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So I've not seen any builds along these lines, I'm interested in any ideas about ways this might be made better. The goal is to have an oracle that's capable of some effective healing, but can also contribute actively to the fight using a celestial animal companion and archery.

Race: Azata Aasimar
Class: Warsighted Lunar Oracle/Fighter
Stats: 14 Str, 14+2 Dex, 12 Con, 12 Int, 11 Wis, 14+2 Cha
1. Fighter, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot
2. Oracle,
3. Oracle, Rapid Shot
4. Oracle, Revelation: Primal Companion (Tiger)
5. Fighter, Boon Companion, Celestial Servant
The rest of the levels would be Oracle following the generic archery feat line. Warsighted Oracle would provide Martial Flexibility to gain access to more archery feats.

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So I'm working on a character that needs sorcerer and barbarian levels (Bloodrager won't work, must be those two separately), and I'm trying to work out the best way to handle advancement after level 5 to permit me to make best use of both.

There's the obvious classes from Core, Dragon Disciple and Eldritch Knight. My current plan involves using those - Sorc2 to DD4 in order to reach 3rd level spellcasting while retaining 3/4 BAB, then finish out with EK to get full BAB and nearly full casting.

Are there any others that have at least 3/4 BAB and 3/4 spellcasting, or full BAB and 1/2 spellcasting? Evangelist could conceivably be shoehorned into working as 3/4 BAB and nearly full casting by assigning Sorcerer as the paired class, but Evangelist doesn't really work for this character concept (the character in question is a devout Milanite, and Milani does not have a table for Divine Obedience - I'd work something out with the GM, but PFS).

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So per the standard polymorph rules, persistent item effects remain, but you cannot activate items. How about self activating items, which aren't active when you shift, but are triggered by a condition that is not you giving them a command?

To throw a wrench into this - what if that item is special armor? There is a specific item I have in mind here - the Milanite Armor from ISG, which auto CLWs you if you go unconcious.

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So a thread in the PFS forum got me thinking a bit about if my knowledge of necromancy in Golarion is correct, so I'm posing my view here and asking people to riddle it full of holes to correct any misunderstandings on my part.

My general view on necromancy in Pathfinder is that there is two "paths" - White Necromancy, as practiced by followers of Pharasma, which may wield the power of death but does not animate undead, and Black Necromancy, which goes a step farther and actually animates undead minions. White Necromancy is generally accepted, if a bit squicky, and there are mage schools that openly teach it. Black Necromancy is generally reviled outside of certain environments (Geb, etc) and practitioners are not well received.

White Necromancy is not tied to any particular alignment - there may be a trend away from good since you're manipulating negative energy, but negative energy is not in and of itself evil and can be used to pragmatic ends.

Black Necromancy is entirely evil, and any practitioner is by definition evil. The process of animating undead requires binding a (generally unwilling) soul to a body. While it is thus bound, the creature in question cannot be resurrected, even by high level magic, because the soul is not accessible to the resurrection magic. The animation magic then twists and torments the soul until it is forced to act in an evil manner. This is no better than someone who tortures a living creature, and is in many ways worse, since at least the living creature has the possibility of release to look forward to. It doesn't matter if you're animating undead to compel them to work a soup kitchen or run an orphanage - the nature of undead makes the act of their creation evil.

So are these definitions sound, or is there something I'm missing? The reason I ask is that Black Necromancy is allowed in PFS, and PFS does not allow evil characters. The nature of necromancy as I understand it is completely at odds with how I view PFS, and I'm trying to sort out if I have how necromancy works wrong, or if it's just a bit of inconsistency on the part of the campaign.

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Kata Master and Swashbuckler both grant Panache pools. If you have both, do you get two pools, or is the second redundant?

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So in an attempt to do something funny, I am trying to find the limit of the definition of an Attended Object. Does it include any item carried by a creature? Can a creature actively decide that an object it is carrying is not attended for the purpose of spell effects?

Hypothetical 1: Wizard is using Mage Hand. He wants to grab a flask of alchemists fire from a party member's bandoleer, and said party member is in full agreement with this. Mage Hand only permits moving unattended objects. Could the party member permit the wizard to Mage Hand his flask? (Ok, that's starting to sound dirty...)

