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Well I hope I'm not the only one who got a box...stuff with just spruce trees and a zip lock back with build face box per mini...just here you go . You sort it out

I'm on almost 3 months since it was "shipped" with nothing to show for it but more holes in my wallet

kadance wrote:
Would you rather get silence?

There isn't much difference between silence and what has been pushed out.

Non substance updates are still nothing.

Lol so in other words....see you guys in a month...maybe.

What a waste of time just to be told yea that tech thing...we fixed it...maybe...but keep waiting while we find a new reason to keep kicking this can along...

What's next...another round of doxxing...or more side steps if ninja division will deliver

John Feil wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Another week finding technical delays that pushed us out again. Again, no promises, but we are really close to being able to move forward.

Again, my apologies for this delay.


To pull from star wars rouge one...

You where this close to greatness and you threw it all away..

Also.....I find that answer vague and unconvincing...

4 years...of nothing

2 years of a pandemic...
Possible world war incoming...

At this rate we will be collecting our minis like bobble heads from fallout 3...

So many broken deadlines...and let's not mention the doxxing that went down.

At some point can there be an update with real info not kick the can along. Cause all I see is side stepping when asked if ninja Division is able to deliver their part...that's an update I woukd confirmed..

Got to love the same post just re worded saying this point I expect when nothing is delivered it just doesn't hurt as much

Well...its been a wild and jacked up few months for me...thanks for that btw...

But I see we are now about a year since wave 3 was announced / released? Just wondering if this is the trend so I will stop hopeing to see any minis before the year 2023

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Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Apologies Ghost725, I wanted to get your attention and get the rest of you guys to understand how seriously we are taking this but I really didn't mean for you to feel unsafe. I've removed your name from my original post and I'll be cleaning up the thread a bit as well.

There is a large part of me that wants to tell You to go shove your apologies where the sun dont shine...

While I can appreciate removing my name...the damage was putting the tooth paste back in the tube after you squeezed it out.

You singled me out and made it exposed me to a risk I rather not have to deal with again but that's my demon to fight...

Never for a moment has any player on this board thought you didn't take this cluster F$@k serious...from going face to face with Ninja Division and working with archon to try to make this right.

We as you say, we are allowed to vent just need to play by the rules...and respect each other...and we try...we can be snippy but dam....i really want to ask why me? Or was I just an easy target cause I was vocal as of late.

I hope this never happens to anyone ever again...if this ends with me so someone in a worse position is protected from danger...fair trade...ill take that deal ever day..

No more soup box speeches from all for getting back to what this is about...our dam minis.. and when are they going to get to us..

Yoshua wrote:
Looks like they are rolling back the changes. I found it enlightening to be able to see what posts were flagged and by who though while we could.

So who was flagging us? Or is that against the tos...i don't want you to get in trouble yoshua...also it seems I have some kind of shadow band.. I can't access this threed.. unless I'm in a stealth mode..and use a few other ways just to reach this point to post...

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Yoshua wrote:
Well, funny thing about the new forum is we can see who is reporting the posts. And which ones are getting cleared.

Wow someone is flagging all our post...wonder why...

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So I guess rules for us but not for thee right....

So terms of service only apply to us peons...

cause let me tell you I feel oh so safe with your company having any of my personnel info or credit card info in your system.

I play this game to escape the demons that haunt me...i used anonymity of callsigns so the real world doesn't come crashing down when the pain starts.

While norsewolf may not be too far off about the idea of me avoiding stalker type...thats my story..which I will never share on here...ever...but hey...thanks for exposing me and possible my family to that danger..

As far as calling paizo out I ask question which have no easy answers. I get that but play by your rules...but it seems it's easier to attack me then answer others legit questions and conserens.

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Jeff Alvarez wrote:
No updates for this week.

Guess we cant get answers to legit questions asked by other players here...

Nor can you come up with a reasonable answer or reason for calling me out by my real name...

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You don't like me...the only interaction have with you is as a venture leiutent It feel like your trying to attacked and intimidated me....if you were trying to help why not send a private message...

Hey anyone else want to weigh I on this attempt to intimidate a player

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Still can't understand why a company president and a 5 star venture leiutent seem so keen on digging up my name let alone using it in a thread where it has never been mentioned before...

