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And if your GM is going to ignore the FAQ about spells known vs spell lists, then even more reason to forget the Lorekeeper, grab the Eldritch Heritage, and pick up your desired spells then.

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The list looks good enough I suppose, though I would probably just take Paragon Surge as a standard, learned spell, as opposed to a Lorekeeper bonus one. Taking it as a Lorekeeper spell bumps it to a level 4 instead of a level 3 spell, which doesn't seem to beneficial. Though honestly, I think you would just be better off with the spell list from the Heavens Mystery, as several spells are on both lists, but would be lower level that way, sure you wouldn't have dimension door or rope trick, but there are always other options there.

Given your A or B choice, I would say just go with A: Seeker.

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Personally I would go with the Spirit Guide instead of the other options, simply for the flexibility.

That said, you cannot use the Arcane Bloodline ability to add Sorcerer/Wizard spells to your list, according to this FAQ.

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Pretty much how Wesley felt after being subjected to the machine in the Pit of Despair.

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I would also consider getting one of these: Tuned Bowstring

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Zaister wrote:
By the way, the GameMastery Guide has a "Random Planar Destinations" table on page 194.


Also, the character in question has never been at all religious or an adherent of any particular deity.

And he has died and been brought back or reincarnated somewhere between 5 or 6 times, counting Breath of Life and the like. So him going to a lethal plane isn't all that bad... he is used to it.

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The Violet Ray of a Prismatic Spray spell hit the Swashbuckler at the very end of Book 5 of our Skull and Shackles campaign, and of course, after he killed the big bad, he failed his save... so, it says he is sent to another plane, but where can I find a list of random planes so I can figure out where he was sent? Is there an RNG list somewhere?


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They can just be any simple, sort of keep like ruin. Use the same map for the Rock, add random people and/or critters.

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OK, so it is not just me.

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The happiness this gives me cannot be properly explained...

As in my home Skull & Shackles campaign, my group just fought their way through a variation of a Spelljammer Elven Monarch ship as they were heading to the Island of Empty Eyes.

Evil glee.

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Wow, can we please stop with requests to ban things? This has gotten absurd! It feels like every week we have a new topic about something, generally obscure, that someone doesn't like, and they bemoan the damage it does/might wreak upon the campaign. Enough already.

You know what does damage the campaign? Coming to the official forums and wading through post after post by forum "regulars" griping about their latest pet peeve, and stirring up the forum mob to get that which upsets them removed from the game.

Aside from being drearily monotonous, it is also a massive turn off as a player. Basically it comes across as either, wow, there must be a lot wrong with this game, what with all these complaints... Or it looks like, hmm, there sure are a lot of people whining to management to get their way. Neither is the kind of thing that inspires confidence in the campaign, or those involved in it. It is even worse when those supporting these ban threads start to look like a forum clique.

Seeing things long legal removed from the campaign... especially on the grounds of anecdotal complaints... has a disheartening effect, and gets frustrating. If it happens too often, or even the requests become too commonplace, that frustration can grow to to annoyance, or just hit a plateau and inspire defeated disinterest.

The more onerous and fickle the rules and rulings in PFS become, the less fun the campaign is. Let's not suck the fun out of the game in a quest to remove everything that we disagree with.

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Woodoodoo wrote:
Are there any other classes besides Rogue, Investigator, Slayer and Archaeologist Bard that can disarm magical traps?

The Seeker archetype for Sorcerer and Oracle do as well.

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Andy Brown wrote:

Why would somebody who "tap into ancient traditions and primitive wisdom to enhance their rages with something more primal" join the (IC) Pathfinder Society?

It might have been a flavour-based decision

Honestly, if you try to use that for ANY legal/non-legal justification, then the entire Society would be in jeopardy. Going by the lore as a qualifier, pretty much only wizards, bards, and the occasional rogue and alchemist would be in the society. Well, I suppose now also Investigators and Occultists.

Point is, if you look too deeply at the PFS concept, a whole lot of characters would no longer fit.

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Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
This prestige class would be a bad idea for PFS, where you often will have divine PCs in the party and fairly often will need to cooperate with divine NPCs to achieve mission goals. I can't think of a reason why a member of the Pure Legion would do that.

He uses his access to the Pathfinder Society to compile a list of as many divine magic practitioners as possible, all of which he reports back to his comrades in the Pure Legion.

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HeHateMe wrote:
Fomsie wrote:

My current weekly AP group has one woman (my wife), but we have a pretty diverse mix otherwise...