Hypothetical 2: Ok, this is where I start to push things a bit to be funny. Mage Hand has a limit of 5lb. Tiny creatures have a valid weight range of 1lb-8lb. Fox Shape turns you into a tiny creature, so you could say the fox was 3-4 lb (which is realistic, that's on the large side of the size range for a Fennec fox). Said fox is wearing a harness and can either cast Mage Hand or has a Hand of the Mage wondrous item permitting doing so at will. Can the fox consider the harness unattended, use the mage hand to grab himself by the collar, and fly around? :) I'm not imagining this will be all that frequently *useful*, as it's a move action to move 15 feet and requires concentration to maintain, but it could be a way to, for example, follow the party if they're climbing up a rope. And the thought of a tiny little fox floating around in the air is just too funny to pass up :)

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From the Giant Hunter's Handbook:

Fitting: A fitting shield or suit of armor instantly shrinks or grows to suit the size of any creature that picks it up unless it is currently worn by another creature. It reverts to its original size 1 round after it leaves that creature’s possession.

Question 1: Presumably, this only changes size, but not form of armor? So you could not have it reshape from humanoid to non-humanoid and wear the same piece of armor in both a base and a wild-shaped form?

Question 2: When polymorphing, can you choose not to meld a piece of equipment and continue wearing it if it can resize to continue fitting you? This could apply if I am wrong about 1, but I am also curious in the case of something like a Wondrous Item.

Question 3: Assuming I am right about 1, would it be possible to get, say, a Small Fitting armor, shapeshift into a Tiny form (ie Fox Shape), then jump into the armor and have it fit to me without needing someone else to help me put it on?

Question 4: Either following 3 or following a party member helping me fit into my itty bitty armor, what happens if I shapeshift back out into a medium form - do I shunt out, or do I need to keep a whole bag of holding of spares handy?

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So I noticed something odd. With a weapon, mithril costs 500gp/lb. This has, in the past, resulted in such oddities as a mithril small dagger costing less than a masterwork mithril dagger.

So to make things strange. Some of the Eastern weapons, like Fighting Fan and Iron Brush, are listed as - weight. But they are made of metal, so they qualify for mithril. So how does that work? By the cost per lb formula, a mithril fighting fan would give you a masterwork weapon for 5gp! This doesn't seem right, but I don't know what other rule would apply.

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So had a bit of a weird call made in a game over the weekend by a GM; while I disagreed, I don't like to argue at the table and let it slide at the time (even though it almost got me killed in the following round), but I'm trying to sort out for future reference whether it is a legal maneuver.

This Line Intentionally Left Blank so that Seoni doesn't mess up the below figures :)

So we started out like this (O is ally, # enemy, _ empty space)


I then moved like this, into flank:

And here is where it got weird. The enemy had Step Up. The GM interpreted my movement as qualifying for 5 foot step away, and then took a 5 foot step out of the flank as such:


This seems like an extremely odd interpretation of Step Up to me. I always interpreted it as requiring that the enemy move such that they are farther from you than they started, and you move to follow - not as a license to dance around every time someone took a 5 foot step in your vicinity. Which of these interpretations would you say is correct?

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So I am putting together a Kistune Fox Form Barbarian. Background is that he contracted rabies, and by going to Human Form stays in control of it, but if he goes into Fox Form he goes all foaming at the mouth and biting things. Is there any PFS legal way I could get a disease effect that applies when I bite? Doesn't have to be the slightest bit effective, it could be DC5 for all I care, I just find the concept of making all the enemies have to make a fort save vs. disease from the rabid fox biting their shins to be hilarious :)

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So a Mouser Swashbuckler typically fights from inside their opponent's square. If an opponent attempted to 5 foot step away, would the Mouser be able to use Step Up and follow, staying in their square?

Further, if yes and the Mouser also had Step Up and Strike, could the mouser use both the Underfoot Assault deed and Step Up and Strike, attacking them twice for the impertinence of trying to escape?

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So I've been looking at possible unusual Unchained Summoner builds for PFS, and I'm trying to figure out if something would work.

