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So, it's April 16th. The day Paizo killed your favorite PC's god. Or your favorite god.

How will you proceed, and what does the death of this deity mean for your character (true believer or cleric etc) and your Golarion campaign?

How do you think it will affect Golarion?

What should Paizo "do" for characters that have lost their god?

I don't really know a lot about the Core 20 gods - I can name: Gozreh, Abadar, Iomedae, Sarenrae, Torag, Norgorber, Rovagug, Pharasma, Zon-Kuthon, Shelyn, Calistria off the top of my head, but that's about it, and I know what about half odf them are about/up to. So I'd like to know what makes your deity's loss a big deal to you, and how you would like Paizo to...I dunno...make the loss...palatable?

My pick for who dies: Iomedae. I actually know a little bit about her, and I really like how she got to where she is. Having said that, she's kinda boring, looks like a PC and probably has enough meaning in the campaign world that her loss would bite enough to be...a wrench. But maybe she's just boring enough that she's safe.

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Any idea if there are plans for KP to support PF2?

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I’m not a fan of the level difference in the Pacts - it feels like a gamist simulation that causes the level of power to be verisimilitudinously discordant - first your Fey pact, then your Devil pact, and then your Psychopomp pact. Why is the Fey pact low level, or the Psychopomp high? Because of the relative game effects power - but the level step makes no narrative sense and does a disservice to all the Pact-conversant powers - not sure the Fey are happy about being so lowly.

I feel hopeful that this playtest version is a showcase, and that we could see more suite-style Lesser/Greater/Most Meta for each power/group.. so that at your first option (which I would rather see at Level 1 or if it must be, 2 - so that those leaning more into Pactcraft can do so from inception) can be whichever Power you want narratively instead of whichever effect you want, though I understand that is entirely up to players as to how they choose to “build” their Thaumaturge.

I would obviously like to see Pacts expanded quite a lot, and I do like the idea of having multiple Pacts with multiple powers, and especially like the narrative consequences of mutually opposed Pacts and the knowledge thereof. I could even see crossed-Pact consequences akin to Oracle’s curses or even simple skill penalties with regard to opposed groups…or, on the flipside, hybrid-Pact effects that come with unusual bonuses AND penalties…

In essence, I can see that FF/EA as one stream, Implements as another, and Pacts as a misbegotten outlier that is thrown in as an afterthought. Currently. They deserve more. Well not really. They don’t deserve anything, but it could be interesting. :)

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I know this is the Playtest, and please understand I already have a problem with the lack of front-loading of PF2’s class abilities. I know right. Who does that?!?

Ennyway, until 4th level, as far as class abilities, the Inventor isn’t getting a whole lot to do with their innovation, and the 2nd level option for Weapon innovation is fairly situational (as well as being kinda visually weird for both melee and ranged, and, now that I think about it, even weirder situationally for ranged) while the Armor and Construct options are for travelling easier/transport. I would like to see a broader range of options for 1st and 2nd level feats. I understand this is perhaps not the design paradigm of PF2e, but even still, those 2nd level options are not exciting.

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I love the flavor of this ability. I love the mechanics also. It also applies to Strikes, so ranged as well as melee attacks which is also nice.

I’m not sold on the verisimilitude of the construct innovation also gaining the advantage, though happy that if it does, it also takes the risks to burn... I guess you could flavor it as the consrtuct senses what you are doing and follows suit, or an electromagnetic pulse alerts it to what you are doing. I dunno. Actually, I guess it works given there are a million-billion millionbillion possibilities for flavor given humans, and also anime.

Maybe it should be a choice you make before you do it, so that if it is risky (in terms of “my construct can’t take the critical failure) you can remove it from the ability.

And perhaps it should be a choice you can make to have it effect only the construct. And, using the theories above, perhaps that could be remote rather than adjacent-only.

I think the thing I like about Overdrive the most is that is a single, simple ability that could see a lot of further feat support, innovation feat support and archetypes that focus on it.

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Just as a counter to the “dislike” thread....

* Thassilon. Well, the Fall of Thassilon, and that the Varisians and Shoanti are the descendants of the two servitor peoples of Thassilon. Definitely like the Shoanti clans, only ai think there should be a lot more...

* Sarkoris, and anything Kellid, especially all the disparate tribal groups scattered and smattered about. The God-Callers get a special mention. I’m looking for all modules, gazzetteers and scenarios involving Sarkoris and Kellids...

* Fleshwarping and Drow. Ok, so Paizo’s treatment of’s a little derivative, but the fleshwarping is nice. Because fleshwarping=nice, right? I need to get all of Second Darkness, just for the Drow and fleshwarping.

Ok, I’ll think of some more...

Hi CSR folks,

I sent an email to early last week (or earlier?) but have received no reply. It is possible I missed it in my junk/spam folder - can you advise whether my email was received and if any reply was sent? Thank you in advance...