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Nice save by doing a edit to your post by removing my intials...

Still ...seems you are the ones being passive using players real names like that...and for the record I never said that was my last name was just my first...but strange how you got it right.

You going to put anyone else on blast when you don't like what we say

1 person marked this as a favorite. sure the president of went digging thru my society place holders to find a name...and just happen to pick that one at random...has nothing to due with my account which is held on your side due to past purchases...

Still doesn't answer why it was used over my ghost725 id.. like every other time I was addressed

1 person marked this as a favorite. you are going to use my real name which isn't listed anywhere before and not my community id....

That seems very passive going to put my address out next?

And as far as ND kidding they don't talk to anyone...ever...

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So in before the nothing new to report...

Can we get some kind of assurance that ninja division can really cover the shipping in some kind of Timely matter...or will it be 2030 before this little adventure is completed....

Or will this posted be deleted or ignored cause someone feels attacked by a question.

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I just really don't like feeling being silenced...if I violated a rule...tell me and I will do what i can not to do that again...but to just kill my post cause it seems to pull things into question and may paint paizo in a bad light...sorry we got hustled out of alot of cash with nothing to show for it and still don't have an end game yea im going to post showing my displeasure in how things are still not answered.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
I count 50 posts on this page. Did they just not load for you?

Trust me it's been removed with no reason as to why. It why Toz posted what he did.. the first was in response to my now missing post... deleted my word on why...liking paizo less and less every day.

TOZ wrote:

Well for starters archon could go we are done...and leave us with nothing to show at all.

Paizo could totally bail on this and be like sorry for you luck...

Any number of things like that... And that is just the short list while I'm commuting.

TOZ wrote:
How much worse could the press get on this?

It can always get worse...rule 1 never ask that question out loud unless you really want an answer. Cause it can always get worse...

84 days since the last offical update on the you bets if they update before xmas with out being forced

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So let me get this one other than the players thought that maybe something was off about the fact we are only in wave 3 vs wave 12ish...??

This is a joke right....

Not one person at paizo for months after reading our posts thought that...hey this seems off..shipping is one thing but models should still be worked on...lets check and be proactive...not one person before this week...really...

At this point in 2020...2 months between models waves wouldn't be a hard pill to swallow and seem more than reasonable currently...

but 4 plus months between waves means 2 years for Kickstarter backers to even get this first care package....and that's even if Ninja Division can even hold up there end...

Btw...while we are asking, anyone check with them shady boys at ninja...cause last I checked they are begging on Kickstarter for people to buy more crap so they can try and fill stuff they still owe...makes me worried they can't hold up their end for shipping any more....even thou we paid for it already

Or worse....we will be waiting years more just for shipping of waves 1-6 after they fill up their garage with our minis.

Dragnmoon wrote:

My guess is that Archon is losing too much money on Starfinder Minis and are in discussion on if they want to even continue it.

That is just speculation.

If they bow out and bail there is going to be atleast 2300 backers from kick start and sarenrae know's how many other silent and late backers calling for blood and fire...

That level if bad PR is enuff to shut down entire future sales and projects..hard to sell products to your fans you have not only burned once but twice...

It saddens me..i was here at the start...i had a bad CRB with the binding issues...i saw great customer service and had my book replaced. I expect that when something is rolled out defective..its what kept me around and part of why I bought into the KS...paizo vouched for this...we helped fund it. If this fail and not a word is spoken or something to make it right I'm sure large parts of the community are going to bail and this once amazing system will be just a bad story told at cons and around gaming tables of what could have been..

I don't blame Archon at all...wish they would talk to us more.

Im not happy with paizo but they got hoodwinked with the rest of us...

Do i believe files were not too much of a coincidence on how close the wizkids models look to the KS stl files... they can make that claim all day and I have a hard time trusting the claim.

I have grown tired of the constant missed dead lines...lack of communication for all involved..we are now over 60 days again With out a word on what is going on...or some form of update. As someone said this was a 3min topic at the con and nothing heard from it during the rest of the time..gets old being left in the dark holding an empty box asking for items we paid shipping for to be treated like we don't matter any more.

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Yoshua wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
That was in reply of Ghost725 stating Wizkids was profiting on the kickstarter, which they are not.