We have:

A gay guy,
A black guy,
A ginger (ugh, we know!),
A musician! (I know, right?)
and a cantankerous old fart... (that would be me)

Now our PFS in this area seems to be about 70-30, but every now and again we get a lot more female players/GMs, but that tends to be because most of our female gamers either work or have school on our game days.

Your weekly AP group sounds pretty great! Which AP r u playing?

It is a great group of players... and all of the members of the group are either regular or part time PFS GMs, so it is a lot of game knowledge in there.

We are currently finishing up book 3 of Skull and Shackles.

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Heya folks, getting prepped to run this and I am noticing that several of the creatures used have different stats in Pathfinder than they did back in 3.5 when this was written.

The Taers were originally created with d8 hit dice, but now monstrous humans have d10s. This only results in a 3 HP difference, so not a big deal...

However, the Remorhaz has significantly more HP now than when the scenario was made, 73 listed back in 3.5 MM but 94 now.

Skills are obviously also changed, but those are easy to transfer and update.

So, do I use the published updated statblocks from ToH and the Bestiary, or the old, now incorrect stats?


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Um, actually there is no timer/calendar until late in the AP. Talk to your GM, because there is nothing forcing you to spend minimum time in port.

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My current weekly AP group has one woman (my wife), but we have a pretty diverse mix otherwise...

We have:

A gay guy,
A black guy,
A ginger (ugh, we know!),
A musician! (I know, right?)
and a cantankerous old fart... (that would be me)

Now our PFS in this area seems to be about 70-30, but every now and again we get a lot more female players/GMs, but that tends to be because most of our female gamers either work or have school on our game days.

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Yikes, sorry about the wall of text... I guess I had more to say than I thought.

Well, I read through all of this and thought, "Wow, some people had some weird experiences!", and then I got to thinking and realized they weren't so far off my own.

In and Out of Game - The Early Years OK, seriously this is covering a period of time from when I was 11 and got my first D&D Red Box, and on through most of High School (roughly 1983-1989). Honestly most of it was the typical roleplay experiences of a group of suburban boys in the 80's... more goofy and over the top ideas that I am sure we thought were awesome back then, mixed with juvenile forays into alcohol and recreational pharmaceuticals. Mostly cringe worthy, I am sure. One important point of note; while there were the urban legends, there was no real anti gaming crusade. Of course this was the Suburbs of NYC, so not exactly the bible belt.

That Living Stereotype DM OK, my senior year of high school found me playing in an AD&D game at the local Comic Book store.

The DM was seriously a living embodiment of most every negative gamer stereotype... he was morbidly obese and did nothing for his health, gorging on pizza and fried chicken constantly, and as a result sounded like he was both gasping and snoring if he walked more than 5 feet. He also had the trifecta of gamer funk... rank body odor, swamp ass, and death breath, because he couldn't be bothered with his personal hygiene either. He did indeed still reside with his mother in his late 30s as well. Now, none of this was for lack of finances or getting out of the house... he was the co-owner of the comic store. Yes, he was "Comic Book Guy", in all the worst ways. Fortunately, for all of his physical drawbacks, he was actually a pretty miserable person otherwise. He communicated in a nasally condescending tone that only barely expressed his general superiority complex in any situation he felt he had some authority... such as his store or games he DMed... On the plus side, he was at least an absolutely horrid DM too! At least he strove to be the complete package!

The "final straw" example of his GM style that made me walk away? I was playing a fiery red headed female cavalier (what can I say, it was the 80s and I had a thing for Red Sonja!) Anyway, I missed a session and the next week I come back and he writes my character back into the group with a far too descriptive, self satisfaction story about how she was sharing quality time with his GMPC, Sir NoPersonality The Paladin. When I interrupted his lascivious tale to inform him that, no, my character would not have done that, especially on account of her backstory involving her promise of purity, he insisted by saying how charismatic Sir StickintheMud was, and how my character couldn't resist his charms. To wit I asked, "So, your Paladin forced himself on my character, despite her beliefs, seducing her against her will?". That produced a round of yelling, gasping, wheezing and snorting... it really sounded like an angry 4H feeding time intermixed with some know-it-all "mmkay?"s... and I decided that I could use a break from gaming for a couple of months until I got to college...

The College Years AKA those OTHER stereotypes A few weeks after starting my first semester in college, I met up with the campus gaming organization. Lots of different people, lots of different games, some good, some pretty atrocious. This was also when I got my first in depth experience with "How some male DMs become morons because of bewbs".

