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The Violet Ray of a Prismatic Spray spell hit the Swashbuckler at the very end of Book 5 of our Skull and Shackles campaign, and of course, after he killed the big bad, he failed his save... so, it says he is sent to another plane, but where can I find a list of random planes so I can figure out where he was sent? Is there an RNG list somewhere?


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Heya folks, getting prepped to run this and I am noticing that several of the creatures used have different stats in Pathfinder than they did back in 3.5 when this was written.

The Taers were originally created with d8 hit dice, but now monstrous humans have d10s. This only results in a 3 HP difference, so not a big deal...

However, the Remorhaz has significantly more HP now than when the scenario was made, 73 listed back in 3.5 MM but 94 now.

Skills are obviously also changed, but those are easy to transfer and update.

So, do I use the published updated statblocks from ToH and the Bestiary, or the old, now incorrect stats?


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Well, in our Bonekeep 2 run tonight...

During a fight with a particular group of critters;

Barbarian: Can I full attack my face?
GM: (nods)
Barbarian: I would like to full attack my face.
(rolls to hit)
GM: You will miss your face.

Good times, good times...

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The Insinuator Antipaladin from Agents of Evil gets Selfish Healing, which functions as Lay on Hands, but self only, and Greeds, which function as Mercies, but again self only.

The wording for both contains the lines "this is treated exactly like the Paladin's Lay on Hands class feature" and "this functions as the Mercy Paladin class ability", respectively.

That said, should they be able to use feats that enhance or modify those abilities, such as Greater Mercy, Extra Lay On hands, Reward of Grace, etc?

Obviously the feats that specify using the ability on other people would not be valid, but everything else should work due to the "treated as" and "functions as" wording, correct?

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... and all 5 walked out after completing the entire dungeon with about 25 minutes to spare!

Thursday night in Fayetteville, NC, our local VL Nick Baumeister ran Bonekeep for his 150th table of PFS (Yay Nick!)

The group consisted of:

Adana Bonereaper, level 7 Inquisitor of Pharasma
Calia, Level 6 Aasimar Lore Oracle
Louis, Level 7 Animist Shaman
Rob the Ranger, Level 7 Archer Ranger
Krojan the Immense, Rotund Level 7 Spirit Guide Nature/Life Oracle
and Bluefeather the Celestial Axe-Beak companion.

I believe it was the first time through for all of us, maybe one had played before and used a GM replay, not certain though. 4 of us were definitely first timers, so it was all knew... and painful!

We did surprisingly well, with only Krojan dropping into negatives once on account of taking damage while Life Linked. Surprisingly smooth run and the group meshed very well with overlapping buffs and debuffs and the occasional spot heals as needed. Some useful purchases of expendables greatly assisted in making some encounters more manageable.

Most importantly, we all had a lot of fun... even if the Inquisitor of Pharasma "threatened" not to heal a certain skull if it summoned any undead... ;)

Thanks again Nick and all my fellow players.

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Is there a download package for the Pregens and Chronicle sheet for this? Or will there be one prior to Saturday, anyway?


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Greetings all,

I have been working on a character and was looking at some advancement options when I came across a situation that caused me to look for clarification.

According to the Additional Resource document entry on the Humans of Golarion book, the spells on pages 28-29 are legal for play. Groovy, that's awesome.

The spell I was looking at for my character is : Summon Totem Creature (Shoanti). In the spell text are the requirements of;

"A character must have been raised by the Shoanti and be considered part of a quah to be able to cast this spell".


"Characters with access to this spell can only summon creatures revered by the quah they are a part of".

I then checked the Additional Resource document and discovered that the Shoanti Quahs on the inner cover of the Varisia: Birthplace of Legends sourcebook are NOT listed as legal.

That raised the following questions;

1) Is the omission of the Quahs an oversight? (Dubious, but you never know)

2) If the Quahs are not allowed (they are both tribe and patron deity choices I would think), can the spell still be used by simply claiming a particular Quah?

3) If it is possible to simply pick a Quah, what is required to be considered a Shoanti of thet tribe?