Specifically, I want to do ranged attack spam. I'm wanting to use a Serpentine Azata, Half Elf summoner with the extra evolution FCB and extra evolution feats, and spend every evolution point on either improved dex or more arms. Then give it a Blinkback Belt and an Agile Starknife, and Multiattack. In theory, I should get full iteratives with one hand at -2 for multiattack (since these are light weapons), then all 3/5/7/9/etc other hands each get a single attack at -2. So, throw ALL the things. Since Blinkback Belt restores the weapon to your belt just after you resolve your attack, you'd only need one of the daggers, and even without the belt and dagger, you still have a positive STR score as an Eidolon and throwing hammers are cheap enough that you can easily afford multiple bandoliers full of them.

Biggest issue seems to be that it's feat starved. Multiweapon fighting is mandatory. Really need Weapon Finesse also, to be able to use Agile weapons. Then you have your usual range feats, PBS/PS. So you won't have Precise Shot until level 9 - ouch. Is there a spell or magic item that can be used to get the equivalent of Precise Shot? If so, you can ignore PBS/PS and instead go MWF/Finesse/Deadly Aim and be quite effective by level 6.

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So my new character is a "Paladin" - dressed up in shiny white armor, has a holy symbol of Iomedae, gets preachy, knocks people out rather than killing them, that kind of thing. What he doesn't tell people is that the holy symbol is actually a flask full of high proof grain alcohol, he got kicked out of Paladin school for drinking and then being an angry brawling drunk, and that mechanically he's actually an Unchained Barbarian :)

So I've been trying to decide how to set him up, and I'm kind of leaning in the thuggish enforcer direction, with Enforcer, Dazzling Display, and Terrifying Howl. Never done a build like that, so looking for tips.

Current planned build:

Traits: Dominator, Weapon of Peace
1: Weapon Focus: Nodachi, Power Attack
2: Intimidating Glare
3: Enforcer
4: Accurate Stance
5: Dazzling Display: Nodachi
6: Deadly Accuracy
7: Shatter Defenses: Nodachi
8: Terrifying Howl
9: Improved Critical: Nodachi
[The rest would be used for Improved DR +2 rage powers)

The general idea would be to use Enforcer to Shaken as many people as possible without sacrificing useful actions (using either Weapon of Peace to only take -2 to the nonlethal strike, or later a Merciful weapon when I can afford it), then smash them with Shatter Defenses. Once a few enemies have been Shaken (or if there is a larger group, after leading off with Dazzling Display to get the whole group), use Terrifying Howl to cause some havoc. And against enemies immune to mind effecting? He's still a 2H power attacking raging Barbarian with Accurate Stance and a 15-20 critical range :)

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Serpentine Bloodline

Sorcerer's Robe

So the bloodline power grants you a natural attack that inflicts poison damage. Would the robe permit you to imbue a spell with poison damage, or since the ability technically grants you a natural attack rather than being a direct attack itself, will it not work?

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In one of the other recent threads, it was brought up that PFS does a poor job of supporting local game stores. According to multiple store owners I have heard from or talked to, PFS night tends to be one of the least profitable nights in the store.

These local game stores are a cornerstone of our hobby, and this doesn't seem right to me, so I thought I would try to get a discussion going on why, snd maybe ways to improve the problem.

So as I see it, the root issue is two-fold:

* Current PFS rules permit either a watermarked PDF printout of the specific item, or an entire physical boOk. If you use many books, PDFs become almost essential to be able to carry everything.
* PDFs are currently only available directly from Paizo - game stores have no option to sell them.

So it would seem there are two potential paths to fix this. One is to find a method to validate the purchase of a physical book, such that you can prove ownership and use a photocopy, bringing PDF and paper copies onto a level playing field - those of us who like paper books but have been getting PDFs due to carrying capacity (like myself) will have an option to get books, support the local store, but stay legal.

The other would be offer a mechanism for stores to sell PDFs. Scratch off gift cards, free PDF with book purchase, that type of thing. This unfortunately sounds unlikely, as Paizo management has in the past shied away from this kind of model as not fitting their business plan.

Any ideas or additional insights into the problem?

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So I'm going to be going to my first gaming convention this weekend (WhosYerCon), playing PFS in almost every slot. I think I'm prepared, but since I've never done this before I'm fretting a bit, so I figured I'd bounce in here for advice from more seasoned con-goers.