So there was a DM we'll call "J"... nice enough guy, goofy but who isn't in the gaming world? He was not only a DM, but the group president. He would run a lot of games, but only if, we'll call her "JD", was able to play. "JD" was my first experience with a "Queen Bee"... as in she had to be at the center of everything, and in charge of everything. That in and of it's self wasn't too terrible, I was always good at shrugging off people who bothered me. But coupled with that she apparently had a magical talent to conceal any and all redeeming virtues she was in possession of. She was a bitter, whiny, manipulative, foul troll of a woman. And I say that with all apologies towards trolls. She was also the master of the Mary Sue character, especially when "J" was DMing, because he would give her anything she wanted.

This eventually culminated in a AD&D campaign he was running set in her favorite world, Katherine Kurtz' The Chronicles of Deryni. Now, everyone in the campaign had restricted races and classes to fit in to this pseudo-medieval British Isles analogy, with limited magic and only the rarest of the rare having psionic powers... so the female players at the table consisted of a Drow?! a Faerie Dragon?!?!?! and then "JD's" character, a High Deryni Archer-Ranger with full Psionics... and no stat below 18, especially not comliness! So, this went about as one can imagine... "JD" and the other female players pretty much directed the show, and the GM basically treating the rest of us as glorified NPCs. Since "JD" was making all the decisions, and that was leading to some spectacular failures (including a few character deaths... not hers, of course, she was miraculously never hit.), some of use decided to conspire against her and see what happened. We sent messages to the DM telling him of our plans to take "D" down a peg or two through an embarrassing series of pranks... we prep, we plan, we pick the time and the site... and then DM "J" tells "D" every single detail, "because she can totally read everyone's mind... no, I am not giving you saves", and in a temper tantrum at people daring to work against her, she launches a preemptive psychic ATTACK against everyone not in her clique and actually kills some players (again, saves? No no, she is a special psionicist!), which then strips away the last f*ck the player of the Assassin had, and he assassinated her. And he rolled a 1% on the dice. Dead. Finito.

That is when the explosion happened. It was a twofold explosion, actually. First, "JD" became a red faced quivering fountain of rage, cursing and sputtering and throwing accusations and personal attacks around. And then stormed off. Then the DM "J" flipped his lid, screeching and shouting, "That's it! This campaign is over!" as he angrily stuffed all of his books into a backpack and stormed off after her, trailing loose leaf sheets in his wake. At which point the player of the Assassin stroked his chin and mused, "Hmm, an entire campaign world killed... that has to be enough XP for demigod status at least!"

There were more of those type of situations over the years, where the DM was mooning over a particular player to the detriment of the game, but I became far more cognizant of the signs and extricated myself from the danger zone post haste. Some days my wife gets mad at me and says she thinks I am extra hard on her characters in games I run... I make sure to recount this story and my promise to NEVER be that GM.

Another say what? Game that occurred in college was a DM who had a chart. For everything. No exaggeration, he had charts for virtually every mundane detail in the game. But the kicker came when we were camping for the night and my Fighter was on watch and he asked what I was doing. So for a bit of descriptive flavor, I said my character was sitting with his back to the fire to maintain his night vision as he sharpened and oiled his sword... His response? "You can't do that, you don't have Weaponsmithing". Thankfully that happened early in the first session...

The Army Years - Organized Chaos

My time in the Army proved to be an exceptional time for gaming. Being stationed in a few isolated areas with like minded soldiers certainly helped a lot, but even when I was stationed at Ft Benning or Ft Bragg, there was always a healthy gaming community. Of course, when most of your gaming group is made up of Infantry, Cavalry, Armor or Intelligence field soldiers, the way they approach games can be very different. While min maxing and even optimization weren't really buzzwords or issues, team organization and tactics sure as hell were! When you have a group of people who are trained to deal with certain types of situations in certain ways, much of that transfers over into the game sessions... which can make for some very frazzled DMs!

The roleplay was surprisingly good and varied in my time in the service. Surprisingly, most soldiers I gamed with were not afraid to take on risks and embrace character options without balking. This was especially true when the group was entirely military... I guess the barriers went down then. Also, a lot of alcohol was consumed.

In fact, while a lot of exceptionally good... and even some atrociously bad RP took place, when you have a lot of for lack of a better phrase, "tough guys", all amped up and in close confines, some heated arguing and even friendly fisticuffs were not unheard of. But, considering some folks tales of woe... I think that is rather tame! Well, that and the occasional joker deciding to set off some unexpended pyro from the last trip to the field, mid game... a CS canister is a pretty good real world stand in for a Stinking Cloud spell...