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Session 0, or how it was all actually ok and I was too.

(Apologies for long post is long)

My son and I had our session 0.1, and got as far as Point 8 in the character generation guide that starts on page 12.

CubWolf is 7, has played the Beginner Box adventure (albeit with a party consisting mainly of goblins and elementals) but also a homebrew adventure with the Beginner Box characters (Ezren, Merisiel and a few others) and a homebrew with other characters that ran through the Beginner Box map that was set halfway up a cliff that was arrived at after a sandship adventure based loosely on the sandship pirates of the newset version of Thundercats. Right? So he has a pretty good grasp of the rules, and from a fairly steady diet of CRPGs/roguelikes as well as a stream of cartoons and manga he understands many of the tropes and traditions.

So we arrive at the Pathfinder Playtest. I'm currently down with the dreadest lurgy, and my crab-level is on Legendary. How did it go? Pretty simple and straightforward, even considering that cubwolf decided to make a Goblin Wizard. There was a little flipping back and forth, but no flipping out. And there were some serious pros to the current way things were organised, if not laid out.

* Stat generation was simple, and cubwolf decided to add points to everything, ending up with 12, 14, 12, 14, 14, 12. Not optimised for Intelligence, but balanced. I admire his naive approach, and did not try to get him to make the array different in the quest for power. We'll see how that goes.

* First, why is the TEML system presented on page 291 (literal cubwolf was all "you have to read through 291 pages to get to the most important system?") I'm even of the opinion that the TEML modifiers should be printed as some sort of footnote/superscript on the bottom of every page. I have zero problems with the +1/level system, don't really understand the issue, but it isn't intuitive yet. It feels like more math to work out a figure, then either subtract your -2 or add your +1, 2 or 3 to that for everything on your sheet. Luckily it is all over the character sheet, but still...

* What is "SIG" on every skill field on the character sheet? Oh. Just worked it out. Signature Skill. Which seems highly closeting, and useless until later. And has been abandoned.

* Yup. There really aren't enough feats at first level to express your ancestry, and the ones provided aren't great. So, it's a Playtest, and we should get plenty eventually. BUT, I agree with folks who feel more should be baked in, whether they are swappable in or out - like "you receive two/three heritage feats for free at 1st level to round out your ancestry" chosen from a list. Cubwolf chose Junk Tinker, and not being able to choose razor teeth or very sneaky didn't seem to bother him - "getting one feat is better than getting none". If only he could apply that to episodes of his favorite TV show, dessert or other things.

* He also chose Animal Whisperer as his Background. Backgrounds should be distinct in the chapters from Ancestries.

* A Wizard, eh!?! So our junk tinker goblin chose to be a universalist so with two feats chose familiar (raven) and reach spell to make his electric arc work at 60 ft with a little extra action. In terms of layout and presentation, Arcane School should be "Specialist Wizards", I was confused for a while (not being a caster player generally) whether you could still choose a school without having to be a specialist. I also couldn't work out why you wouldn't be a specialist given it took me half an hour to find "Universalist Wizard" at the end of the school section written in the same font/size as the schools. I was also a little unclear whether the specialist wizard could only choose the extra spell from his school, or whether all his spells had to be from his school. I'm thinking it is the latter?

Also, not getting a spell point pool as a Universalist seems really harsh, the extra possible uses of Drain Arcane Focus per spell level (instead of per day) notwithstanding - and at 1st and 2nd level that will be exactly NO benefit.

Again, in terms of presentation, why does it tell me under Wizard that I get another Ancestry feat at 5th level (and thereafter)? I'm sure every class does, but this really isn't the place, and much space could be saved in a character generation section. I think this is an attempt to make the game easy for new players, but I'm finding the game currently as presented really [i]isn't[i/] for new players. The Wizard alone, though on the one hand straightforward, is still an overly complex class.

Looking at Table 3-21 there are seven entries for what you get at 1st level. Arcane school shouldn't be there, as it doesn't universally apply (should be changed to approach or tutelage or style or something - either Specialist or Universalist) and ancestry feat shouldn't be in there either - it is a function of Ancestry, NOT class. Same with background. It doesn't need to be this complex, and ironically it is the attempt to clarify the presentation that clutters it.

The character sheet doesn't really work for Wizard proficiencies, as they have a short list of trained weapons, not simple designations of Simple/Martial.

N.B: Cubwolf liked the "spamming" of cantrips concept.

* Again with Layout - putting the class feats in the class writeup is distinctly weird, and reminds me of the "class as miniplaybook" that was 4e. Now, I'm no hater of 4e, so this is just an observation. Mostly class feats as a distinction seems to contain the class as concept rather than be an offering of options that provide true choice across characters.