This one gets tricky because also in the Varisian book under the Shoanti section is the following, "Most Shoanti are humans, but occasionally a tribe adopts a member of another race. The Shoanti despise ethnic Chelaxians, half orcs and orcs; such individuals have never been seen in any of the tribes". Which would seem to indicate that anyone not Orc, Half Orc or Chelaxian could be a part of a quah... so then would one of the traits related to Shoanti be required? Just again stating it as part of one's background?

I ask because of my character in question is an Aasimar(Angel Kin, with the Scion of Humanity alternate racial trait)Oracle (Who are able to cast the spell in question), who has the Shoanti Tattoo trait. The character has a Shoanti name, uses Shoanti weapons and is based on the (also legal per the additional resource document) Shoanti Totem Shaman role on page 7 of the Varisia book (which also references the totem details in the Quah section on the inside cover of that book.) Yes, the character was created last summer and is legal in all ways otherwise.

As it stands currently, however, I seem unable to choose Shoanti Totemism as a religion or make use of a Quah, so I am curious if this is one of those RP requirements that gets hand-waved (like the entry to Hellknights), or am I stuck unable to use the spell? Or is there some other resource that covers this that I haven't found yet?

Thanks for any help or guidance in the matter. While I doubt this is a particularly common situation to be in, I figure having an answer out there can't hurt.


PS: I would love for the totemism to be made a legal choice for flavor reasons anyway, rather than adhering to a particular deity. Just in case anyone who could approve such things were watching!

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Character: Human Kineticist (Air), Level 1, PFS Standard Rules (20 Point buy, 150 GP starting wealth, 2 traits)

Traits: Reactionary: +2 Initiative, Indomitable Faith: +1 Will Save
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Attack: Air Blast
Wild Talent: Pressurized Blast Infusion
Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 18
Int: 7 (see below)
Wis: 12
Cha: 12

HP: 12
FCB: Skill Point
AC: 16 (Studded Leather Armor)
Initiative: +5

I decided to build for a theme, making the character a pseudo "Super Hero" member of the Liberty's Edge faction.

I found the lack of skill points to be a serious burden, unless you intend to spend your entire time doing nothing but killing things, 2 skill points per level on a non Intelligence based class (though that is not a great justification anyway) is an extremely bad idea. The class skill list is terrible as well. While there are some useful skills, the access is extremely limited. Due to the minimal amount of skill points, dumping Intelligence as a human saw a difference of 1 skill point per level, so I would expect a similar amount of low Int kineticists. Please don't take that as an excuse to add some contrived reason to have a higher Int score as some classes seemed to do with Charisma, but instead consider giving the class actual skill points.

What exactly is the character's purpose? Is this character meant to be a blaster? A variant archer?

The class seems seriously undefined... it lacks decent weapon or armor use out side of it's blast, but the blast is once a round and while decent is not spectacular. It is based off of it's health, but only has a d8 hit die, and it is a one trick pony that is a 3/4 BAB class with no to hit boosters. At level 1 this was not a problem, though the lack of versatility was still there... what do I do? Air blast... and air blast, and another air blast. While it is a decent attack, with minimal skills and mechanics that don't actually support it's systems and minimal outside utility, the class strikes me as a weak ranged Fighter with out the extra feats, armor, health, BAB or weapon training.

During the Adventure:

Giant Flies: Character performed well enough. About half the damage output of the pregen Barbarian, equal damage output of the Summoner, exceeded damage of the Pregen Wizard. Two attacks with Air Blast.

Minotaur: The class performed well enough in this, strait damage is strait damage, but the lack of armor and health meant that being up front was not in the cards. Damage was well below the Pregen Barbarian (though, what isn't?), exceeded the Pregen Wizard and equaled a level 1 Summoner. Had no utility to compare to the use of Grease from the caster. Additional Resource was a Bardic performance of Inspire Courage. Two attacks with Air Blast, one failed attempt at a Bull Rush (no pun intended) with Pressurized Blast Infusion.

Non combat section/exploration and study: Besides the lack of skill points (Perception was used of course), the lack of anything but Knowledge Nature was extremely limiting... and that again brings up the "what is this class?" question.