The here and now Since I left the Army, the gaming has been varied. Some good, some bad, some that makes you scratch your head... I have seen the table flippers and the rage quitters. I have sat at tables with the gamer funk champions and Special Snowflakes. But by and large my experiences have been positive. Not always the best RP, but mostly folks just getting together and having a good time, and nothing that really squicked me out.

Except for one.

I was running a homebrew Pathfinder campaign with a primitive, tribal setting. One of the players was playing an Oracle with the Wolfscarred Maw curse that I allowed to be a Panther maw instead on account of the tribal totem. OK, no big deal I think...

Did I mention that this character is played by a middle aged man who spends his time at the table watching cat girl anime and always plays furries?

Sooo, when the group gets into combat and the Ranger needs healing, the Oracle proceeds to start licking him. Because that is how he casts his cure spells. Because cats lick wounds. And the player is miming this out.

So, that happened.

So, all in all I think my gaming experiences over the past 33 years have been fairly, you know, normal.

Damn, that which I think I tried to block out...
Well, reading some of the true tragedies in this thread, I thought to myself, "Wow, thank the gods I have never found myself in such a horrible situation... oh sh!t, how did I forget that?".

In the early autumn of 1993 while assigned to unit on Ft Benning, a group of us were were in the barracks playing a game of AD&D 2E, in effort to pass the time while a portion of our unit had been deployed to a hostile location in east Africa. We were probably drinking a little too much, laughing a little too loud... you know, coping mechanisms. But these were old school concrete block buildings, so unless you pounded on the wall, your neighbor wouldn't even hear you. So it came as quite a shock when the CQ knocked on the door and informed us that one of our comrades had just shot another in the head, then turned his pistol on himself, in their room maybe 100 feet away.

Just two days earlier I was hanging out in front of our barracks, knocking back 40s of that nasty a$$ Olde English 800 that my friend (the murder victim)loved to drink, with him. He had just been demoted after a series of issues... all involving his roommate and eventual murderer... but he had been given fresh orders to go to Ft Bragg and a chance to get himself straitened up. He was telling me how he was looking forward to getting squared away, having a new start and being able to prove himself as a soldier. He had just turned 22 a week before his death. Turns out his friend and roommate didn't have the same positive outlook and he couldn't accept them going separate ways.

Every now and again I would gut down half a 40 of OE"800" and pour the rest out in memory of my friend Alvis. Funny, it had been years since I thought about it, or the fact that it happened literally a few doors down while we were playing D&D. But I always remember the scene, the blood, one of our medics... fresh from the shower wand walking back to his room when it happened... wearing nothing but blood as he kneeled there fighting to keep him alive, watching them load him onto the ambulance. And finally... the smell. How the investigators kept that room off limits for 3 days in the mid September, Georgia heat before they let us clean it...

Wow. Sorry about that...

Liberty's Edge 2/5

We are running 2 tables of this tomorrow night... and I see many of my concerns about the scenario have been aired, if not resolved, over the years. Oh well, it still looks like fun... if in serious need of tinkering/on he fly adaptation... and challenging, considering most of the folks in our area do not get into the heavy optimization.

I guess we shall see how it goes!

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Yeah there is a specific feat to do what you want.

Strike Back wrote:

You can strike at foes that attack you using their superior reach, by targeting their limbs or weapons as they come at you.

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +11.

Benefit: You can ready an action to make a melee attack against any foe that attacks you in melee, even if the foe is outside of your reach.

So yeah, looks like it is a no go otherwise.

My advice? Invest in a longspear.

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Jeff Merola wrote:
Martin Weil wrote:
And, with one splat book, you can get some direct damage spells as a backup, Snowball and Flurry of Snowballs.
Flurry of Snowballs is actually Evocation and SR: Yes.

Well it is Evocation, but it is SR: No

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No. They do not have the Slayer Talent class ability at level 1, so they do not meet the requirement for the Extra Slayer Talent feat.

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Metux wrote:

Hello, if you want a pure magic missile, you can do something like that:

Tatooed Sorcerer with Orc bloodline, to get the +1 damage per die on
every spells including magic missile and dark vision.

traits: wayang spellhunter (magic missile) (region)
traits: Magical Lineage (magic missile) (magic)

Familiar instead of first level power (look at familiar archetypes, can be interested), can taken improved familiar later too.