* Then, "General Feats" is confusing, because the "traits" of feats can be General, or General and Skill, or even General and Move and Skill. The Feats chapter doesn't even start by explaining anything, like how many general feats you get at first level. Does cubwolf's goblin wizard get a general feat at 1st level? Apparently he gains one at 3rd level, unless he isn't "most classes" (p.160). Then again, a whole bunch of them are listed as 1st level, so how are we getting those? Nowhere on pp. 12-17 is that detailed, unless I've missed something.

And that's where we are at. Writing this up, it doesn't seem as straightforward as it was last night, but we did enjoy it and things were't too complicated, though now I am a little confused about a few things. How do you get 1st level General Feats? Did we add the stat bonuses from Background? (Just did a reverse engineer, and all is as it should be - putting that down to his precocity and me not following along due to mental aberration...errr sickness...)

Anyway, this is a rambling feedback of character creation, if you have any queries or clarifications for me, please provide or ask away!!! (1st level General Feats - what page is that described, what did I miss???)

I'm giving this a go, and will provide more feedback as I go - Next up - Equipment, making the second character (should be quicker?!?!) and maybe, the Adventure!!!

Hey Folks,

Can you spare a moment from hiding from raptors to move THIS campaign to (inactive) status? The GM hasn't posted on the forums for two months, yet the campain still shows up in my Campaign tab.

Thank you,


Product is incorrectly labeled "Equipment Master Archetypes" rather than "Equipment Archetypes".

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And it is live! Nearly 100 pages of Midgard Campaign Setting inspired content - for Free!!!

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Now I'm not the poster boy "Paizofan" - I've made it clear that I'm not a fan of much of Paizo's communication approach or marketing. But I do champion them for providing this forum, for generally being accessible, for providing exacting and excellent customer service, and for being well meaning individuals who evince a true love for the game, and for RPGs and game culture (and culture generally)!

I'm seeing a lot of hostility on the boards since the ARG/ACG Errata came out, specifically about the recent menagerie of many concepts.

Here's the thing - what has been changed in the Errata documents are what Paizo has decided to change. And there isn't really much to say beyond that. (Except of course I'm going to say a bunch more stuff.)
I have read a post that alludes to a post by a developer during the Vigilante playtest [mods - can we get the autocorrect on playlets to playlets fixed?] that there was some backlash against "unfortunate" issues that have been created along the way, making overpowered options. [anyone got a link to that post?] I also saw a suggestion levelled that Jason Bulmahn is not a great designer, and seeing that both Errata documents are designated as being authored by him, this looks like a shot at him as a designer because, in part, of these documents.

However, Jason was instrumental in creating the CRB, and overseeing the relates since that inception. So you've all been playing with his (and of course, other contributors) rules all along. And possibly complaining all along.

But now the Errata exists. And given the glacial approach to some FAQs, I don't think there will be errata for the latest Errata on a large scale any time soon. This is Jason's view of "changes that need to be made" writ large, and strangely without much fanfare, as the changes do seem to be sweeping. Lots of folks are incensed, confused or downright stupefied at the choices that were made. But there you have it. The rules have changed. And they will stay changed. They ain't gonna change again.

Now. If you do not play PFS, you have much, much less to worry about. Yes, table variation will cause problems between GMs that do or don't accept the Errata, but this has ever been the case.

And here is where I am going to get into trouble.

If you do play PFS, you now have NOTHING to worry about. The rules have changed. That is simply all there is to it. Your concepts have been strangled, eviscerated, smashed, burnt, pulverised, decapitated, crushed and abused. And that's just in game. Now, from outside the fourth wall, comes the Erratarrasque!!! Unstoppable, except by the power of St. Compton et al. For sure, it might be annoying, or even "suck" but you can't argue with the word of Bulmahn.

I would suggest you make your peace with the changes and move on. By all means keep arguing and complaining, but Paizo have shown to be very resilient. And then they change things. You might not like their design approach, but you are playing their game.

Personally, I see the issues. I'm not a fan of the change to the Scarred Witch Doctor, but I think I understand why it was done. In my games, I'll ignore it.

So this is not any feedback on the Vigilante Base Class per se, but rather how the Playtest has been run so far.

* Firstly, I think it a mistake to call or treat the Paizo Blog announcement post discussion "the main thread". Debating the minutiae and design nuances in the Paizo Blog just feels like the wrong place - feels like there should have been a dedicated "Vigilante Feedback" thread, and then folks could make their own threads from there, just as they have done.

* I also think it was a mistake to release the playtest just before the weekend, when both posts of PbP's (where plenty of play testing could occur) drop way off, and the DESIGNERS and DEVELOPERS will be away? So many debates and discussions could have been nixed if the designers/devs stepped in to say: "we are definitely not going to change x.....", or "that's a good point, however....", or "what about the content leads you to think...." or "I can clarify that...." Mark Seifter has appeared here and there, but mostly there seems to be a storm of discontent or debate over/about a number of basic premises, but little from the designers to explain why things are the way they are, or what they are and aren't willing to change.

