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Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

So, my OP group just wrapped our *third* failure to clear 5-1E under Core rules, and it's becoming a bit of a frustration. I just want to make sure that I have everything figured out and we're playing everything as intended.

For reference, the party makeup is CD Estra/Ultimate Magic, CD Imrijka/Ultimate Intrigue, UC Hayato/Barbarian, and Pathfinder Tales Celeste/Ultimate Magic.

1: Scar Bay location decks are consistent issues, with monsters being added every turn. It isn't safe to be there if you don't have some kind of combat ability, and if you aren't very armored, an early close of any location is going to wipe your hand out. Additionally, we are finding that under the new one-blessing-per-check rule, the only one of our players able to reliably make the closing check is Estra. This is a problem as that player is rarely the one finding the Henchmen.

2: The new rule that attempts at closing a location force the end of your turn means that hitting a henchman in your first exploration cuts off your ability to mill the location, slowing progress through the decks. Again, when the Scar Bay locations don't stop refilling, this is a huge issue.

3: Celeste seems pretty well designed to shine in this path, what with the pirate theme and everything. So, of course, any turn that she begins without combat spells of some kind in hand, she has to go hide in the one other location, because her unarmed combat ability is useless in Scar Bay. Can't poison undead, after all. Bad shuffles result in a lot of wasted turns as a result.

4: Lack of boon variety: the location decks here give you items, allies, and blessings. Great. Celeste needs *spells* in order to adjust her deck to be more useful in this scenario, and isn't getting any. The only spells we're seeing are as plunder, and those just go away when we fail the scenario.

We've failed three times due to clock-out, now. Every time, it can be directly blamed on having had two failed closing checks in Scar Bay locations, and not having the turn/exploration economy to mill through to the bottoms of the decks.

Anyone have some suggestions of what we could try in order to get past this thing and move on?

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This is more of an 'I need a little extra time before subscriptions happen' than anything else, but... I need my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subs cancelled for the moment. I'll be resuming them soon enough, but can't afford the financial hit this week.

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OK, I have subscriptions in place for the Adventure Card Game and Class Decks. I went through a spell of not having funds to get some of the decks and wound up with a bunch of cancelled orders; I ended up picking those decks up later at my FLGS so I have them all sorted out. Woo, good to go, right?

Maybe not. I'm looking at my subscriptions page, and there's several things in there that are listed as 'Pending' that I don't need to have more of sent along with the new Core Box. I'd really prefer not to have to worry about that; I'm budgeting based on just the totally new content this month.

Is there any way to get those 'Pending' things cleared or cancelled or whatever, so that I can make sure I'm not getting hit with any unexpected pieces of an order?

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So, I finally got far enough that I needed to crack open my MM Deck 2 that I bought in... October... and was somewhat confused by the presence of a Carrion Golem in the very front of the first pack of cards, before the traders. I'm glad that guy doesn't have the Trigger trait, or it could have been a bad situation.

Checking the deck list, I seem to have, for some strange reason, wound up with one less Curse of Withering than I was supposed to, and one extra Golem in its place. I can't foresee this being a *huge* issue, as my group has been (so far) rather good at avoiding rolling the Scourge die, but it's still a little confusing. Anything that can be done for me?

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

Can't find anything in the forums anywhere that asked about this, so may as well bring it up:

My group hit 2-3B tonight, and it was... not good. We only managed to get two locations closed, and in both cases it was by punching the villain in the face. In the aftermath, when what meager spoils we had managed to accumulate were being divvied up, it was brought up that the biggest problem we'd run into was the Clockwork Demons.

Now, the issue wasn't that they're hard to beat. Only one person ever lost to one, and that was a case of too many 1s on the dice. The issue came from the results of failing the various checks in the card text, combined with the lack of the location-closing boilerplate.

So, the question then becomes: Is that boilerplate supposed to be present and simply wouldn't fit on the card, in which case we make our closing checks as appropriate next week, or are these things *actually* just that nasty?

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I would like to end my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription now that Strange Aeons has finished.


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So, I've got a gaming group that's running through Season of the Shackles but using standard play/deck-construction, rather than class decks. Not Organized Play, obviously, but still a good way to get more play out of the box, especially if it's not currently being used for an active OP group, right?

That said, we're coming up on Scenario 0-1F, where we're going to hit the first Loot cards.

Now, in normal play, the Loot cards just go into someone's deck, and the group hangs onto them. In Organized Play, not so much; due to the nature of class decks and OP itself, the loot continues living in the core box and gets swapped in at the start of each scenario, and the scenario 'cards' have their rewards recorded to reflect this.

So, the question: If using OP scenarios for standard out-of-the-box play, is the intended ruling that we use the standard rules for handling Loot, or are we going to need to do an Organized Play-style loot pool that gets dipped into before each scenario?

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Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path and Maps subscriptions. As fun as it is to read the APs, I'm just not getting any time with the RPG these days.


Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

Shouldn't there be a Gashgelag paste-up or whatever in the pdf? Seems like it'd be tough to fight a villain without a villain to fight?

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

Maybe I'm just mistaken, but I can't seem to find what the Cohort this time is supposed to actually have as card text. Was she accidentally left out of the PDF file?

(thankfully, my group's not nearly to this point yet, so it's not a big deal... but I expect -someone- is going to want to play this scenario, right?)

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Now that S&S #6 has shipped, I'd like to end my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, please.

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Maybe this goes in Conversions, I don't know, but Advice seems the better location...

I've been looking through some old Dungeon magazines I picked up, and there's some really fun scenarios I'd love to run my group through at points in the AP we're doing that it would seem appropriate... just one problem. They're for 2E.