Gotcha, you and I can agree to disagree on that. They got the publicity from achieving what this kickstarter failed at.

Riding coat tails is a way of profiting. Had this kickstarter succeeded then Wizkids would be late to the game. As it is, they are definitely benefiting, if not profiting, from the failure of Ninja Division and the delay of Archon.

Im mad...

im mad when I see the wizkids models that look alot like the ones we were promissed...

im mad that in a fraction of the time..they were able to make them, have them painted and boxed for sale long before any one has gotten a single mini worth a dam from the kickstarter..

Im mad that the necrovite looks dam near the same other that the KS one has a rife and the wizkids doesnt...and you want me to believe stl. Files were not shared...which we helped fund..

Im just mad it's taken this long for something which should have been wrapped up by now.

Ok now this is just salt in a bleeding wound...wiz kids battle packs for starfinder are avaiable on how everyone is able to profit from our kickstarter but we get nothing..this is how you lose players plan forward...we are going to be waiting years just to get our 1st batch at wave six...and longer with ninja divisions handling deliver..

So...just asking...if it's taking give or take 5 months between waves...est. time backers will see the first batch of minis on wave six will be about Aug 2021 and Lord only knows how long and even if Ninja Division can deliver any of the minis then.

So if this is the time table for waves it will take another 2 years before all backers are filled. Please tell me I'm wrong cause that is insane.

60 days since last update with ninja division on the waste of a project.

No transparency on if they can handle shipping..(which we already paid for)

Still nothing from from paizo for how they plan on moving forward when this project comes to a full stop after its current derailment.

And last...cause I'll be lucky to see this in my life time...when should we expect wave six to be done...You know the first milestone when we should be getting minis...cause at the current rate we will be well onto summer of 2021 before I see my first mini' s from this project.

Cause by current treniding time will be 2026 before all backers are squared up with..and probably on 2ed of starfinder by then.

I'm waiting on a CSR or jim bulter to weigh in on what you did tech...or well just an answer in general.

I would like some kind of proof ND can really follow through with the shipping in some timely matter when the time comes or did they really cut and run..

And if they do bail is there a back up plan to fix this or should I start looking to spend my time and money somewhere else.

So if whole thing goes belly up and dies...does paizo have a back up plan for the backers...or we just strait up out of luck after they vouched for them...

Well I fear the end is near for this project....quick trip around the internet and I see John Candice has removed all traces of him linked to ninja division...not sure if he is trying to hide his past or they are just walking away and saying thanks for all the fish suckers...

Jim Butler wrote:
kadance wrote:
And you say you've actually been in contact with ND?

Yes. John Cadice responded to my email today and said he'd update the Kickstarter. There won't be anything new other than listing the upcoming minis (which you can see on the Archon website).

Starfinder Wave 3 Minis


While I appreciate the communications from you here at paizo...6months with no contact on the kickstarter page is beyond ok...its total garbage.. I'm sure most rational people understand the limits due to corvid19 but be transparent on what is going on...not wait half a dam year to give a 5min update just to ghost for another 6months...

174 days without an official update or post on the kickstarter is we have to hunt across multiple websites to find any information on this the rate this is going im going to be working on my 2nd retirement before the minis are done and Lord knows how long it or if Ninja Division will even follow through in the promise deliver (which they already charged and over charged for)..

Can someone with some level of authority and ability to manange a kids check book please get the user name and password for the kickstarter page and atleast give updates and answer people on there.. cause it's really starting to look like theses fools skipped town

So going to ask a question out loud...if Archon is just working on getting wave 3 stuff tooled and set for molding.. .shouldnt the other waves be done at this point...i mean it's just an stl file and ppl are working from why is the art not being shown that they are working on it. .

So...hows that two day delay treating this point I think I have a better chance of finding toilet paper here in the US today than hearing any update on wave 3...

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Hopefully it's just delayed a day or two.

This entire project has been nothing but delays or shell game events...this is a huge reason I'm not buying any PF2 stuff or any new starfinder products till I receive what I was promised

And another Monday has come and much for keeping to that dead line....

Wow does time we are coming up on 3 months since any offical update on the kickstarter page...only on wave 2 of minis...maybe if I'm really lucky I'll get what I paid for years shipping will arrive before I have to file taxes in 2021...