* The designers seem to be fairly quiet so far. As I said in the above point, I see Mark Seifter, but haven't seen one post from any other designer. As was evident during the ACG playlets, availability (or lack thereof) of various designers led to some degree of frustration.

* There is also some discussion that bemoans the lack of the social interaction rules that are forthcoming in UI. In essence, it feels like some of the major aspects of the class are imperfectly understood as the participles they will apparently interact with are completely unknown and thus unclear. This could be avoided by presenting those rules, or at the very least, giving some sounding on what they are and just what those interactions will be.

* I'd also really like the designers to comb the threads and see where the disparities and disagreements are occurring in the fans minds/feelings. Some really excellent feedback has appeared on the nature of specialisations; the need for universal talents; the thought that the Avenger and Stalker should be mashed together; that the social identity needs to function on its own/not be hampered; or that the secret identity need not, actually be secret.

If the designers/devs could make a list like this, that they see as important (though that will obviously deviate from the fanbase) while determining those things that they are not interested in changing, then the amount of doubling up of similar ideas in multiple threads might decrease, making the reading less onerous, and the ability to move on down the design path more fruitful.

(I think the link to this blogpost from the home page goes directly to the Kickstarter rather than to this page)...

(Feel free to delete this post)

Hey Site-monitor-lizards

Can I get these PbP's I was playing in moved to Inactive? Their respective GM's have fallen well off the radar, and they are clogging up my Campaign tab…

Tyrian Conspiracy Last post from GM: 10 Feb then……[poof!] No reply from GM.. .Very sad to see this one go - we played for over a year and then……nothing. :(

Pirates of Xen'drik Last post from GM: 19 March then……[poof!] No reply from GM. Sigh. SO much promise - Skull and Shackles in Eberron. :(

GM Dark Lords Way of the Wicked [First and] Last post from GM: 11 April - then……[poof!] No reply from GM. Never got started, after perhaps the most hotly contested recruitment I've seen for a while.

If any of these GM's return, can they reverse this - just curious - it appears none of them are coming back….

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Seems the site is getting hit by an impressive amount of spam.

General Discussion was taking heavy fire, and was completely overrun

PACG forums were also receiving a steady burst...

I'm flagging them and moving on like I've been told, but....


Goblin Squad Member

Hey all, here is what I have:

Reward Quantity
New Player Pack…..1
Destinys Twin…..1
Daily Deals…..1
Alliance Pack…..1
Open Enrollment…..1
1 Month game time…..2
Head Start ….. 1
Shield Mate…..1
Character Name Reservation…..1

The account is unused.

PM me with offers.

Just linking to this post from Eric Morton/Epic Meepo


on the ethics of providing a service to users to generate content, that then can be sold by Paizo (and through DrivethruCards) without payment to the creator.

Here is the post :

Epic Meepo wrote:
Steve Wieck wrote:
Epic Meepo wrote:
If I purchase a community-created card, does the community member who designed that card earn a percentage of that sale?

No, at least not at this time.

One of our future feature sets will be to allow for that to happen, but this wasn't part of our initial release scope coding.

Also we (Paizo and DriveThru) want to keep the pricing of these cards as low as possible to keep them accessible to the community, so even when we develop that "royalty" capability/feature, it's unknown if we'd implement it here or not.


In that case, I have to object to this Card Creator on ethical grounds.

DriveThru earns money on each sale, which is perfectly fair and ethical, since Drive Thru is providing a service by printing and distributing these cards. There's nothing wrong with that part of the process.

The providers of the stock art earn money each time someone licenses their artwork, which is perfectly fair and ethical, since artists have the right to profit from their own intellectual property. There's nothing wrong with that part of the process.

But then we get to the part where Paizo is asking amateur designers to transfer ownership of their intellectual property to Paizo without compensation. And we're not talking about messageboard posts here. We're talking about designers putting time and effort into the creation of published, proprietary, Paizo-owned products without getting paid for their work.

That would be tolerable if the designers retained full ownership (or even a copyleft) of the intellectual property they created while doing this volunteer work for Paizo, Inc., but the designers don't even get that. They are donating their time (and potentially paying for licenses) to create intellectual property owned by a for-profit corporation that is not their employer.

That is exploitative, and helps perpetuate a culture where creative workers are conditioned to expect no compensation for work they perform on behalf of others. I realize this was probably not anyone's intention when setting up this project, but it is still the end result. As someone who believes artists should receive fair compensation for any work they perform that generates revenue for any party, I cannot support this Card Creator.

Nice cover!

28 items? Weren't there 32 items (+2 alternates) that made it to the first round of RPGSS 2014???

Publisher, Forest Guardian Press

I sent this as an email to customer service, but I wasnt sure if that was enough, or quick enough, or maybe I'm just OCD. By all means delete this thread if it is a double up.