Things I have/am going to do with my characters before leaving tomorrow:
* Character sheets updated, cleaned up, double checked for accuracy
* Chronicles double checked to be sure purchases are recorded
* Inventory tracking sheet updated
* Table tents printed out for characters

And in the "maybe taking things a bit too far" category, I am creating a pre-audit packet for my main two characters, with a cover page listing unusual abilities, watermarked PDF pages for various abilities, and a breakdown of more unusual stats, like unusually high initiative and diplomacy scores, so that I can just hand it off to the GMs before the sessions and satisfy them I have my stuff in order.

Any other things I should be doing tonight before the con or advice?

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So looking at the PRD entries, Weapon Special Abilities specifically states you cannot have more than one of the same ability on a weapon. Armor Special Abilities does not state the same limitation. Is this a typo or oversight in the PRD vs the books, or do the books permit having more than one of the same enchant on a piece of armor?

I'm specifically wanting to be able to do a +1 Double Spell Storing Haramaki (effectively a +3 item) that stores two different spells. You'd only be able to use one per round (since it requires an immediate action to activate), but it would give some flexibility to target spells at different types of creatures, or the possibility of having two rounds of defenses.

The one way I could see this getting silly is Fortification (if they stacked, 3 +1 25% fortifications provides 58% reduction as opposed to 1 +3 50% fortification, albeit at the possible expense of really ticking off your GM needing to roll 3 times; note that 5 25%s and 1 75% result in almost exactly the same save rate, so that's not as bad), but aside from Fortification and Spell Storing, I don't think most of the items stack anyway, since they provide typed bonuses.

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In the context of PFS:

Could normal clothing be enchanted like armor with a base AC of +0? Similar to Bracers of Armor, but in the Armor slot?

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So I know you aren't permitted to bring items like potions, scrolls, or magical items you collected during a scenario with you into later scenarios. Is there any prohibition on bringing fluff items that could potentially have a mechanical effect? For example, say you kill an Aspis agent, and take their badge. You then want to use this badge in a later scenario to trick a group of Aspis agents into believing your group is with them, to trick them into giving you the information you need to set up a more advantageous attack. Is it legal to possess that item, despite gathering it from a previous scenario and never explicitly purchasing it?

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So between the Caravan boon using Bluff, a very high natural bluff score, an appropriate masterwork tool, and Mask of Stony Demeanor, at level 4 I'm just about to the point where I can Take 10 on Day Job and hit 40 (which by my estimate is going to be worth a total of about 3k gold by the time I hit Seeker). Since there are still quite a few levels left to pump that Bluff score, I went looking around to see if there was a way to get above the normal 150gp cap, and found reference to con boons that could do it.

Is the relevant boon still available? If so, any hints on how I can earn one? Beyond just the gold, being a merchant is a big thing for this character, so I'm curious to see how far I can push her business skills :)

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To start with, some context. There's a neat item a caster can make with Heighten Spell, Continual Flame, and a dull grey Ioun Stone that looks like a regular Ioun Torch, but by using Heighten Spell to boost the Continual Flame to level 3 or 4, it becomes far more effective - the level 3 version counters Deeper Darkness and causes the area to be its native lighting, and the level 4 version completely nullifies it and glows normally. You cannot get this from an NPC due to the prohibition on metamagic spellcasting services, but a PC with the appropriate resources can create it.

So context set, my question. You are not allowed to just give another PC an item. Can you sell something to them for cost? Could I keep a bagful of ruby dust and dull ioun stones, then pass these out as party favors at the start of each scenario to anyone who doesn't have one, for the nominal cost of supplies (in this case 75gp, 25 for the stone and 50 for the ruby dust material component)? If so, each player is permitted to keep one Continual Flame active from session to session - if the stone changed hands to them, would it count as their instance of Continual Flame rather than the caster's?

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Since the other thread about this was locked because it had drifted outside its original purpose, here's a new thread about it.

We know that grandfathering in general was disallowed due to the abuse of the extremely generous terms last time. However, we have had a number of people come in to that thread and mention they had an almost-ready Mystic Theurge under the old ruling that got screwed over by the timing. In that context, I have a very direct and targeted request for clarification from PFS Management or any relevant Paizo Employees. Why was no middle ground offered for grandfathering? Simply requiring that the characters already be locked from rebuilding at the date of the rule change would effectively eliminate any potential for abuse, while avoiding the current situation of causing direct harm to a subset of your players due to the decision. Just because a poorly implemented grandfathering in the past went as poorly as anyone could predict does not mean it cannot be implemented in a reasonable manner, and there is an extremely obvious middle ground available here that both prevents exploitation and satisfies those players who were already deeply invested in your previous published rule. Why not just allow these players to continue?