Level 1: Spell focus(evocation)
Level 1: Spells specialization(magic missile)
Level 1: Mage's tatoo (evocation) free

level 3: Empowered Spell
level 5: Dazing spell
level 7: quicken spell + a bloodline feat (toughness/great fortitude?)

I have used a similar set up... one thing to note though, with Tattooed Sorcerer you lose you level 7 Bloodline feat.

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Jeff Hazuka wrote:

Be careful what you wish for.

As soon as there's an Iconic Alain, no other iconic will be worthwile. Just ask Alain.

You say that like it is a bad thing.

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Kubular wrote:

@Fomsie: No need to be hostile about it.

1) That wasn't hostility, that was incredulity.

2) Don't presume to tell me how to respond.

Have a nice day.

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Style Strike wrote:
At 5th level, a monk can learn one type of style strike. Whenever he makes a flurry of blows, he can designate one of his unarmed strikes as a style strike.

During a Flurry of Blows, you can make one of your attacks into a style strike.

Hammerblow wrote:
The monk links his hands together, swinging both arms like a club and dealing tremendous damage. If the attack hits, the monk rolls his unarmed strike damage twice, adding both rolls together before applying Strength and other modifiers to the damage. This bonus damage is not multiplied on a critical hit. The monk must attack with a fist to use this style strike, but must have both hands free.

So, your single Hammerblow for the Flurry would do 2d8 damage, plus 2d8 damage, plus 9. For a total of 4d8 +9, though only the 2d8+9 would multiply on a crit.

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Dude, really? Have you actually read the ability or how the style strikes work?

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The damage for a 17th level medium sized monk is 2d8, he gave you the damage for a small size monk.

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With Hammerblow it would be your unarmed damage dice rolled twice, then add your strength and other modifiers. So, in your case, it would be 4d8 +9.

The wording doesn't actually say it counts as a two handed weapon, so it doesn't grant the 1.5x Str modifier, as it is instead covered by the extra damage dice.

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I was looking at those snazzy Iconic minis sets yesterday, and thinking the exact same thing.

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Well, in our Bonekeep 2 run tonight...

During a fight with a particular group of critters;

Barbarian: Can I full attack my face?
GM: (nods)
Barbarian: I would like to full attack my face.
(rolls to hit)
GM: You will miss your face.

Good times, good times...

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I was really hoping this was a joke thread...

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andreww wrote:
'Sani wrote:
Also as a personal resource I like to have a way to clear air, after in another dungeon I faced a dretch, who summoned a dretch, who summoned a dretch, and they all have stinking cloud. Cleansing auras, wind spells, something to get rid of cloud effects
This shouldn't be possible. Summoned creatures cannot use summoning abilities.

In this particular case there were actually several Dretches in a room already (not summoned creatures), and their tactics called for each of them to use their summon ability to attempt to call forth an additional Dretch... the mass of them all began using their stinking clouds.

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John Compton wrote:
Eric Ives wrote:

The Constable was made legal in the last update, but with the current update (Dec 2015), is now listed as not legal again. Was that on purpose?

I think perhaps the red lettering saying it became legal was removed but the original text saying it wasn't legal was never corrected.

What the...? I remember tweaking the text because it had been unclear whether or not it was legal before (it is legal), but it seems to say that it's not. That's something that I need to correct. Sorry about that.

This is still showing as being illegal, are there plans to have it fixed?

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Unless something has changed, no archetypes actually are valid with the Unchained Monk. Also the errata to the ACG makes Opportune Parry and Riposte limited to only Parry and at the cost of 1 Arcane pool per Parry, which is kinda costly.

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I would really recommend the Sanctified Slayer archetype Inquisitor. Gives you what you want with the Slayer, plus a good will save, spells and the Intimidation bonus.

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Thanks to everyone who voted for the Effigy! I did it all for the goblins.

Liberty's Edge 2/5

Also, is it just my imagination, or is Tiek Geras a homage to Boba Fett?

Liberty's Edge 2/5

Well, certainly are a lot of very well done minis! Some of them truly make me want to have a whole story to accompany them. I look at the mini and I just KNOW that Posey has a great story!

As for the information on the Goblin Chief Effigy, it is an encounter creature in the "We be Goblins Free!" Module.

It is a custom made mini, I sculpted it out of "Sculpey" based on the picture in the module. The Body, head, cauldron, hands and large fireworks were all sculpted, the arms and legs are made from small wooden dowels cracked and bent into shape and wrapped with alternating embroidery thread and thing rolls of clay. The chains are just pieces of decorative jeweler chain and the small fireworks are red glass cylindrical beads.