Hi Customer Service raptor-wranglers,

Can you please immediately (upon rendering all raptors quiescent, of course*) cancel my two current subscriptions:

Pathfinder Adventure Path


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Thanks in advance,

Morgan Boehringer/Oceanshieldwolf

* I hear finely grated data cables soaked in cheesy rum works a treat.

Dedicated Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 7, Marathon Voter Season 8, Star Voter Season 9

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So it has to be faced somewhere in the dark recesses of our little designer's febrile, fetid and fragile hearts:

We have been culled. I, who was a most vociferous proponent of the cull , have had my item ignominiously… culled. Excised. Removed. Banished. Exiled.

And it took me a thousand votes to reach this place.

So I could bemoan that other items, so much less deserving than mine were spared, or the voting populace is a pack of jackal headed nongtards that wouldn't recognize an artiste of fine calibre if a well designed item gyrated upon their nonce, or the whole competition is flawed because of REASONS!!!

But no. There is no deserving.

My item was in fact possibly quite flawed.

The competition is not.

But I'm very happy such a large number of items were cut.

I do think many good and great items have been lost and that some exceedingly pedestrian items remain. This is merely the vagaries of fate at work.

Voters vote how they like. I know I do. I look for creativity and chops. I don't think my item had either of these in abundance, but it was interesting to me. Obviously it was down voted constantly compared to other items.

Still, this is the nature of the cull, and RPGSS and if you have been culled/think you have been culled, join me here in commiseration and honor thy fallen creations.

So without further ado:

Vale [redacted] of [redacted], your struggle is over, your battles lost and won but a memory to be redefined, better and with perhaps less words used, and more editing, and without that missed word that was not changed from the opposite and alternate version that one guy on my design feedback team said would likely work better, or that other word that also somehow got left in from the other version. You were….troubled, and misunderstood, but I believe, somewhere a benevolent and beneficent god smiles down on (or up to) you and will forgive you your sins. Gods' (or ideals if you are that kind of Inquisitor) speed.

Unrequited ambition, fly again another day. There won't be a next year because I think I might just have my name on a hardcover 3PP supplement this year. Which is great. And a great pity.

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Forest Guardian Press is is pleased to announce our upcoming first freelancer PDF: Fighter: Nuances and Other Options by Christos Gurd (Noble Savage archetype from FGP’s Savage Alternate Class; Little Red Goblin Games' Tome of Twisted Things, Detective Base Class, Dragon Tiger Ox, Heroes of the East 4, Gonzo).

Fighters get a lot of bashing in comments and threads and yet the fighter love seems endless. Christos has created Fighter Nuances to extend and improve the thematic abilities of fighters to be able to do more of the things we expect great warirors and martial heroes to accomplish. This from Christos:

“These are made to function nearly identical to the wizards arcane discoveries, which added a lot of interesting exclusive options to that class. Now the question, “why not fighter feats?” is simple to answer, because by making an opt in class feature you can design without having to consider classes like brawler, warpriest, swashbuckler, and magus you can avoid a lot of unplanned synergy. This a chance to add some unique features to the class with thematic roots.”

Here are some of Christos’ design objectives:

Few, to No Chains. Each nuance should stand on its own, even if they end up better than feats by proxy. So much of the class still requires feats to do what it does that you shouldn’t see an over reliance on these over many types of builds. That being said if the reason was thematically strong enough, and they draw from the same resource (such as Fantastical Warrior and the nuances that require it) then a single prereq could be ok.

Scalability. Try to make some of these scale to at least some small degree, the value of a nuance shouldn’t decrease at higher levels.

Dip Avoidance. Try to avoid giving anything away too early, lowest should be around Fighter level 3 or an ability that doesn’t show up before then. There are exceptions if the scale is small enough.

I'll let Christos field any questions you have about the upcoming Fighter: Nuances and Other Options...

Publisher, Forest Guardian Press

Hey Indefatiguable Legends of CS,

I received an email alerting me that the payment method for this order was declined. This is the same payment method used for the purchase mentioned in THIS thread - apparently that was a problem on your end.

Can you confirm that there is a problem with the payment method? I have used this payment method for every purchase I have made from Paizo...

Thanks guys - I'm understanding that there is a huge backlog of customer service queries, so let me know as and when you can!!!

- Morgan

Publisher, Forest Guardian Press

Hi folks,

After placing this order I received an email telling me:

"We do not have a payment method on file for this order. Please take a moment to add a payment method to this order at your My Payment Methods page."

The interesting this is that after making this subscription order I successfully used the same payment method to gift a copy of the ACG to a forum-poster - Paizo Order # 3241736‏.

The email suggests I:

"Please take a moment to add a payment method to this order at your My Payment Methods page."

But the My Payment Methods page still has the same payment method I used for both these orders listed, and only has an option to change this payment method.

