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Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

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Hey all!

We're doing the local kickoff for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild on this coming weekend (Oct 3/4), at Just a Game Con 22. That's at the Elks Lodge (1400 NW 9th St); there's a cover charge to get into the con ($8 for one day, $12 for both), but I'm more than willing to help people who can't quite make it there get caught up later in the week.

The local shipment of Class Decks arrives at Matt's Cavalcade on Thursday; they should be getting two of each deck in, so plenty of room to choose. They'll be selling them at the store until Saturday, then at the con itself.

Saturday from 11am-6pm, I'll be running both teaching demos of the game and Scenario 0-0, which doesn't require a Class Deck and earns you a mini-chronicle to make use of on your way into the season proper. Sunday, I'll be running as many scenarios as I can get people through, again all day.

Hope to see lots of players there!

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

Also, just to get it out there... As of this moment, the only locally-planned Guild sessions on a weekly basis are going to be at Matt's Cavalcade (2075 NW Buchanan Ave, across the street from Fred Meyer) on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. I'm going to try to get a couple of other places on board as well, and I'm sure that if there's the local demand, I can get some other sessions in place.

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

Well, two regular nights in, and it seems that the local PACG Guild is holding steady at three players. Not great turnout, but I'm hopeful that we'll be growing soon enough.

At the very least, we're through scenario 0-1D now. So... close to catching up with the release schedule!

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

I don't see anywhere in your posts where you mention the city/town you are in. In fact, I even looked up "Just a Game Con" and their website seems to have the same problem, there is no mention of a city and state.

I doubt you are near me, but others might not realize you are near them. So I just wanted to throw that out there.

Good luck and I hope your group grows.

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

Ah. I just looked again and I see your thread title mentions a city. Though I don't know what state, I'd assume people near that city would know. So ignore what I said, except for the good luck part. That part is still meaningful.

The Exchange

Oregon, he is in the great state of Oregon!

Everyone should know this, Corvallis is after all the third best college town according to the American Institute of Economic Research.

Go Beavs! :)

Venture-Agent, Oregon—Corvallis aka HikariStarshine

Whoops, yeah, Corvallis Oregon. So yeah. But I think part of the issue might -also- be that the FLGS that I'm holding events at on the weekly basis hasn't actually got any signage up to advertise PFSACG. Really need to get on them about that, next time I'm in...

Can't wait for the NDA to go out for the new VLs so that I can actually go poke the manager at Top Deck Hobbies in something resembling an official capacity to try and start up something there, too... Couldn't hurt to have two places and nights per week. Not to mention that it'd let me start working on my 1002 character...

Shadow Lodge

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Pfft, here in Eugene, I'm trying to figure out what to play tomorrow for my -1003...

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