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Scarab Sages Zahur the Wanderer

Male Human (Garundi) Wizard 4 (0 posts)
Nameless Assassin
The Exchange Lucian Ventare

Male Aasimar Zen Archer (0 posts)
Varisian Barbarian
Liberty's Edge Krojan the Immense

M Aasimar (Angel Kin)[Scion of Humanity] Brawler(Wild Child/Mutagenic)1/Oracle(Spirit Guide)4 (0 posts)
Dark Archive Hans Drachenblut

M Tiefling (0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Skender Maelstrom

Male Human (Varisian) Kineticist (Hydrokinieticist) (0 posts)
Dragonslayer Dwarf
The Exchange Gruff Grindstone

Dwarf (0 posts)
Grand Lodge Ordrin

Male Human Druid (0 posts)

Sovereign Court Tristan Montague

Male Human Paladin/Oracle (0 posts)

The Exchange Valdan Kane
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Thin Man
Liberty's Edge Eric K
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