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Archives of Nethys: Serpentine Bloodline

SRD wrote:
Bloodline Arcana: Your powers of compulsion can affect even bestial creatures. Whenever you cast a mind-affecting or language-dependent spell, it affects animals, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids as if they were humanoids who understood your language.

2 questions regarding this ability.

First, because it means that they are treated as humanoids, I'd be able to use Charm/Dominate/Hold Person on, say, a wolf, gryphon, or minotaur, instead of requiring Charm/Dominate/Hold Monster?

Second, I'm trying to understand the limitations of the "as if they were humanoids who understood your language". For some spells this would be straightforward - something like Command where the actual thing to do is part of the casting of the spell. But say I used Charm Person on a wolf. Would I be able to continue making requests to the wolf for the duration of the charm, communicating concepts of what I want it to do nonverbally through the magic of the bloodline-augment enchantment? This is my understanding of the ability, but I wanted to be sure I was correct before I tried to use it that way. Also, if it does work this way, can it respond in the same manner, or is it 1-way only outside of reading the creature's body language?

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So I am in the process of acquiring a carriage and pack animals, as it is unbefitting a lady to do her own travelling if it can be avoided. Of course, there is little use in having a carriage and then having to drive and maintain it myself. Would any of the prestige followers be able to drive a carriage? While the wrong flavor, the Squire follower looks close, but I'm not sure taking care of one animal can be extended to driving a vehicle driven by a pair of them. I would imagine it might complicate encounters as well - an ambush encounter is very different against a vehicle than a band of walking adventurers, not to mention followers aren't supposed to affect combat.

If there is a way for this to work - I live in Absolom, so I should be able to use it to travel the island with little difficulty, but many Pathfinder missions are across the Inner Sea. Would I be able to bring the carriage and animals with me by boat, and if so, would I need to pay for the shipping or would the Society cover this as part of our fare?

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So say someone did a little, um, murder, and ended up originally traveling to Absalom in order to escape that. Is there any established way to deal with those kinds of back story elements in the context of PFS, and if so how do you deal with it as far as informing the GM and such? Given that there's so little flexibility in running the scenarios, and hence you can't just drop in random events with the law in town, do you just assume Pathfinder agents have some kind of diplomatic immunity and use that to ignore the back story during the session.

Plus, they totally deserved it, has to count for something, doesn't it?

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So toying around with what to bring to an impending game of Emerald Spire, and I'm wanting some opinions on one of the options I am considering. What I'd kind of like to do it make a dex-based Cleric of Sarenrae using the Dervish Dance feat and a scimitar. Support focused, melee secondary, eventually using Mithral Kikko armor. This would be as the only 9-level caster in the group. Does this sound workable? If so, would you recommend using Evangelist for the extra support capability, or would I be better off sticking with straight Cleric and focusing more on channeling?

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So I am just a tad bit poisonous (Serpentine Sorcerer bloodline /me gives big toothy smile). Are there any mechanics by which I can use this natural(ish) poison to, say, apply to the tip of a crossbow bolt?

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In mounted combat, there are two big defensive abilities that can be used as immediate actions. One is a DC15 ride check for the rider to gain cover behind the mount, and the other is a DC[attack roll] ride check with the Mounted Combat feat for the rider to negate a hit on the mount.

What is the timing in which these can be used? Before an attack is declared? After an attack is declared but before the roll is made? After the roll is made but before damage is called out?

Context: During play this evening with a mounted charger summoner, I used the ride check to gain cover ability after I was told an enemy started swinging at me. At that point, the GM said that seeing I was taking cover, the opponent instead attacked the Eidolon, which now had the lower AC due to the cover bonus (resulting in barely hitting and knocking the Eidolon below 0hp). Rather than slowing play I didn't make much fuss over it, but this seems incorrect - the summoner took an immediate action in response specifically to being swung at, and the enemy should not have been able to arbitrarily redirect the attack just because it got harder. So how does this work by RAW? I don't think either of us has much experience in this area (he is a newer GM and this is my first mounted character), and I want to be sure we're doing it right, regardless of who was right to begin with and who has the advantage.

