Updating 2E scenarios / modules for Pathfinder?


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Maybe this goes in Conversions, I don't know, but Advice seems the better location...

I've been looking through some old Dungeon magazines I picked up, and there's some really fun scenarios I'd love to run my group through at points in the AP we're doing that it would seem appropriate... just one problem. They're for 2E.

I'm sort of new at GMing. Pathfinder's my first D&D-like, so I... really don't have a lot of 'old-school' experience. So I'm looking at these stat blocks and while I can glean most of the information out of them, I'm not 100% sure how to change them to match what I need for Pathfinder. (not to mention that I'm having some difficulty understanding why there's a level 9 wizard that the PCs are expected to fight in one of these scenarios that's built for levels 1-3...)

Anyways. I guess what I'm really asking is 'How do I take a stat block for a character/monster in 2E and turn it into Pathfinder?' Also probably 'what other things do I need to be aware of when I'm updating these?'

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I would start by looking in the beastiaries and see if they've already been converted for you

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Some monsters, like yuan-ti, are WotC's IP so aren't available in Pathfinder.

There used to be a file you could download about converting 2e characters to 3.0. I think the easier solution would be to just consider what level you want to run the adventures for, and fit the opponents' CRs for that level (more or less). If you want one adventure to raise the PCs' levels by one, then you'll need x amount of XP.

Hope that helps.

About a year ago, i converted the night of living dead (ravenloft 2nd) adventure with little issue. The most work i had to do was to convert the end boss so he isnt killed by in the first round with all his 21 hit points.

The best and simplest advice I can offer is to keep the plot and spirit of the module/scenario/campaign intact when doing a conversion, and be ready to rework the rest.

Sometimes specific monster don't fit anymore, sometimes the number of foe in a room or how much gold is found needs to be adjusted, some old traps need to just never be seen again. Be ready to make personalized changed when it does the most good to do so.

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