Zombies and Skeletons: Strait forward battle with the barbarian initially caught in a bottleneck in a corridor. Pressurized Blast Infusion finally came to the fore! Successfully pushed skeletons and a zombie away from the entrance and allowed the party to push in.

Additional Conflicts were resolved more with equipment than class abilities, so those are left out.

Granted, this was a level 1 scenario, however, while the concept is nifty and kinda fun, I see a lot of unnecessary limitations on the character chassis (skill points, hit die type, BAB, utility) that make this seem more like one of the cobbled together Prestige Classes and less like a real class of it's own. Sadly it is more gimmick than anything else. It seems to have a main purpose of damage, but doesn't compare to blaster wizard or archers or gunslinger, isn't tough enough or consistently accurate enough through bonuses to compare with fighters, rangers or the like, and it lacks the utility of any of the "skill/support" classes to give it a back up role. So far this class feels very much like a Monk without the speed, extra benefits, skills or utilities.

I will continue to play the character and probably throw some GM credits in to test it at different levels over the next few weeks.

Overall rating: Fun, but flimsy concept and design.

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Howdy all, getting ready to run this for tonight's session and I just want to make sure I didn't miss something;

According to the PFS guide, the special modules grant 1 XP and 1 Prestige for completion.

There is no secondary condition I am missing, correct? SO it is only 1 Prestige point? Want to make sure I don't short change anyone.


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Hello all,

Just trying to clarify if the Axe Beak Companion Boon from

Completing all 3 parts of the "Quest for Perfection" line of scenarios.

It states "If you posses a class feature which permits you to take an animal companion or a mount that progresses as an animal companion, you may add the Axe Beak to your list of legal and available companions".

I want to make sure that this would apply to the Lunar Oracle "Primal Companion" mystery.

Thanks for the help.

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Howdy all,

So the wife and I finally gave Society play a shot. We are long time gamers in multiple systems, but after switching to Pathfinder a couple of years back, we had thus far stuck to game shop module/homebrew and home campaigns and more or less avoided organized play. Partially on account of apprehension based on past experiences in other systems and partially on account of a few attitudes/people turning us off to the idea.

Anywho, we had been playing in a home campaign for a while, but unfortunately when half of your group consists of active duty military members, things come up. So as our game went on hiatus, we found other things to pass the time and decided to make a weekly trip to the local IHOP for pancakes. Every week we would go around the same time Saturday evening, and almost every time we had the same waitress. Very friendly, outgoing... we would usually spend some time chatting about music or movies or what have you. Then a couple of weeks back we are discussing hobbies and our waitress mentions that once a week she gets together and plays "nerd games",, and when my wife asks what she means, she asks us if we have ever heard of a game called Pathfinder...

So then the middle of that week we went down to the local hobby shop where our waitress was now our first PFS DM! Had a blast and went back the next week and then again for Free RPG day, where we got a double header of "Risen from the Sands" and "We be Goblins". All in all a good time and a great bunch of people, and to think, it all started with pancakes.

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I am curious if there has ever been an official ruling or guideline given to this question.

As stated, can you use the Magic Vestment spell to enhance the Oracle Revelation "armor" effects?

Magic Vestment:

Magic Vestment

School transmutation; Level cleric 3

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, DF

Range touch

Target armor or shield touched

Duration 1 hour/level

Saving Throw Will negates (harmless, object); Spell Resistance yes (harmless, object)

You imbue a suit of armor or a shield with an enhancement bonus of +1 per four caster levels (maximum +5 at 20th level).

An outfit of regular clothing counts as armor that grants no AC bonus for the purpose of this spell.

All of the Revelations that grant an armor bonus are worded differently, but they almost all seem to read as if conjuring a form of tangible protective armor or shield.