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So, I wear a nice orange flower in my hair at all times - helps add a bit of color to my face, what with my pale complexion and white hair. It is mandatory - I don't leave home without it, for any purposes. Of course, some adventures are either rather rough and tumble, or involve extended trips away from home. Is there some way to get some kind of ever blooming flower - protect it from damage, or even just prevent it from aging and wilting (in which case I can keep spares)? I'm thinking something along the lines of Eternal Repose, but for a plant instead of a person, and hopefully not have to recast it every few days (and to throw a wrench into the works, it needs to be PFS compatible). Do you
think Prestidigitation has a broad enough effect that I can say I use it to feed and water the cut flower and hence keep it alive as though it were still planted?

And before any of you try to tell me to just get a silk flower - no, just no, you don't understand fashion :)

(I'm rather a fan of putting my GP where my RP is - if it's something the character would really spend money on, I don't care if it's a bit of a disadvantage mechanically - heck, after each adventure at lvl 1 I spent half of what I earned on jewelry and clothes!)

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Question 1: Per the Guide to PFSOP, we are permitted to keep a single Continual Flame active between sessions. Would I be permitted to have an NPC cast Heightened (4th) Continual Flame? If I'm not mistaken, and it is allowed, this would cost (4th level spell * 7th CL) * 10 = 280gp, plus 50gp for the material component. It would also be able to light up even an area of Darkness, and take a region of Deeper Darkness back to its natural light level.

Question 2: If this is allowed, why isn't everyone running around with Super Darkness Canceling Ioun Torches for only 355gp?:)

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So a common trope is that CN is a kind of "evil light", and I'm trying to avoid that with my CN character. She likes to play tricks (even on those that might not appreciate them), is selfish, and power hungry, but she is not in general a killer - she will always resort to diplomacy first and try to talk her way out of the fight with any intelligent being. However, she is also a devout follower of Calistria, and she will not forgive any slight, always taking her vengeance when the opportunity presents itself. Hence, if someone else chooses to start things despite her attempts to diffuse it, she will be sure to bring them to their bloody finish.

That gets into the questionable part. She won't accept a surrender, finishing off wounded opponents rather than turning them over to the law. Also, she is enchantment specialized and her spell selection tends toward disabling - sleep for early levels, and later things like hold person/monster - so she is probably going to be doing lots of knocking things out then finishing them off with a crossbow Coup de Grace to the head, even if we are out of combat and they could otherwise be bound and captured. Perhaps even occasionally finishing someone *after* they they have been captured and interrogated.

So my question. Does this level of vindictiveness qualify as a drift toward evil alignment? As I see it, it's acting out an aspect of a major CN deity, done in service to that deity, and hence a CN act - it's not wanton destruction as you'd expect from CE, it's a very personal thing. But I could also see the argument that the unnecessary killing would count as an evil act, regardless of the character's motivation. Since this is PFS, this makes a big difference, given that a character that a GM judges to have become evil immediately becomes unavailable for play! Hence my question to all you GMs out there - would you count this as some manner of Evil act, as a CN act, or even something different?

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So I have a character with the rather abysmal strength score of 5. She mostly works around this by making puppy fox eyes to other party members until they carry her bag for her, not actually carrying anything but a crossbow, wands, and scrolls (oh, and her clothes, which take up about a third of her encumberance by themselves). She is specialized in enchantment, which means lots of sleepy/held opponents, and while she does not seek combat, as an ardent follower of Calistria, if someone else initiates things, she will be sure to finish it.

So, it seems sleep then coup de grace is going to happen, and it is going to happen a lot. But even a 4x multiplier guaranteed auto crit is pretty wimpy when you have a -3 strength penalty! So, I have been looking for alternatives. PFS bans non gunslingers from buying firearms, so that is out. Crossbow would be obvious to bypass the penalty, but it can still be pretty wimpy damage. Can you coup de grace with alchemical items? I would imagine draining a flask of acid or alchemist fire down someone's throat would cause some harm, but I have no idea if that is possible within the rules. I suppose I can have shackles in the bag carried by my porter (er, barbarian friend), so that if they do live, I can try again. If they can be convinced, I would as soon convince a more martially inclined party member to do it for me (getting blood out of noble's outfits is such a chore), but one can't always rely on having a party member willing to murder captives :) Any other ideas?

