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So, unless I'm mistaken, Siwar literally cannot build a proper deck from the Bard Class Deck without using the Scenario 0-0 mini-chronicle. She needs five allies in her deck... and there's only four with the Basic trait in the box. So she needs that mini-chronicle in order to get one non-Basic card in there.

Or am I missing something somewhere?

There's a few of the class deck characters that cannot build a full starter deck with all basic cards.

For these characters, in order, select as many basic cards from the base as you can, then as many non-basic cards from the base as you can, then select as many basic cards from the first adventure as you can, and continue this pattern until you have added the proper number.

So you'll choose from the basics then the non-basics, in adventure order.

You cannot select a non-basic if there are still basics left to choose from that adventure selection, and you cannot select the next higher adventure if there are any available in the previous adventure selection.

Do this independently for each card type if it happens to occur with more than one card type on a single character.

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It's worth repeating that non-Basic set "B" cards come before Basic set "1" cards. This tripped me up at GenCon when I'd initially built my deck with both Cures in the Bard deck. But one of them is set "B" and the other is set "1". Whoops.

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...wait, so does that mean that I can have the non-Basic ally to fill out my 5 *and* a non-Basic something else because of the mini-chronicle?

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But yeah, that's good to know. Not a situation we ever ran into in my 6p RotR group, and I expect it'll be important on this coming Sunday when we're kicking off the local Guild. Audit time ahoy!

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I think that's correct (I'm in a similar situation with Wu Shen) - you start one shy of all the basics you need, so you round out with a non-basic card. Then, when you do the mini-chronicle, you get a free upgrade beyond that. That's how I've interpreted it, anyway.

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Yup. It's an upgrade, so it comes after building your deck.

The necromancer wizard gets 2 armors, there are few enough armors in the wizard deck that he has to go get an armor with #1 in the corner.

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My girlfriend want to try out that wizard. I'm interested to see how it goes long-term, as a wizard with 2 armors and no way to get proficiency seems pretty rough on the face of it.

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All proficiency with armror really does is allow a recharge with magic armies when you reset your hand, and bury vs banish for full reduction. I don't have the character sheets, but I don't think the Wizard box has shields, so no worries about getting reveal and play another armor. Since you always get to go to your class deck, meaning your armors are all good for wizards so no heavy or anything probably, you will always get something that is good for you armor wise.

i cant make a complete deck for flenta im missing 1 basic spell for herand she needs 3 spells to make her deck

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Follow the directions here. You can choose from Deck B non-Basic, then Deck 1 Basic, then Deck 1 non-Basic and so on until you have 3 spells.

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