Can you clarify what is wrong with the payment method I used successfully after this Order could not be processed?

Thank you for your time,


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Check out the Savagery and Bones blogpost to see the cover images for the

SAVAGE Alternate class:

This alternate class for the barbarian and monk returns warriors to their savage roots, utilizing iconic tribal weapons and armor and fighting with wild abandon. Included is the dread savage, an undead themed archetype, and the phrenic savage, a psionic version of the Savage that is fully compatible with Dreamscarred Press’ Ultimate Psionics.

and the

OSSUARITE Druid Archetype:

A skeleton summoning druid archetype that throws the “undead are only evil paradigm” on its skull and lets you get your grave on.

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Here is the Fat Goblin Mega Bundle:

Fat Goblin Mega Bundle

There is some seriously sweet stuff in there….

If Rick Hershey could answer these two questions:

I received an email from DrivethruRPG (btw, let them know - there was no hyperlink, I had to cut and paste) stating that:

"Right now the bundle has over 50 pdfs and is priced at only $19.95. More will be added, but that price will not change. Pick it up and enjoy!"

[Emphasis mine]

If I buy it now, and more PDFs are added to it - do I get them added to my bundle?

How long will the bundle be available for?

* Also, can we have an update on Steampunk Musha's Kickstarter page please….

Here's the spammer's Profile:


[EDIT - I flagged all the posts, but there needs to be a reason: "I think this is SPAM…"]

[EDIT 2 - just read the post in the other thread where you tell us
a: don't want new threads, and
b: it isn't necessary to flag every post by the spammer. :0

Ooops. ]

That is all. Seeing as we already have the fairly out there Lamia, the iconic Midgard shadowfey feel like a shoe in to me. As well as juicy lore that might help me cement them in Midgard a little more, I would love to have some archetypes (a shadow road tapping Shadowsworn, dark court Bard, even more shadowy Ninja etc) favored class bonuses, height/weight/age, and some more information on the shadow roads would also be cool - I know that is more campaign specific but a dark one can dream right?

Vegepygmies is my personal desire. Pretty sure that one won't be such a unit shifter…

Also, if the Shadowfey books does appear, could we please have a ton of stuff from Wolfgang and/or Ben McFarland. After Courts of the Shadowfey, they seem like the guys to do it..

If anyone has any other Advanced Races requests, by all means request them here. :)

The latest News post looks like it has a bbc code error or something in a link to Paizo for the new Skinwalkers book.

In future, when I see something like this, who is the best person to contact via a quick PM rather than circuitous email?

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That's right, the Direlock Base Class has received an art makeover. My own drawing skills may not be the best, so I got some friends to help out!!!

Check out the blog post HERE to see the new cover and some interior art, as well as a change log - with further play testing and general scrutiny, some of the content has been updated and minor typos corrected.

With a 5-star + seal of approval review rating from the reviewer's reviewer Endzeitgeist, check out the updated Direlock at DriveThruRPG and soon d20PFSRD and here at Paizo!

There has been a lot of downtime the past few days. Power outs apparently?

Also, a number of posts have disappeared from the [Amora Games] Collective Influence/ Liber influxus Communis Kickstarter thread in the Compatible Products from Third Party publishers subforum... Is this happening all over the site?

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Announcing the release of our second Multiclass Archetypes PDF - Arcane Masters I. Drawing on our six brainstorming and working threads with over 3000 posts, and near 5000 emails between the MCP crew, we are delighted to present 21 new Multiclass Archetypes, focusing on the Alchemist, Magus, Witch and Wizard Core and Base Classes.

You can download the PDF for free


You can also download our first PDF, Divine Champions at the same location.

Within the beautiful pages of Arcane Masters I you will find the:

Beastbrewer (Alchemist/Summoner)
Mutant Hag (Alchemist/Witch)
Venom Blade (Alchemist/Rogue)
Wild Herbalist (Alchemist/Druid)
Arcane Templar (Magus/Paladin)
Fell Magus (Magus/Witch)
Lineage Saint (Magus/Inquisitor)
Fellseer (Witch/Oracle)
Merchant Shadowcaller (Witch/Rogue)
Savage Shaman (Witch/Barbarian)
White Witch (Witch/Paladin)
Absolute Arcanist (Wizard/Sorceror)
Eldritch Warder (Wizard/Paladin)
Esoteric Chemist (Wizard/Alchemist)
Heka Magi (Wizard/Witch)
Mysterious Sage (Wizard/Monk)
Runescarred Fury (Wizard/Barbarian)
Sacred Thaumaturge (Wizard/Cleric)
Stealth Mage (Wizard/Rogue)
Terramancer (Wizard/Druid)

Additionally we have included the unorthodox prepared spellcasting

Erudite Bard (Bard/Wizard)

The PDF also details a new Arcane School (Ley Magic), 18 Alchemist Discoveries, 2 Feats, 2 Focused Arcane schools, a new Hex, a new Mystery (Seersworn), 4 Rogue Talents and 4 Advanced Rogue Talents...

