2-3B: Clockwork Demons seem kind of unnecessarily nasty

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Can't find anything in the forums anywhere that asked about this, so may as well bring it up:

My group hit 2-3B tonight, and it was... not good. We only managed to get two locations closed, and in both cases it was by punching the villain in the face. In the aftermath, when what meager spoils we had managed to accumulate were being divvied up, it was brought up that the biggest problem we'd run into was the Clockwork Demons.

Now, the issue wasn't that they're hard to beat. Only one person ever lost to one, and that was a case of too many 1s on the dice. The issue came from the results of failing the various checks in the card text, combined with the lack of the location-closing boilerplate.

So, the question then becomes: Is that boilerplate supposed to be present and simply wouldn't fit on the card, in which case we make our closing checks as appropriate next week, or are these things *actually* just that nasty?

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There was another thread on this one, though I don't know if it'll help much. The general agreement was that the Clockwork Demons did NOT let you close. It's just that nasty.

Each PACG scenario is intended to be a kind of a puzzle. The idea is you examine what the scenario demands of you, and you examine what your resource are, and you devise a plan to defeat the scenario with your resources.

Many scenarios don't demand much, and you can just go in and wallop things. This scenario is one that demands a lot. It's one of the tougher puzzles. For that reason, I enjoyed it.

I was part of a five-player party that defeated this scenario, as well as (as I described in the thread James linked) defeating it with a solo 4-character party. I admit it helps more than usual to get a little lucky.

If you post your party composition & tell us something about your available relevant cards, it'd help us advise you. One thing: any ability to move outside your move step is a huge help in this scenario.

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