Ancestor wrote:
Spirit Shield (Su): You can call upon the spirits of your ancestors to form a shield around you that blocks incoming attacks and grants you a +4 armor bonus.
Bones wrote:
Armor of Bones (Su): You can conjure armor made of bones that grants you a +4 armor bonus.
Dark Tapestry wrote:
Cloak of Darkness (Su): You conjure a cloak of shadowy darkness that grants you a +4 armor bonus and a +2 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks.
Heavens wrote:
Coat of Many Stars (Su): You conjure a coat of starry radiance that grants you a +4 armor bonus.
Occult wrote:
Ectoplasmic Armor (Su): You can conjure armor made of ectoplasmic force that grants you a +4 armor bonus.
Outer Rifts wrote:
Demonhide (Su): You alter your flesh to be as tough as a demon’s hide, granting you a +4 armor bonus.
Waves wrote:
Ice Armor (Su): You can conjure armor of ice that grants you a +4 armor bonus.
Wind wrote:
Air Barrier (Ex): You can create an invisible shell of air that grants you a +4 armor bonus.
Winter wrote:
Ice Armor (Su): You can conjure armor of ice that grants you a +4 armor bonus to AC.
Wood wrote:
Wood Armor (Su): You can conjure wooden armor around yourself, which grants you a +4 armor bonus. ... The armor vanishes if you remove it.

While Demonhide is worded differently, it still applies an Armor bonus and not a Natural Armor bonus.

The Wood Armor revelation has the additional line about removing the armor, which could be taken to mean the armor effects are actual objects subject to the Magic Vestment spell, or that only that particular revelation is.

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Morning All,

I was looking at some Oracle options and a question came up on the Gnome Favored Class Option of:

"Oracle: Add +1/2 to the oracle's level for the purpose of determining the effects of the oracle's curse ability."


The question that arose was what happens if that curse grants spells to a spell list? Do the spells follow the standard bonus spell trend of becoming a spell of the level granted to the character?

Specifically in this case is the Blackened Curse:

Blackened Curse:

Source Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Angels

Your hands and forearms are shriveled and blackened, as if you had plunged your arms into a blazing fire, and your thin, papery skin is sensitive to the touch.


You take a –4 penalty on weapon attack rolls, but you add burning hands to your list of spells known.

At 5th level, add scorching ray and flaming sphere to your list of spells known.

At 10th level, add wall of fire to your list of spells known and your penalty on weapon attack rolls is reduced to –2.

At 15th level, add delayed blast fireball to your list of spells known.

If a Gnome were to put every level bonus into the specific Oracle FCB they would gain Scorching ray and Burning Sphere at level 4, which is no big deal as they are level 2 spells and castable at that level. However, they would then gain Wall of Fire at 7th level, making it a 3rd level spell for them and then Delayed Blast Fireball at level 10 when they can cast 5th level spells, when DBF is normally a 7th level spell.

The other possibility would be that the FCB only applies to the specific modifiers, in this case the -4/-2 to hit with melee weapons, but even at my conservative worst I don't think that is the case.

There is precedence for early spell access:

The Sorcerer Aquatic Bloodline grants the Geyser Spell as a 4th level spell at 9th level, as opposed to the standard 5th level. However, that spell is also available as a 4th level Druid spell, so it is not a huge stretch. FAQ here

I am torn on this one, a part of me wants to just say "No, DBF is too powerful to get as a 5th level spell", however, it really isn't that unbalanced and saying no out of hand seems to be invalidating the Favored Class Bonus for that race as it can't be applied to any variable, only the curse.

I cannot find any FAQs besides the one on Geyser that even come close to addressing this, so any thoughts or support one way or the other?

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Howdy all,

I am trying to come up with a build idea for a level 6 campaign, any core race 25 point Epic Fantasy point buy. Any official Paizo published books are OK to use.

My problem is that it is a shop game with a group of very varied experience and skill at the game, and due to the size of the group 7-8 players, I am sort of in an assistant GM role to help keep things running smoothly. Now I am looking for a character that can be more of a party support role without being a dominant force in the group.

The group as it stands, if everyone shows up, will consist of a Samurai, Magus, Ranger(TWF), Rogue, Cleric, Alchemist and one undecided, plus whatever I make. I figured a Bard would fit that idea well, but alas I have little experience building one as I haven't played one beyond an NPC in a very long time.

I would be willing to consider another class so long as the concept was more support and not overshadowing/overpowering.