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So this is a variant of the "Kitsune Enchanter with Impossibly High Enchantment DCs" build, but intended to be a bit less of a one trick pony when encountering things that aren't intelligent humanoids, and significantly faster and less squishy, at the cost of less impossibly high of DCs.

Kitsune Sorc (Crossblooded Serpentine/Undead) 4/Oracle (Dual Cursed?) 1/Mystic Theurge 7, to be taken as Sorc -> Oracle -> Sorc x3 -> Theurge

STR: 7 ( 5)
DEX: 7 ( 9)
CON: 13 (13)
INT: 14 (14)
WIS: 13 (13)
CHA: 18 (20)

Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge: Religion to 5 then Sense Motive, Spellcraft

Magical Knack: Oracle

1. Noble Scion of War (Initiative from CHA instead of DEX); Serpentine Bloodline: Mind-effecting spells work on animals, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids; Undead Bloodline: Mind-effecting spells work on corporeal humanoid-ish undead; irrelevant Sorc bloodline ability
2. Oracle Revelation: Lore -> Sidestep Secret (Reflex and AC from CHA instead of DEX)
3. Believer's Boon: Trickery (Copycat - 1/day Divine Mirror Image as SLA, counts toward second level Divine casting requirements)
5. Divine Protection (+CHA to all saves)
7, 9, 11: Some mix of Metamagic: Persistent and Enchantment DC boosters

By level 11, boosted CHA should be around 28. This would mean saves of Fort: 13, Ref: 21, Will: 17, Initiative of +11, and a 19 AC before equipment. Level 10 Sorc (5th) and Level 8 Oracle (4th) casting, using Pages of Spell Knowledge to make up for the Crossblooded lost spells. Enchantment would also have a +2 DC thanks to Kitsune abilities and favored class Sorc bonuses.

I am considering but have not settled on using Dual Cursed Oracle. It's a much lower cost compared to a Crossblooded Sorc (some of the curses don't hurt too badly), and Misfortune is a nifty trick to throw in to use up swift/immediate actions for a build that can't really afford to take Quicken.

Also debating whether it would be worth it to swap out one of the bloodlines with Impossible, which lets you apply mind effecting spells to constructs.

So my overall analysis vs the standard Kitsune Enchanter build:

* Extreme SAD - converts most things to be CHA based
* Able to apply enchantment to a broader variety of common enemies
* Able to use some of the Cleric-list enchantments
* Lots of extra tricks when enchantment does not work
* Significantly improved survivability thanks to boosted Init and paladin-esque saves

* One level behind in arcane casting in a setup that's already behind a wizard
* Slow start; boosted saves won't kick in for a few levels
* General enchantment DCs 1 to 3 points lower depending on level
* Compulsion DCs another 2 points behind by choosing versatility bloodlines over using Fey for the compulsion boosts
* Feat-starved, resulting in few slots for metamagic feats

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So in PFS, it is often impractical to haul a large creature around. Hence, it is often best to leave one's Eidolon medium. However, the Large Evo is one of the best bang for your buck ones you can get, so skipping it is limiting.

One can use Reduce Person to drop it back to medium, but it is very limited duration. Is there any way to extend this or have an item of it, PFS legal?

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So unlike 3.5, if you wear gear at least 24 hours, it counts as "permanent", qualifying you for things like feats, with the caveat that if you drop below, you lose access to the feat until you regain the prereqs. Does the same apply to Eidolons? They're only around as long as the summoner is awake, but they have their own gear - when dismissed it goes with them.

