not require the base +1, so I can stack misc. named abilities.

So this lead to my idea. While I might have one standard amulet for day to day use that's a bit more powerful, I could also have a bagful of +1 and +2 situational amulets for things like ghost touch, holy, etc. Kind of like a fighter's golf bag, but for an Eidolon. Since the base enhancement bonus is handled elsewhere, it would then stack with the swappable ability. By RAW, I can't find anything to say this won't work (please correct me if I'm wrong!)

So if I anticipate what I need, it's easy enough, swap the amulet. But what if I need to change in combat? I can't find any references to what the action type is to swap an amulet. My Eidolon has Mount and the summoner is riding on its back, so in theory the summoner should be able to do the swap for the Eidolon while in combat, grabbing amulets out of his Handy Haversack.

And another Eidolon/Summoner combination question. Say the summoner is wielding an Allying weapon. Does either the AoMF or BWoMS count as a weapon for the purpose of being able to receive the enhancement bonus? If so, does the total combined enhancement bonus after allying count toward bypassing DR - say the BWoMS is +3, the caster has a +2 Allying and transfers both, making the BWoMS +5 until the next round, does this bypass Adamantine and Alignment in addition to Silver and Cold Iron?

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Ah, makes more sense in that context - given that it specifically said it worked for Eidolons in the feat, I was trying to figure out how an Eidolon could get it since they didn't have anything like the Cavalier's ability. Being able to use items fixes that problem.

Question about the Horsemaster's Saddle. Does this item map to a slot on the summoner wrt the shared item slots between the two, or would it essentially be a "free" slot on the Eidolon?

Grand Lodge

Was looking through the Teamwork feats, and something caught my eye as a potential good feat for a Eidolon-Mounted Summoner build I am working on - Improved Spell Sharing. It sounds like pretty much the same idea as Improved Share Spell, but potentially much more powerful, assuming I'm reading it correctly.

So, some questions. First, it says it requires the ability to gain a class companion creature. It then says if you cast a spell and your companion has this feat, you can split the duration. But how are they supposed to take the feat if it requires having a companion, and they don't have one of their own? RAI would obviously imply that it should require either having *or being* a class companion creature, but given that I am making this for PFS, I primarily care about the RAW interpretation.

Second, it does not explicitly say that you both need the feat like some of the other Teamwork feats, it says if your companion has it you can share the spell with them. Given that it's a teamwork feat, would I be correct in assuming that you both need it to qualify? I guess that would be the mitigation for being able to get it 10 levels earlier than Improved Share Spell - using up twice as many feat slots.