Nazrath wrote:
I don’t go for the same mold idea as they are selling the figures separately. If one sold more than the others you would end up with a lot of the ones that did not sell well. Seems then they could send more than one version of a figure for the KS backers.

From what my order says let's see...

(Encounter Pack)
- Drow (Encounter Pack)
- Maraquoi (Encounter Pack)
- Outlaws (Encounter Pack)
- Protectors (Encounter Pack)
- Skittermander (Encounter pack)

So out of that group...the outlaw might be the only one I get in a complete form as each figure is different... but I got punked on the in stead of an extra 20 minitures I get five but paid full price for 20...yea so not happy along with the KS exclusive Epic Obozaya (Hero) - I spent extra slots on which is no longer exclusive it seems...again punked out of money....thanks again ninja division always count on you for sucking the joy out if this game...

So....anyone else think the skittermander looks like an extra from the movie critters...cause it sure as heck doesn't look like the artwork in the books

Dragnmoon wrote:
I doubt they will ever talk to us again since Archon took over. Communication will be coming from them.

See that's the issue...archon took over production...not shipping and communications on how and when things will happen...or else ND would be sued for charging shipping and not shipping an item...

The kickstarter is a mess now cause people are asking questions on how to change shipping addresses or when should we expect item... all met with silence from ND.

Leave backers with only two paths to follow...

1. Order from archon...(pay more money) and have what ever wave and past waves sent by a much better business team.

2. Wait ever 6 months for what ever waves have been made...then shipped to ND...then pray they have the money to really ship our items to us in a timely manner...

Many of us have expressed our consern that path 2 will be riddled with issues or malice compliance. I for one don't plan on seeing any of my items till dam near I'm sure after we have pointed out every lie, and insult they have throw our way they will be in no rush to do their job and deliver our items just as a last Middle finger to us.

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Ok let's now start our favor holiday game of when will Ninja Division talk to us your bets..while the wheel is spinning.

Just for a little background information.

Starfinder kickstarter
Last Official update Oct 11 - 55 days ago
Last log in - Nov 21 - 15 days ago
Last comment to backers Oct 11 - 55 days ago

And for kicks...

Super Dungeon Legends kickstarter
Last official update Aug 16 - 111 days ago
Last log in - Dec 02 - 2 days ago

Relic knights kickstarter
Last o ffical update 111 days ago
Last log in Dec 02 - 2 days ago

They can't even help their own IP...let along talk to backers after 4 years of non delivery....really have doubt they will ever deliver stuff to backers here if it's left in their hands and ability if you can call it that.

What color you want tech...cause no update on the 25th. Major doubt if we are getting an update on the this point I would say a broken clock is more on time with updates and good, relevant info than ninja division will ever be.

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Burro-crat wrote:
Jim Butler wrote:

I spoke with Ninja Division and they are unable to offer refunds on shipping (even if you purchase your minis directly through Archon to avoid the wait).


And why exactly? Are the funds already spent on other things?

So...they can't issue refunds...but are to believe they can deliver with this money they claim to have set aside.. yea I'll mark this down as I believe when I see it...sorry paizo no disrespect but they have burned us more than once along with our money...

Jim Butler wrote:

Paizo is not ok with name-calling. I went to their Kickstarter looking for the name-calling and didn't see it. If you took a screenshot, please email it to me at and I'll follow up with them. It's not acceptable.


Email sent...

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Yoshua wrote:

After they directly insulted you calling you names. Jebus, they must really want the disdain of our community at this point.

Ok i have to ask....does anyone at Paizo even look at the kickstarter? do you even see what your "partner" is posting to your customer base.

1. Is paizo ok with this?
2. Is Archon ok with this?
3. Your lack of action seems to encourage them to be belligerent to the paizo customer base.
4. I for one due to this blatant disrespect from your "partner" will never purchase a single PF2 item and will for the foreseeable future no longer purchase any Starfinder items till some tangible action and apology happens to this said "Partner"

Note: i wish no ill will on Paizo or Archon but you guys are only as good as the company you keep as they say...and let you tell you one group in your little trinity is dragging you way down and trashing your reps.

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