My goal is to give my Eidolons int boosting items to qualify for Combat Expertise and Improved Trip, Greater Improved Trip, and Fury's Fall, then make a quadruped cerberus with 3 tripping bite heads. The two size evos plus Enlarge Person results in a gargantuan Eidolon. It would have a Trip of 15 (bab) +3 (size) +15 (40 str) +3 (16 dex) +4 (feats) +5 (Amulet of Mighty Fists) +6 (belt of physical perfection) = 51, without buffs. 3 attacks (+1 with haste) with an attack bonus of 35. To compare to a trip unfriendly opponent, a CR 19 Ancient Red Dragon has an AC of 38 and a CMD of 56 against trip. 4 full BAB attacks on a pouncing charge with Haste, 85% chance of hitting each one, then each gets a free trip attempt with a 75% chance of success, resulting in an overall 98% chance to trip the dragon in a given round... which results in an AOO for another bite, and again when it stands up. If you get a druid friend with Strong Jaw (or UMD), each of those does 12d6+54, 5 hits with 85% hit chance averaging about 400 damage a round, more than the dragon's 362.

Note I would not actually bring this to a table - I am not that cruel to the GM or other players, I am leaving my PFS Eidolon medium. I do want to know if I can make it a medium creature tripping machine though :)

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I'm trying to figure out the order these would be applied in. As an example, assume you are a Gnome, use Magical Lineage on Ghost Sound, with Threatening Illusion (+1 Spell Level, Save is based on spell level), and Heighten Spell. Without Magical Lineage, Threatening Illusion Ghost Sound would use a 2nd level spell slot, and would count as a second level spell, with associated DC. I'm not what it would be with Magical Lineage - would it be Threatening (+1), ML (-1), and then the Heighten does nothing? Or would it be Threatening (+1) then Heighten (SL 2), then ML (-1), resulting in a SL 2 spell in a SL 1 slot?

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So, I'm playing a summoner and looking at items. Per a number of threads, it seems Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes and Amulet of Mighty Fists do stack as far as special abilities - you only get the higher enhancement bonus, but you can combine abilities like keen, flaming, etc.

So, my idea was such - the Body Wrap requires at least a +1, and is limited in attacks per round by BAB. So I can stack basic enhancement bonuses on the Wrap, then use Greater Magic Fang to cover my remaining attacks (it's for PFS and I'm trying to be nice and not to make a character that can murderkillshredderate entire scenarios solo so I'm focusing on a smaller number of more tactical attacks - bites with trip and poison - so the attacks per round limit is less of a problem). AoMF does not require the base +1, so I can stack misc. named abilities.

So this lead to my idea. While I might have one standard amulet for day to day use that's a bit more powerful, I could also have a bagful of +1 and +2 situational amulets for things like ghost touch, holy, etc. Kind of like a fighter's golf bag, but for an Eidolon. Since the base enhancement bonus is handled elsewhere, it would then stack with the swappable ability. By RAW, I can't find anything to say this won't work (please correct me if I'm wrong!)

So if I anticipate what I need, it's easy enough, swap the amulet. But what if I need to change in combat? I can't find any references to what the action type is to swap an amulet. My Eidolon has Mount and the summoner is riding on its back, so in theory the summoner should be able to do the swap for the Eidolon while in combat, grabbing amulets out of his Handy Haversack.

And another Eidolon/Summoner combination question. Say the summoner is wielding an Allying weapon. Does either the AoMF or BWoMS count as a weapon for the purpose of being able to receive the enhancement bonus? If so, does the total combined enhancement bonus after allying count toward bypassing DR - say the BWoMS is +3, the caster has a +2 Allying and transfers both, making the BWoMS +5 until the next round, does this bypass Adamantine and Alignment in addition to Silver and Cold Iron?

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Was looking through the Teamwork feats, and something caught my eye as a potential good feat for a Eidolon-Mounted Summoner build I am working on - Improved Spell Sharing. It sounds like pretty much the same idea as Improved Share Spell, but potentially much more powerful, assuming I'm reading it correctly.

So, some questions. First, it says it requires the ability to gain a class companion creature. It then says if you cast a spell and your companion has this feat, you can split the duration. But how are they supposed to take the feat if it requires having a companion, and they don't have one of their own? RAI would obviously imply that it should require either having *or being* a class companion creature, but given that I am making this for PFS, I primarily care about the RAW interpretation.

Second, it does not explicitly say that you both need the feat like some of the other Teamwork feats, it says if your companion has it you can share the spell with them. Given that it's a teamwork feat, would I be correct in assuming that you both need it to qualify? I guess that would be the mitigation for being able to get it 10 levels earlier than Improved Share Spell - using up twice as many feat slots.