I wanted the players at the tables I ran for Free RPG day to have a visual representation for every encounter, since many of them would be first time players, and I got a little carried away. :P

Liberty's Edge 2/5

Ugh...I should have taken some better pictures of the Effigy :P I am not the best photographer!

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Well, during the Brockian Epoch, most anything that was considered a taboo by Western culture was generally classified as evil (well, except for all that killin'!) and outlawed... to include certain spells, feats, professions and class abilities. Unless it is changed by the current Overlord, expect that if it sounds "bad", it is illegal.

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G-Zeus wrote:
Woran wrote:

My recurring home campaign NPC is called Bob.

Bob's a good guy.
I had a cleric named Fred the good guy. All I did was heal and buff any ally who asked. My gm had two dire bears maul him to death.

Proof once again that no good deed goes unpunished.

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Mysterious Stranger wrote:
People are forgetting the real reason that we game. The whole point of playing a game is to have fun. If your players are b+&%+ing and complaining about the way you run the game you are doing it wrong. From the sound of the original poster the biggest issue is he wants to be in control of everything and is not able to do it. He needs to delegate more and loosen up his restrictions.

I cannot disagree with this conclusion any more strongly.

While the game is indeed about having fun, if the players are constantly b~@#$ing than they are wrong. Especially if some of what he says these players are doing... ignoring the GM?, refusing to give information on your character? refusing to take damage? arguing about every situation?... than they should leave the group because that is unacceptable, spoiled brat, childish b*))$#!t.

The GM is supposed to be having fun too, and they put a hell of a lot more time and effort into a game than a player does in almost every case, and if the players are not helping out and trying to facilitate everyone having fun, then they are part of the problem in a bad game environment.

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Swarms, auras or any types of auto hit damage.

Touch attacks, sunders, etc for high AC armor based types.

Grapples, trips, Dirty Tricks vs high AC dex/dodge based types.

And don't forget feints! A successful feint denies Dex, so that also eliminates dodge bonus and several others that have that caveat.

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Perhaps he has crouched down and taken a 5' step closer to you, or is now hugging the wall or any number of other minor movements that would make you simply shooting down the hall an exercise in futility.

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The Insinuator Antipaladin from Agents of Evil gets Selfish Healing, which functions as Lay on Hands, but self only, and Greeds, which function as Mercies, but again self only.

The wording for both contains the lines "this is treated exactly like the Paladin's Lay on Hands class feature" and "this functions as the Mercy Paladin class ability", respectively.

That said, should they be able to use feats that enhance or modify those abilities, such as Greater Mercy, Extra Lay On hands, Reward of Grace, etc?

Obviously the feats that specify using the ability on other people would not be valid, but everything else should work due to the "treated as" and "functions as" wording, correct?

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Can it be a custom mini? I made and painted the Goblin Chief Effigy for the "We Be Goblins Free!" I ran this year for PFS credit. Can I enter that one?

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It's not a bad idea, and would fit better than the multi class.

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At this point my players have kept most of their allies from the original crew with them along the way.

They have also added a few "named" crew along the way.

Of the ones who survived the mutiny on their side, only two have died so far, Tilly Brackett and Owlbear were both killed while they fought a Chelish ship.

Sandara Quinn left the ship to set out on her own (As my group has a Cleric of Gozreh and a Shaman Witch Doctor), though has remained an ally.

Right now the remaining NPCs on their ship are:

"Fishguts", still the cook.
Shivkah leads boarding parties after the players gave her a magical great axe they acquired.
Jack Scrimshaw is the cabin boy.
"Ratline" lost his leg to the Grindylows and as such dedicated his advancement feats to siege weapons to be the chief gunner.
Giffer is still around but seems to be a casualty in waiting.
"Cog" is as dour as ever, though the players did recruit a Tengu archer who is also a Pharasmin, so at least he has a friend.
"Slippery" Syl is still a deranged psychopathic killer... but she is also the First Mate's wife. Good times.

The remaining NPCs have been given command of the player's second ship (Among their conquests was the Hu Hazhong from the "Ships of the Inner Sea" book, and they decided to keep it as a transport and to have a vessel available around Tidewater Rock).

Maheem captains the second ship.
Barefoot Sams is the first mate
Conchobar and Rosie Cusswell are also aboard.
The grandson from Tidewater Rock has also been added to their ship as a Cabin Boy.

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