I'm sort of new at GMing. Pathfinder's my first D&D-like, so I... really don't have a lot of 'old-school' experience. So I'm looking at these stat blocks and while I can glean most of the information out of them, I'm not 100% sure how to change them to match what I need for Pathfinder. (not to mention that I'm having some difficulty understanding why there's a level 9 wizard that the PCs are expected to fight in one of these scenarios that's built for levels 1-3...)

Anyways. I guess what I'm really asking is 'How do I take a stat block for a character/monster in 2E and turn it into Pathfinder?' Also probably 'what other things do I need to be aware of when I'm updating these?'

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OK, so, fledgling GM running Mummy's Mask for my crew, and I've run into a question that doesn't affect my players so much (yet), but does seem the kind of thing that I should have in my toolkit...

What is an appropriate way to judge the amount of time spent doing things like traveling through streets, exploring dungeons, etc.? I know the six-seconds-per-round rule for combat, but that doesn't give me anything about time spent searching, looting, climbing/descending ropes, futzing around with torch sconces because OBVIOUSLY the stone wheel is a complex mechanical door and isn't just big and heavy... (seriously, my players took almost a half-hour of real time to work that one out)


I'm mostly trying to nail down how long my players can be in an underground dungeon space and safely get back out of the Necropolis before the gates close at dusk, but I expect this sort of skill will be useful in other situations as well.

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

So, my group tonight lost at 0-2C... not because of bad dice rolls or anything; hell, we took down a freaking Owlbeartross successfully. No, we lost because Krelloort went and hid at Pinnacle Atoll and someone rolled a 1.

Can't fight Krelloort if the deck isn't otherwise empty. Can't get Hirgenzosk out of Pinnacle Atoll without someone having a Fear spell, short of a villain/henchman early location-close. Krelloort will always hide behind Hirgy, and Hirgy will never clear out so we can get at Krelloort.

Kinda left everyone with a sour taste in their mouths. Hopefully better luck next week...

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Not a big fuss yet (I think), but... surely the Great Golem Sale hasn't been so much of a traffic jam that things aren't going out in the order they came in... has it?

Really, though, I just want more stuff to read and play with sooner rather than later. :)

Could I get any sort of an update maybe?

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Silly me, I went and placed an order on the day before the sale started... and half of the stuff in my order costs even less now. Since its still pending, let's cancel the order so I can remedy that (and clear even more old OGL stuff out for you guys)?

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So, unless I'm mistaken, Siwar literally cannot build a proper deck from the Bard Class Deck without using the Scenario 0-0 mini-chronicle. She needs five allies in her deck... and there's only four with the Basic trait in the box. So she needs that mini-chronicle in order to get one non-Basic card in there.

Or am I missing something somewhere?

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

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Hey all!

We're doing the local kickoff for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild on this coming weekend (Oct 3/4), at Just a Game Con 22. That's at the Elks Lodge (1400 NW 9th St); there's a cover charge to get into the con ($8 for one day, $12 for both), but I'm more than willing to help people who can't quite make it there get caught up later in the week.

The local shipment of Class Decks arrives at Matt's Cavalcade on Thursday; they should be getting two of each deck in, so plenty of room to choose. They'll be selling them at the store until Saturday, then at the con itself.

Saturday from 11am-6pm, I'll be running both teaching demos of the game and Scenario 0-0, which doesn't require a Class Deck and earns you a mini-chronicle to make use of on your way into the season proper. Sunday, I'll be running as many scenarios as I can get people through, again all day.

Hope to see lots of players there!

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For some reason, my order seems to have grabbed what must have been a lurking S&S Character Add-On Deck and a pile of promos from my side-cart, so there's two of the entire set of Add-On and August Promos in this order.

I don't suppose that it'd be possible to swap the extra Add-On/Promos for a Bard Class Deck, so that I'm not getting any unnecessary duplicates but still getting what (I think) should be the same final cost (and thus negate any need for money acrobatics)?

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So, I'm gearing up to run Mummy's Mask for my group, but I also want to try and make sure the difficulty level is about where it was designed to be. Unfortunately, my group is five PCs, and I seem to remember seeing that APs assume four-PC parties.

I know I can get a lot of mileage out of the Advanced template and doing a +1 or +2 to monster counts when there's a lot of them about, but are there any good hints/tips anyone can give for how to adjust the treasure amounts or just in general for dealing with larger groups?

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Somehow it figures that right when I finally decided I want to start picking up some of the PFRPG stuff, I'd lose my job. :/

Please cancel all of my subscriptions except the Adventure Card Game.

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I'm going to be at PAX Prime this coming weekend, and I'm not sure what kind of presence Paizo has at that con, but would like to pick up my subscription order (# 3217970) there so as to avoid shipping costs, given how late things have pushed at this point. Is that an option?

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Trying to make sure I'm totally ready for this... new-ish GM here, thinking of running Mummy's Mask as my first AP. Just in the interest of making sure that I'm totally prepared, are there any of the pre-printed map supplies that are particularly useful to have for this Path?

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As the thread title says, I'm wondering which modules are best to start with. My group is made up entirely of people with roleplaying experience but none with Pathfinder/3.5, and none with actual GMing experience.

We're purposefully skipping the beginner box and heading straight into the full rules, as we want to get to APs once I've got a bit of GM time under my belt, the idea being that we'll use pregens for a few modules, then roll up fresh characters to go APing with.

So, all that said... best modules to start with? In particular, are any of the more recent modules (particularly Dragon's Demand or Emerald Spire) viable starting points, or would we be better served with something else?

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Just wanting to make sure all will go as I hope... if I add a class deck to the shipment for my S&S base set, how likely is it that I'd have it in my hands in time for OP to start?