Coupla great pieces on Fukushima:

One from kinda right about now:
Another meltdown right now?

The other from the "first" meltdown
36 signs the media is lying about fukushima radiation affecting west coast

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Does this exist? If not, would it be possible to create such a function?

Sorry for posting two requests in quick succession, this one is brand new in my mind, the other was bubbling away for a few months... ;)

Again, thank you for your consideration...

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It seems that the Class/Level field under each alias is being used as a "quick scan" area for Aliases that are characters in PbPs. Quite a bit of useful information can be contained including HP, AC (base/touch/flat-footed), Saves and all sorts of other information such as initiative, perception, CMD/CMB - I've even seen people Spoiler all sorts of stuff in there.

Problem is that the space is incredibly hard to navigate and utilize as it requires scrolling to get to the requisite section when editing.

Is there any way to create a function that allows this Class/Level field/window to expand like the "About xxx" field? Or create another field that would appear just under the Alias' name to contain this PbP-useful information?

Thanks for your consideration!

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As development continues on the Symbiont Base Class, Forest Guardian Press announces Hybrid Monsters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, a series of PDFs detailing creatures that blend two monster Types to create a new Hybrid Type.

You can read the blog post HERE, though for ease of viewing I'll give the hybrids below, but the blogpost has the deeper information on each specific creature...

Most Hybrids use the statistical array of a dominant Type, and then fuse the Type Traits of both of their “parent” types. Some Hybrids will be more of a true fusion and posses their own blended statistical array.

Each PDF will detail one Hybrid Type – each Hybrid Type will be described in 3-5 creatures based around that theme, with fully physiological, cultural and historical elements to easily enable GM’s to insert them into their home campaign and allow Players to visualize new fierce, fearsome, ferocious or just plain freakish beings. Mechanical integration with existing game chances is foremost in the development path, including Type-affecting effects, appropriate Challenge Ratings and balanced special abilities; additionally Hybrids are being developed that do not overly strain existing home campaigns’ cosmologies or planar factionalisms or interactions.

Hybrids currently in development include:

Daemalion (Tattered-, Mottled- and Spined-). Hybrid: Fey/Outsiders (Fiendish-Fey – Feynds!)

Mudgeon (Cur-, Fest-, Blight-). Hybrid: Undead/Fey.

P’kesque - Hybrid: Vermin/Constructs

Snipe (Gutter-, Sand-, Mire-) Hybrid: Fey/Outsider (yet more Feynds!!).

Skelichen - Hybrid: Undead/Plant.

Scallion (Rap-, Tar-, Vile-) Hybrid: Fey/Outsider (more Feynds!).

Blackberry Hydra - Hybrid: Plant/Magical Beast.

Gangk - Hybrid: Fey/Plant.

Gelatinous Decahedron - Hybrid: Ooze/Magical Beast.

More detials to follow...

As the title:

I see thousands of posts in at least three score threads. I haven't dipped into many of the class specific threads, but now I fear the volume of posts would surpass my mortal mind.

Can we get a stickied thread that contains the compiled errata and notifications of changes and proposed changes such as those outlined in the Official Query: Arcanist revision.

Failing that a release of a revised/V1.1 version of the ACG playtest.

It's only been a few days, but the data overload is freakish and it feels like big changes and errata have *already* happened.

This would allow people to playtest the most current versions.

If any of this already exists my apologies for missing it.

Visit FGP's new blog for this information with awesome and arresting color art by Jacob Blackmon, or click on the individual links below...

Following the release of the critically acclaimed Direlock Base Class, Forest Guardian Press announces their next upcoming release for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: The Symbiont Base Class!

Symbionts fuse a humanoid host with a biological organism that draws upon one of four "clades": Arachnida (spiders, scorpions, horseshoe crabs and solifugids etc), Crustacea (crabs and lobsters etc), Insectoida (ants, bees, fleas, lice, wasps etc) and Wudda (plants, lichen, fungi, vegepygmies, treants and mandrakes etc). Each clade provides the symbiont with a huge selection of clade-traits - physiological, inherent abilities like the Crustacean amphibious or water sense; Arachnida antibacterial clot, nimble faller or silent hunter or Wudda photosynthetic, dendritic calm or mycorrhizal fungi.

Once a clade is chosen , each symbiont takes one of two base forms:

The Biohulk, a melee tank (Full BAB, d10 HD) protected by an exo-carapace can manipulate its symbiotic biomatter to manifest clade-related abilities during a biowarp - including a dizzying array of manifestations include the Arachnida biometallic sting, or mandibles; Wudda concealing camouflage, thorny periderm or spore plume or Insectoida lunge, sudden strike or sting. Look out for the Arachnida driderform manifestation!

The Biomunitioneer (3/4 BAB, d8 HD) receives less clade-traits and lighter natural armor in exchange for a projector weapon that completely engulfs one arm, allowing the biomunitioneer to either shoot ammunition (plasma shards for Arachnida; chitin rounds for Crustacea; flechette spikes for Insectoida; splinter shots and spore bombs for Wudda) OR project clade-related larval chrysalis beasts - basically a clade-limited summoning ability, but fired at or near your intended victim. Rather than manifestations, biomunitioneers apply adaptations to either their ammunition or their chrysalis beasts - base adaptations like the biomass mortar or clade-specific like the Arachnida retriever or leap mine, Crustacean crab hammer, urchin strike or hydraulic burst or the Wudda itching spores, razor thorns or choking mist.

Symbiont archetypes include the Cross-clade Mutant, Clade Warrior, Harvester and Pair-bond for the biohulk and the Symbiont Gunner for the biomunitioneer.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Its my Dad's birthday, and to celebrate I'm putting the Direlock on sale for the rest of the month.

Right now you can get the Direlock 40% off at d20PFSRDstore - also part of d20PFSRDstores' awesome Shocktoberfest sale promotion;

AND at

I hope to have the same sale price here at Paizo soon if possible...

And in even more excellent news, I'm giving away two copies of the Direlock PDF absolutely free to the first two posters who can tell me why they'd want to use the Direlock in their campaign, either as a GM or a player, what race it would be and what weapon they would use as their dire weapon. By all means, read Enzeitgeist's longest ever class review in two parts - Part I AND Part II that gave the Direlock 5 stars and seal of approval rating to get a feel for the class.

Look for more from Forest Guardian Press, well if not soon then hopefully by Christmas.

Morgan Boehringer
Creative Director
Forest Guardian Press.

Typo on "staff of eldritch sovereignity" unless it confers dignity to an eldritch sovereign... ;)

Should this say "News from GenCon 2013"?

Sorry if this is in the worng subforum - I have the HeroLab App and thought I'd check out 1st level Amiri - her bastard sword is listed as doing 2d8+4 damage?!?!?!?! Is this an error? Is it an oversized anime weapon? It is listed as Bastard Sword (L)...

Thanks for the shout out for the Direlock!

Yes, there are some awesome products available here, both in print and PDF!!! I can see I'll be busy poring through a bunch of these...

Store Blog wrote:
"Also included is a sample adventurer..."

Lil typo - should read "Also included is a sample adventure..."

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Dare with Dire Deeds!

Forest Guardian Press brings you the Direlock Base Class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that puts the "fell" in your fellowship and the "dire" in your direction... 

The Direlock functions as a foil to spellcasters or as a competent eldritch empowered combatant, taking advantage of her perilous dire zone and confounding enemies with her dire mantle, fearsome slough and fell eldritch tendrils. If you want to crimp the GM's casters in your game, or confound a PC party in your next adventure, try throwing a Direlock at them. 

Complete with three archetypes - the Banelock, Dreadmasque and Fear Eater, 17 new feats, a new spell, 17 inimica, 18 incunabula and favored class bonuses for all the Core races plus Drow, Tiefling and Goblin. 

Also included are two extra printable sheets to make your Direlock easier to play - one containing all the inimica abilities, the other a management sheet so you can keep track of all of your Direlock's fell capabilities. 

Presented as a full color PDF for viewing on your favorite device, or as a b+w PDF for low-carbon footprint printing.

Now available at the d20PFSRDstore!

Hope to have the Direlock up on the Paizo store soon, but perhaps not before Paizocon...

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Phew! Finally, sorry for the delay!!!

Ok everybody, it's official.

Yggdrasil Fanzine is the name and free fan-submitted content for Kobold Press' Midgard Campaign Setting is the modus operandi.

And the first issue's theme will be - - - Dark Magic.

That's right, to complement the absolutely awsesome Deep Magic Kickstarter Kobold Press is currently running.

So if you have some NPC casters, new spells (can never have enough right?!?!) archetypes, stories, outsiders and abberations, eldritch poetry, magic items, mystic cookie recipes, mini adventures/side treks or anything tenuously related to the Magic of Midgard, and preferably the dark, oozing, slimy, cthonic, moody kind, then drop me a line at

with your article or article idea and I'll get the ball rolling. Typical article length is 750/1500 words much like Wayfinder. But bigger and smaller pieces are always welcome.


Please, please, please label your email:

[Yggdrasil] - that way I can find your email easily, and if you can't spell it right then there's probably an alarm going off for me.....!

Same goes for artists - if you are looking to promote yourself then the odd piece in a fanzie can definitely get you some exposure!!!!

Cut off for submissions is midnight PST 31 August.

Thank you all, and here's to a fun-filled Dark Magic first issue of Yggdrasil.

Little typo in the first sentence...

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